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File:d61450f935c45180f81a87d3c0….jpg (1.72 MB,1191x1684)

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are you spooked yet


File:spooky ougi.gif (98.01 KB,500x364)

going to do absolutely nothing this halloween again. the norms must be sad about not being allowed to have parties yet though.


File:f88a4267db.png (2.24 KB,260x53)

opened a window i hadn't refreshed since yesterday and saw this heh


File:[Erai-raws] Araburu Kisets….png (541.66 KB,1280x720)

anxiety was getting to me, so I went for a walk to calm down, but it was windy and my hair hit me in the eye ;_;


wonder if its worth playing now


It sure is spooky to have to read all those 420 pages


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (434.88 KB,1920x1080)

apon-ing is down 2% this year...


File:20201018_181522.jpg (2.14 MB,3264x2448)

started reading a book about drawing out of curiosity but now im feeling inspired and might start drawing for real i also saw some crocodiles today


File:1454122463336.png (877.99 KB,1250x1156)


love crocs


is there a florida anonymous here?!


holy FUCK I am going to lose my shit if I see another youtube commercial about that black woman running for congress



was wondering if i should vote or not but realized that the world decided for me since i missed the voter registration date


File:21c023755b.png (88.83 KB,460x248)

holy FUCK this is annoying


winblows 10 update ate up my hdd


as in its space or it killed your hard drive


haven't booted in a few weeks now it's down from 15 to like 3 gigs



File:DD05A866-EAEB-4A65-89AB-D….jpeg (314.62 KB,828x401)

>that one anon who keeps getting perma-banned for saying he likes anime


I hate it when people hate stuff that I like but I hate people I hate liking stuff that I like even more.


File:image.png (Spoiler Image,16.33 KB,283x309)

>are you spooked


Hate that word.


I think I got soap in my eye when taking a shower this morning. I tried rubbing my eyes, but then hot water kept running into my eyes too. My eye still feels a bit agitated, but maybe it's just sore from my hair hitting me in the eye yesterday...


my adblock keeps fucking up


File:e33225f1f0ec70d1c32e77b745….jpg (25.88 KB,433x380)

>holy FUCK I am going to lose my shit if I see another youtube commercial about that black woman running for congress
Why are you not using Ublock Origin, anon?


same I remember posting that I love k-on and someone called me a digibro fanboy (some anime youtuber that has k-on as his fav anime, bleh) I didn't even know who he was


wish yuri manga werent all 3 chapters long or anthologies


Did you delete/clear the install files?


short concise stories are sometimes better than a drawn out piece of shit


Is yagate kimi ni naru one of those?


drew my waifu


may i see it?


don't think i could draw my waifu at first if i started drawing i wouldn't be able to make her justice would have to wait till i get decent


no, i deleted it already




File:41046212-5FA2-43EF-848F-7….jpeg (14.22 KB,300x168)

I have insomnia so I try to take melatonin. The pills would somehow get stuck in my esophagus and hit me like a date drug the next day, after breakfast. I switched to gummy melatonin because I thought it was safer but the same thing just happened to me today.


a regretful compromise


got turkey sandwich
cat ate the turkey


eat the cat
reclaim what's yours


read 100 chapters of a manga before snoozing and ended up dreaming whats gonna happen next


was it better or worse than what actually came next


forgot about my dream but it was probably worse


because I'm retarded. how do you use it? please explain like you're talking to an idiot.


1. search "ublock origin"
2. open the site it's on
3. download it


installed. thank you anon; you just may have saved my sanity.


i got a 2nd monitor from a friend!
life feels so fresh now that i have it and my new glasses


wondering if I should make a skyrim mod blog on kissu...


