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File:ニョロ子の生放送!_2_004.jpg (491.21 KB,1124x1600)


What? - Kissu has started a small group to translate manga, with the goal of eventually expanding to other mediums!!
Who? - your friendly neighborhood /qa/zoku!
Can I help? - new help is always welcome, if you have any questions or answers just post in the thread. Be sure to read the OP! ! ! !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Current Project: Nyoroko no Namahoso
Mega.nz: https://mega.nz/folder/Ncp32DQS#JL629X6dW8EJ56UnDe-1JA
Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EpF97iWAg4v42RCO6zkLkUOk1LATdNtYy2LBXxmibMQ/edit?usp=sharing
Contact: this thread or #tl on irc.sageru.org

Some useful links:

previous thread >>46071


How much is translated already?


12 chapters out of 20 have been translated so far.


The translation has been the fastest part I think. It's the editing that is taking the bulk of the time, and since I'm one of the redrawers it's partly my fault. I changed Chapter 7 to orange because I'm going to start redrawing it soon. I'm sure I'll have another image collage of "do I keep this?" questions.
We need to release chapter 1 on kissu!!!!



I took a break. Gonna finish up ch13 translation, then typeset ch3. I know final proofreading still isn't done but I'll just go back and change it later


Did you upload the chapter 3 redraw? The spreadsheet says you finished but I don't see the files on mega


File:1346691162632.png (109.27 KB,512x512)

Sorry I havent been around this past week to help out with things, i should have some more time from now on to keep things running smoothly.

For anyone who didnt see it in the irc the chapter 5 redraw is up, chapter 6 should be finished soon as well.

>and since I'm one of the redrawers it's partly my fault.
same here, though im tryng to fix that now. we have chapter 1 ready to go but there was some discussion in the last thread about waiting to release it by volume. I dont know if we should do it by volume since who knows how long that will take, but i think we should at least release batches of a couple chapters at a time.

one last thing about editing, we need a dedicated editor to go over the final stuff before releasing it. i would do it but for some reason gimp is being unreliable for me so i wont be able to tell if something needs fixing or if its just not registering for me

other than that, chapter 2 should be done as well. i think chapter 3 is close to being finished too but like kaname said i dont see it on the mega either


I'm getting "Connection Refused" when I try to connect to sageru. I'm bad with networks, can someone help me


spam hours


seems back though


Do you still need chapter 3 redraw? https://files.catbox.moe/t7rq0o.rar
I never bothered to figure out the mega account thing


File:IRC_Dissu.png (3.37 KB,667x46)

What say, guys?


File:2.png (527.36 KB,1124x1600)

Sure. I was just wondering, I checked chapter 1 final and found pic was untranslated. Was this discussed in the IRC?


Oh no… another untranslated page.


Thankfully the page is very straightfoward and doesn't need to be redrawn. I uploaded it to the cleaned folder.


Nice, I'll translate it in about 12 hours, if no one has done it by then.


Chapter 1 upload already has the title in there, so it may be best to use that one for ch1


What do you mean?


I get it. It's that the chapters' titles have to match the table of contents, and the first chapter already has a finished translation so technically the first line is already translated. 1st Stream - Put Yourself Out There!, 2nd Stream - Nyoroko's Live Broadcast!, 3rd Stream - My First Friend! and so on.


Ohh, yeah. Guess they don't need to be translated.


File:CharaIntros.jpg (2.46 MB,2248x1600)

Was going through vol 1, ch 1 and noticed some errors in the character introduction page:
1. Nyoroko's character introduction
The catchphrase is set to "ummm". I think it should be changed to "um ummm" because I've translated all 「あのの」 to um ummm following this:

2. Matsuri's character introduction
>She also works as a model

3. Kokoro's character introduction
Not really an error in typesetting but I've never used "Ya know?" to end Kokoro's sentences.


