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File:1557782240297.jpg (115.49 KB,1280x720)


What have kissu's gamers been looking forward to recently? Or is there anything interesting/fun you guys are playing now


I've been playing minecraft. Modded to hell and back.
I made a marble house, pure fucking marble! And I'm now making an above ground tunnel towards a turkish village (that's a mod too).


playing ck3 and vermintide 2 right now
looking forward to maybe cyberpunk and dartktide other than official games, Beyond Skyrim's Atomora and Roscrea projects and then a handful of projects for ck2/ck3


paused my yakuza 0 playthrough so I could play 2hu luna nights. I just finished it yesterday so I'm gonna keep playing it and then play nier automata and the rest of the yakuza games. xbox gamepass ftw!!!


>Beyond Skyrim's Atomora
are skyblivion and skywind still being worked on?


yeah, skywind doesn't seem to have has much content to show but i swear i saw a gameplay demo of the first few quests of morrowind recently


maybe ill try it out soon. ive been meaning to get back into morrowind but i lost most of my save data which means id have to start from scratch. id rather not start vanilla morrowind and then restart skywind right after, mostly because i dont enjoy the leveling system at all


been playing dark souls 3 a lot lately
bought it last year and got to vordt but for some reason decided he was impossible to beat and shelved it


playing alot of league of legends because I have a problem, aside from that i recently picked up apex legends because I saw vtubers streaming it and i like the gameplay but dont really have anyone to play with which is a must for those types of games
will play ck3 after first patch and will eventually play victoria 2 again


don't get how people have so much trouble with vordt, it's just a case of dodging and punishing his aggression that gives a very big window for damage


well, i think that can be said for a lot of bosses. you kind of underestimate how difficult these early game bosses can be for new players if youve been playing for a while, i remember i was stuck in the burg getting thrashed by the taurus demon every day for a month until i finally figured it out

speaking of ds3 im going to fire up CE sometime this week and see if i can reenable poise, i want to see how much it changes the game especially boss fights. ive been watching boss v boss fights a lot lately and if theres one take away from it its that staggerable bosses were a mistake. yhorm is absolutely pathetic here


File:20200924205157_1.jpg (666.59 KB,1920x1080)

playing a lacerate gladiator on PoE's new league. having fun. this build does some absurd damage.


dang that's a lot of skills
how's the gameplay of poe? is the campaign long or is there something to do post-endgame, like diablo's hell/nightmare/inferno or d3's rifts


Been interested in Sakuna when it got announced. Nice to see it finally get a release date after being delayed. Gundam mbon has been eating up all my free time though so I might not even play it when it comes out.


it's like a more complex and fast paced d2. i like it.

the campaign is pretty long, but there's also a lot of endgame content. there are a total of 10 acts and no higher difficulties for them (there used to be, but that was before they extended the number of acts. there were only 3 when the game first released). they leave you at around lvl 68-73 when you finish them. it can go up to 100 and the rest of that is spent doing maps and league specific stuff. most people rush through acts to get to mapping as soon as possible.

i'm lvl 63 and on act 10 right now trying to not leave my slow ass friend i'm playing with too behind.




File:1490758237535.jpg (190.09 KB,2048x1656)

the announcement of rise got me back into mhw. I'm pretty excited for smtv as well.


I just bought Satisfactory. It is indeed satisfactory. Making assembly lines and automating everything is very fun.


i really really want to finish recettear but every time i fire it up i lose focus and close it after 5 minutes and then itll be 6 months until i do the exact same thing


File:1456011283194.jpg (42.05 KB,482x600)

Just pick it up and play until you complete a run. You'll surely get addicted to it during that time.


File:loser2.png (163.69 KB,482x360)

>until you complete a run
about that….


File:1487199139538.png (41.57 KB,164x164)

Did I stutter…?

By the time you finish you'll have been addicted…


File:maxresdefault.jpg (82.08 KB,1280x720)


nothing and no


File:gin.webp (53.4 KB,540x624)

I'm looking forward to Your Turn To Die's ending. Nankidai's split Part 3 into apparently not two but four parts, and the first only came out earlier this year. It's gonna take some time.
Played through Planescape: Torment, now Disco Elysium. Both have awesome writing. Afterwards I think I'll pick SMT IV back up and when I'm done with it I'll try Etrian V.


Anything I pick I drop after a week never finishing it. Only game I play regularly is warband+mods.


finally bought NieR (currently on sale for $20)
I really like it so far, but I’ve never had a game give me motion sickness like this before
I hope I can keep playing it




Basé Anonymous


File:20200930190707_1.jpg (494.19 KB,1920x1080)

My power plant is finished. And I'm pretty proud of it.


didn't play much but genshin's nicer than I thought. everyone seems to be shitting on it due to it being botw but I personally hated botw and genshin seems to be much more fun


Dev for Maidensnow Eve just released a status scroller demo for a possible sequel. Barring a miracle "recovery" of the D&P dev, this is fine too.

Not really a game, but picked up the Vengeful Heart VN and it has been a good read. I'm a sucker for PC-98 art.


Found out this existed recently and played around with it a bit. The concept is really neat, but the actual game itself is very buggy and not very well fleshed out in terms of features yet. It's been in development for quite some time now, though, and the developer doesn't seem like they're going to stop anytime soon, so here's hoping they fully flesh it out into a harvest moon type game or something. Also, the dev does something I think a lot of projects could learn from; beta releases are put onto Patreon, but all of the main updates are completely free. Moreover, the game itself is a name your price type of thing.