File:IMG_0551.PNG (1021.19 KB,640x1136)

sorry i only have greetings from baker


power went out but generator did NOT turn on


get ye olde handcrank


power died again


Newfag here. Why are some anonymous names in blue while others in green?


oh wow, enough time has passed that there are now people who don't know what original sage was like


lol i member annoying the fuck out of teens on non-/jp/ boards by visibly saging, even if i was using it in the "polite sage" way


all i see is grass green and piss yellow


orange on occasion


File:83339084_p0.jpg (Spoiler Image,369.7 KB,1000x1446)

Spooky Halloween color.


sigh want november to come already and be done with so i don't have to worry about which poison may be worse


penis wants me to sperm but I have no drive to do it


I haven’t hung out with my friends for about a month because they don’t ask to hang out (one did recently but turns out he was busy). And yet I don’t wanna be the one to take the initiative every time. If they don’t ask to play games: it’s because they don’t want to. If they don’t ask to hang out: it’s because they don’t want to. I’m tired of begging people for stuff.


took me a week to notice that my new razor didnt work because it was assembled backwards. 3 pieces to screw together and i managed to do it wrong
yeah conciseness is great but a lot of them have an ending so sudden i never know if
this one was fine iirc, read it a while ago but i dont remember finding it drawn out nor too short


holy fuck guys, my computer's camera lens moved on its own. I didn't see it move but I checked it earlier and it was closed. what the fuuuuuuuuck.


hate alice in wonderland because at the end it was all a dream hate it


computer camera lens? like a laptop built-in camera or something? those don't have a shutter or moving optics.



No, like the thing you can slide to cover the camera for more sense of privacy. I checked it earlier and it was closed and later that night: it was open.


oh. what probably happened was just vibrations from something knocked it open.


woke up feeling like shit


File:1a29fd3cc8def48e367a61374a….jpg (345.53 KB,851x802)

made some hot cocoa. I don't really have any way too accurately measure water, so it turned out too watery.


just realized all the marshmallows dissolve too ;_;


still feeling like shit, don't know what to do to feel better, already cleaned my room did excercise and took a shower gonna try drawing i guess. maybe is just a shit day. shit shit shiiiiiiit




Imageboards have been boring for me the past 3 days for some reason browsing them just makes me sad not because I think they are bad or a waste of time, just boring... gonna stop using them for some time and comeback later


probably wait until the big current event is over and things will be a bit better


my cummer is pretty spooked (by spooked i mean erect)


I ate 3 donuts today. am I a fat fuck?


doubt you're a fat fuck if you think three donuts once is a lot


thank you anon. I'll cut off from sweets for a while; they're my one weakness.


bought some sour crunchy crawlers



The final boss of Xenoblade is really fucking hard holy shit. The game stops giving me warnings for moves that would be lethal and it seems he can just instantly kill me whenever he feels like it during the second phase of his final form. I thought switching to Shulk would give me an advantage since he has the Armour Masado Art but again: there’s absolutely no warning for when the boss is just gonna kill my two characters and leave my tank in the red. Geez.


sigh lolicore channel got terminated (not mine)


holy SHIT the final boss of Xenoblade is fucking HARD


kitten attacked bottoms' strap heh he was jumping and trying to climb my leg


let us know when you beat it and how you did it


File:83A2B94F-5F0F-435C-81F0-7….jpeg (109.51 KB,1280x720)

at this rate, I might not be able to. I always die in the same stage of the final fight: when he spawns the two guardians. I thought spamming the Amour Monado Art would give me an edge but the amount of damage he dishes out is insane. I checked replays and it doesn’t seem to be “instant-death” or anything because I’m actually taking damage and Reyn occasionally survives with his tankiness. I actually crafted decent gems (rank 4-6) and distributed it in ways that make sense to me (Shulk is a bad example here but Reyn has Muscle Up Vx2, Aggro Up V, Damage Heal VI, and other things that help him with his rank role etc.)

Again, I’ve checked the replays and my party has gone from full health (4K HP) to 0 (the boss dealt over 6K with a melee hit). The game also doesn’t give me vision warnings for this fight for some reason. and it’s not like I’m under-leveled because I rushed through the game either. I’ve always done as many side-quests as possible. I won’t sit here and count each and every side-quest I’ve done (it would take a while) but believe me when I say I’ve done more than half in a game with over 400 side-quests. I’m genuinely at a loss as to what to do.


