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What are some foods you hate?
There's a lot of food that I don't like because of the texture, I'm hypersensitive to it or something, but the smell of some seafood is so bad for me that I'll develop a headache if I don't leave. I have the same effect around this garlic/soy sauce shrimp thing my mom likes to microwave. Bleh!


hate raw tomatos


I don't know about hating any food in particular, but I really hate barbeque sauce and soy sauce. I prefer stuffy to be salty, so their "sweetness" seems outright disgusting to me given what food they're used with. Tuna also smells really bad. I don't hate seafood, but I don't like it's texture.


Cannot STAND pickles. Always make sure whenever I get a burg to specify that I don't want any of those vegetables ruining my meal.


I hate salt and how much of it they put in everything. Same with sugar. Why the hell does orange juice need so much added sugar when it's already sweet by itself?


pickles are fruit


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Impossible, they're too gross, and green.


File:angry-granny-smith-green-a….jpg (59.13 KB,520x620)

Tomatoes used to make me retch, though now I just don't like them. Not a fan of salt or anything with cartilage or bone.


This, they're so slimy
Also hate raw broccoli


Not many people like raw broccoli.


I love raw tomatoes. You should try one too, preferably one that has a hard outer layer. I'm not too fond of cooked tomatoes though.
>they're so slimy
Raw tomatoes are slimy?

The only ones I can think of that I hate are garlic and onion.


Chicken. It's boring, greasy and I really hate the smell of it. I really hate the common practice of eating this with bare hands as well.


Pickles because my medallion says no.


None if it's eatable I eat it simple as.


So you would eat human or bat or black pudding?


File:eeenhj.jpg (292.45 KB,1920x1080)

I don't eat anything with the word "salad" in it except fruit salad. I refuse to eat lettuce. I hate and am thoroughly repulsed by ranch dressing to the point I can't even stand the smell, it makes me want to puke.


Lard makes me vomit.


meringue, oysters, melon, cooked endives (raw endives are ok), tripe, calves' feet, rabbit meat, goat meat, and some kinds of really hardcore cheese


Why? How could possible hate melon? I love melon and melonpan


I love rabbit, I can understand why people might be a bit hesitant to eat it though.


File:[HorribleSubs] Re Zero kar….jpg (113.27 KB,1280x720)

You need to eat rabbits before they eat you.


File:[HorribleSubs] Re Zero kar….jpg (113.37 KB,1280x720)

I don't think it's possible to hate a food in its entirety. If you really think you hate a food, that probably just means you haven't tried it in the proper way that's to your liking then. Not to say that you can't hate a dish, but anything edible can probably be mixed up or prepared in all sorts of ways so that anyone may like it.


hate onion, pickles, kebab and vegetarian meals


Dunno, it got better as I grew older and now I can sort of eat it, but when I was a child even the smell used to make me sick. Never tried melonpan, though
yeah it's just a psychological barrier, like eating a cat. I'm aware it tastes good, but as much as I can afford I'd rather not eat bunners.


How do you feel about bananas?


File:31f41ee1a4431f4ca3078af7e4….jpg (361.88 KB,1000x1200)

love nananas


Hate tomato, tomato sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, vegetables except broccoli but it needs to be cooked with soy sauce and butter, especially hate lettuce. Love meat, sea food, onion, garlic, and acid fruits like pineapple.
I just hate the smell of some food so I can't even try them. And even if it doesn't taste bad, it feels disgusting to eat. I think the only exception is pickled ginger, I hate the smell of vinegar but I eat it because it's delicious.


I can't stand the smell of cashews for some reason, although I love cashew nuts.


I hate all fruit because of the texture


What texture? Fruit tends to have a really nice texture for me


pears have a shitty texture. they taste great though


File:saber.png (221.84 KB,386x480)

I hate 99% of fruit for this reason

It's hard to explain, but for me uhh… I guess there's too much variation or between smooth and roughness in one 'bite'?. I think it's a mild autism thing


eehhhh food in general
eating is honestly a chore, a bore, and a snore……


File:bhwe.png (651.23 KB,703x758)

I hate onions - it doesn't matter if cooked or not, I can still taste them and they are disgusting, they manage to make me throw up.
I used to hate raw tomatos too, but they aren't as disgusting as onions and they don't make me throw up.


Udon grosses me out. It's just too thick and slimy. I feel like I'm eating snails or something. Also the smell of guacamole makes me wretch and I don't think I'd ever eat anything with avocado


u must be thin n slendre


fuck u eating is one of the biggest pleasures in the world!!!! and no, i'm not fat


I wholeheartedly agree with this, in fact it sounds like something I'd say myself. I wish humans had some of symbiotic relationship with chlorophyll-bearing bacteria or something and we could just use light for energy
Although it might be weird to not have an anus


agreed. i wish i didn't have to eat. food is alright, but the fact that i need to eat to live is really annoying.

no buttsecks…

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