Oh I thought I uploaded the corrections. Also, no one proofread the character summaries…


that my have been my mistake, i think i just took them out of the thread and threw them up assuming they were good


File:Pages 13 and 14.jpg (1.41 MB,2248x1600)

>1.Nyoroko's character introduction
Seems I fucked up the quotes.

2 more errors:
1. Page 13 - Right pic, Right side, Koma 4, text box 1:
>What on earth is that chest…
Implies that the listeners can see her chest, which they can't.
Maybe "How big are we talking here…."
Also, change the following line by Matsuri, "Yeah, they're basically melons…" in Left side, Koma 1, text bubble 1 to "They're basically melons…" so it better fits the previous line.

2. Page 14 - Left pic, Right side, Koma 1, text bubble 1, floating text:
>What they just saw…
Implies that the listeners can see her, which they can't.
Maybe "What you just heard…" or "That was…"

>no one proofread the character summaries…
Yeah, that two post discussion in the previous thread was pretty much it.


I think the confusion from the character pages is because it was done separately. It shouldn't happen again because the other chapters are just regular chapters without special color pages… I think?
Well, that and they were uploaded before things started getting organized. It was a bit of a mess


>Implies that the listeners can see her chest, which they can't.
Can't they see at the hand level because of the camera? So shouldn't they be able to see their chests?


File:CameraSetup.png (272.38 KB,487x741)

I think the camera is set up in such a way that the viewers can only see the broadcaster's hands while they're on the table because if they were able to see Nyoroppai then they'd surely see Matsuri's face too, since those two are on the same level when Nyoroko is standing and Matsuri is sitting.


Sorry for being AWOL for so long. Much as I'd like to say I was busy, it was mostly just me spending all day playing video games and reading, so yeah… sorry. What is there to proofread? Chapters 3 onward and character summaries?


>Chapters 3 onward and character summaries


Makes sense. I'll upload a revision soon


File:ニョロ子の生放送!_2_059.jpg (475.75 KB,1124x1600)



File:Suzu.jpg (409.12 KB,1124x817)

I was proofreading ch16 translations and Kaname… do you perhaps think her name is "Suzuna"? It's "Suzune" as shown by the furigana in Vol 1, page 109, Koma 1.


Ignore the quote.


My bad. Could you change those mistakes in the translation file for me?


Yeah, fixed and uploaded the file. Just wanted to make sure you were not mistaking her name.


File:Sayoko_dekachichi.png (666.85 KB,945x790)

They sure are big…


File:SuzuShimai.jpg (518.83 KB,1124x1600)

Do we translate 「おねえ(ちゃん)」 to big sis (or some other English alternative) or leave it as is?
"big sis" sounds too out of place to me but if we use 「おねえちゃん」, we would have to stay consistent with other similar nouns and I doubt many people will know the meaning of anything other than 「おねえ(ちゃん)」 or 「おにい(ちゃん)」. What does everyone think?


I've always felt that sibling pronouns should be left as is, i.e. onii-chan, onee-chan, nii-san, imouto-san, etc. And everything else translated, e.g. お母さん -> Mom. We don't use sibling pronouns in English, but we do use other family pronouns


yeah, makes sense. Just the siblings ones shoul be left the same then.


Chapter 3


>Could it be that you're

Would maybe change these lines to something like "you're Nyoroko-san, aren't you?", since the tone here is closer to "asking for confirmation".


>I…can't say I recognize it

"N-not really…", perhaps?

>Side text: What an easy to read reaction

I think a less literal translation like "you're making it too obvious!" would be more appropriate here.

>I want you to meet me in an empty classroom after school

I feel like these should be merged into a single sentence ("Meet me in the empty classroom in the first floor of the club building after school"), though maybe this is too wordy.


>I can't believe we got found out…

Since 身バレ is net slang, I'd go with "I can't believe we got doxxed".

>If we aren't careful we could be expelled from society…

Sounds a bit off. It's closer to "it'd ruin our social lives".