>rank role
TANK** role


drank a lot last night probably gonna do it again


wanna die


going to suya


>the kids around me are fucking FARTING
I hate kids so goddamn much


got bacon egg cheese bagel and cat won't stop trying to eat the bacon


File:ElWXIH1WMAA4pUi.jpg (370.41 KB,1920x1080)

>no more delays are happening
hehe imagine if it turns out bad
then you could say cyberpunk fans were cyber punked


so tired i feel i could sleep for days


realized that if i ever build a house a big loud long passageway leading up to the bedroom is a must


File:bkmn.PNG (105.54 KB,260x610)

read the first chapter of bakuman, the art is great and the characters feel alive. gonna snooze and continue tomorrow


I walked past the video game store today and saw all of the big cyberpunk posters in the window and remembered this image and loled


stop copying us norms


just flipping magdump me


read a bit of it in japanese and it seemed feasible but then i gave up again


go to hell norms





we need to make more vtuber posts if we want to be like em....


drank way too much water and can't stop pissing now


Could you stop it already...


You're lower than a dog




when the heck did hima become slow i thought it was the fastest of the spinoffs




cut my hair, but i ended up cutting it too short on one side. oh well, at least it doesn't blow in my face all the time anymore, so that's nice.


flip you norms


baste flipping teens


halloweensperm soon


gonna suyaaa~


was getting annoyed by my mouse having slack on my desk, so I added a weight to the cord. it's actually working pretty nicely. my mouse now stays at a nice spot, and only gets pulled back when I pull it too far forward.


norms getting confin'd again



more quarantine comin






The Source Filmmaker (SFM) is the movie-making tool built and used by us here at Valve to make movies inside the Source game engine. Because the SFM uses the same assets as the game, anything that exists in the game can be used in the movie, and vice versa. By utilizing the hardware rendering power of a modern gaming PC, the SFM allows storytellers to work in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment so they can iterate in the context of what it will feel like for the final audience.


ate an apple AND a banana at the same time, the two tastes mix well


muscle loli collection went from 9 to 20 pics


what in the FUCK am I going to order at red lobster tomorrow


lobster andd lobster ravioli


Their cheddar biscuits are pretty good. They've got a few nice soups too.


what the heck, don't eat at a restaurant!


who needs to eat at a restaurant when covid has created mandatory takeout
definitely one of the best things to come out of quarantine hate eating near norms


Yeah but they pretty much come with everything. I need to figure out the entree.


gonna try no fap november this year


guess i'll see how far i can make it too


feeling a pressure in my forehead again
maybe im a newtype...


File:7dd7021932a4bac7c330e03de7….png (20.25 KB,864x648)

it's snowing today
winter has come
remove /aut/ now


File:1502374080732.jpg (93.76 KB,1280x720)

got woken up by fire alarm testing. i was so scared ;_;


just woke some nerd up with a fire alarm test lads


File:catcock.jpg (33.95 KB,540x540)

saw the same stray cat in my garage again. i think it lives there now.


I love this image


File:124B3DDE-ED4F-420A-A460-5….jpeg (442.41 KB,1920x1080)

I beat Dark Souls Remastered as a level 5 thief
>no leveling up
>no upgrading the pyromancy flame
>no strength weapons
>all bosses
It was fun


ate a big piece of onion and now my nose is burning


eatin pumpkin bars


File:chart.png (1.94 MB,2000x1672)

filled up this chart i found


what's the original image?


File:cha.jpg (1.27 MB,2000x1672)


File:activitychart.jpg (377.07 KB,2000x1672)

i filled out mine
i'm a bit confused about the porn section if it either applies exclusively to 3dpd porn or it applies to both 3dpd porn and 2d lewds


File:yUDoSuXghQ.png (71.11 KB,276x232)

aAAAaAAAA i made a little mistake with the coloring here


File:ed2bce072fa3e0d12bd4508108….jpg (1.74 MB,1240x1754)

no one rang my doorbell thank god


that's good
no little virus vectors spreading stuff around
I doubt many around here are that smart


if you still believe the virus is what it's marketed as then your brain has a virus


go away, conspiracy theorist-kun!