It looks neat, but at the same time the attitude it gives off really pisses me off. I can clearly recognize the characters as those from other series with distinct personalities, and the game simply waters them down to "loli". It's a bit of an affront to the characters (especially Holo who's in this despite not being a loli in any sense of the word). In the end, it's cute but upsets my autism so I dislike it.


I think it'd help to understand that this originated as, "Project Shinobu," and that Shinobu is the only character officially part of Viva Project as far I understand. Other characters may be featured in releases, but are all user made submissions to my knowledge.


File:[A-FanRips]_The_Five_Star_….jpg (271.77 KB,1868x1078)

In that case why does she act nothing like Shinobu…

I guess it's more a married simulator or something for the author to act out living life with Shinobu as his friendly wife or something (or daughter?).


Broadly, she does, I think. I suppose it's fairly difficult to entirely replicate a character's behavior when the actions of the player aren't directed like they would be in something theoretically more faithful like a visual novel.


bampuing this thread and updating my post: I finished Yakuza 0 and cried... I also finished my first playthrough of Nier and i'm gonna try to do all the quests now.


Good luck, it gets fuck you hard in the colosseum


I never played BOTW, Genshin seems okay but the combat system leaves something to be desired and the game feels too Chinese.


How's progression in it? Does it seem really mobile game-like, or does it feel like a normal game. Wondering how hard they're pushing their upgrades.


Finished Disco Elysium (I can see why people wouldn't like the ending, great game still), BotW's DLC and SMT IV (not the biggest fan). Time for Quake 2 and Etrian, drawing a map in-game looks really fuckin' cool.
The combat in BotW isn't deep, like in terms of action/skill, but it's carried by metric ton of approaches you can take. No idea about Genshin.


Progression is basically the same as a mobile game, you get characters from gacha, evolve them to level 20 and then you have to ascend them, similar system for weapons, you can get parts for both for this from daily dungeons. I am still relatively new at it so I don't know how grindy it would be to upgrade to late game levels or even if it might simply be near impossible without paying.


I've been replaying Zelda OoT recently. It is a good time killer. I've also been playing Yume Nikki recently. I really like Yume Nikki.
I've been looking forward to the Hyrule Warriors BoTW prequel and the BoTW sequel. They might be the last modern video games I'll buy.


like to open up yume nikki and fall asleep to it sometimes its relaxing


File:gamer.jpg (64.4 KB,422x708)

im gamer i game
looking forward to cyberpunk


File:DukeNukemII-Episode2-Level….png (127.52 KB,2048x1016)

I just finished duke nukem 1 and too. I tried them out of curiosity, but I really didn't expect them to be so engaging. You don't see this kind of keyhunt based non-linear platformer very often, so it left me aching for more. I thought duke 1 had the better level design. Just give it a try


Have you tried Blood? It's also on the Build engine and is a damn good fps.


wish i had a crt monitor to play old pc stuff.


Oh wait, you meant the classic duke, oops.


Trying to think of why anyone would want that mario all stars collection if they've already got copies of the games on their original console.


the games in it have better graphix than the originals, but i heard that this is one of the complaints about it. it's not very loyal to the visuals of the originals.


Really? Thought the collection was just the regular games emulated.


I own mario 64 on cartridge, on ds, and on wii u vc and I still have my copy of sunshine. I’m not interested in playing galaxy and if I were I’d just emulate it. I bought 3d all stars because it’s a limited product and I’m a consumer drone.


Say all you want about being a consumer drone, but mario galaxy was a GREAT game


It's a true port, it features remastered graphics and music which were then repackaged and sold separately on the gameboy advance. Only real reason to get it is that it has the only western release of the lost levels. It's a lot cheaper than buying a famicom with a disk system. Unless you're talking about the new 3d all stars thing, in which case yeah it's all emulated trash don't get it.


I regret ever being a consumer drone. I at least broke away from this mindset a long while ago.


They shouldn't, and Nintendo doesn't expect them to. Super Mario 3D Allstars isn't made for hardcore fans. Nothing Nintendo makes is.

Nintendo primarily caters to 3 camps; nostalgic adults who played these games when they came out and haven't touched them since, children who like Nintendo games because they're easy, and casual gamers who whip their games out at a party or while friends are over so they can chat over the them.

A collection like 3D Allstars is great if you're any of those people, because you get 3 really good Mario games in one convenient package, and you won't know that the emulation sucks so it'll feel fine.


I’m finishing up Kinoblade Chronicles. I jumped into it blind but I’m glad I took the plunge. My biggest gripe with the game is how targets will be inactive 90% of the time, making you unable to finish quests.


Which version are you playing?


Speaking of Xenoblade, does anybody know of any good controller grips for the New 3DS XL? I always get hand cramps trying to play anything because there's nothing to really hold onto.


Switch version.


I just got a switch. How do I play animal crossing with my new friends on qway?


You need to buy a Nintendo online subscription, and then I think you have to share your friend code to be able to visit other people's islands.


New leaf was a better game than New Horizons. I've only played New Leaf for a long time though. I haven't played the older games yet, so I have no opinion on them.




A problem I have with Genshin is the lack of content, I'm relatively early in and the quests are drying up already, there are not really that many characters and I don't really like what they have much either. There are going to be seven nations each with their own story and presumably roster of characters but this is all a long way in the future. Maybe I will come back to it in a few years.


do you have a list of games you played? i started working on writing down every game i remember spending a significant amount of time on, it's taking me ages to finish

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