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File:1601351507647.jpg (659.44 KB,900x1250)


I really don't want to turn 30. It scares me to death thinking about it.


Come on grandpa lets get you to the bathroom. We don't want you having another accident.


File:neet-1.png (68.77 KB,440x300)

I'm 3 years away from 30 and I still have no job


File:japanese bird being a neet.jpg (81.77 KB,556x525)

Same. At least I don't feel very guilty about not having a job now because of covid.


Think about it this way, every year of your life that passes you become closer and closer to being this cool.


File:1437735253613.jpg (24.92 KB,442x694)

You made me feel even worse remembering about him. I don't think he's with us anymore.


9 months to 30yo and I worked 20 days in my whole life


Years are nothing but a timestamp that we used
You should make it so that each day you live out is fulfilling and special, rather than focus on letting your year mark your deadline.


File:IMG_20200920_193303.jpg (116.91 KB,1920x1080)

I'm really scared of suddenly looking up and realizing I'm on my deathbed. think about the past year, how much memories have you accumulated
almost every action you take is a non-event, and everything else (very little) is remembered in small bursts of sensation
Id estimate you remember something like 1 hour of content in a year, mostly in one second snippets. everything else is reconstructed on reflection
you life is ~70 hours long
let's cut away year 0-7 where you aren't conscious, and 50-70 where your brain and life are actively rotting away

your entire life is the length of a few HBO specials, that's it
HBO specials about some background character NPC

lose focus for a few moments and you'll find yourself in the depths of old age, you can only grasp onto time momentarily before it slips away. it doesn't stop when you sleep


will I still be obsessed with anime schoolgirls at 50? creepy fucking freak
it'll probably drive me to suicide by then


File:0eb41c8161dc29e8e44bdb5c7f….jpg (79.28 KB,835x1200)

/qa/ is scaring me.


File:IMG_20200610_190903.jpg (31.38 KB,739x415)

waiting in a really long line, undertaking some mammoth never ending task
as soon as you finish it's like it never even happened
how stupid were you for feeling bored or frustrated at the time? I spent 10 hours unmoving, glueing board game pieces to wooden squares until my fingers bled and my eyes couldn't stay open
ohh I felt sooo sorry for myself
thinking back it took about 3 fucking seconds. fuck this shit
even this day marches into oblivion. I only know of it's existence in some vague abstract way racing racing into the yawning jaws of death AAAAAAAAAAAA


Human beings have the ability to use their knowledge to patterns to predict something like that, but if you keep your head in that state you won't focus on the moment. You are alive right now, make your actions eventful. If you aren't learning something, improving in some way, or resting from that improvement here and there constructively you are stagnating and burning time.




File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (210.81 KB,1920x1080)

I'm closer to 40 than 30. Meh.


File:IMG_20201017_120711~2.jpg (183.09 KB,838x842)

i love it when people say stuff like that haha
the demand that you frantically live your life like some victim of a terrible terminal disease
the implicit understanding that life itself is the most horrifying terminal illness

maybe I just wanna take it easy
Nintendo please let me play the new cyberpunk game before I die! I just want to experience the new episode of the Simpsons before I die noooo!!!

you are alive right now?
the human experience as a whole is criminally overrated
if this is what being alive is, I want a refund
honestly this sucks ass


File:[Erai-raws] Kuma Kuma Kuma….jpg (140.4 KB,1280x720)

I treasure the time I have on this planet. I want to be on it as long as physically possible. Consider, you may think that life sucks now, but what if death is even worse? You'd be rushing towards an eternally shitty experience. The mere prospect of that propels me towards desiring eternal life.


To be able to hike the desert at his age you need to actually take decent care of your body and mind though.


I wouldn't mind that either, but I would like to keep my looks along with it as well. Or turn into a full-cyborg where the only biological thing is the brain.


File:'.png (262.02 KB,595x507)

I was sure you were gonna say something interesting about how you shouldn't live life like a speedrun until you pulled the "life itself is the most horrifying terminal illness"
you are 13
If you are not, you are an extremely late bloomer to being 13. This is the kind of thoughts teenagers who haven't grasped what life is have and think they figured it all out.
Life is a system that is conscious, and a disease is an effect on a system that is conscious that could bring her end.
In this vast universe of system running towards a slow loss of entropy, you gained something absolutely magical, the idea to be able to perceive the world, to experience being a system is mind blowing. Infact you don't even have any idea what it's like not to be able to do that. You just caged your idea of what it means to be sentient in a tiny bubble and decided to antagonize it instead of realizing that there is beauty outside of your gray little world!


File:IMG_20200412_060427~2.jpg (32.85 KB,239x289)

rocks and electrons almost certainly experience the world in the
same basic way, you have no basis for describing it as amazing or magical. you're just another IGN reviewer shill for the biggest scam of all time: being alive and human

>You just caged your idea of what it means to be sentient in a tiny bubble

funny, actually you're the one doing that by just sitting down and allowing yourself to be satisfied with the crap we're currently served. just another Stockholm syndrome Patsy for the world. How about you stand the fuck up for the human race and demand a better product. utterly spineless
the current state of affairs should make you boil in anger, not dollar store Disney magical wonder. Carl Sagan.


