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File:Ej_PKBCVgAE4btc.jpg (610.71 KB,2480x3508)



what a great mene


File:d3fra79-28b44a88-47d5-415c….gif (746.02 KB,800x600)




they don't make 'em like this anymore



The comments on this video seem really quaint.


don't remind me about things the west needs to die for...


File:HappyAliveBrownbear-small.gif (752.63 KB,480x368)

Is it because catchy denpa has fell out of favor these days?


If everyone still loves them then how could they fall out of favor... It must be something else.


File:1490235797078.gif (2.91 MB,240x160)

it fits in a gif!


File:CirnoPerfect2.png (242.21 KB,537x352)

Touhou era was truly magical






File:216-wakasagihime-chase-wi….webm (5.36 MB,640x360)

Btw these guys are still pretty much alive.


File:EdR9uDwVAAAyXjb.jpeg (639.55 KB,1200x1000)





I was going to say it's good to see IOSYS isn't the only group still alive. However I just realized I can't remember any recent big songs from them...


I mean, if we're speaking of Neko Miko Reimu level of big it's impossible because we're no longer in Touhou/Flash era.
But in Touhou fandom it's all about Akatsuki Records now.



ゐ is a nice character. Shame it's so uncommon.


I like ゑ


ゑ is good too, but it's a little too much like る. I guess that could be said for a few characters, though.

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