"conspiracy theorist" was a term coined by the CIA in order to make anyone speaking out seem crazy. it's literally a meme created to discredit the truth. even that sentence i just typed out sounds crazy and that's exactly what they want. please start thinking with your head and not with the momentum train you've been fed.


same i'd have filled it up to 3 but it said pornhub and I only go there to watch jav once in a blue moon.
what's the truth about the virus anon?


it's impossible to know for sure because no one has some secret document that says it in black and white. the closest we have is david goldberg's statements.


he does mention the release of a virus before this whole thing even began. what i'm saying is that what i see in front of me is strange. why is it safe to riot but not okay to attend funerals? why must we wear masks when they've been proven to do nothing? i think that they're trying to artificially sew chaos into the world in order to "fix" the problems that have been created. these "fixes" will allow them to implement measures that allow them to gain more control and mold the world into the direction that they want.


interesting anon, I find conspirancy theories interesting because there are some things that just don't add up in this world, but I try not to worry about em because in the end im powerless, I know people say ¨but that's what they want! apathy!¨ yeah i don't care i'm happy.


File:まどかのお口好き.jpg (56.92 KB,1024x576)

there's this japanese madokafag on twitter who always tweets おはようござい!!!!! with a cute madoka image i love him


very uneventful halloween



File:22243dda03f884de196703295f….jpg (219.41 KB,1024x683)

we need more spooks /qa/, stat!


yeah and i don't think is because of the pandomic gonna try to play a horror game or something


bery cute pumpkin


in honor of the candy holiday went out and got a 100 grand


how do i maximize my comfiness right now?


i have officially failed no-fap november





File:77AFD3B2-81DC-49E5-B71A-6….jpeg (107.47 KB,1280x720)

I finally beat it. Great game but I had a few gripes. Many of the 400+ side quests are fetch or subjugation quests. “Collect X amount of Y item.” “Kill X amount of Y enemy.” This makes for some very boring side quests. There were times when I felt it was implemented well because I could do several side questions while doing the main story, however. The side quests get more interesting in the late game but are ruined by
>target not found/target inactive
this message is what preventing me from finishing the few quests I could not beat. I literally couldn’t find the people I had to report to because they were always unavailable. I get that the designers wanted to do something with the day/night cycle but being unable to find quest-related people who are apparently available only during certain conditions is vexing. Also you kinda need to do side quests or you’ll find yourself under-leveled, which gives birth to a new problem:
Whenever you’re under-leveled: enemies become evasive. The larger the difference in levels: the more evasive they become. The same is vice-versa if the player is over-leveled. This evasion mechanic is too polarizing and can make the game way too difficult or way too easy in a very artificial way. It’s very frustrating constantly missing or even losing to enemies you should be able to beat just because they’re 7 levels higher than you. The final boss was piss-easy because I went back and did some quests. The same thing happened in the middle of my playthrough. Saying “just use expert mode” (a feature that lets you lower your level manually) is like telling someone that needs surgery to just use a band-aide.


quora is big stupid website, and the people who use it are absolute fools! not even yahoo answers has as many questions where the #1 response is "yeah, i don't actually know either [3 paragraphs explaining something unrelated]"


it used to be less shitty than this, dunno what happened


ate oreo ice cream
been a couple months since I last had any ice cream and boy is it good


low humidity is a pain... i found a small blood stain on my bed from a bloody nose i must've had in my sleep.


File:vita.webm (3.51 MB,720x404)

just figured out how to stream my vita to pc and it looks pretty good!


My microwave isn't working today so I must eat cold food.


>hear something like several gunshots being fired in a row at a distance
>15-20 minutes later: see several vehicles from inside house with ambulance/cop lights pass by my house with sirens OFF (didn't see them directly because curtains)
>am now hearing a plane that's lasted for several minutes above my house


I fucking woke up at 3 AM today. I’m starting a new job so it’s probably nerves. I drank a cup and a half of sleepy-time tea and still didn’t get decent sleep. fml


My mom found a guy looking for directions. When she saw that he want the wrong direction (idr of it was left or right), she said he was mentally ill and we went to go look for him. We suspected him of having Alzheimer’s. He was asking another stranger for directions a few blocks down my house when we found him. They did what we were going to do and called 911. The paramedic arrived and took things over from there. He told the woman who called 911 that he lived close but when she saw his ID: she saw that he lives more than two miles away. When asked his age, he said he was 29 even though he was clearly in his 70s. The paramedic asked him if he was hurt and he said no even though his hand was bleeding.


