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What are some moments which clearly express when an author's given up?


when they start writing umami 10 times per manga page


you just can't comprehend the truth of umami, it's like modern day wizardry


it's ridiculous in Shokugeki no souma though, like whatever the dish it's "umami"; doesn't matter whether it's a dessert or a meat dish or anything


What happened? I stopped watching at the train arc and it wasn't that bad.


Filler episodes for characters that aren't even popular.


Well after the Azami arc closes on what seems like it'd be the end for the series…
-A new main villain shows up and bests soma's dad offscreen
-This main villain is Erina's secret half-brother and also secret apprentice of joichirio
-He leads the super secret organization of "underground chefs" who don't play by the rules
-They use ridiculous cooking methods such as the one in OP which don't even make sense
-Barely any focus on actual cooking, most of it is done offscreen and maybe it's creation is talked about for half a minute after the fact

It's just overall a massive trainwreck.


Also the entire arc takes place at a cooking contest which even professional chefs attend. Which takes the series from being about the kids competing against only each other to easily surpassing all culinary skills of the most accomplished pro chefs in the world.


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It's hard to even try and wrap your head around what's going on without developing an aneurysm with the latest Soma. Sure it wasn't the most realistic concept before, but the entire "underground chef" concept is beyond stupid. Why would their exist chefs that exclusively cook in the shadows. It's not as if their food is somehow aiding criminals and that somehow implicates them. And that they're the only ones that know any secrets to cooking compared to actual professional chefs is ludicrous. I guess if you say they know how to umami best you can justify it because that's literally magic at this point. It's not even cooking anymore it's just spectacle. "Cooking with a chainsaw" may be even stupider than Saiba's defeat.


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Man were they not taught by their parents to never play with their food?


For some reason, no


It's folk wisdom that stressed animals' meat goes bad, but maybe it reverses when the meat has already been processed at the point of stressing.


It's not folk wisdom. Stressed animals, just like humans, release stress hormones like cortisol into the blood. Whether it makes the meat "bad" or not, I'm not so sure about.


Well, it would be folk stupidity. Anyway, the word is it makes meat stringent, and everything that comes with it including less palatable taste.


Besides, it's not always "bad" in folklore anyhow. See: Chinese people rousing up snakes with a caged mongoose before eating them.

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