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sun's so bright and hot feel like im gonna melt


accidentally overbrewed tea and let it get cold


ate a banana (ice cream)


thunderstormed today and the temperature dropped 20 degrees
pretty nice


Boiling heat
Summer stench
'Neath the black
The sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And I'll hear you
Scream again
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun


mowed lawn today, had to take breaks because I really think heat exhaustion might have got me otherwise
humans are not evolved for this environment


drank too much and the world is spinning
also i hate mowing


Saw my grandma, said goodbye to her, she's dying of cancer, it spread everywhere (tumors in her lungs and brains at this point, I don't have the exact details I apologize). She's going to heaven I know that but it just hurts watching her and I'm going to miss her.


File:200718-223407.png (281.92 KB,1280x800)

practicing drawing on thinkpad


Taking requests?


no its just me doing rakugaki to improve my skill
i only started drawing for less a month and i don't have any skill to do requests


I respect that, I don't have the patients for drawing. I can do writing no problem.


Less than a month? Wow! You're very talented.


File:ZZD 018.png (296.49 KB,2048x1536)

That's good for a month. It took me probably 2-3 months to get this far and then I gave up.


i don't think i'm talented since i virtually drew nothing in my whole childhood and i didn't do any assignments for drawing classes
i just watched some videos hoping that i won't take detour on fruitless practicing methods, like one video telling the 4 principles of doing rakugaki:
- use less strokes
- use intersecting strokes to represent object features
- don't use eraser
- don't draw outline alone; always fill inside while drawing


>i don't think i'm talented since i virtually drew nothing in my whole childhood
No. That's exactly what makes the talent apparent. Talent is about picking things up fast like you do.


otouto is on a bible tirade…


It's good to believe in something, but it's still important to think for one's self instead of uncritically accepting dogma. Hopefully they at least take away the good parts, rather than focusing on the rather odious aspects like stoning children to death for disrespecting their parents, or hating black people because they bear "the mark of Cain."


Both are very good for this early on drawing. I encourage you to keep at it.
Your skills will not be defined by where your starting point is, or how smooth your first month go by, but by how much you keep looking at your work, correcting it, and progressing> being able to not put it off, keep working at it, and figure it out until you have something that you like looking at (and then trying to figure out why you like that) is what will drive you to greatness.
While these could be good personal methods, they are not rudament, and they aren't for everyone, especially not the last two.
Honestly I never got the "don't use the eraser" idea. If Murata uses erasers they are good enough for me. I think it's more important to work at something until you like it than practice that your first stroke would be the final one.
You can draw doing none of those, the main idea of drawing is the representation of 3d space and objects on a 2d plane.
As for avoiding fruitless practice, the best practice is to draw what you love, and to try and draw it well. nothing beats that.


It's good to have family members with some kind of morals.


File:Touhou Rumia 066.jpg (92.31 KB,654x855)

I hate OCD… I deleted the .minecraft folder from my roaming data folder because it kept setting off my anti virus and I don't even have the game any more and then I worried that it might have some other affect because of said OCD even though it's nonsense and of course it wouldn't so I did an internet search and found a page that said 'On the Roaming folder, there are files which supplement other apps, like Minecraft’s launcher data.' Which just set me off even more and now I have this delusional fear in my head that Firefox needed that folder to download images even though of course there are nothing but delusions to support this and now every time I download an anime girl image it's going to be slightly corrupted but only slightly so it will be hard to see and I will think it will be fine but it will not be… People with OCD often also have Schizophrenia, it's easy to see why.


try to get it into your head that the only deleting Roaming folders with an associated filename will have any effect on the application and its functions
it's how it actually works too so as long as you can get that stuck in your head hopefully it'll be ifne


so tired think im gonna nap


File:AoE2DE_s_WppwiHSKoB.jpg (2.66 MB,3840x2160)

slow day taking it easy and playing some aoe


File:自動販売機2.jpg (1.26 MB,1996x1398)

Family had a graduation party for my sister today. I drank a lot. Been watching symphogear. My jp is going really well, I'm planning on taking N2 this winter
Less than a month? That's amazing. It looks super cute
Slow days are a treat


File:Untitled.png (125.7 KB,954x728)

Lately I've started to tend to draw a bunch of 1 minute hands as a "warmup" but then I proceed to do nothing because I get tired.