File:a19ff7e94d424a3d30935f7c04….gif (7.06 MB,1280x720)

I'm really annoyed. I ordered something on the 26th that was supposed to arrive on the 3rd, but was delayed until today. Sure enough, though, one of the delivery drivers here is too fucking stupid to knock on my building's door to be let in so they can drop off packages, so they always decide to update the status of my package to, "Delivery Attempted - No Access to Delivery Location." Great thing about that is until some driver who's actually competent gets handed my package to be delivered, it'll just stay that way for upwards of a few more days. Knowing my luck, it won't be delivered until Monday. Likewise, I decided to order something off of Amazon, but as fate would have it, my package there got delayed as well. That one, however, is far more cryptic. Allegedly, my package departed the Amazon warehouse on the 2nd, but has been, "delayed in transit" since the 3rd... That might not seem unreasonable, but I had ordered a second package from Amazon, and it departed the same exact warehouse -- it even left the warehouse later in the day -- and yet it still managed to come first rather than both at the same time.

I'm not a violent person, but I seriously wish death or grave injury upon any politicians who want to defund and privatize the postal service. I just want my mail to arrive on time, dammit.


I swallow the floss when I'm done flossing because I'm too lazy to get up and throw it away


drank a whole bunch of chocolate milk today and now i'm all out sigh


always forget to post in this thread after it reaches bump limit. im thinking about making a thread but the topic will problably cause some shitflinging so im not sure


you can always try posting it on /jp/ if it's not something overtly meta

otherwise, go for it on /qa/ if you think it can generate discussion. people shouldn't shy away from things because they think it could cause some frustration. the benefits will most likely outweigh any potential negatives


do it


File:__original_drawn_by_nanana….jpg (692.76 KB,848x1199)

woke up did my daily imageboard and danbooru browsing, gonna try to not mindlessly browse them today and watch anime, read my book, play games, etc. oh and I found this image and I really really really really really like it.


sleep anime today
exited to watch it then go to sleep


hard drive failed
dont want to start over

no hard drive
no seibah
no crt
no sadness
no fear


tired of “reality”
they call the dream “reality” out of arrogance and ignorance
this is all they have ever known so how could there be anything else
i will wake from this dream


tired and have things i want to do but too brain dead to do them
maybe sleeping is the best option


Every black person in my workplace wears their mask incorrectly (with their noses exposed, and sometimes their mouth partially exposed). There’s a Hispanic guy that does the same thing too, except his mouth was completely exposed that day.


hard drive failing is my worst nightmare, it's already happened to me a couple times

maybe it's time i invest in one of those raid things for eternal storage


been rubing my nipples a lot recently I used to do it years ago because i heard it was erotic but it wasn't that great but now it feels soooooooooo good for some reason. kimochii


sigh wanted to blow the biggest load on december 1st but I had a wet dream


thought about big boobers on shiny skin and got aroused


hate how the blog thread doesnt get many replies after bump limit


the hole in my pants has grown to the point that my entire but and part of my thighs are exposed when i wear them
think this is the end for these pants


File:ae09afa1783aebf4c5057f7ab6….jpg (388.29 KB,800x800)

i necro this thread from the depths of hell!


Daylight's been ending earlier and earlier. I'm not used to it ending quite so soon. It's only 7 and yet it feels like the dead of night.


i prefer it to daylight all the time. i like night time a lot more and more of it is more calming


downloaded clannad's mouse cursor


where did you find it


been sitting doing nothing all day need to figure out what to do



ate a banana


File:E8729D46-2EFF-49E6-9124-F….jpeg (89.05 KB,790x767)

>it’s a “disappearing captchas” episode


just made and ate a sushi roll




File:123.jpg (106.98 KB,572x772)


who are you acronyming


woke up but still a bit tired this sucks


thinking about what thread should i make


what's with google recaptcha detecting "automated traffic" on my ISP network?




