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How often do you drink coffee. Is it safe to consume high concentrations several times a day? I probably had 3-4 cups of coffee (3 teaspoons of folgers instant mix) per cup. I should also mention over a spam of maybe 8 hours. I was extra sluggish this morning, but previously i had around the same dosage yesterday and the day before that. I get weird feeling in my abdominal region sometimes

will this kill me? I just wanted to do something different for a change (ie be productive)


Caffeine is an addictive drug, higher amounts will increase your tolerance and worsen withdrawal. Likewise, it also increases the chance of heart attacks. Generally, these are all symptoms of long-term usage, however. Moderate usage should be safe and not harbor long-term side effects. I'm not a doctor so I don't know the specifics of your particular case, but I'd suggest probably lowering the amount of coffee you drink if you plan on doing this regularly.


this definitely wont kill you, when I had to wake up early id drink 2-3 cups just to start my morning which was supplemented by an energy drink or two or sometimes more coffee


Used to drink a lot of caffeine in the form of Mountain Dew and other soda. I had withdrawal headaches all the time, and I found that it wasn't helping me stay alert anymore; it just kept me from nodding off. So I try to avoid it now.


There's been studies that show drinking coffee has some health benefits. Though like with anything, too much of it would do more harm than good. Might be better to lower how much you drink per day.


>Caffeine is an addictive drug, higher amounts will increase your tolerance
From what I understand caffeine tolerance lessens side effects like headaches but does not lessen the wakefulness/alertness effects.


going to try drinking more coffee


>Tech Insider
what were they in?


the skinny woman drinks 10-11 and a 2 liter bottle of cola a day

i think it'll be safe to consume more caffeine


hate these kinds of channels


File:125DD3AD-C348-4ACC-8CCD-7….jpeg (1.03 MB,1585x1600)

need caffeine to operate and function like a normal human bean or else I'd just lay in bed all day

and i simply cant accept that reality


>Likewise, it also increases the chance of heart attacks.
ebin disinfo my dude
Caffeine kills you by causing strokes, caused by vasoconstriction (and also I guess increased blood pressure/heartrate but that's not really relevant).
Regular caffeine intake greatly decreases your risk of heart attack. Shitty studies sometimes just ask people 'how much caffeine do you take' and don't examine their lifestyle; most people who take large (I'm talking >1g a day here) amounts of caffeine do not have their shit together and are barely staving off suicidal depression, hence they're more prone to all causes mortality (i.e. heart attacks, since they tend to be young and not suffer from more age-related causes of death like cancer).
The reason people on heart medication and preggo bitches and old cunts get told not to drink coffee is because caffeine's halflife is super fucking variable and random drugs or conditions can make it stay in your system for literally 18+ times as long and accumulate to dangerous levels.

>From what I understand caffeine tolerance lessens side effects like headaches but does not lessen the wakefulness/alertness effects

Caffeine tolerance lessens what you might call the 'psychological effects' of caffeine. The pain reduction, increase in heart rate, diarrhea, increase in ketogenic activity etc. use different mechanisms to the conventional-addictive-stimulant part of caffeine you develop tolerance to. Obviously there is a degree to which your homeostasis resists these but that just means the effects scale sublinearly to your daily dose; with the important caveat that you will literally become tired faster without caffeine as your body tries in vain to assert a conventional rhythm over the overpowering antagonism of the caffeine by increasing the amount of the signalers used to make you tired when it tries to become tired.

