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I M O U T O - - R E S C U E - - C L U B

Welcome Back Commander!
A high profile onii-chan has been kidnapped by LUDDITES working with THE CIA and is being held temporarily at an AIRSTRIP before being moved to a secure facility!!!!

Your mission should you chose to accept it is to rescue this onii-chan at all costs! You have the significant resources of the onii-chan rescue club and our nationwide network of sister clubs at your disposal!

this thread will be a tabletop tactical miniature war-game, you'll have the opportunity to command teams of cute anime girls in a sneaking or violent mission. like metal gear solid except with cat girls and sexy little sisters and instead of one main character you can have like 20 at the same time.

I'll be using a simplified version of these rules here, which are fast and simple and even have sneaking rules:

to be posted:
chara select screen
map screen


File:EromangaSensei 625 (IC).png (836.5 KB,924x1400)

lame I thought i could post an image AND a video stream


a wargame? neat
what intel do we have on the glowies?


File:intel.png (317.5 KB,1000x1000)

Luckily the tracker which you secretly implanted in your onii-chan last summer still functions. A recent overflight of an imouto spy satellite reveals some of the terrain
it's a small airstrip with a few buildings, surrounded by some forested hills

Enemy capabilities:
The Luddites are mostly loosely trained militia with little discipline or skill. However they can make up for this with fanaticism! They are armed predominantly with small arms but can appear with occasionally with machine guns, technicals, improvised explosives and other trappings of grass routes armed groups...

Analysis of traffic and signatures on the ground suggests at-least a squad but up to a platoon(!) sized security element.

Be warned though, the governments deep interest in your onii-chan has clearly led to some strange goings on... Rumors say that this luddite sect may have CIA money and advisors embedded... The scope of their capabilities is unknown!

coming up: chara select screen


grass routes... hehe


Will I have to remember all 60 pages, or will the posts along the way help guide in what we can do?


the player choices are quite simple and I'll help out along the way


File:chara select.png (1.34 MB,2000x2000)

the chara select screen
you have a total of 12 (TWELVE) points to buy imoutos


Alright, so I'm thinking get the cybernetic neko girls, then swap all the assault rifles for battle rifles.

Then that leaves 7 remaining points. So add 2 silent pistols, the LMG truck, and the 1000lb IED.

I think that's good but I'm not too familiar with how stealth works out in this.


woah catgirls OP
neko for sure, but we can't bank on them doing all the work
I'd say 1xNeko, 1xTactimouto, truck and a GMPG or smoke


File:EJBRzrBXYAEqNyV.jpg (84.29 KB,1280x720)

ill be back tomorrow so take your time to plan, read the pdfs (if you want), and think about spending your imouto bucks


I was thinking going in through a more stealthy approach, but maybe the catgirls could go in while the tactical imoutos create a distraction with the truck. In that case, why not a silent pistol to make it easier on the neko?


sneaking around with only one or two pistols sounds rather hard
I'd do stealth with neko and 4xpistols but it'd take balls
I think a smoke for better positioning or a gmpg for firepower would be more reliable
on the battle rifles, they have half the shots which is huge, but I don't know how important the better range is


Can we use human wave tactics with 12 teams of levy club members?


I like it but with a slight modification it could be better, one less Levy team in exchange for a GPMG to stop any fanciful ideas of retreat.


File:0305df2d18b9cb135b2faa3119….jpg (630.28 KB,2000x2890)

Think of that strategy this way, you could have 48 regular mecha, or 4 lancelots. Now after hearing that tell me that you wouldn't pick the lancelots.


wanna clear up something
does body armor mean they get the -1 when saving or is that counted in the stats? do nekos save on a 2 or a 3?
we'll get mowed down like afternoon grass but we can try


My guess is that they get a free -1 when saving, but you can't add additional body armor.


armor is counted in the stats
i was confused about the same thing when I first picked up the rules


Not everyone gets to be the hero. We need to give the little guy (girl) her time to shine!


File:55235065_p0.jpg (344.69 KB,1311x1476)

Give me one Clarion and everything will be fine. Give me four of them and there will be no more CIA.


Let's hold a poll for the more costly items.