>Ahh do you think she hates me!?
Also maybe too literal, but I'm not sure what would be a good replacement.


I've made it into my personal room

It's Matsuri saying this line. Next line should be adjusted accordingly ("Well, I'm always here" etc.)


>Y-you're supposed to suspensefully hesitate before you answer!

Not sure about "suspensefully"… the 展開的に here is hard to convey - basically, given the way she approached them, she was expecting them to hesitate.

>*I left yoroshiku in because I don't know if we're rewriting scenes like this or just slapping in TL notes that say "She's saying yoroshiku"

Safe to assume anyone who'd read this knows what "yoroshiku" means… but if we're going to translate it, "N-n-ni!" (as in "nice to meet you") is a good choice, I guess. Though probably better to just leave it untranslated.


>*You're making me blush…
I also think this one is more appropriate.

Even so, I get by on this pessimism.

これでも is a tricky one. You could think of it as こう見えても, and translate it as "I may not look it, but I'm a pretty big pessimist, you know?", maybe.

>BG text: Bursting

ドヤ indicates smugness, see ドヤ顔


>Do you really need me to tell you?

Sounds a bit roundabout, "do I really need to tell you" seems like a better fit.


>H-How should I say this?

I'd add an "in fact" to the beginning of the line.


Chapter 4


>Hehe, gotcha

あたり here meaning she guessed correctly, so maybe something like "Hehe, yep, it's me!"


>Do you guys wanna do a broadcast?

She (Sayoko or Matsuri) is asking (or rather, confirming/repeating what she said) Kokoro.

>We'll be at it late, too…
She's expressing concern over the fact that she'd have to walk home pretty late at night, so adjust change the line to reflect that.

>We can stream ourselves doing all sorts of naughty things to the whole country

This translation is a bit too explicit for the original line, I feel. I'd go with a more liberal approach and use "all kinds of stuff", with an "if you know what I mean" tacked onto the end for innuendo.


It makes me kinda happy…

In keeping with the previous instance of 嬉しい in this page, should probably be "I'm kinda excited too…" or something like that.


>It seems like Matsuri is getting bigger!!

I don't think present tense is appropriate here. Maybe something like "whoa, Matsuri got bigger?!"


>I didn't know it was already time for you to come

Phrasing sounds a bit weird. I think a less literal translation like "I lost track of the time" would fit better.

>My parents take all my part-time money…
The やっと here means that she had to do part-time jobs to barely be able to afford the equipment (バイトしてやっと買えた etc.)

>You're more of a commoner than I thought.

I think this is the more fitting translation of the two, basically the point is that it's unexpected that someone who lives in a huge mansion would have "commoner" worries like that.


Whoah…Guri-san live!!

I'd translate it as "Guri-san in the flesh!", since "live" can mean both "in person" and live as in "in real-time" (livestream).

>It's Mimi live!

>She's awfully lively…
>It's echoing…
One of the meanings 生々しい can take on is "graphic", as in "graphic depiction of violence". The point here is that 生ミミ brings to mind 生首, which means "severed head". The 響き here refers to the way her alias sounds (the "ring to it"). Put this together and you'd get something like "That sounds pretty… graphic…", but I don't know what would be a suitable way to translate the first line.


>*This is fun, huh.

"I'm looking forward to it" etc.


>This girl
>Whaa- it's so bad though…!

The このこの implies teasing, and they aren't talking about her drawing - だめ is like "stop it", and Matsuri finds Sayoko's reaction cute.

>The two of you are gonna get stolen from me…!!

Sounds a bit weird, but I don't know how to phrase it properly in English.

>Something like this has happened before…
Same as above.


I only do drawing broadcasts on principle.

I think the "on principle" at the end gives the line a different meaning than intended. Probably best to just remove it.

>*Guessing ちぇ is like an annoyed tongue clicking sound. I could be completely wrong though so let me know if you have any better ideas for this part.

