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File:5ce529c08f70201b0d0b64b95d….png (2 MB,1300x1300)


Is /qa/ visually impaired?


File:Ep38TosenProfile.png (153.17 KB,340x356)



File:1602086727959.jpg (22.86 KB,300x450)

I can see pretty well with my glasses on


File:けいおん!_01_101.jpg (376.29 KB,1119x1600)

yeah, played too much black ops 1 one night and my eyes started hurting after I was done playing the pain put me to sleep and the next morning my vision was crap and it only got worse when I started using glasses


no but now that I'm getting older I've noticed things have been a little more blurry so I think I might need to get my vision checked out. but I probably wont do that.


File:1576238255106.jpg (567.61 KB,1200x858)

I have a lazy eye


Yeah, I'm very nearsighted and have been wearing glasses since I was a small child, it feels like I've been wearing them my entire life. Maybe I should have listened to my grandma when she told me not to sit too close to the television when playing the Nintendo.


File:1448869328832.jpg (56.46 KB,647x614)

yes, but i use contacts because i don't want to look like a nerd.


File:a19ff7e94d424a3d30935f7c04….gif (7.06 MB,1280x720)

Contacts are scary!


File:shrug desu.jpg (46.08 KB,300x300)

it's the price to pay for wanting to look good. i use them even at the computer. they keep annoyingly going out of place sometimes.


20/20 vision gang


Visually impaired enough that I need glasses to drive, but I'm mostly fine without them on my computer


File:__original_drawn_by_gomenn….jpg (108.37 KB,680x1000)

Of course! But my OCD(or mental visualisation) is even stronger.


New glasses are coming soon. I really shouldn't just deal with having spots and scratches in eyes all the time like this; it makes me avoid reading.


File:image.jpeg (420.34 KB,1774x2048)

Yes but only for reading as an introvert they are mandatory for our kind. I remember reading an article released ages ago saying kids who stayed indoors a lot between the ages of 12 and 19 are twice as likely to need glasses. This an elucidation so take it with a grain of salt.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (316.01 KB,1920x1080)

Me on the left, but I almost never wear them because 99% of my waking life is spent looking at screens that aren't far away at all


File:badass.gif (183.7 KB,320x240)

I've always been a skilled gamer and I made thorough use of my eyes to become the best. Unbeknownst to me, my eyesight became weaker and weaker until I realized the truth to my power.

I have since sealed whatever remains of my eye powers so I may use them to protect those I love.


Born blind in my right eye, had a cataract in my left eye by age 25 and was all but blind in it by the time I had surgery for it at age 30. You could say so.


File:1599925242177.png (611.01 KB,757x665)

my eye sight is slowly degrading but a little faster than normal so I had to start wearing glasses 4 years ago, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I spend almost all of my time looking at a screen
when I first got them I was really excited because I think glasses look cool so I wore my glasses all the time and still do which probably isnt good for my eyes


File:3ypi60.png (3.03 MB,1920x1080)

Trust me anon, you look better without them




didn't work try again


I've never seen someone who looks better with glasses off.


File:__aoi_sora_original_drawn_….jpg (982.33 KB,1404x1000)

That might be a bias if you met them when they had glasses.


for the people that don't need to wear glasses looking at screens, how old are you guys? i'm still in my 20's but fear that once i get to the 30s my sights finally going to fail me


i wear glasses that are two prescriptions old because i kept getting drunk and passing out and sleeping on my glasses which broke them


love glasses


hate glasses


Yeah I'm as visually impaired as everyone else is, Not blind yet though. Also got a squint which I really hate.


Cataracts are such a young age is pretty unusual, isn't it? Did you happen to work around a lot of intense light sources, like welding? I'm guessing probably not and that it's just genetic or something?


I doubt it's entirely genetic because my grandma didn't need cataract surgery until her 50s and my mom still hasn't had her vision go bad. I'd guess it's a combination of staring at computer screens constantly from age 6 and extreme myopia due to rapidly advancing astigmatism


Huh, I wouldn't think computer screens would cause cataracts. It's probably an old wive's tale, but I've always heard that cataracts are caused by staying outside too long and from staring at the sun or really bright things in general. I suppose a computer screen might qualify then, but in my own experience I find that going outside, the light from the sun is often too intense and hurts a bit if I don't wear my (sun)glasses.


it's too late, anon; I already failed the test :(

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