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (668.5 KB,834x1014)

Where did you find these books anon?
Because this has peaked my interests


File:ears 296.jpeg (117.94 KB,800x1066)

I'm sensing that everyone definitely wants a team of cyber-neko, and the most popular choices after that are tac-imoutos, truck, and lots of stealth pistols, and an IED

so spending the points along those criteria i get something like

TRUCK 11/12

it's a shame that you only get one silent pistol, but they have high ACC so its okay!
I didn't do the battle rifle upgrade because they both get scopes anyway which already extends the range of AR.

you can find things like this on the /hwg/ on 4/tg/


File:map a.png (351.89 KB,1000x1000)

the next decision you have to make is where to deploy your teams, you can place wherever you want along the left and bottom side of the map. which you now have better intel on.
You can also leave your truck off the map until called on if you like.

the red squiggly line is a razor wire fence
you can wait until night time to exploit your cybernekos natural night vision and make sneaking easier

each square is an 'inch' as per the game rules.

a imouto hide-sight has reported the current locations of guards to you too!


File:12313.png (29.73 KB,313x231)

I say we deploy near the block at night, take out the guards there and then investigate the building before moving on to the ATC.


can the enemy use that helicopter? and is it an attack helicopter?

we’ll be in a bad spot if we alert the base and have to deal with it


We could call in the truck if the heli takes off, machine gun fire should be able to take it down.


it looks like a Sikorsky S-61 Sea King which can not only carry anti submarine warfare equipment its also fully amphibious and can land on water!

I suppose they can use it if its parked there


File:ak 754 (MP).png (1000.63 KB,1659x1071)

Ok if you want to deploy your nekos there to go through the fence, what would you like to do with your TACIMOUTOS and the truck
you can leave them off the map, or put them anywhere in the deployment zones
and also if you so choose the tacimoutos can fit inside the truck

if you start driving the truck around it'll probably make a lot of commotion once they notice it has a machine gun on it


I think tac squad should tail the nekos from a distance and function as backup. It'd be a lot harder to save them if they stay in the truck.


hmm yes
its a transport copter though so we should be fine. if it was an attack chopper we might’ve had to disable it while its on the ground


File:lens.png (176.53 KB,1042x1438)

Team Neko carefully crawls up to the wire obstacle quiet as an actual cat! and very very carefully cut and crawl through the wire [roll] passing through just to the other side and making a little noise.

silenced pistol girl shoots at the guard and hits him [roll], but he survived! [roll]. Making a snap decision she chooses to pull out her normal gun and finish the job and kills him [roll]

it would have been more noise tokens if he had survived and screamed

ITG team has placed themselves in position in the draw near the nekos.

now its the cultists turn


With the firing of an unsilenced gun how alert is the compound now?


according to the rules it's just one noise token so probably not very (reactions based on rolls)

I was thinking very hard about adding more noise tokens because it didn't seem realistic


File:turn one over.png (376.9 KB,1000x1000)

two guards emerge from the blockhouse
one of them stares confused into the darkness from the doorway, the other timidly walks into the cold night and stands out in the open

one of the guards from the aircraft is very suspicious and walks up through the solar farm [roll] and looks right at one of your cybergirls but somehow doesn't spot her! (she passed a 5 observation check!)

it is now your turn again
at the start of your turn the noise tokens will be deleted


I think the safe move would be to take out solar in case they chase us into the building.
But that's too slow, let's stealthily take out the two guys and go right in.


so you want to try and sneak right into the blockhouse?

what about the Tacimouto team?


I'm telling you guys, you wouldn't need this whole "strategy" thing with schoolgirl wave tactics


Tac can stand by in case solar goes north, I want to see what others think.
We'd need half a wave of schoolgirls and half of paramedics.


Who needs waves of schoolgirls when we have tacimoutos with a LMG-mounted truck. I say do what >>57964 said, but prepare with the tactical imoutos to drive in and take out solar as a distraction if the nekos are busted.


And by that I mean Solar south, unless they aren't currently in position to do that.


it looks like you're going to have to make an observation check against that solar guard when you move unless you just immediately shoot him with the silenced pistol


Considering what happened the last time the silenced pistol was used, is it a one-time use thing, or can it be reused? If it's limited then I'd probably want to see what the observation check requires. Otherwise shoot him.