"Tsk" is the standard choice here, I guess.


>You're really cool Matsuri!!

I feel like past tense is more fitting here ("that was awesome, Matsuri!")


Chapter 5


>*Koma 2, text bubble 1.2: Did you, like, eat something weird?

The "like" seems unnecessary.


>Koma 2, text bubble 1: Hm? Aren't you Hebime?
じゃないか is rhetorical. "Hm? What is it, Hebime?" etc.


>"You just do your own thing, don't you…" might be better

Yeah, probably. マイペース is one of those terms that don't really have a 100% accurate equivalent, though.

>Koma 3, text bubble 1: That…

This その is stuttering/filler, not "that".


Koma 4, text bubble 2: I think you're misinterpreting it…!!!

I would go with something like "I don't think this is what "trust" means…!"


>Koma 2, text bubble 1: To be honest, today… We're broadcasting from school!

"Actually" over "to be honest".

>**Koma 4, text bubble 1: We'll show you everything about a girl's daily life!! (note: not too sure about this one…)

I would go with something like "We'll give you a sneak peek into girls' daily lives!"


>note: She actually says "sukaipe" which is either a work-around for "skype" to not get sued or something, or "sukaipe" is probably synonymous to "sukaipu".

I don't think it matters all that much, but yeah, seeing how lots of Japanese people call YouTube ようつべ, both are feasible.


Chapter 6


>BG text: You have more, right?

モテる  = to be popular (as in, among the oppposite gender etc.)


>Side text: It's already nighttime.

夕方 is not really nighttime, it's from around the middle of the afternoon to around when the sun sets.


>2. I brought some from my family's kitchen.

家庭科室 is the classroom where they have home economics (?) class.

>2.2. It's okay though.

This goes together with the next line - "it's really nice (when people enjoy the food you make)"


>1. I also thank her by cleaning the house and doing the laundry and…

She doesn't do that yet, she's talking about the near future (そのうち)


>1. If I come over to hang out, can you make me some food?

This is Sayoko saying "if you come over, I'll cook for you, too".

>2. I don't want to invite myself over though…

>Side text: it isn't my house after all
Kokoro is saying she can't go to Sayoko's house all that often, since it's pretty far (the side text says 家遠いから…, not 違い)

>1. I get it. You're stealing her from me.

She's saying she'll leave Sayoko and Kokoro to themselves.


>2. Oh, about that little quarrel you had…

It's Matsuri, not the teacher, saying this line.

>Side text: I'm gonna put it on my "Youth" page

This one's a bit hard to explain, but it's a metaphor. It's not as if she literally keeps a page/album called "Youth", she means to say something along the lines of "this footage is a glimpse into fleeting youth" or whatever.

>1. Let's wrap things up with a celebration.

This should probably be in the past tense - while she was making the sweets, she thought "let's wrap things up with a celebration", and that's why she saved some to eat together.

>3. Let's use clackers, too.



Chapter 7


>Panel 1, text box 1.2: In our second year, the three of us ended up in the same class

"Sophomore" over "second", maybe?


>Koma 1, text box: …Guri-san, you look like you get good grades

Kind of pedantic, maybe, but since they don't actually know what she looks like, "seem" over "look".

>Koma 3, text box: Nyoroko-san looks like she'd excel at home cooking!!

Same as above.

>Koma 4, text box 1.1: So true

あるある is more like "ah, I know what you mean", "relatable" etc.

>Koma 4, text box 1.2: I've been through the same

He's saying that this is the kind of situation where you're so used to it that when it comes up on a test you just kind of draw a blank.


>Koma 2, text bubble 1: What'd you do during break?

I feel like "break" can mean both the small break in between classes as well as an extended break, as in "summer break", so I'd go with "What did you do in between classes?" or something like that.

>Koma 4, text bubble 1: loosely? (note: she mishears "Exclusively")

It's an appropriate translation, but I feel like this pun doesn't work very well in English. Are there any alternatives?


