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File:d9835800d8e9f5e2532ee09dcc….jpg (184.57 KB,595x900)


Drinking to ring in the new month! It's still early enough for that probably I think


File:1325280009653608449.webm (869.7 KB,720x720)

just drank three glass beer while playib games all night and now im gonna sleep
see you in the afteenon qa


I think I'm drunk. I dunno. Would bump if I was sure.

Haven't had whiskey in a while and I already downed half a bottle of it.


File:56377224_p0.jpg (654.09 KB,700x941)

drank a glass of peach tree schnaps now that's a good al/qa/hol that anyone can drink, tastes amazing and doesn't burn at all on the way down


File:Wakako-zake - 04 [BD][1080….jpg (289.29 KB,1920x1080)

Eatin some chicken and Biiru


File:64863245_p0.jpg (1.6 MB,1075x1518)

>Necromancy is unbecoming.


i have drank nearly $200 worth of hard liquor in the past month

time to dry out


hopefully you were drinking fancy whisky or something and not bottom shelf vodka


it's usually mid grade stuff; frankly other than the absolute worst dogshit stuff the rest is just branding and placebo


File:toguro straight edge.png (279.71 KB,500x371)


so hear me out
some spiked grape juice and saltine crackers
best combination


File:madoka cric.png (505 KB,560x917)

on the bevvies watching the cricket


Going to drink some Ginger beer while I play Genshin Impact.


File:1469726583355.jpg (40 KB,500x500)

I swear I didnt make a thread last light


File:[Erai-raws] Gochuumon wa U….jpg (196.56 KB,1280x720)

My angels of inebriety, here to carry me off into heaven!


File:57393471_p0.png (1.42 MB,1200x1235)

Time to finish catching up on seasonals with some beer and kamuy!


Drinking to bring in the new month!
Drinking to ring out the old month!
Drinking to toast and proclaim our hopes for the future!
Drinking to reflect on the days past!
Drinking because a friend is drinking!
Drinking because I haven't drank anything!
Drinking because I've been drinking!


Why does that cup have bumps?


they're usually to help with gripping a glass, but that one has a handle and those seem too big anyways.


They're the exact diameter of her nipples so you can press it against them and make her nipples all hard and lickable.


a-are soft nipples not as lickable then?


drinking wine


Never got drunk ONCE IN MY LIFE but I'm bumping this thread anyways AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME


dont worry, ill drink for you. merry christmas


File:hairmetal.jpg (2.51 MB,4608x3456)

vodka and beer!


that doll is kinda hot...


File:bald!.jpg (2.34 MB,4608x3456)

I ordered the wrong sized wig so now I need to wait until the new one comes to give her proper hair...ordered her a new dress too


File:1609612125865.jpg (14.58 KB,191x177)

drinking some beer heh


Still very cute even when bald. Wow!
How much was she?


I wanted to order some Bernkastel wine for New Year's Eve, but alas I forgot..


That is not the kind of question you ask about a lady.


I like her boots, though it makes me wonder why she's wearing boots at all with an outfit like that.


the body 4,800 yen. the maid dress was 3,200 yen and her boots where 1,600 yen.
I thought the boots kinda fit the dress.


File:1609970873434.jpg (675.92 KB,2632x2736)

time to kick back, drink, and watch some gundam


she should have a pair of mary janes though!
combat boots are for when she being punk. www


Wow, that's surprisingly reasonable. I'm used to people posting pictures of the ones that are in the thousands


nice think I might get some beers and rewatch 0083 this arvo


parabox is pretty reasonably priced. plus shes 1/6 scale so shes a lot smaller than the expensive ones people get


File:20210107_193703.jpg (349.82 KB,1000x1433)

now with proper sized hair!




File:1426336727314.jpg (248.88 KB,600x600)

I can finally drink again! Time to get shitfaced.


not really a fan of short hair but this is really good


she seems quite satisfied with it!


File:20210111_043952.jpg (468.74 KB,1000x1333)

the new season of non non biyori does not disappoint


nice, picked up a six pack of the 500ml asahi cans gonno get stuck into the first episode tonight


very nice poster you have there


very nice poster you are there




some big shoelaces for a big girl


if they where any smaller I might of gone crazy trying to tie them


File:niggy.png (174.56 KB,295x366)

drinking cheap beer. why am i drinking on a tuesday night? heh...i wonder


File:Legend.of.the.Galactic.Her….jpg (90.45 KB,960x720)

Trying my hand at spiked black tea again after an earlier failure in which I tried mixing it with whiskey to create the most bitter taster imaginable. This time I'm using half a shot of rum and brewed my tea for half the normal length I normally do, on top of that I waited for the tea to be brewed before adding in the alcohol this time. Hopefully the result is more in line with something satisfying to drink.


Yang Wenli doesn't make his own tea, he leaves that to Julian and Frederica. He always asks for "plenty" of alcohol in it but they only put "a little", inadvertently giving it just enough a taste Yang thinks he's consuming a large quantity of alcohol with his tea.


the thought of drinking and getting drunk makes me feel nauseous
i know im gonna do it this week


File:1401260487903.jpg (228.37 KB,850x1138)

Drinking some ZUN approved Hitachino white ale


Their red rice ale is the best flavor imo
I went to their brewery in Tokyo twice.


File:20210116_072438.jpg (350.48 KB,1000x1282)



That really is a cute doll, especially for its price


I should doublebump this because I'm fucking slammed and will continue to be.


File:1594266161808.jpg (30.48 KB,640x480)

alright here's the other bump


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (133.04 KB,1280x720)

Had some rum and watched the latest episode of Non Non Boson.

Seems like you had a fun night


File:86201292_p0.png (1.29 MB,1440x1800)

made myself some beermosas

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