He's in effective range, isn't he? Might want to try the check.
It's reusable.


technically you aren't allowed to measure the board before shooting
the consensus seems to be to shoot him so im going to shoot him for you


File:lens.png (126.33 KB,1134x1531)

well you missed both shots, but it didn't generate any sound
do you want to try and sneak past him anyway?
shoot him?
start shooting everyone?
have your TIG team start a distraction?

if he does spot you it's not an instant game over, it just produces noise tokens when he yells/shoots at you or something

you'll have to roll a 4 to not be spotted when you move, or when he gets an observation check on his turn anyway


I think we'd better drop the stealth. Sic the tactimoutos on solar and have nekos fire on the block guys. Keep 'em all still so they get a bonus shot.


how is it that super elite robo catgirls miss both shots, who did their programming... well surely they can't miss again, shoot at him a few more times


you get to shoot the silenced pistol twice!
well the reason you missed even having super good accuracy is
you rolled a 1 and a 2
and you had a -1 for distance


Damn that's unlucky. I guess go with >>57980 then.


File:lens.png (217.17 KB,1058x1365)

your tacimoutos have to move a bit to get LOS
your team leader shoots first because she's the most accurate, and hits
but the guy rolls a SIX and survives!
so then I got every single person with LOS to shoot at the solar guy and every single one missed wtfff (he has +1 cover from the solar panels)

so now there's like a zillion noise tokens

then the cybernekos took out the 3 guards by shooting them and not missing this time

there isn't really clear sight to the one by the plane so he didn't get shot at


Well I guess that makes for a useful distraction, so in a way the tacimoutos did a good job...

At least it worked out better for the nekos, maybe have them move in to secure the helicopter and have the tacimoutos continue to put pressure on the survivor.


Yeah, let's move the imoutos to the panels so they have cover.
I'm wary of the fact that there's no cover between the block and the heli, but let's try it out.


File:turn two over.png (377.6 KB,1000x1000)

weeee woooo weee wooo weee wooo
the commander of this installation was woken up by all the shooting

stealth is OVER, everyone is waking up
the first thing that happens is an illumination flair shoots into the air meaning its no longer nighttime anymore, it's daytime!

The two gate guards from the top of the airport jump in a jeep and start speeding towards the hangars

the machine gunner on the ATC tower moves and tries (fails) to spot the tacimoutos

you see some movement inside the block house, someones looking out a window, someones guarding the door

the airplane guard gets in the plane to use as cover
the helicopter guard faces the noise and takes cover behind the helicopter

although my map does a bad job of showing it, they are in 'forested cover' right now on that hill


so now it's your turn
I warn you to pay attention to the 'reserve/overwatch', and 'supression' rules
also don't forget that you have a tacoma with a machine gun waiting offmap


Hmm if there's only one Helicopter guard then maybe it's best to head into the block with the nekos and clean it out, starting with whoever is in the window.

While doing this the tacimoutos can draw attention from the rest of the base. Maybe have 3 firing on those in the ATC tower and two trying to hit the plane luddite. I don't really want to try and take too many chances with the tacoma just yet.


I think nekos should move into the block at any cost and shoot at anyone inside. Imoutos ought to take cover under the panels and take out the solar guy, he's too close.


File:1556822658383.jpg (206.13 KB,500x568)

i wish this game had rules to resolve room clearing and urban combat. except for actual melee fights you just play it out like normal combat which doesn't make sense to me
in the future I'll definitely find some other rule to staple on to fix that.


File:lens.png (62.29 KB,1055x1231)

team cyberneko stacks up on the door and storms into the room.
the first one in [roll] instantly eviscerates the door guard with her superhuman strength and cat reflexes, destroying his limbs very disgustingly.

then the next girl [roll] in puts a controlled pair into the window guard and eliminates him!

they've pretty much walked into an ambush with like 4 people staring through a doorway at them. The cat girls turn and dump all their remaining shots into them

(which is only 4!)
[roll] they all hit
you're not allowed to prioritize targets so the shots are distributed amoung them equally
so they all roll to save
(the purple one is CIA)
[roll] two of them fall over in a hail of gunfire, two of them survive




File:lens.png (131.47 KB,1174x698)

half of tacimoutos lay down some heavy supressive fire onto plane guy, the other 3 sprint into solar field to take cover with friendly rounds flying over their head, managing to navigate the deadly razor wire

the yellow circles are suppression tokens

vehicles have movement speed so it'll take time to arrive


man I gotta suya~
what did the enemy do?