>Koma 1, text box: Do you exercise?

Since they're talking about school subjects, this should probably be "What about PE?", "What about sports?" or something, as "Do you exercise?" sounds more like he's asking in general. Same for other lines in this page where they talk about 運動.

>Koma 3, text box 1.1: Versed in letters and arms huh

>Koma 3, text box 1.2: You mean gifted with intelligence and beauty
Another exchange that doesn't work that well in English. You'd have to use idiomatic expressions like "brains and brawn" to convey the meaning, I think. Also, in its modern usage 文武両道 means "to excel at both academic endeavors and sports".

>Koma 3, text bubble 2: Th- That's nothing to be praised about

I think a less literal translation like "It's not really such a big deal" might work better.


>Koma 3, text bubble: Speaking of sensei, during the exam results…

Probably better to change it to "entrance exam results", for clarification's sake.


>Koma 1, text box: Do you guys have sisters?

"Siblings" over "sisters".

>Koma 4, floating text: Okay, Okay… Maybe a maid uniform for Mimi-chan… and how about a costume…

I think it's better to leave "kigurumi" untranslated.


>Koma 1, text bubble 1: The switch got flipped huh

I don't remember how スイッチが入る is usually translated, but this sounds a bit weird. Maybe "We flipped her switch"?

>Koma 2, text box 1.1: What? I thought Nyoroko-san couldn't handle such things….

>Koma 2, text box 1.2: She was scared during Guri-san's broadcast, after all.
A less literal translation like "not into that kind of thing"/"was weirded out" would fit better, I feel.


>Koma 2, text box 1.1: We got to ask a lot of questions

聞ける here is more in the sense of "get to hear", I'd say. Something like "we got to learn a lot about you"?

>Koma 3, text bubble 1: There're a lot of photos here

一枚 (one photo), not 一杯.

>Koma 3, text bubble 2: What are you fishing in my bag for!?

"Rummaging", "scouring", "searching" etc. over "fishing".


>Panel 1, text bubble 1: They're past photos

Sounds a bit weird, "old pictures" or something would probably fit better.


Chapter 8


This page is the same as the last page of the previous chapter - needs consolidating.


>8th Stream: My Favorite Memory!

I could be wrong, but I don't think "favorite" is the most appropriate word here… I'd go with "cherished", "precious" or something like that.


>2. Sayoko's mom, Sayo Jiyanome.

Their family name is "Hebime".

>1. She takes after me with her good manners, right?

The point here is that she's saying the only thing they have in common is their looks, so maybe "graceful", "ladylike" and so on are more fitting.


>Side text: Like, really shy.

Continuing from the previous page, Sayoko's mom is saying she's そっくり - shy, "just like me".

>1. For a long time, Nyoroko thought I was a monster girl.

"Monster's daughter".

>1. She believed that crazy thing her mom said…

This is Sayoko speaking.


>2. S-seriously?

More along the lines of "i-is that so?", I'd say.

>3. You're missing the point.

>Side text: You're supposed to retort…
You can think of those as one line split in two and with the order reversed - つっこむとこはそこじゃないね… - in other words, she did retort, but not at was she was supposed to.


>1. …She still falls into ditches like that.

Not sure where the "still" is coming from, she's talking about this one time in the past.

>1. Do you have any other memories?

Phrasing seems a bit odd to me, it's probably better to be a bit more specific with this line. "Got any other interesting stories?" or something like that.


>1. Did it end up being a fun day?

楽しみ as in "look forward to".

>1.2. You're leaving…?

"Going out" over "leaving".


>BG text: I said I'd come back, but…

"I tried to" (but couldn't, because parents and stuff)

>2. Yeah. At the time…

"At that time…"

>1.2. They'll use the key, so it's all good!!!

She's saying she'll leave the door open.

>Side text: She gave them one

"So I went back inside."


