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When you go to sleep do you turn off your computer or just put it to rest?


sleep time is when i seed all my anime


I turn it all the way off, no reason to put it on sleep if I wont be using it for the 10-12 hours a day im asleep


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hibernate my laptop, leave my desktop on so I can stream geimu to my laptop without going in the other room to turn it on


Power off. Too paranoid to let it on while I'm not looking, there's also a high possibility of a power outage where I live. Plus power/money saving.


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locked on a normal day when it is too hot i turn it off


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I put it in sleep mode during summer since it gets really hot here and there's a noticeable difference in temperature. I wish I could just submerge my computer in a pool outside of the house or something, watercooling was fun and it did make my computer components cooler, but the generated heat still had to go somewhere else in my room


Night time is backup time.


I seed so I dont turn my computer off and I think that unhealthy


Turned off unless seeding.
>I seed so I dont turn my computer
Thank you for your hard work people who don't seed are monsters.




I turn it off, I used to let it on for soulseek but I moved soulseek on my server.

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