Anyway to answer OP
>will this kill me? I just wanted to do something different for a change (ie be productive)
In my opinion as someone who hard previously lived on ~2g of caffeine a day and threw up after taking like 3.4g in a six hour period one time and went cold turkey after that to reset my tolerance, I'll make the following comments:
-the amount of caffeine you're taking from that coffee is not even vaguely dangerous unless you have a condition / are taking drugs / etc. that will cause you to retain an unusual amount. If you don't feel nauseous, you're probably not in danger.
-going cold turkey for two weeks to reset your tolerance is not even close to as bad as having the flu, so just do that if you find yourself creeping up to 40 espressos a day
-caffeine doesn't make you productive, it makes you alert. Caffeine does not help maintain levels of satiation and the longer you're awake relying on caffeine as your stimulant of choice to keep you functioning (without the nauseating pain and sense of weakness and the crippling delirium you'd get from being awake for that long without it) the more you'll be as itchy and uncomfortable and unaware of the state of your own body just like anybody not on caffeine doing the same things as you. This is fine if you're keeping to a robust schedule but if you don't think about it and don't have a mechanism in place to prevent it you'll easily go 72hrs without a shower etc.
-if you don't buy caffeine powder or meme coffee extracts which are exceedingly strong, you're going to feel fucking horrible and be keenly aware that you don't want to drink more coffee well before you are in actual danger


sometimes i feel lighted headed


for the most part I stopped drinking coffee and instead end up drinking a large red bull a day plus this drink called bolt24. however on my days off of work I do drink a cup of coffee or two. I can manage fine without caffeine if I'm actually doing stuff but if I'm lazing around doing nothing all day without it I get very sleepy.


File:C1BA99F5-927F-4F66-872A-7….jpeg (62.36 KB,494x604)

enjoyin a mid morning coffee


File:D000AFE6-29A6-4242-801C-1….jpeg (100.82 KB,403x604)

enjoying another coffee


Besides stuff that's been said in the thread already, coffee is infamous for staining teeth pretty badly over time so you should brush more often if that's something you care about


coffee barely works :/


File:88E41696-9B84-4B2F-A5DB-5….jpeg (134.79 KB,500x657)

feelin a second mornin coffee


Iphone filenames…


why would anyone willingly buy an iphone


french press coffee nice…


I drink more coffee than water per day.


File:806D46FB-8E17-46E8-896A-E….jpeg (48.06 KB,450x450)

2 scoops of instant mix isnt working

guess I'll go back to 3




>using an iphone to post on an imageboard
Take caffeine pills, they're really good!


File:E3333152-CC38-4AB7-BC21-9….jpeg (120.1 KB,1080x1080)

cant afford


Have you taken caffeine pills before?


coffee an enjoyable drink. Pills are medical intervention


it only takes 10 grams to overdose on caffeine
rather not take my chances

its hard to drink coffee and i'd keep it that way


yup now im sick


sick like your dumb emoji…


But how would you know what I meane if i didnt include an emoji?

a. sick of what?
b. or feeling sick


File:aCJrp.png (88.16 KB,371x348)

because of the prior discussion. You could also use image of sick anime girl


jade's a cutie


I drink coffee every morning when I have work since I always sleep late after 1AM.


File:[A-FanRips]_The_Five_Star_….jpg (405.18 KB,1868x1078)

I don't drink coffee, but I do enjoy my daily tea. It's enough caffeine to get me through the day and tastes good.


File:26543051_p0.jpg (244.21 KB,976x900)

Coffee is a bad drink. Its "benefits" are all about how it makes you a "better" worker (able to shoulder more stress + up and working when your body is asking you to take it easy = better at tolerating intolerable working conditions).

It has nefarious side-effects that destroy your life: insomnia, gastric reflux, obstipation and/or diarhea, indigestion, difficulty breathing tremors, weight loss, palpitations, not to mention the effects that come from overwork like dry eyes if you spend too long in front of the computer. It takes you down a self-destructive path that chips away at your lifestyle choices (>>51787 touches this subject but fails to see the chain of causation… People cultivate bad habits BECAUSE of caffeine, caffeine itself is a bad habit and a gateway for more bad habits)…

The only difference between meth and coffee is that with meth the effects surface very quickly but with coffee is takes decades until you see the damage you've done to yourself. But by then you have so many bad things going on that you blame them on that, instead of on that first sip of coffee you had years ago!

Don't drink coffee! Have a nice relaxing chamomile tea with cookies instead! It will save your life!!!

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