>2. After that, I slept over at Guri's house.

Kokoro is saying Sayoko was wearing that (the hair clip) when they had the sleepover.

>3.1. Yup. It looked like we'd miss school, though…

She doesn't wear it at school because she's afraid she might drop it.

>3.2. So we just took the day off.

So she only wears it on days off.


>2. You've got that right.

This is kind of like, "why are YOU saying that when you're the one who brought it up?"

>Side text: All I did was fish it from my bag…

"You're the one who rummaged through my bag…"

>1. So she carries that photo around with her.

"Not many people who carry a photo around with them." (レア = rare, literally)

>1.2. Well, you have crushes on each other, so I get it.

"Well, I guess it's not that unusual for lovers."

>2. I did say it's my favorite memory…ya know?

I think the "ya know" feels a bit out of place.


Chapter 10


>1.1. We're losing the club room…

Sounds a bit weird, I think. "We can't use the club room anymore…", maybe?

>3. How honest…

律儀 is more like "well-mannered", "polite".


>10th Stream: And I'm Alone Again!

The title of this chapter refers to one more character joining the cast.

>Side text: 'Cause of Sensei

Doesn't make much of a difference, but "from" sensei. Either one makes sense, I guess.

>2. I think I know why…

I believe she's thinking to herself if she has any 心当たり, so something like "I wonder what could it be…"


>1.2. Be your friend.

I think "our" fits better.

>2. Wouldn't you be a cat?

Kind of tricky line, I'd maybe translate it as "Aren't you supposed to be a cat?" or something.

>1. I can't even get a rise out of you.

She's saying it's not nice to make people nervous like that (referring to Suzune), Matsuri points out that she did the same thing to them previously.


>1. Even though I worked so hard to meet Matsuri-chan…!!

I don't think this is really "working hard", more like "got the chance" to talk to her.


>1. I won't recognize it, though.

"Accept" over "recognize", imo.

>Side text: Look at how treated us

Matsuri is pointing out how she was saying something completely different earlier (she was telling Suzune to stop apologizing and stuff.)

>1. Well…Whatever.

"Well, if you insist…"


>1. A cultural festival, huh…

I think 文化祭 is usually translated as "school festival".

>2. Well, we're only discussing it right now.

"Well, we still have time to discuss it" or something.

>1.1. It's alright this late.



>2. What'll we end up doing…

I think "end up" sounds a bit odd here. Just plain "what should we do…" or something probably works better.


Character summaries


>She’s a pure girl with a knack for

"Innocent" over "pure", maybe.


>cheery onee-chan

The ポジ is for ポジション, not ポジティブ, as in, this is her "position"/"role" among the cast.

>Her older sister also

The "also" is unneeded, I think.

>parka, which she partly uses

>to hide her small breasts.

The クラスタ here is net slang which basically means "someone who is into X" - reflected in how she's always fondling Sayoko.




>Panel 4, text bubble 1.1: Nyoroko's birth (note: ?), and Nyoroke's(note: ?) secret will finally be revealed!

出生 is more like "origins", I guess. ニョロ毛 is the strand of hair/ahoge on Sayoko's head.


>ニョロ毛 is the strand of hair/ahoge on Sayoko's head.
Ahh, make sense. Should I change it to "Nyoroko's ahoge's secret" or "Nyoroko's cowlick's secret" or just put Nyoroke with a translator note? Personally I think put Nyoroke with translator note.


Damn that's a big dump. Thanks for the proofreads. I'll start typesetting soon, but my classes start this week so I can't turn out work as quickly anymore. Maybe if someone could share the work?


We only have 2 chapters and the omake left for translating so I can work on typesetting after it's finished. Could you post the format(?) for it? Like the font family for the different texts, sizes used for different texts, etc.


