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File:1593217368505.png (168.69 KB,575x446)


bump when drunk!

drinking wodka every day due to boredom


File:15602497401300.jpg (432.57 KB,1024x600)

about to be very drunk, have a good friday.


you too
i love you


only two and a bit more weeks and I can get drunk with my /qa/ boros again


File:1592082660737.png (1.38 MB,1196x1549)

Drinking a forty while shiteposting on da kway


File:2c16e86584b331a1d4cfbfd5c4….jpg (Spoiler Image,737.31 KB,979x1440)

Just did two bong rips and I just did two shots of jagerbombs.


File:kippiis.png (734.75 KB,800x800)

just got off work and having a beer, not drunk tho


File:[Ayu]_Minami-ke_Okawari_12….jpg (113.13 KB,1280x720)

now im drunk, should of bought snacks when I was at work. im all out out sour gummy worms and dots pretzels


you're gonna rot holes in your teeth eat sunflower seeds instead anonymous!!


what about pistachio instead?


i like those too


I have some unsalted ones but they're not nearly as good as salted ones. think I might eat some ravioli from the can


File:0e05ca36f8ac5e3a40902053bc….jpg (56.69 KB,564x628)

IM DRUNKE!!! LOLE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! DRUNKE!!!!!1 [email protected]@@@@


Cease your alcoholic escapades right now


yike cringe kinda thread tbh


why not face your problems head on? stop drinking away your problems ^:)


File:1457217727634.png (44.53 KB,231x277)

My problem is that I haven't yet gotten to drink every drink out there!


you cant be intoxicated 24/7

you must face your problems sooner or later


what problems bro


oh yeah, then what are you planning to drink today?


File:53521286_p22.jpg (88.98 KB,766x1000)

I'm going to check out a new Margarita shop I found to see if there's anything interesting there.


File:B0644CD88B3F6C91F3F16FA2E3….gif (51.99 KB,220x165)

having some cheap beer and pizza


I'm drunk, now what?


File:1576958250611.gif (629.04 KB,222x200)



File:1591747320941.jpg (528.77 KB,995x1079)

I have performed my yearly prayer to the 8 million gods with a woto rewatch + calvados. I may or may not be drunk right now.


File:1588034409846.png (1.23 MB,894x1024)

gonna drink all day starting now haha lol


File:1446698669897.jpg (92.19 KB,722x494)

Wanted to make a post when drunk, but forgot.


stop drinking


File:scamming jogger.jpg (55.89 KB,810x456)



File:68386219_p2.jpg (1.3 MB,947x1340)

Tried some new beer and it tasted like dogshite. Guess I just need to stick to what I know


just cracked open my first after work beer of the night! making dinosaur chicken nuggets cooking right now!


File:a107cba5065d7e95b1dc012ec4….jpg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB,1500x2144)

bought a 4 pack without looking at the price and turned out it was freaking $20! it was a really good beer tho (founders KBS) but not sure if I'll be buying it anytime soon with my shit job. now sipping on some grain belt and feeling good.


File:51257314_p0.png (211.18 KB,600x600)

Good to hear that your beer trip turned out successful. Think I'll be sticking to my spirits for a while.


I want a drink what should I drunk?


raspberry sorbet


File:20200804222840_1.jpg (170.4 KB,2560x1440)

Grabbing my sake, time to play drunken swordsman


File:436ea7da61739af7317f0668d2….png (797.63 KB,1386x1079)

got drunk and did a nice cleaning of my bathroom. got everything scrubbed down. still mold on the walls that I cant get off, I think I might have to ask the landlord about that. being productive feels good


gin is where it's at


File:__tasmanian_devil_and_aust….jpg (143.32 KB,1024x1024)

drinking a confusing slab of IPA from Boston Brewing Company; which is from Denmark, Western Australia
great beer though


Send a pic


File:bevvy.jpg (132.08 KB,1477x1108)

drinking it straight from the can but I can pour it out if you'd like


making moscow mule and gonna get so drunk i wake up on my floor waha


File:1571999208568.jpg (1017.98 KB,2152x1688)

friday night
abstained for the week
now drinking gilbeys


accidentally took a few big gulps from a can I forgot I peed in the night before. it tasted like nothing. was embarrassed with how much I was peeing that night and didnt want my roommate to call me out on it. turns out I pranked myself instead.


I've mistakenly drunk from an ashtray once but you really outdid yourself on that one


idk anon an ashtray seems way grosser


drank from a stubby I was putting cigarette butts in and freaking puked hard


Eugh yuck. This is why you should not ever drink alcohol, you will end up drinking urine and smoking and drinking smokes next.


jokes on you
i like drinking urine


File:d0431614ac3c84bb7a0860dfa2….jpg (2.33 MB,1980x1445)

productive morning after
cleaned bedsheets and clothes
put duvet out to air
vacuumed room and mattress, cleaned surfaces
opened up all the windows and am airing out room currently sipping on some monster ultra paradise on a bright crisp spring morning, beautiful pink plum blossoms are already out
will have some more gin after lunch i think


you live in australia?


File:2006-03-07-16665.jpeg (119.98 KB,900x780)

first shot of tequila for thhe evening, will report back in when i wake up.


File:260042f3b242b4a8496e60591b….jpg (193.94 KB,850x1096)

new zealand


File:Helma_Bunnysuit_Waitress.jpg (39.25 KB,300x795)

getting stuck into a slab of weihenstephan dunkel


File:35354454_p0.jpg (238.43 KB,585x812)

bump, bump, bump!


File:[HorribleSubs] Houkago Te….webm (3.76 MB,1280x720)

the /qa/ sensei


she seems like an annoying drunk, I liked the Yuru Camp teacher more

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