bookmarked some "List of (anime name) episodes" pages




gonna eat lunch


i ate lunch


>some retard applies water to his hand for a second (without soap) after peeing and then leaves




File:content-1547460884-sungaze….jpg (25.99 KB,470x583)

ritualized handwashing is associated with toilet use not because toilets are actually unhygenic, but merely because it establishes a regular schedule of handwashing to remove germs that you have accumulated throughout the day, this is their main social function. consider the nature of most infectious diseases, and the nature of toilets.

you've probably heard someone say before that toilet water, and toilet seats are cleaner than chopping boards, doorhandles, desks, or whatever. It's true. also urine is sterile and contains healing properties.


delete this what the hell


garbage smells gross. i wonder if the scented garbage bags i use are making it worse.


if you have scents and they mix with other scents they probably don't have such a nice thread if they're rubbing up against each other maybe better to have a candle


been over a month and kitten still doesn't get along well with other cats sigh wish could get along


the lunch was tasty today


watched raised by wolves it was really good
was thinking it was based on a book but it isn't... have to wait forever now for it to finish


only got 14 hours of sleep today, feelike fucking SHIT
about to take another 4 hour nap


got mental illness money no i'm not autistic or a sperg.


aaaah yes, waking up at 8PM to find out that nhentai got blocked in my country because loli is pedophilia. really glad for the panda in sad panda


Oooh la-la a french posteur?




File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (246.62 KB,1920x1080)


File:[WHW]_Tantei_Opera_Milky_H….png (1.38 MB,1280x720)



Cannot believe there's another eurokissu, thought I was the only one. I wanna be special....


File:Fed Ex.mp4 (823.55 KB,312x230)

Ordered some stuff through Amazon Fresh, which is their door drop-off grocery delivery service. I guess I'll give a brief review once it gets here on Saturday.


File:1587258838814.png (309.38 KB,500x500)

i drank too much soda and now im high


I think there was someone from sueden or finland too


gambled got tilted and lost


there's quite a few if you go by steam and irc


File:ebun.png (5.46 KB,375x186)



File:[SubsPlease] Maou-jou de O….jpg (127.17 KB,1280x720)

So tired I can't form a coherent though yet I can't fall asleep...


File:Toho Kagerou 047.png (185.27 KB,543x510)

Heh, I made $500 share trading today.


can u give me 5 bucks?


gonna have some melon


File:ika_sleep_small.jpg (72.48 KB,850x603)

Today I will do..... NOTHING!!


Rode my bike.
Did my reps.
Played violin.
Came to kissu.
Berated people.
Didn't look for a job.
Very nice day.




fruit is the worst kind of food to eat, it spoils way too fast. fuck fruit. save your money and stop eating/buying it.


ate a nanner


what how fruit lasts like forever compared to something like bread or meat



that's correct, but bread can be consumed instantly unlike fruit.


lasts for several months in the fridge compared to fruit.


don't need to worry about fruit going bad if you just don't care about its ripeness and eat it early


but then it tastes like shit dumbass


my city's going on lockdown again. how fun.

please don't be mean...


>co-worker screaming my name into the bathroom while I’m trying to take a piss


Found a vending machine that doesn't give out dollar bills as change and instead returns dollar coins. On the one hand, I'm super intrigued and want to cycle my newly found dollar coins through the machine to see if I can collect them all, but on the other hand it'd take a while to do that and the sound of coins clanging might be aggravating to people. I guess I'll stop for now.


Who are you quoting?




life is so boring i want to find something new


I hate my life so much
I'm on the edge of something different
another world...
Im passing on from this one like waking up from.a.bad.dream


well, umm...
maybe try a new hobby, or indulge more in your interests? I can't give life advice


writing a dream journal again
started over a week ago but then i got lazy and stopped writing in it for the past week


always wanted to keep a journal but im terrified to reread stuff i wrote so i never did


you can type it out and delete after you're done
the point is that putting it in words helps you to memorize it (you might also remember more of it as you go), you don't need to reread


you should make a thread about that


knees hurt. not super painful, but not negligible either.


fell asleep in chair and woke up with an arm and leg both dead. nearly fell over trying to stand up


That's probably the worst non-painful feeling: no feeling at all. I had that happen once in high school. My teacher was handing back quizzes, and when I got up to try and take my quiz I nearly fell over myself and onto the surrounding desks. Fortunately, I didn't fall over, but it definitely felt very surreal that the only feeling in one of my legs was just the weight and compression of bones and flesh instead of actually being able to feel the ground as I stumbled around.