File:1540585557026.jpg (232.25 KB,2560x1600)

Feelin that good ol' existential dread.
Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop!!!


growing tired of rts


>Honestly I never got the "don't use the eraser" idea.
well it was said that the most apparent benefit from that was to improve drawing speed, also let you use some tools for drawing that can't be erased
i think undo is a better way of erasing anyway

>the main idea of drawing is the representation of 3d space and objects on a 2d plane.

lots of people practice a lot but don't get much improvement because they don't have this in mind, and it is even easier to be ignored for 2d drawings
also another important part is taste which can only be developed by observing artworks in large variety and quantity, only then one has self awareness and can figure out how and where to improve


Okay, thanks.


I was browsing the front page of some 4chan board, and I just saw a bunch threads in 4chan without replies next to each other. It gave me such a strange feeling of nostalgia.


the smell of skunk is permeating throughout the room but i don't know why


no posts on /all/ for the last six hours
where is everybody


sleeping i guess everyone seems to sleep around this time


woke up early because of the sound of sirens outside now I'm really feeling tired


There are only like 3 people max that still browse kissu.


dang, I can't imagine how little people are still browsing the sites actually slower than it then


must be closer to 5


actually there's 19 >>>/poll/631


Actually 20, I hadn't voted.


I can never vote because my ip keeps changing.


we must not have many European neets who stay up until 2AM+ or North American norms


Me, you, and the vernmin.


wish to fuse with a cute girl and turn into a star!


I'm afraid of such high pressure situations…


need to pee but don't wanna get up


been drinking a whole bunch of iced tea i've gone through like 2 gallons in a week


File:d202013582.png (2.08 KB,439x27)

i know this isn't new news but why the HELL is a web encode 1.4 gigs


started to use lowercase more lowercasing is life also i wonder if japan was right and the west shouldtypelikethis maybe it would be easier and faster to read


just found out my ankle is covered in blood
when did this happen


must've stepped on some blood


File:kissu.png (111.29 KB,825x995)

been playin a lot of ai dungeon lately
tried a Kissu scenario
Vern killed me and stole my laptop
(highlighted text entered by me)


kissmofo lmnaop


is that the new name for alt kissmin now…


i vote for kissmofo


played this for the first time yesterday, it's pretty neat
funnily enough you actually need to learn how to 'play' it properly for best results


logged into mabinogi! lol!


cat woke me up…


How do you play it properly, I just treat it like I'm writing a balls to the wall adventure in all honesty.


Got a bit of a headache. I think it might be because I inadvertently inhaled some gasoline fumes while screwing around with one of those nefangled gas cans. Safer my ass.


You mean the ones that don't have a vent? It's supposed to prevent spillage or something. I bet the people who wrote that legislation never used a gas can in their lives.


Post cat. Mine likes hanging around me for scratches. I love her


File:cat.jpeg (1.98 MB,4032x3024)

found her laying in the sunlight


spoke some japanese in my dream


i was there and you sounded dumb


you must be that annoying sensei who was always picking on me…


nothing like seeing a nice (1) in the tab and refreshing to find nothing


that's when you check the home page


oh neat I didn’t realize the homepage could do that


being awake sucks
wish to zzz


eatin some chicken nuggets




hitman 2 becomes way more interesting when you turn all the easy assist crap off


really want to play groundwar/plunder but my fiber optic cable decided to just tear itself apart for no reason and now im stuck without internet >:[


feel like studying something but deep down i think I just want to listen to some lofi hiphop and relax

