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File:steam_CUeJwtYud3.png (582.44 KB,571x537)


Of all places, I learned from Steam that Ateleir Ryza is getting a direct sequel! I know the Atelier games as a series of trilogies set in the same world, so this seems like something new they're trying. Although, the first 15 games or so never went outside Japan so I can't say for sure.
To me, though, part of the fun was seeing your old main protagonist as a regular inhabitant of the world wandering around. Ryza definitely had a design that was popular on Pixiv, but that can't be the reason, can it?
Also if you want to talk about any Atelier games that's fine, too, since I'm playing Atelier Sophie now.


File:77160108_p0.jpg (1.44 MB,1447x2046)

I'm almost certain that the design was a major factor in Ryza's success, maybe even the determining one.


File:2099-07-12-192044-676111.jpg (133.64 KB,960x544)

The only thing I could think of is a burst of new players as a result of the design, but I'm not sure there's enough of them. I say new players because the fan service hasn't been lacking in the series once you play the game, but it might not appear that way from a glance.

This character is definitely stacked to a degree I haven't seen in Atelier before, though: >>47451


File:wowee.png (207.15 KB,791x831)



Seems reasonable. You could wedge an ona in between those thighs and fuck it.


They look tightly together, I don't think you could fit an onahole through there, and even if you did using it would probably be a big pain.


the pleasure and challenge of fitting in tight spaces!


It sold because of the meme. If they gave Ryza regular shoes and deemphasized her thighs there would be no meme and it would sell like any other Atelier game.


File:[Coalgirls]_Gochuumon_wa_U….jpg (824.15 KB,1920x1080)

Don't say the M word


They're not wrong, though. The norms made it sell like hotcakes, because "muh thicc."


File:2099-07-29-180542-540375.jpg (101.72 KB,960x544)

Started Atelier Sophie a couple days ago..


File:2099-07-31-182822-087067.jpg (96.39 KB,960x544)

…and I'm reminded that it really is just people that haven't played the games before…


File:2099-07-31-182622-285579.jpg (111.97 KB,960x544)

..but I guess you don't need to play the games to talk about thighs


Much more modest and believeable than anything in Ryza


I wouldn't say believable but certainly modest


where do you live where those outfits are modest because I want to move there


Damn… I didn't like Atelier Ryza so that's a second Atelier game ruined for me, maybe even a third if they go and make it a trilogy of her.


Then just use some lube and fuck her plastic thighs raw i guess


File:2099-08-05-174644-664700.jpg (112.67 KB,960x544)

Is this still modest?


yes, her boobers are still not obscenely large


File:2099-08-01-183014-203625.jpg (129.13 KB,960x544)

Is that really how it works?

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