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Do you read any webcomics? They've definitely been on their decline like most content from the earlier days of the web, but I still check some stuff once in a while and it's pretty enjoyable to read through them, even the old ones that stopped updating years ago.
PBF, KC Green, Dr. McNinja, Nedroid, falseknees (pictured), Sexy Losers, and other stuff I've long since forgotten...
Did youtube kill the webcomic star?


YouTube probably did usurp them, but I don't think many webcomics really helped themselves stay relevant. With many authors getting too serious for their own good from what I remember.


>sexy losers
There's a name I haven't heard in a long time...

I used to read some but I dropped them. Fanboys, Awkward zombie, sexy losers, lfg and possibly others.

>With many authors getting too serious for their own good from what I remember.
This happened with lfg. The plot went nowhere and it was extremely aggravating.


I used to read bob and george


File:1448087779937.png (925.16 KB,1080x1223)

I used to read a lot of webcomics in the past, but most of them were in my native language. Never really got into English webcomics.


File:image.png (507.48 KB,1000x1500)

I still follow this content:
It appears to be still going strong.


File:20060501.jpg (129.48 KB,595x842)

remember THIS


File:minus92.jpg (266.65 KB,900x1200)


File:Terran_soldier_encounters_….jpg (585.56 KB,1280x1024)

Been keeping up with Nerf Now! for some years now. I keep reading it out of habit. There was one horror comic about people trapped in a nightmarish hospital I'd like to find again, forgot its name.
Shame about that one, loved the warlock.
Sure do. It was great.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is still pretty good, too. Generally it doesn't reach the peaks of brilliance as others, but it's pretty consistently good.

>With many authors getting too serious for their own good from what I remember.
This really did happen everywhere. I understand people grow up into adults and change, but turning a silly comic into something serious with "real world issues" ruined so many of them.

Hah! The Megaman sprite comic? I should still have some of them saved somewhere on my drives.


>Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

i used to read it alot
i cant take any webcomic that's still going from when i was in middleschool seriously though the author can't move on!


I imagine they are still doing well but instead of selfhosting they got swallowed up by Twitter.


File:00452_2.jpg (440.76 KB,600x1112)

I've been reading Gunnerkrigg Court for over ten years now.
I used to read trashy Keenspot webcomics because I had no taste and I would read anything. That was how I discovered Twokinds, The Noob, Goblins, El Goonish Shive, and probably many more that I don't remember. Pic is from The Noob, which looked the same in 2015 as it did in 2005. That's the kind of shit I was reading on Keenspot. The Twokinds guy is doing pretty well on Patreon, making money off furries.


That was an awesome webcomic I used to read and regard highly specially after the disappointment that lfg turned into at the time. No idea how it ended because I just stopped reading webcomics altogether one fateful day for no real reason, but it was damn good.

Another one I just remembered was the concerned half-life2 webcomic. That was nice as well but I'm conflicted about the ending. On one hand the author ended it before it overstayed its welcome in a way that gave it closure. On the other hand, I'm not too keen on the arc that brought about its end. The author had google adsense and I remember him tricking the algorithm with one of his side comments by typing a lot of monkey-related words. I wonder if that still works, regardless of how much more elaborate the ad presentation and alleged sophistication of the algorithm may be...

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