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File:e10e5ebf5be112a200b0ebaea9….jpg (6.13 KB,197x204)


I started learning Japanese this week. I feel really good because I recognize a lot of what I'm learning from watching anime. Excited to get to the point where I can start reading Yotsuba&! Hopefully some day I'll be able to read VNs easily.

I just hope I don't begin to slack off and eventually give up like everything else I tried to learn...


did the other thread die? anyways gl anon


File:41325709_p0.jpg (239.72 KB,781x1146)

Just remember to do RTK and give it your best shot!


File:Mewkledreamy_Kotoko_Ii_to_….gif (1.63 MB,853x480)

Yeah, good luck anon.


starting is easy
tried to pick it up 3 or 4 times already, don't think i will do it ever again


File:__amayadori_machi_kumamiko….png (1.49 MB,847x1028)

It's merely a cognitive test, it's merely a cognitive test.


Just remember to always do your reps and you'll be fine. Easy peasy, even a kid could do it


Nippongo expert here. The most important things are: always look stuff up when you come across things you don't know or are unsure about, and watch lots of anime. Also don't use shit like d*go because that's for gaylords.


lol got me wondering what d*go was for a bit there. d*****go


Yeah, I always forget about the spoiler tags. Oh well.


File:austin powers.png (28.31 KB,120x240)

Arigato, Mr Roboto!


File:[SubsPlease] Enen no Shoub….jpg (130.19 KB,1280x720)

I want to start learning it... but I've procrastinated for so long. I don't understand how people can learn hundreds of little symbols that look so similar to each other.
Good luck, or "ganbatte" as they say


>I don't understand how people can learn hundreds of little symbols that look so similar to each other.
Because it's fun.






File:3cc05df0e57c8464761a77c37b….png (1.41 MB,1601x750)

Good luck anon. I've been learning for about a year now and it's one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. Japanese is absolutely insane. Remember that having fun is way more important that trying to learn quickly.


You mean は.


what's the greatest difference between the two particles?


Not that anon but just read more. I don't think I've ever seen ~がどう?.


For this specific case, it's because in sentences that follow the pattern X(particle)Y, where Y is a "question word" like なに、だれ、どう etc., the particle is always は, but it's a complicated topic. The book "Making Sense of Japanese Grammar" by Jay Rubin has a pretty good explanation (probably the only English language one you should trust), you can easily find it in PDF format.


Here's some nice Japanese trivia that I just figured out after seeing an ero manga with "netorase" in the title:
「寝とる」[ねとる] means to steal one's spouse,「寝取られ(る)」[ねとられ(る)] means to have one's spouse stolen, and「寝取らせ(る)」[ねとらせ(る)] means for oneself to let one's own spouse be stolen.


Can't believe people are going to learn passive and causative due to frickin ntr of all things...


You should read Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide!


Wish there was a guide like this for every language.


no other language has as many people wanting to learn it


Well, there's english, but obviously that's sort of a moot point.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (147.52 KB,1920x1080)

What about javascript?


File:shit.jpg (61.35 KB,1008x720)

Clever girl


There are plenty of thorough, well organized guides for every common programming language, but none of them explain things as succinctly or clearly as tae kim does japanese.


Tae Kim is concise and not much more. I'm sure if you look around you could find grammar guides suited for self-learners for other languages too.

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