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File:anime subs.jpg (1.53 MB,3708x1348)


What's your favorite sub group, /qa/?


Hadena of course





never noticed 4kids being flipped lmao


File:bc5a8cbf9b753352e6699cfffc….jpg (337.63 KB,700x700)

- instant sub release
- works with any video player
- no botched translation ever
- doesn't distract you from graphics


Crunchyroll is not like that but the person who added what was usually in the "what you want" column to it sure is sneaky.

Also couldn't help but notice reached for the clout but was just a little short on the new "what you want" column.

Right answer is Eclipse/Doki even though what they attribute to them is revisionist hyperbole of the excellent output they produced, strictly to make the current crop of insidious localizers look good, but even that is better than what they're coming out with.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa why do I always have to see through these things I wanna have fun!!!!!


I have never watched subbed anime in my entire life.




dunno but 4kids is the funniest one

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