File:1598312029498.png (59.76 KB,300x300)

>rocks and electrons almost certainly experience the world in the same basic way
What'd make you say that? They lack any way to sense the world.
Posting random pic because the site apparently wants me to.


dunno about this thread. i think of aging simply as something that happens to be desu


using '13 year old' as an insult in a thread about the horror of aging is pretty funny though hehe


also my life has only gotten better as i've gotten older but I haven't started balding or anything like that.


>rocks and electrons are sentient
>believing that we are somehow in a lesser reality
>believing there is a big boss we have to beat to unlock TRUEREALITY™
You, my friend, not only have a shallow view of life, but are also crazy. You didn't just hop over occam's razor, you completely ignored its existence.
Your feeling of wanting to break free are linked to your imagination of a limited world, you want to feel what this world really is, but you have already decided its beyond your power to do it the right way.
Seek medical help.
Not saying this to be a dick, you probably seriously need it.


File:83467056_p0_master1200.jpg (471.62 KB,849x1200)

29 and people say I look between 17 and 23 depending on whether or not I shave.

Gonna take collagen supplements, vitamin E, cut down on sugar, apply plenty of sunscreen and live forever as long as I have a full head of hair wish me luck bros!!!


Don't forget vitamin C and moisturizers especially with winter coming best do it early the coof is going to make that stuff rare.


File:1385861655536.png (13.8 KB,500x500)

Yeah, I'm 27 and if I tell people I'm still in highschool they believe me as well, but everything starts going to shit once you turn 30, your body starts slowly rotting. We might not be so lucky to age like Jared Leto or some other famous Hollywood celebrity that looks good for their age, because they spend millions on anti-aging shit.


File:83540035_p0.jpg (846.73 KB,1124x1882)

Don't even know who that is but as long as you have a full head of hair you'll never die. Minoxidil on standby as soon as I detect my hairline receding 1cm


File:EkjWB76VkAIT5bT.jpg (157.37 KB,972x971)

I could probably get away with claiming to be 14 or 15, but that's because I'm tiny, don't have a really masculine voice, and am generally kind of a klutz... I suppose looking young helps in that people are generally pretty tolerant of me messing things up, but I don't know about other stuff.


You'd feel worse if you had a job.


I think a lot of how you age depends on your lifestlye. In which case jobless NEETs that just take it easy their whole life probably age like fine wine since they aren't subject to as much stress as the working slave.



t. 27 and working since 22


This is why I've always took the ``you die if you work'' mantra to heart. Everyone I knew growing up hated their jobs or were so tired after working that they could do nothing more engaging than sit on a couch and watch television. I figured that if that's what life ultimately came down to, I'd rather just skip the exhausting labor and get to the part where I take it easy.


love my job
I work maybe five to zero hours weekly
when I do it's tism pleasing
coworker had some higurashi figs and I asked him about it
after which we started chatting during lunch
even game on my pc and everyone knows it
been doing this for two years
thanks for reading my blog


File:enjoyee.jpg (43.78 KB,676x900)



No, thank you


does it pay well?


what job


File:632092043ad50c112f94b25d80….jpg (24.83 KB,680x383)

when did i turn into such a freak


File:[Erai-raws] Jashin-chan Dr….jpg (170.22 KB,1280x720)

I was showing imouto footage of me riding my motorbike from around 2014 and she remarked how young I looked


>Everyone I knew growing up hated their jobs or were so tired after working that they could do nothing more engaging than sit on a couch and watch television.

I remember chatting with an irl friend who is set for a very high paying line of work and I asked him half-jokingly if he was gonna go for the part-time paradise that such a career would allow and he said he's going for the 40 hour work weeks and maybe even do extra hours and suddenly he starts talking about "responsibilities" like car maintenance, buying groceries, making dinner, having enough money to buy a car and rent or buy a nice house, then having enough money for a rainy day AND to do nice things with his girlfriend and how that takes over your life. We used to play videogames a lot and when I asked him how the hell he's supposed to have free time he told me he feels just about lucky to have some time to sit on the couch and relax.

Work is a human rights violation.

You're probably just fatter.


Work is valuable, simply because if we didn't do it nothing would get done and society would collapse. It's like chores but on a macro scale.

I think the issue is more how American culture idolizes it. Everyone here uses how hard working you are as a metric for your worth as a human being, which is stupid. It's like buying a computer and only using it to run antivirus programs.

I think we need to shift our view of work. It's a chore you do so society can continue to exist. It shouldn't be the end goal of your life.


defending a confused orthodoxy against an even more poorly understood strawman...
make. an. argument

it is not possible for you to win, because no matter how grandiosely you attempt to describe level one meat reality, I can just imagine a potential reality slightly better and I automatically win the argument

have fun telling yourself all this in about 50 hours from now of perceived time where you perish of old age and everyone forgets you exist shortly afterwards

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