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Does /qa/ play rhythm games?


Last one I played was Project Diva 2nd on vita, but it made my hands pretty sore. I bet playing those taiko games with the drum accessory is fun..


I've played some project diva, but I'm not very good at it.


This is the only song I got a perfect score on, probably because it's so short
Although it doesn't hurt that it's a catchy song that I can feel the rhythm on pretty easily


I was at a convention that had a bunch of different rhythm games but I was terrible at all of them and gave up on the concept


Started playing DDR and SDVX a few years back. Picked up IIDX not too long before the pandemic hit as well. I was starting to get good at DDR but I haven't played in months cause no arcades are open. Been slowly getting into Future Tone and DJMax as of late though.


Yeah, I used to play the Project Diva games and now I occasionally play PPD, video related. It works just like the other PD games but on PC and you need to download the charts and songs separetely.


man it is impossible to spam on a vita though, you really need the controller to play extreme.


never got good at it because i was bad at timing and did't get lots of perfect hit as a result


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I'm awful at them. I play [email protected] though because it's easy and I like the girls


But the point of these games is that the more you play, the better you get.


I've played some Project Diva and DDR, but like fighting games they're something I'll never become truly good at since at some point I just hit a hard wall and my brain gets overwhelmed.

Insane how good his reflexes have got to be to pull that off.


I wish they were just… different in many ways. I think the conversion from arcade versions focuses on all the wrong things and keeping rhythm on a face button isn't even fun.

I wish there was some kind of high-latency multiplayer rhythm game like Tetris 99 though. It could be some kind of jam session simulator where you really play against the track but still there's something to be adversarial with. Something like the reverse of fighting game players using meme characters like Big Band to play the game wrong.


big band is a legit character, the music thing is just an added bonus


>I think the conversion from arcade versions focuses on all the wrong things
Care to elaborate?


I'd like to recommend IA/VT on the PS Vita for people who enjoy Project Diva. It's also a Vocaloid game, but the gameplay is closer to Project Mirai on the 3DS than it is to Project Diva. The song list is pretty extensive and the game uses full versions for all songs (including a >7 minute Taishi song which can get pretty tedious to play…)

As an aside, I like Project Diva but have always felt that it's poor game design how the maps always get harder as the song goes on, with no relation to the music itself.


Had fun with IA/VT but it felt like it was missing a difficulty setting to me. I kept expecting to unlock 'extreme' but it never happened and I'm not the kind that enjoys going for perfect. Loved the variety of musical styles the tracklist covered though and some of the animations were really nice.



I definitely agree with you there, I guess this is another thing it has in common with Project Mirai.

Speaking of Vocaloid games, I also that GUMI game for the PSP a few years back, but the timing on the charts was so terribly off that I deleted the game after playing through half a track. A shame too, because if nothing else, that samfree song has always been one of my favorite Vocaloid tunes.

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