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Too much vtuber talk in the happenings thread, and it's starting to not be happenings! At the same time the vtuber phenomenon is too big not to endlessly discuss the meta of, so here's a thread for that


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Kkill all vtubers!


At first I was a contrarian but now I really hate them


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im not sure what to think about vtubers anymore, its really fun watching translated pekora or matsuri videos and the streams themselves are fun despite me not really understanding whats happening
but these English vtubers are pretty much the same concept but boring, aside from that it seems that english hololive had the desired affect and now it feels like the amount of eop viewers has more than doubled
is the fun over? am I just letting pessimism and boredom ruin my enjoyment of the next big otaku craze


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Now officially more popular than anime and video games. Soon to be more discussed than politics


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First the idols! Then the Vtubers!


It's probably what caused Abe to resign, the shame of it happening while he was in power, he could have seen it coming, could have stopped it but he didn't and now Japan, no the world, will suffer the price. How could somebody show their face in parliament again after this?


He has nothing to feel ashamed of, in fact he probably resigned with his pride intact. What he did with vtubers was the soft power equivalent of dropping the nukes on hiroshima and nagasaki. He finally got revenge on the west for his country


I don't find Coco that interesting, but I mentioned she is one of their true talents, she's exceptional at working an audience. Hololive has a few great people but most of them just sorta exist, which is why I only watch a few of them consistently.
The western audience has evolved really rapidly this year. It sounds stupid, but it was really nice to find the hololive community on 4chan in spring since it felt like a group of people just gathering to talk about stuff they like with minimal baiting or flame wars. Since that time it's doubled both in size and retardation. The English community is like a constant hype train toward the next new thing, but I just like watching the same casters as always. If you have real friends to discuss it with, it's the most fun, but that's the hard part I guess


vtubers no better than camwhores and the people who watch them are bottomfeeder slimes


You're insane! That's akin to declaring war on ota


Question: Will I be safe from the great vtuber purge if I don't talk about watching them?


File:1378324173092.png (306.34 KB,1024x1112)

you will never be safe


File:f5d8ef861a98dad38b7260dab9….jpg (175.72 KB,1142x999)

That's a loss I'm willing to take! It takes several eggs to make an omelette!


Absolutely do not like the idea of vtubers. It feels like a corporate grab (and thus corruption) of the niconico live streams. They only got this big because of kizuna ai who is/was a kadokawa plant right from the very start. While they seemed tolerable at first because they were essentially a japanese-backed project with at least a 60% priority given to japanese sensibilities, the advent of english-speaking vtubers speaks of either the beginning of western backing of these projects or at most that western money was there from the start but it was emboldened to show itself now. Vtubers were bad news to me from the start but things only have potential to get worse.

Western money, gacha, vtubers and twitter are the four horsemen of the otaku apocalypse. Never forget that.


It runs so hard against the pretensions of old otakus. You can't insert your own fantasies into vtubers since their behavior is far more concrete. And they're anti-escapist since you're actively participating in a rat race with other people trying to grab the attention of a virtual avatar.
I don't know how things stand in nipland but the western fandom just reeks of "not like the other norms" teens who no doubt have their 4/jp/ bookmark sandwiched between r/animememes and lo-fi hip-hop radio bookmarks.


hate tubers


The fact that vtubers have revenue streams like superchats made it an inevitability, regardless of whether they planned on expanding to western audiences beforehand or not. They can't ignore potential profit given how corporate vtubers are these days. Once agencies started popping up and they became this weird idol livestreamer hybrid that streams/uploads on YouTube was a big red flag on the potential for this to be the end result.


File:firefox_yX71SpRd0g.png (85.53 KB,1749x173)

Were the streams always this big for the japanese vtubers… I think that prediction of them becoming only bigger is coming true


File:cca7a159aa.png (325.03 KB,1231x948)

Also /jp/ is still in the top 4, can't imagine vtubers will be dying off anytime soon


File:Screenshot_2020-09-15 4sta….png (98.7 KB,1231x680)

Also for the guy saying that post totals > activity


Perhaps because of. I like to occasionally listen to Rushia or Okayu because I love their voices, but I don't care much for what they say.
>You can't insert your own fantasies into vtubers since their behavior is far more concrete.
You can know more about them but the fantasies exist nonetheless. Though since there's immeasurably more content, fanfic is not as needed.
>anti-escapist since you're actively participating in a rat race with other people trying to grab the attention of a virtual avatar.
It's entirely within the realm of escapism. Multiplayer games are escapism despite being rat races as well.


File:129307427667.png (280.26 KB,468x519)

Okay, this is it for me. Fuck whorolive.

I never watched vtubers that much since most of them play shitty norm/meme games, but now I'll make sure to never glance at any whorolive member again. I'll only watch some nijisanji/independent ones very occasionally now.


File:[HorribleSubs] Monster Mus….jpg (461.7 KB,1877x2079)

on 4chan at least it needs to be hit with the brony treatment.
pure cancer for newfags.


You are upset because she played a good game? I'm confused


File:1546793620622.gif (659.36 KB,300x300)


just twitch wh*res but now with a cgi avatar instead of facecam


File:cheekie.jpg (202.68 KB,1248x1526)

did you have a question?


Because she streamed in English. Trying to ride on the bandwagon of those shitty eng vtubers.


news flash EOP gentleman… The internet is multilingual


exactly, so they shouldn't pander to EOP american subhumans.


korone is a massive westaboo who's been learning english for a while
she sung a south park song on her NND channel back in the day


I feel the same way, I kind of miss when it was only kizuna ai and kayuga luna and a few other making fun videos, livestreams are boring for me so I don't see the appeal but I like to watch eng subs clips sometimes, especially from Tsukino Mito she's my favorite. English vtubers are not even otaku culture anymore so meh. My main issue right now is how stupid the english fanbase can be and it gives a bad reputation to vtubers in general which is why I think I see more people complaining about them now.


Mito is one of the few that doesn't exclusively play norm/meme garbage as well. She's nice. She doesn't seem to be very popular with EOP retards either besides that single kigurumi video.

I sure hope nijisanji doesn't go the way of whorolive.

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