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File:267659662a4b88b2f0fb8453c4….png (7.18 MB,2894x4450)


is bread a desert?


Most likely, won't stop me from treating it as a lunch though


Bread might make you thirsty but I don't think that's enough to catalogue it with the same label as the sahara...




Only if you are poor.


you must've never had good bakery bread



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (349.02 KB,1920x1080)

if you're not excited about bread there's something wrong with you


why does she keep staring at me like that...


sugar is bad for you


pain perdu is the tits


File:[SMC] Sailor Moon R 81(R2 ….jpg (45.51 KB,640x480)

French toast is bread, lots of danish pastries are breads, bread pudding probably counts as bread. Tons of bread desserts out there if you put your mind to thinking of them, so bread is somewhat of a dessert itself.


File:da15acf017886d726d3ec9f2dc….jpg (1.07 MB,1000x885)

can't believe I just ate a sandwich for desert


Maybe french toast. I would argue banana bread really isnt bread at all


It looks like bread and you butter it like bread it's basically bread.


By that logic rye is wheet.


They're both breads, are they not? I don't see the problem.


banana bread doesn't have yeast in it bread's gotta have yeast or its just some sort of cake, like brownies, cornbread, carrot cake etc. Not bread


What kind of sandwich?


Yes, if it's the sugary kind.


penut butter and nutella on white bread

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