File:turn three over.png (373.13 KB,1000x1000)

the enemy jeep stops by the hangars
and then speeds towards the ATC tower/plane

luddite team runes out of the hanger towards the runway, so do the ones hanging around on the strip

the luddite pinned down in the plane resolves the suppression counters by taking cover and not moving or shooting

the machine gun ontop of the ATC tower lays down some terrible suppressing fire onto the tacimotous in the solar field. They'll have to resolve the suppression counters next turn, they can either stay facedown in the dirt and not shoot or move, or move directly away from the ATC tower, the other option is to absorb the counters as hits and act normally

Inside the blockhouse
the two survivors in the doorway break and try to dive out the nearest window after seeing their best friend and CIA handler get murdered by deadly robot girls. They're luddites and hate and are terrified of cute cat girls.
the other 3 turn and start shooting through the doorway and get 3 hits, the nekos pass 2 of the saves but one of them DIEES


cat down! that's why you don't bank on purely elites
let's stop now and keep going in say, 12 hours?


File:7a30ed680933a260f451ef13ca….png (435.81 KB,636x900)

yes I am going to sleep see you tomorrow
take this time to mourn the passing of this cute cat and plan your next moves
I hope you can recover her body

thank you for playing everyone!




That's what happens when you don't care about stealth...


It was inevitable.
It was infeasible.


File:13d04b6aede832fe2093823498….png (2.41 MB,1400x1980)

If only I'd been a better commander...


I knew this would happen.
"Lose one catgirl and it's a tragedy, lose a dozen school girls and it's a statistic"


What would you have done better after missing two shots from the silenced pistol.


should have brought more silenced pistols lole


That truck is going to be worth the points when I drive it into the gas tank, just you wait.


If CIA is there as an enemy and there's a plane...
Can we recruit an ally?


Uh, you don't get to bring friends.


File:76152233_p0_master1200.jpg (398.44 KB,511x1200)

you can't let the roboneko technology fall into the CIA's hands
you will need to either recover her body successfully, or destroy the evidence


Is there a way to save her afterwards if we successfully recover the body, or does she have some sort of self-destruct/explosive property that we can use to our advantage?


your onii-chan is the expert on these things but he's currently been kidnapped by the CIA

she doesn't have a self destruct though


File:123123123.png (448.23 KB,666x864)

If the nekos have LoS, they should stay still and fire at the guys still in the building. Blue may not have LoS, if so she should move a bit to where she does have it.
Suppressed imoutos shouldn't move, we can't risk getting hit thrice. Unsuppressed pair could go into the solar panels and shoot at that damn goon or go in reserve northward to help nekos.




what do you want the truck to do


I think we need the truck to handle the guys who went through the eastern window. Have it come from the west and between the block and solar. It'll draw attention from the machine gun as well, which may or may not be good.




File:lens.png (187.04 KB,974x1360)

where do you want it to go and shoot?
it can also go on reserve to shoot people who move into its los on bad guys turn


File:lens.png (163.87 KB,848x1310)

suppressed tacimoutos stay head down in the dirt
the two remaining ones run down the hill, through the fence and engage the plane guy and hit twice
but he rolls two sixes and miraculously survives!!

cybernekos murder the remaining Luddites who chose to stand and fight


I think the truck should be proactive, move a bit more westward and take out the guys north of it.
>but he rolls two sixes and miraculously survives!!
I swear to Christ, motherfucker.


it's currently sitting in the LOS of the ATC GPMG


Meant eastward.


Can the GPMG take out the truck?


I think so, the truck is unarmored so it's probably going to be exploded to pieces


Then it's better for it to stay behind the block and take out the guy in the east. Though I fear for the nekos.


I agree with the tacimoutos keeping to the one guy. The nekos can take cover and take out the remaining enemies in the block.


>but he rolls two sixes and miraculously survives!!
Does surviving mean he's still fully effective? Sorry, I didn't end up reading those 100 pages.


File:lens.png (203.53 KB,1082x1336)

the truck loops around to get in cover from the GPMG, and shoots at the guy, but rolls terribly (1, 2) and had some debuffs from driving around so misses (lole)

thus ends your turn

yeah it means he skillfully used cover or survived from body armor or only got grazed or something


can we get some more luckier people to come and play please....


We will overcome this accursed luck with sheer skill. I trust the nekos.


I don't know... plane guy's luck might carry him to taking out our entire raiding party.


