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File:anime-girl-1536x2048-stars….jpg (492.37 KB,1536x2048)



so uh, I got my IP blocked on the original /qa/ and accidentally found this place. didn't know you could post threads without text here; sorry about that. is it safe to assume this is a safehaven free from soyjaks, frogs, and barneyfag?


File:EiT3K5wUcAI8JMZ.jpg (303.14 KB,1909x1909)

There is no need to apologize, friend. Welcome to Kissu.

>is it safe to assume this is a safehaven free from soyjaks, frogs, and barneyfag?

So long as you don't invite them, yes. Those things are generally delete on sight unless there's some meta reason for posting them.


thank you and thank goodness. kissu/qa/ feels like old /qa/ without the cancer. maybe it's about time I migrated.


File:[Erai-raws] Higurashi no N….jpg (99.83 KB,1280x720)

Welcome, traveler! Yeah, we keep that crap out of here, but moderation really isn't needed much because those people don't want to post here in the first place


thanks, friend. that's good to hear. I promise not to shit this place up.


File:1518483337069.png (471.19 KB,700x965)

If you like 2D or you like meta, you'll fit in just fine on /qa/


Thanks. The only issue I have right now is that everything in this place feels... very small? I can set the pictures to “large” but that doesn’t help the absurdly small font. I tried checking the settings but I didn’t see anything regarding the general size of everything. Does anyone know what I’m talking about and how to fix it?


It looks the same exact size as default 4chan to me. Did you alter it there to look bigger?


>It looks the same exact size as default 4chan to me
It should be. I believe they're both 12 pt font.


Have you tried setting zoom to be larger?


no, I don't think so.
you mean manually zoom with Ctrl and +?


>you mean manually zoom with Ctrl and +?
yeah, that


okay, that works on PC but not on mobile. I guess I'll figure it out or something. thanks.


Can't you pinch zoom on mobile? Surely that works? Also, do you perhaps have a high resolution monitor? I'm really not too sure, but it might have to do with how the UI scales?


Surely there must be a be a way on mobile through custom css or something, right?


File:FD4D4F3D-0AA4-4BB6-BC42-3….jpeg (724.39 KB,828x1628)

the font size different isn’t that terrible by comparison, now that I’ve gotten used to it a little more. It’s a lot worse on PC, I think. I’ll post an example of how it looks on mobile right now. Pic related is Vanilla 4chan.

Sadly, I’m terrible at this stuff so I have no clue.


File:A121EF30-7945-4C74-BB71-1….jpeg (696.65 KB,828x1625)

And here’s how kissu looks like on mobile. Again, it’s not terrible. I’ll just get used to it I guess but even typing this is a pain.


The dark theme (Dark-Kissu(Saturated)) has a larger font size, which might help a bit.


File:937566DE-BC09-431A-B547-5….jpeg (667.79 KB,828x1583)

Thanks, I’ll try that out but it’s more than just the font. The entire layout is smaller and off somehow. Here’s a better comparison: this is vanilla 4chan.


File:532D1245-72E4-40FB-9098-3….jpeg (438.39 KB,828x1621)

And then here’s kissu...


vichan's catalog is a bit of an abomination, and it works even worse with mobile. probably need to wait for that to be fixed in general come the layout update


Can’t be helped I guess.

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