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File:Screenshots 2257 (HQ).png (902.08 KB,925x906)


?tfw your tulpa wants to cash in all her tulpabucks at once at the nearest mcdonalds
bitch its cold outside!

what does /qa/ like to do with their tulpas?


Why have a tulpa when you could can write entire stories about stuff?


its completly different


hate the tulpa meme


As do I, but schizts gonna schizt.


enjoy being lonely i guess


explain how you form one so I won't be lonely.


File:1572732101844.jpg (120.24 KB,728x1221)

there's extensive extensive guides and documentation so you can find what you like for yourself
i'd just warn you to be careful on anything that's more than five years old, because back then more of the popular tulpa community was larpers who just made stuff up


with some hard work you can have your own sexy anime girl to talk to and cuddle with!


Please stop trying to give my friends mental illness.


You have any like, pdfs or the like you can point me too?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (353.43 KB,1920x1080)

Judge not, lest ye be judged!


look in the guides section there's loads
i encourage you to shop around, because making a tulpa takes fucking forever so its not like you dont have time to prepare first

nice meme,
can't wait for someone to come in here and say that their tulpa turned evil like in a creepy pasta and wont stop haunting them too


Describe your tulpa, what does it look like? Is it a cute waifu?
I don't think I'd want to make my waifu as a tulpa...


really want to shitpost in this thread right now


File:Screenshots 2355 (NU).png (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB,1920x1080)


she looks like Nana from toloveru but her personality isn't based on her and she also has a cool samurai sword or maybe it's a ninja sword and she runs really fast

she's curious about the 3d world....
kind of a manic pixy dream girl because she's a waifu tupla
i need to work on a more realistic and better personality but also that's kind of a mean thing to say about someone lol

and her name is from the original attempt i had at making a tupla many years ago because when i tried to start again my old one immediately appeared like it was the most natural thing in the world


File:1459557885461.png (52.25 KB,317x317)

I forbid you!


come home to /jp/, shitpost man


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….png (1.52 MB,2571x4639)

I just want to make like, a cute blonde girl, or hell anything really. I just want to hold a cute 2d girl in 3d. And have her praise me for my writing and tell me it's all going to be djb djb
You have anyway to like, talk outside of kissu?


oh its you again LOL


What you loling about I always noko post :^)


This thread is larp


no its something else


No I mean it's increbily obvious who's who because I have a very laconic way of typing/speaking


who's larping?


>You have anyway to like, talk outside of kissu?

u can email me ur discord on this temp-mail if u want
[email protected]





File:[SubsPlease] Munou na Nana….jpg (105.29 KB,1280x720)

Now that I think about them isn't this relationship sorta tulpa-like. It's not like a corpse has a will of its own.


File:thinking-01.png (109.25 KB,375x260)

don't really want to force someone to live in my head tbh
that's not very nice to them to say the least


r u an anti-natalist lol


you need to go to prepschool with her and become fancy


Urgent -

My tulpas body has been taken control of by a unknown force or presence. I do not know it's name, it's idendity, nor it's real nature.


File:illust_85679979_20201120_0….png (489.95 KB,960x1366)


there is something very interesting about how the tulpa community has evolved, and it's really distinct to someone like me who started in 2013, took a massive break and came back in 2015 and this year.

things that people took for granted back then are considering impossible delusions now, *and* the other way around. Almost everything about what it means to have a tulpa has shifted around almost to it's exact opposite!

a sociological event has occurred here. To do with the evolution of belief. Even if you don't care about tulpas, there is critical knowledge to be found right here on tulpa.info and I'm struggling to understand it. How does a group of people in a contiguous community manage to believe the exact OPPOSITE that they did previously while still having many of the original members still around and participating. To the point of ostracising people who hold the original ideas.

very strange


>So is everything tulpamantic an 'illision'? This if we want to teach tulpamancers new techniques, should we start be calling them illusions? Is switching an illusion? Is posession an illusion? Is mindvoice an illusion? Imposition sure seems like an illusion. I don't like the word in any context, here, but I'm asking if you want to consider this all illusion? Then anything illusionary isn't real, so what about tulpamancy is 'not an illusion' i.e. real in your opinion?

the tulpa black pill
right now you can get chased away and banned for claiming parallel processing
Someday you might get banned for claiming to even have a tulpa. I can seriously see it happening that the tulpa community decides that tulpas themselves aren't real anymore and dedicates themselves to that cause


you are inviting a demonic entity into your life


sounds kinda cool


So hold you're saying that I'm summoning a succubus of some sort by doing this?