File:turn four over.png (379.63 KB,1000x1000)

the guy who jumped out the west window runs towards the helicopter
the other two who jumped out the window post up cautiously on the corner of the blockhouse

the ATC machine gun puts 3 supression counters on your tacimoutos again (owned)

the jeep stops at the ATC tower and drops off 3 CIA operatives (purple) who run into the solar field and the two gate guards.

the gate guards shoot at your tacimoutos and get a hit but she survives luckily

all the luddites from the hangars and runway are steadily running towards the action and soon they'll be close enough to start shooting at your imoutos

plane guy shoots at your tacimoutos but they all survive


Does overwatch trigger the hits from suppression?


I think so


Are the big gas containers in firing range/sight of the truck?


Can I get a close-up of the block? It looks like the nekos and those that just left are fairly close to each other. I think I want to try having the nekos stay inside and two go for the kill on the luddites right next to them, while having the third provide cover fire if things go south.


File:lens.png (52.51 KB,1067x949)

yes if they awkwardly lean out the window for a -1 ACC they can shoot them like that


it would have to drive around to get LOS on the big gas tanks


Hm. Then I think the three imoutos should stay put. Have the fourth one shoot plane guy and keep the last one on reserve.
Have truck run over the CIA?
They're on top of a window they can shoot the luddites from. I think two should shoot the luddites and one should try to take out the GMPG.


Oh, and that takes time. I guess the time for that has passed


File:lens.png (93.81 KB,1287x892)

team cyberneko eliminates the two hugging the blockhouse, and also manages to pick off the GPMG ontop of the tower




Sweet! Is the truck relatively safe now?


holy FUCK
revenge for our fallen comrades has been carried out


File:lens.png (101.99 KB,964x868)

team tacimouuto resolves the suppression counters by cowering in the dirt

girl 4 misses all her shots on plane guy (haha) and girl 5 goes onto ~reserve mode~


File:9c0840de164fe864db0113ecef….jpg (1.22 MB,860x1200)

Checked. Go cybernekos!


File:lens.png (268.45 KB,1103x1186)

I let the CIA guys save to see if they get hit by the truck or not, they all passed the save
but im going to say diving out the way of the truck counts as their action next turn (so they are 'suppressed')

the truck has enough movement points left to turn and take cover in the solar field, or it can try and run over the other 2 directly infront of it if you want


If it runs over the other two guys, will the truck be in cover?


heh I was typing the same question



Then it is a moral imperative to run over those bitches.


File:lens.png (270.25 KB,1153x1223)

one of the poor luddites is splattered all over the front of your toyota
the other manages to dive out the way

end turn


There must be something amazing on that plane for what seems to be a boss there...


It's the neo-CIA headquarters, they're keeping the gorillas in there.


What's the LOS like for the ATC gunner? If possible, it'd seem advantageous for the cyber nekos to exit the block on the north side and then get as close as possible to its base and then circle around to the flank of the advancing forces headed in the direction of the truck and tacimoutos. Assuming all goes well, the enemies would be forced to engage in multiple directions without much cover. Granted, the cyber nekos would be without cover too...


the ATC gunner can't shoot you if you hug the tower, I like your plan


File:turn five over.png (371.32 KB,1000x1000)

The rifleman and gunner at the base of the tower engage the truck, they hit the driver but she survives

two of the luddites moving down the runway kill the truck driver, the rest of them also openfire and permanently disable the engine
they also advance 6''

the CIA operative that was accompanying the GPMPG that you killed puts 3 suppression counters on your tacimoutos AGAIN

Plane guy retreats into the plane and the engines start slowly turning on
the engines on the helicopter also start turning on

also the gunner that was on the opposite side of the tower has come over to replace his dead budy


That mortar would be very useful right now.
I think the two free tacs should move ahead and shoot at the CIA or stay in reserve. With so many luddies ahead, it's risky.
I agree with having the nekos circle around the tower.


File:lens.png (8.29 KB,432x352)

nice rolls nerds


The cyberneko's should join in from the block to try and pick off the CIA while they're in view and before they realize they're not hidden from them. I think that if the tacimoutos keep suppression on them they shouldn't be able to outmaneuver the neko shots.


File:21367641_p0.jpg (121.07 KB,1000x850)

i have to go for now
ill resolve your turn either tonight or this morning


Yeah, they should do that. I read up on the rear and flanking and that stuff only seems to affect CQC.


