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File:ded.png (309.35 KB,540x438)


worked out the princess' kaydee

1st ep
kills ghost shroud at 12:30
dies at 18:20, takes a slime with her
2nd ep
kills the king shroud at 5:50
jumps on the shroom and dies at 13:30
dies to thunder dragon at 15:10
in her room there's five coffins and the rulefag furry counts seven shrouds

so on camera it's 3 kills and 3 deaths but as a whole it's more around 8 kills and 5 deaths
current k/d: 1.6


I don't think that's quite right. From all those stacks there seems to be a whole bunch of ghost shrouds. I think the furry general pulled out 7 from just one stack, and didn't even finish that one.


what a scrub. she's not even playing permadeath mode.


he counts four from the big chest and then sees three more in the shelves
sadly those are uncountable
antifun mode


I guess you could assume maybe the amount in the shelves is at least triple what he pulled out since it didn't make a noticeable difference in the size of the stack. So say 9 per shelf, and then 4 shelves so 36 ghost shrouds approximately


File:mpv-shot0004.jpg (204.2 KB,1280x720)

I'd put the shroud estimate at one or two per shelf
the shelves are made from chest lids while each shroud is big enough to cover the bed
the four furman took out came from the bigger chest below, while the other three I counted were from the shelves and he didn't actually take them

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