I dreamed that somebody replied to my stupid post. I woke up and nobody replied to my stupid post.


File:a3ab19df09fde61eba0660bcc8….jpg (2.77 MB,2615x3650)

Well... It came... Sort of. My drivers ended up getting lost, so I had to walk about a block to find them and then a block on the return trip. Now, that might not sound too bad, but the bags themselves didn't have any handles to carry them! Needless to say, carrying groceries for that long hurt! Fortunately, I only had to carry two large bags, but I genuinely wouldn't have been able to carry anymore than that. Three, and I would have had to have left one bag on the ground and hoped that it was still there when I came back. All in all, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm disappointed, I'm just not impressed.

Otherwise, how did they do? Well, they managed to get everything I wanted with the exception of one item (I was refunded the cost of that item, of course). They don't seem to reserve any of the items you purchase, but rather assemble your "cart" the day your order is scheduled to arrive. So, selecting a later date may or may not carry a greater chance of items you ordered being out-of-stock from when you initially put in your order. On the other hand, that's probably a good thing if you decide to order perishables like fruits, vegetables, or meat. On the topic of selection, their selection isn't massive. On the continuum of groceries stores, I'd probably put it a bit lower than Publix or Kroger in terms of selection. It's something like a CVS combined with a Whole Foods. That's really not too bad considering regular Amazon can cover a lot of shopping needs anyways. As for the overall delivery experience, I can't necessarily corroborate other people's experiences, since my drivers got lost, but I've heard that delivery to apartments can be iffy, with many having their groceries dropped off at their leasing office instead of actually being dropped off at their door like the name, "door drop-off" implies. I suppose if you do live in an apartment, a word of advice: bring one or two of those large and sturdy, reusable shopping bags to bring everything back if it doesn't doesn't show up at your actual door. Amazon Fresh's pricing is also a bit higher than other retailers that do grocery delivery too. A Prime membership is completely useless in this case. No matter what, you have to pay for shipping unless your order exceeds $35. There's also no preferential shipping; no matter what, you're only presented with several dates and then time slots for delivery. Depending on demand, some of those dates and time slots may be greyed out, leaving you with having to choose between other times for delivery than you might have preferred.

So, as for conclusions, I'd say if you have other options maybe look into those before you look at Amazon Fresh. That said, if you happen to live in a house, or in the suburbs, and Amazon Fresh is your only option I wouldn't necessarily pass it up either. It's definitely a useful service, but a flawed one at that. Granted, a lot of the service comes down to the competence of the drivers themselves. If you have competent drivers, you'll probably be satisfied with Amazon Fresh regardless.


nice 200 word essay amigo


542, ``amigo''


wonder if i'd get the same shipping discount bonus i usually get from living near a big amazon warehouse with fresh


File:b2dacd337b.png (8.52 KB,564x116)

well i guess that answers that





just dont work


love peeing in the shower is relaxing


listening to r/a/dio but a lot of the requests are bad constantly muting it


File:20cfacfe2e059f5467065d94fa….jpg (82.83 KB,665x1111)

i only shop at local groceries in person
there are two groceries i frequent, one is a neighborhood russian grocery, another is a local chain that employs unionized labor
shop local, eat local, resist huge chains!


wanted to reply with ¨what zero pussy does to a nigga¨ on the tulpa thread but i decided to be the bigger anon


finna burpin up the sushi bros


i said finna on a jp thread an anon told me to stop using teen slang i think he needs to relax


and~ i think you need to stop talking like a teen!