A few questions:

1. What order are we using for full names?
2. 放送 - "broadcast" or "stream"? Leaning towards "stream" myself, since in English we say "livestreaming" for YouTube streams.
3. The translation chapter 9 seems to be incomplete… the text file on mega cuts off at the following line:
>What a tough world…
Is there a full translation somewhere? I may have missed it.

I also spotted a few punctuation/spelling mistakes, but I didn't bother fixing these. As we were talking in the previous thread, ideally there should be a second proofreader, to fix these, and also make sure the translation flows well in English.

Volume 2 proofreads Soon™


File:engName.jpg (137.49 KB,1124x255)

Last name First name
we've got an official answer for that one, pointed out by someone in the previous thread. See pic related.
Need Kiwi to confirm that… though I haven't seem them active. Also, looks like that's panel 6, and not 7.
>ideally there should be a second proofreader, to fix these, and also make sure the translation flows well in English.
Yeah, ideally…
>Volume 2 proofreads Soon™


>we've got an official answer for that one, pointed out by someone in the previous thread. See pic related.
I'm aware, but official translations don't always sound good (となりの吸血鬼さん -> Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood), nor are they necessarily correct (進撃の巨人 -> Attack on Titan)


>but official translations don't always sound good (となりの吸血鬼さん -> Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood), nor are they necessarily correct (進撃の巨人 -> Attack on Titan)
Yeah, makes sense. Didn't think of it like that. Though, I've translated all 放送 in the manga as "Broadcast" so I (or the typesetter while typesetting?) will have to change them to what ever else we decide on.


I'm assuming you meant to reply to me
Regular: wild words, komika
Electronic: JLS Data Gothic
Narration: Excelscior, VTC Letterer
Side text: augie
Scared: Trash hand/another
Other: Big fish, Death Rattle
Titles: Reality Check
"Electronic" means the viewer's text bubbles which you'll notice are in a different font in the JP as well. You'll often have to adjust the line spacing to get these bubbles right. I've also been left-aligning these bubbles, although all other bubbles are center-aligned. In general you should make the text "shaped" like the bubble
Some of the above fonts are here: https://www.insidescanlation.com/etc/the-idiots-guide-to-editing-manga/guide/main
The rest you can find via search engine


>I'm assuming you meant to reply to me
Yeah, I messed up the quote I see.
Is there any specific sizes you use or should I just use what ever I see fit/what ever makes the text fit in the text box?


Usually 3.5 to 4 for regular text and BG/side text. 5 for electronic text. Everything else, yeah just use whatever fits.
About the chapter titles, I have it formatted already in the ch1&2 PSD files on mega, so I recommend copying and pasting those layers and changing the text to be appropriate to that chapter
One last thing, screen text is a pain in the ass. You'll need to write out and format all the text beforehand, then use the "skew" transformation to make it look like it's laying on the screen. You should select all the screen text and skew it together so they all get formatted the same way. After that, position them where they need to go, then rasterize the layers so you can erase the parts that are off screen.


Alright, thanks. Will try to get to typesetting after the translations are done.


>>Koma 2, text box 1.1: What? I thought Nyoroko-san couldn't handle such things….
>>Koma 2, text box 1.2: She was scared during Guri-san's broadcast, after all.
>A less literal translation like "not into that kind of thing"/"was weirded out" would fit better, I feel.
Left it as "cant handle…" because I think they mean Nyoroko, quite literally, can't handle such things. "can't handle such things" here I think is referring to her not being able to handle things as 大胆 as a China dress.
Thanks, fixed and uploaded. Uploaded to the "Final" folder since in the previous thread we decided that 7qk would be the final proofreader, excluding an English proofreader because we don't have one.

Additionally, I think you missed the Afterwords translation? Or were there no fixes needed in it?
Also, think you could do the correction to the files and upload them (with "proofread by 7qk" in the title), instead of posting the corrections on this thread? And update the google spreadsheet please.


Just uploaded these >>50092 >>50101 corrections into the chapter 1 final folder


How's the redraw coming along? I was hoping to get some feedback on the cleans of chapter 10 and 11.