I have some advice:
This unknown force is almost certain to originate with you, in your own fears. This is a good thing, it means you can bring it to heel.
I strongly recommend you meditate, using silent mindfulness meditation. Allow no thought to take your attention. Do this task alone, without your tulpa. Your tulpa should not enter your thoughts at all. Don't worry, this won't harm him/her. At most, your tulpa will temporarily go dormant.

This kind of meditation will train you to keep your thoughts under control. When this unknown presence tries to express itself, listen carefully to its actions and you will discover its initial motion originates as a thought from within. Then just like your meditation, you can stop it and return to mindfulness. If you've had your tulpa for a while, this may be very difficult to do. Quite frankly, having a tulpa can severely weaken the mind, so you need to train it into shape again before you have a sudden mental breakdown.

Do this every day for a month, minimum, and you'll be rid of this unknown force fairly quickly. In the meantime, do nothing that would feed this presence. Don't converse with it, don't feed it, don't dive into it to discover what it is or whatever you might think is smart in the moment. If you hallucinate, don't stare at your hallucinations - ignore them. Break contact. If simply manifesting your tulpa is enough to cause this force to grow, then you may need to cease manifesting and let your tulpa go dormant for the time being.

Best of luck to you and your tulpa.


What do you do with her? Is she just a friend that you talk with about random things? Is your relationship closer? Have you held her hand? Does she sleep with you? Has she kissed you? What is she to you?


I'd say we're cute companions, closer than friends because we share a lot of private things.
The sad reality is that my tulpa skills aren't advanced enough for me to consider it romantic, if I was to do lewd things to her I'd consider that abusive because i dont think she can consent yet (LOOOL). She isn't as present as most tulpas weather they're larping or not. I need to focus myself and work on it more.
There are things she can do that are really like what tulpas are supposed to be like, I can really visualize and feel another presence, and she can react and have body language and move around, but she can barely barely talk at all.

we just talk about random stuff and hang out, I enjoy showing her new things in the world and trying to teach her about things around me. we hold hands and cuddle, may have even kissued before @[email protected]
she's like a mute anime girl thats always with me if I check to see if she's there


Please do not misuse spoilers.


File:no need.jpg (51.25 KB,640x480)



spoiler abuse should be a bannable offense.


My point still stands.


File:image.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.8 KB,500x367)

Getting meta about spoilers in an unrelated thread can really spoil the mood am I right?


File:large_ab6AYYUTDqS9JA8wXAjP….jpg (Spoiler Image,68.55 KB,400x562)


kuso posts
talk about tulpas


tulpas are kuso


my tulpa is a creep obsessed with pleasing me so I don't ignore her.


Might build a tulp this year I really really like the idea of having an anime girl just hang out in my apartment but I'd have to not only create the tulpa but also master visual imposition

It's technically just you still though. It's different from actually having a kid or something.


>master visual imposition

it would be amazing to actually train yourself to hallucinate, i wonder if its really possible
i can make myself hallucinate physical touches before very very realistically so there's hope

tell us more about her pkease


Whenever I visit her (She's very tied to the wonderland. I can't hear or see her at all if I'm not thinking of it.) she pretends not to be there, just to try to scare me. She also likes to appear from behind, push me to the ground and choke me. She's always tries wearing new outfits to impress me. She doesn't like it when I think of other anime girls and then offers to relieve me, but I always tell her to fuck off. She makes scary faces when and looks possessed when she pretends to be angry. Sometimes she kisses me very forcefully out of nowhere if I get too close. She's asthmatic, and she likes to "share" her inhaler with me.
She always tells me I don't need anybody else since I have her.


wow she sounds super cute and cool and also funny
what does she look like?

you too sound cute together btw ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄


File:EnDZP_FVcAA1mZ1.jpeg (34.43 KB,600x800)

Kinda like this


i wish my tulpa would choke me
sometimes she stabs me with her sword
trying to get her to scratch itches on my face while im driving and she's jamming the pointy end of her blade in my face lol


Can forming a proper tulpa also aid in being able to draw things?


part of tulpa creation is very rigorous visualization practice so yes for sure
and if you already have, or are developing the EYE of an artist it should make tulpamancy easier for you
like remembering details, proportions, texture, negative space or whatever
it's all connected to being good at visulization of tulpas

so id say: yes


As an artist, not really. The mental processes are too different.

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