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I think I'll convert what was going to be an oneechan Riamu /qa/ theme into a new theme option for kissu. I wonder if there's an imagehost I could use for the images if the images should just be hosted here


would the /qa/ booru work for that?


Ehh, I wouldn't want to put strain on that server. I don't know who's hosting it or how much bandwidth or whatever he has available


The booru can handle lots of images without a problem and the admin doesnt really care


File: 1565838373387.jpg (959.39 KB, 1239x1649, [idolmaster][yumemi riamu]….jpg)

Yeah, I guess. I still feel guilty about it, but I guess it's true that this place isn't exactly getting thousands of page refreshes an hour.
I still don't know how I'd do random images to mimic oneechan's "mascot" feature, however.


I'd think you'd need to write some Javascript for that.


I usually use catbox, the images I uploaded last summer are still up. Recently I have started using 0x0.st but I don't know how long they keep them.


Maybe the site could add a data-something attribute to the document with a random number in it for use in randomizing themes.

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