How odd, they considered it but not for where it would really matter...


flanking does effect cover out of cqc


Huh, sorry, I missed that part.


Thanks for the fun!


File:lens.png (90.51 KB,1220x772)

ok im back!
no matter how I measure it there is no way the cybernekos can make it to the tower and shoot in the same turn so it's up to the tacimoutos to provide them with suppression

so the cybernekos all out sprint from the blockhouse to their new flanking position behind the ATC tower


File:lens.png (239.12 KB,1418x1339)

the nekos run right into the back of the machine gun team underneath the tower and swiftly disembowel them

the truck fires point blank at the luddite team running right past and kills one of them

now you have to decide who to suppress or shoot at with the tacimoutos, because there's multiple targets. or maybe something else entirely

tacimoutos haven't done anything yet


I think the tacimoutos should suppress the cia, especially the one that is getting ready to fire on the nekoimoutos.

Also do we know if the onii-chan is in the ATC tower? If not, can we use the bomb on it (we do have the bomb right)?


it would have been really cool if you had the bomb but unfortunately you dont
you have yet to locate the onii-chan


Is it possible to shoot the plane's fuel tanks? Is it full of fuel?


yeah you can shoot it
ill spend 5 minutes googling what happen if you shoot a planes fuel tank though so it might not explode


File:lens.png (125.82 KB,1024x823)

you've put lots of shiny suppression counters onto the CIA team


not all the tacimoutos had to fire
the two bottom ones can still act if u want
otherwise end turn


Can they shoot the tank then? I'm really not very learned on how this game works


File:turn six over.png (379.07 KB,1000x1000)

i used the vehicle hit location table and gave you a -1 difficulty because a plane is giant

the tacimoutos turn and dump a shower of rounds into the private jet full auto and [rollrollrollrollrol]
the copilot is wounded
the left engine burps fire and then explodes!

the explosion puts 3 suppression counters onto closest imouto
the aircraft rolls to a halt shortly down the runway

end turn




File:turn six.point (???) over .png (374.7 KB,1000x1000)

ATC Machine Gun goes onto reserve
ATC CIA Agent tries to shoot tacimoutos but they're okay

The helicopter takes off and starts flying around

The CIA agents on the field pass a DED test to run away or not, they stay down so they don't die

the luddies near your truck kill the remaining crew-member, then they advance into the solar field. they also shoot at your tacimoutos but the taciimoutos survive

now its your turn again


Hmmm, I don't think that the helipcopter is an immediate threat yet. So probably have the nekos try to take out the CIA suppressing the tacimoutos. Then allocate 3 tacimoutos to shooting at the luddite pack while the rest keep suppression on the CIA


So the truck is just hanging out right now? Can it do something?


earlier the truck was disabled but could still shoot
now everyone onboard is dead




File:lens.png (271.43 KB,1638x1433)

nekos manage to eliminate the closest CIA agent

tacimoutos put lots of suppression counters onto the surviving CIA

rest of the tacimoutos eliminate ONE (1) luddite from the pack, I assuming you want the explotion tacimouto to stay down

also the GPMG ontop of ATC comes out reserve and shoots at the tacimoutos but they all survive miraculously

so unless you want to use the explosion imouto your turn is over. she also has the option to retreat away from the explosion without penalty


Retreating is probably safest for her, right? Also once we're done for today I think you should make a new thread for tomorrow due to bump limit


bump limit is 300


retreating would just put her closer to her friends which she might like


File:[kemono friends][group][ar….png (497.25 KB,849x897)

then the choice is obvious!


put her with her friends!


File:turn seven.png (402.78 KB,1000x1000)

the tacimoutos get shot at 19 times
take a casuality
A tacimomuto is now ...... DEAD

the helicopter suicides into the nekos but their reflxes allow them to dodge both the helicopter crash and also the ATC tower exploding and falling on them so really they're fine and the helicopter wasted its life

the CIAs stay put

the luddites were shooting and didnt move

now its your turn


the luddites are fanatics so they didnt mind sacrificing their lives to kill a bunch of killer robots and avenge their friends and die a heroic death
too bad it didnt work
but they died honorably as martyrs so they're chilling in heaven with the other victims of those evil cats...

rest in peace


another death... war is hell
bleh, I didn't read the guide so I don't know how far they can travel or shoot. Can the cats up north use the truck as cover before shooting, or is that two turns?
someone else do something!


