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Alien life may be closer than we thought


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i'm too stupid for this thread sorry


Phosphine gas was discovered in Venus's atmosphere. There shouldn't be any way for the planet to produce it itself from our current knowledge. But it is produced naturally by some bacteria, so one of the hypotheses is that there could be some form of life on Venus that's producing it.


Hmmm, that's pretty interesting, although I don't have the attention span to read through the "Results" part with its many paragraphs of detailed observations. Lifeforms in the atmosphere of Venus would be pretty neat since it would have taken a vastly different path that life on Earth did.


*farts on venus*
here's your aliens dude


If there is any life, it'll probably be pretty hard to find. The abstract states, "Atmospheric PH3 at ~20 ppb abundance is inferred."


Would we even be able to observe this life if we tried? Last attempt at landing on venus from what I remember ended with a melted robot


Looking at Venus' atmosphere, hydrocarbons seem unlikely. I'd vote for unknown chemistry though there could be some funky life in there.
If landing is successful you might just need a shitton of samples and some luck. Lotsa acid though.


We already discovered alien life back in the 70s NASA is just too stubborn to admit it.

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