Bringing this thread back from the dead

Chapter 10 is looking nice and clean! I noticed you redrew a couple parts of it too so nice work on that. I'm going to do some redrawing work now but ill take a break every now and then to go take a look at the redraws in volume 2 and let you know if i see anything

I wonder if everyone else who has been working on this is still hanging around..


Err yeah, I guess I should stop procrastinating
and redraw. My personality makes me focused on things for short periods of time and then move onto something else. I'll start some redrawing right now for… chapter 7 I think? I'll check the google thingie.
I'm !banana but let's see what it looks like now


Nice. I'll move onto the last three, then.
I'm sure some of the translators are still around, the issue there was proofreading.


File:081.png (771.53 KB,1124x1600)

Time for the "what gets relabeled" game


>I'm sure some of the translators are still around
I think everyone is still here, I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't be


File:1601511584827.png (859.89 KB,1124x1600)

hmm let me check and see what we did for うーーん in the previous chapters


2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14 and 15 are all vocalizations in hiragana, that's for sure a delet. 3 is more elaborate but I think it should also be delet.
1, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 16 should stay like other katakana onomatopoeia.
I recall someone saying they'd invite people to the project. I assume those folks don't use kissu regularly.
Is green for delet or for keeping?


>Is green for delet or for keeping?
Ahh sorry should have used a different color. green is delet

what is もじもじ a vocalization for?


No idea, I can read moji moji but I do not know what it means.


are we sure its not just an onomatopoeia then? thats what i thought it was


Nah, I think onomatopoeia are all in katakana. There's even a few vocalizations that'd normally be in kata but are in higa, like a guten tag that caught me off-guard.


File:Untitled.png (130.9 KB,1483x893)

Boy oh boy do i really hate this pattern


File:devilish.jpg (50.33 KB,202x221)

I feel like that one's common but mid-tier. For me the top, the unholy duo, is made up of the overlapping angled mosaics and the intersecting rings of dots.


chapter 9 redraw almost done, should be up in the next day or two. only one more chapter + extras and we can release volume 1!


It's not a vocalization, it's an onomatopoeia for shy/embarrassed fidgeting.


Hm, my bad.


File:Untitled-1.png (82.14 KB,393x331)

Sorry, I can't remember. Do I clean up website UI for translation?


Alright, it's all clean.


Does the translation group still need any help? I can try to learn whatever roles are needed.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (321.17 KB,1920x1080)

pls respond


Yes please clean the website UI. It's a pain in the ass to typeset but it's best to have it cleaned


sorry sorry ive been dragging. glad somebody else answered that question for you

yes please. I think we only have one person working typesetting right now, they could probably use all the help they can get

chapter 9 redraw is uploading to the mega right now, i was stuck on one panel this week and just being slow finishing it. im still not really happy with how it turned out


I completely forgot about redrawing again, but I'll continue chapter 7 now since I have the answers I needed

Yeah, seconding this. Typesetting (whatever that is) only has one guy and I think he's already doing other stuff too so it's a bit unfair


Yes please help me with typesetting. I was awol the last couple weeks because I had too much schoolwork. I'll work on ch3 typesetting this weekend and hopefully finish it but to reiterate the other guys, I can use any and all help


w well there goes my trip. I'll make a new one


will use this now


Alright reading through the typesetting guides now.


come to think of it, I wonder why vichan allows replies to get subjects


What software are you using? Is it ok just to stick to gimp or should I just pirate PS?


I use PS but others here have said gimp is fine. See my posts here >>50827 and here >>50843 on specific fonts and formatting guidelines for this series. Don't rush typesetting the computer screens. Make sure to add your name to the spreadsheet


oh, ill need to give you access to the mega folder. do you have a throwaway email you can use for that?


If you guys upload this somewhere else can you put a funny edit image at the end of the chapter with one of the manga pages, I like when I see those in scanlations

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