Suppress the shit out of those CIA and luddites with the tacimoutos while having the nekos take cover out of their sight


where would you like them to take cover because the ATC tower is currently a flaming pile of rubble and AVGAS


File:lens.png (139.35 KB,1071x822)

takimoutos eliminate one CIA and put a suppression counter onto team LUD

nekos yet to act


can nekos hide behind truck?


If they can safely make it to the truck without being shot at, then I think I'd like to do that. Otherwise probably take cover behind the solar panels in a way so that they're not in view of the luddites or remaining CIA agent.


File:lens.png (125.61 KB,1220x1151)

two of them were close enough to reach the truck by running
the other went to hide in this ditch


they killed one of ours, but we repaid them in full


File:turn eight.png (398.82 KB,1000x1000)

the CIA and the Luddites all get on the plane

it's starting to look like they won't escape with their lives


File:c28cc871130f06877a6629ec0a….jpg (523.78 KB,3300x2280)

I guess you could say there will be... no survivors.




will it take up a turn if ditch kitty goes "nyaa~"?


File:3002ea3dd4971fccb79f4a1dcc….jpg (158.94 KB,849x906)

its a very cute free action


cybernekos cybernetic ears can hear arguing coming from the plane

The CIA wants to surrender
the Luddites dont want to surrender to monster robots, they also want to kill the onii-chan


she did it!


File:74081704_p1.jpg (199.37 KB,800x480)

i forgot to mention that all the CIA money was in the helicopter so now its raining burning money over the whole map

thats it for tonight
its your turn, pretty much a hostage situation at this point


File:74081704_p2.jpg (317.56 KB,800x441)


Wait, is onii-chan in the plane now? Crap, this is worse than expected. Guess we can't just sit around and let the situation play out.

My suggestion would be to get the neko-imoutos on top of the plane and then have them wait while we send the tacimoutos in.


Thee girl should have massive charisma, I don't think hostage negotiation would be too hard


Problem is that while CIA might be willing to cooperate, his luddit companions might be less inclined. After all, one did meaninglessly fly a helicopter into ATC...


sounds like a deviant h plot waiting to unfold


File:1569954478088.gif (390.56 KB,500x579)

im online and ready to game if anyone wants to get this over with


sure, I missed yesterday


I'd be up to finally get Onii-chan back.


Your imoutos can sense movement inside the aircraft, as well as an ongoing argument between the luddites and their CIA handlers. The CIA handlers are thinking about delaying or surrendering. While the Luddites don't want the onii-chan to escape alive, and they don't want to deliver themselves to killer robot cats.

There's atleast 4 people that you saw go in the plane. And whoever else was on there from the start


Well going on my prior suggestion >>58445 we should get the cybernekos in position and try to have the tacimoutos distract them with negotiation talk.


I'd prefer that to simply storming in.


what negotiation strategy would you like to use


I would offer intel and mercy. We could have them take in an unarmed imouto, which can be sacrificed.


File:lens.png (151.75 KB,1650x956)

Your cybernekos very carefully climb ontop of the planes hull with silent cat footsteps

tacimoutos start yelling offers to give them an imouto in trade for the onii-chan which seems to confuse the CIA agents. The luddites are convinced you're just trying to trick them. They haven't responded at all to your attempts at communication. The Luddites are still convincing the CIA not to negotiate.

the luddites seem to think you're *all* robots, and don't want to let one inside. The CIA are trying to contact Langley with the aircraft's radio without success so far.


I just realized, the plane's still on fire, right? Must be getting pretty hot in there.


the fire isn't so bad


File:1386754725712.gif (431.16 KB,384x216)

But... the fire rises


It may seem disgraceful, but we should have them throw in the fallen tacimouto as proof they're not robots. Have the cybernekos stay in place ready to ambush from the windows if things go south.


File:lens.png (107.15 KB,1164x815)

the tacimoutos go get their dead friend and heave hoe throw her onto the wing of the aircraft so that the passengers can see it out the windows


this did not satisfy the luddites


Have an imouto shoot the corpse.


she missed 3 times so the bullets just hit the plane
and now they all think you're shooting at them again


Alright then, have the rest of the imoutos shoot at the luddites for real. And then have the neko imoutos ambush from the other side


Actually, I take that back. Have the two most out of view of the windows storm the plane and have the other two with a good view of the windows shoot at the luddites. Cybernekos can ambush once the tacimoutos break in.