maybe i'll drink some hibiscus tea and start working on something


infact i think difficult games are better than easy ones. if things are easy i become bored and want to sleep


having no internet fucking sucks


thinking its time to finally clean my tea kettle


actually no internet may be a blessing in disguise

i could possibly (awaiting testing) play gta online solo and still do all the big money making activities and then switch to a better wifi when i want to play with griefers


severe thunderstorm just rolled through with the brightest lightning I’ve ever seen
very cool but I want my power back
have to hold my phone in the top corner of my window to just barely get a 3g signal


i am a goose and must quack
quack quack


File:hangingout.png (2.08 MB,1920x1080)

The end of hot days is near


made a full course dinner of corn bread, banana bread, cinnamon bread, and bread bread with jam on it
it's delicious


that exceeds the daily recommended bread levels!
you will get fat!!


i'll die before i stop eaing bread!


want to see a tornado and lots of lighting
why does the bad weather always miss this town


File:alt.mp4 (29.24 MB,720x480)

hunting monsters with /qa/


all those m*les…


just a single m*le, and i'm reminded of it every time…


File:mpc-hc64_4H1gnFMf1L.png (1.16 MB,968x713)

there's three


only got 5 mcnuggies in my box of 6


love drawing children


File:023a74ac0a268679345f60cad1….png (151.01 KB,773x773)


File:うわぁ。。。.png (559 KB,1003x706)


File:1545820132151.png (1.05 MB,800x1024)


File:__sanya_v_litvyak_and_eila….png (573.42 KB,1200x1000)

just got back from working four weeks straight, the last two of which were on night shift
thought of my /qa/ friends every time I saw the moon and it gave me the strength to persevere


tropical storm knocked out power in a bunch of nj for possibly multiple days
thank the gods i have a generator


File:ck-egg-burger.jpg (1.34 MB,530x2824)



That's not what would have happened to the egg


The egg portion looks fine. I think it's that the cheese melted down into the space and spilled out or something.


it's obviously yolk

sigh, now I want to make an omlette


I think it's plausible but it's hard to time it right. I'm not sure if starting to cook the egg before flipping the patty is a good idea


File:IMG_20200805_231707.jpg (1.56 MB,3968x2976)

damn I'm good


nioh's pretty fun. not too challenging and the diablo-like loot system is neat for a "souls-like"


I saw a 3 year old girl piss herself in the post office.

Her mom was very embarassed.




I would have gotten a boner if I was there


same lole


cant believe hinamatsuri is finished
i think im gonna be sick


kissu has a pedo and fag problem >:[


more like a teen problem


File:8BB51336-536E-48DA-9364-3….jpeg (896.88 KB,3860x2160)



File:1586733867020.png (654 KB,1276x715)

god I hate summer the heat is killing me


die anon die


File:jeanne.png (134.5 KB,1213x1392)

This is my second attempt with AI dungeon and I don't know how to use much more than the basic commands so it probably sucks. I decided to toy with it today for the first time and summoned Jeanne in a Holy Grail War.


File:65898538_p0.png (1.16 MB,1062x1505)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa forgive my 'tism

i just want to sit on the rooftop with jeanne at night


been seeing a tree rat with no ears and a bobbed tail for a few months now
wonder how that happened


File:phone eat.jpg (49.71 KB,480x643)

i play mobage while sitting in front of my pc


is there a way to play mobage on PC?


android emulators i'm pretty sure


it can't be too hard to do right?


You can use emulators like Blue Stacks.


File:XHUbdIS.gif (818.82 KB,500x376)

chill lofi hiphop sorta night

thinkin i may try to learn something


eatin some zucchini bread


feeling bored




think we had a small earthquake a little while ago
the windows rattled and the whole house felt like it was moving
really a strange feeling


jav makes me sick. it's like the cameramen go out of their way to piss me off


File:minus one.jpg (4.1 KB,219x27)

real /qa/ hours

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