It's talking like a retard, not a teen.


whoa racist......


i'm tard


amn't'na dabble on dabbin


File:1463312701680.png (610.44 KB,629x569)

somebody said the board was dead, so i decided to investigate, here's the results

daily spinoff activity breakdown:
bun: 2
nen: 9
ota: 106
what: 107
hima: 155
gnfos: 231
kissu: 235

as you can see his point is clear, kissu has yet to beat all the spinoffs combined


Pretentious and arrogant. "beat" means that something is faster? Why don't you showcase some good threads that are the cause of the speed instead of felating some numbers.


It's probably safe to divide gnfos' total by two for lack of originality.

I don't think that's really their intention. Some teen kept posting stuff from r/animemes and made a thread basically saying Kissu had no activity and was dead.


It would seem /trans/ has been wiped, so their kuso posts are lost to time.


um i think you're misinterpreting that post


File:what is that.jpg (76.87 KB,393x1599)

The only board I'm allowed to post on is gone


all me


even the bun posts?


Didn't feel like selectively removing deletes after an error in the mod ui so wiped it. I restored from backup.

speed is not a metric for success. It's arrogant and meaningless to say that slow boards have less value than fast ones. A board being fast and slow is the content on it.


cummed to the idea of illya hurting me, and then giving me rapturous pleasure with healing magic


Shut up creep!


dont shame him made up fantasies with anime girls are the best


ah yes drinking tea while eating sweets


File:face exploding sneeze.jpg (1.05 MB,1469x1920)

sneezed all over my screen and had to clean it


quit smoking by mistake




I legit saw a man take a piss, wet his hands with water WITHOUT soap, and then swish some water which he served with his hand.


bless you



File:misato bored.gif (496.34 KB,455x341)

hate sundays, sunday is the most boring day of the week


hated the endings in all those disney movies
why did peter pan leave neverland
why did mowgli leave the jungle and his animal friends
why did bambi and his friends all grow up
they were tricked; they traded magic and adventure for something worthless, something made of dust
to grow up is to die, the child has the future to look forward to, the adult a grave


mowgli just wanted that pussy cant blame him


File:mpv-shot0028.jpg (162.68 KB,1030x1080)

the guy i had a crush on for 2 weeks just appeared in my new city, i just randomly saw them im not causally connected to them in anyway
across the whole country
why is reality like this
how does coincidences happen????


i did a tripple take
they probably noticed


File:[pikawaffle] Star Twinkle ….jpg (217.47 KB,1920x1080)

it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurt


did they recognize you


i didnt recongnize him because there was absolutely zero reason for him to even be in this state, i was just shocked at how this stranger looked exactly like him but i didnt want to stare
and then someone mentioned their name, and i made the connection today that it really is them....

they might recognize me because i act weird around them i guess lol


god, co-workers who play their cellphones at max volume are the WORST



work norms....


sigh why must every AV be ruined by a shitty camera job, there's everything to succeed but it's always so disappointing


norms are just the worst...


tried playing hollow knight and it was boring the aesthetic was boring too dont know why norms gas this game up so much


would you say it felt... hollow?


sent an email to a small imageboard admin


I knew /qa/ doesn’t wash their hands after bathroom use...


hairs getting too long need to cut it


Need to stay awake to reset sleep schedule, but the monotony of meta is wearing down my sanity. I guess I'll try watching a movie or something to preoccupy myself.


24 out of 48 fasting hours


games wack. internet wack. outside wack. life wack.


*whacks u*


forgot about anime. anime good. life good.


there's a stupid lizard that keeps getting into the house
I've saved it from the cats five times already


Computer fans always start whirring more loudly after I lock it and let it idle. I hate Windows 10 so much.


happens to me on win7 sometimes when pc is idling, cpu is doing something
probably bitcoin miners from all these games i pirated turning on


there's a spider living between my desktop and the wall it's very cute


File:Cat Video Conference.png (778.49 KB,1535x920)

Did a really long video call with the family today. It was pretty nice. Got to see my cat again too.


cute cat
imoutos started playing pikuniku and got past the part with the bridge i dropped it there because i didnt know what to do


ate too much on thanksgiving and nearly threw up
ate too much today and even though it's only halfway into the day feeling sick again
but all the food is so good...


tried getting gud at chess but it was boring this is not an excuse



got stuck on yume nikki and tried using a guide to get more effects i got 1 and it felt hollow back to playing normally

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