File:lens.png (118.03 KB,1648x1194)

tacimoutos bust into the cargo entrance at the back of the plane and eliminate 2 cultists

cybernekos bust in from the windows, all the CIA and everyone has taking cover so they don't get immediately shot
one of the cultists gets exploded by CQC action, and a CIA gets shot

some remain though...
you spot your onii-chan in the passenger seat!


remaining luddite tries to CQC the nekos and gets gibbed like in QUAKE 3

the pilot CIA surrenders
onii-chan is sitting there with a bag over his head and his hands ziptied

its up to you what to do with the CIA pilot


I was hoping you would try and play the CIA and luddites against eachother, but now they're all dead so it doesn't matter anymore!


ask the CIA where the hell onii-chan is
wait, how?


onii-chan is right there in the copilot seat! but he's tied up


I had a stroke and completely missed the middle part
okay ask him why they took dear onii-chan


I was worried negotiations might fail and if the CIA vs luddites went wrong we may not have an onii-chan. As it stands now since the imoutos liberated Onii-chan all by themselves they can now elicit favors from him for being such good girls.


aks onii-chan how the HELL do we repair the dead neko imouto


>okay ask him why they took dear onii-chan
the agency had some fears about him developing intelligent software, and apparently those fears were true... they were just trying to save the world

onii-chan says that the cybermouto can be recovered fully and that her physical limbs were just damaged. her cyberbrain is still safe and sound

yes he is quick to dispense headpats and also catnip for the cybernekos

>As it stands now since the imoutos liberated Onii-chan all by themselves they can now elicit favors from him for being such good girls.


the world will burn under the catgirl's paws
but first, they need headpats


File:1545269853642.jpg (324.98 KB,700x940)

well that's the whole game over
good job and thanks for playing everyone who particpated! some people said that playing tactical wargames on an image-board is impossible


like a bazillion luddies
a helicopter
a private jet
ruined airport
bunch of CIA agents


I think sneaking could have worked out if you had more silent pistols or took a slightly different approach. And I think you deserved to be punished more for having everyone in the same place when the entire map became agroed. Things could have ended a lot worse with that machine gun shooting all the tacimoutos

this game is extremely brutal against the low-stat Luddites who just got murdered enmasse, even the CIA too and they were pretty high stats. I'm still learning how to make balanced scenarios.
I was worried for you guys at one point though so maybe it could have gone eitherway.
Maybe crashing the truck into those CIA agents actually saved the day, because they were pretty high stats and that move really screwed them over. The cynernekos with their superhuman stats saved the day a bunch of times

I had fun DMing and I hope everyone else had fun too!


was originally envisioned as an XCOM style game where you manage resources, hire imoutos onto teams and have R&D and base development and choose different missions to go on and everything. This evolved from a cyberpunk2020 campaign that I tried to run on /qa/ with a robot imouto who woke up with a mysterious situation
the primary antagonists of that story were going to be CIA backed luddite militias too if anyone even remembers that short lived thread.

someday I'll either create the real imouto rescue club game, or find a set of rules that I can adapt for all the rest of the parts.

There have been some incredible strategy quests I saw on forums in the 2010's where people had to manage world governments in a WH40k/earth timeline and it was the most coolest and incredible thing ever which is what always inspired me

anyway that's my rant now i snooze bye bye


File:base 1.png (303.2 KB,1100x1100)

level one imouto rescue club base hehe


>>58237 was definitely a crucial turn
I thought after seeing the base that sneaking would be hard given how open it is
truck did well
had fun


File:74451528_p2.jpg (648.91 KB,1150x862)

Thanks for the game, it was fun! Hope we can eventually do more in-depth stuff sometime in the future as well, it'd be real cool.

>they were just trying to save the world
The world ill needs a savior such as them. Cybernekos will liberate humanity of all it's problems.


wish there was more art of anime babe soldiers getting gunned down sexily (executed as prisoners also good)


have you seen her other works because there's tons of it!


I have, she's the only artist I know of who regularly makes stuff of this sort. There's probably a good amount hidden away in doujins but I don't have energy to manually search it out

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