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File:85472742_p0.png (186.72 KB,900x640)

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time to get cozy


heat dont work..gonna use 3 blankies in 1 time


File:5500cdf9f58980f513b817a580….jpg (202.08 KB,900x835)

it didn't snow here yet, i hope it does eventually


ordered a shitty chink tablet to read manga. hopefully 10" will be enough


The last cookies have been eaten away.


about to get a haircut


Loving it when my audio program makes unrequested remixes.


its 3am


wish i could draw like aoki ume sensei im going to copy her


flipped kana again shes so boring when will i get to flip chii san


salty egg yolk flavor cookie


vern should make it so even if you sage the blog just always goes to the top


there's actually a blog board on kissu


isp gave me a cool new modem that should double my speeds
unfortunately, it won't activate online and I'll have to call and talk to an actual human
maybe 100mbps isn't so bad...


considering adopting an onahole this winter


still using the same modem from 4 years ago
which shouldn't matter since my ISP would sooner downgrade speeds than ever improve them


love being a neet december should be official mandatory neet month no working allowed just cozy indoors fun


being a neet is be much less comfy when everyone else is also shut in. success is not enough, others must fail too


Going to start playing Genshin impact again... I wanted to wait for a year until they had much more content but I am too impatient...


what's there even to do in it seems saw some people playing it and it seems like there's a fun cap where there's nothing to do after a while


i'm angry


had a good sleep twoday



I almost broke a legchair...


I meant to write chairleg...


we all have moments those


getting cozy with new daki


the retards in my building keep letting the alarm go off because they don't close the door properly


cant wait to play priconne


i really need to pee but im wearing so many layers im too lazy to pee..
might just pissu myself and clean it up in the morning

really wish the gas station would restock on diapers...


Jesus don't piss yourself.


want to scream


super appreciate whoever introduced me to orange soda; haven't had any in a long while but just now it really quenched my thirst


these sort of gimmicks always come out for the braindead in time for a quick, poorly decided christmas gift




had a good sleep threeday


Came to a fantasy situation that doesn't have art yet: essentially the idea is that there's lollipops that are shaped like genitals and they transfer sensations to a person. My go to one for this is a class that has pussypops transferring to the teacher.


want to sperm but /megu/ is gone so i cant tell my megufriends about it
feel sad now


File:__illyasviel_von_einzbern_….jpg (239.82 KB,850x1255)

feeling transference is a good one, i often think about how Illya and Kuro are linked like that


File:b34fb7fe70fe4b6305ab2f0546….jpg (445.51 KB,900x636)

my room is very dirty and full of trash, i just pilled up all the trash together and it formed a little mountain.

it's been over 3 months since i last cleaned it. i didn't clean it all this time because my vacuum cleaner broke and it only got fixed some days ago


want to listen to my heart but i dont know how


Crumbles on the floor, stains on the shirt.


back flippin hurts think it's cramped or something


dreamt that a giant millipede chased me around
he had a human face and blades in every arm
broke into my room and sliced me into a million pieces while I pretended to sleep


want to stop playing as healing classes in mmos but after 15 years of doing so it's hard
actually i want to stop playing online games altogether


i am a slave to my desires


File:1607532809831.png (1.39 MB,1200x1080)

gonno snooze and i better see a lot of new posts when i wake up


posting for anon when he wakes up


File:Screenshot_2020-12-16 otak….png (388.99 KB,1134x184)

cant find the sauce of this random youtube banner i think its yuuka


just shaved my crotch and ass cuz it was getting to be unbearably itchy and now its better

tomorrow i'll have some razor burn but its still better than the constant itch of the hair, at least i can put some lotion on that


File:19660808_p0.jpg (560.82 KB,2048x1152)



wonder if I should've spoilered that


dreamed i was camping with someone who put bacon slices under his mat before sleeping


Was it to keep out Islamic adherents?


File:[Erai-raws] Munou na Nana ….jpg (116.38 KB,1280x720)




decided that my desire for fast internet was stronger than my fear of phone calls and got my modem activated
now my speeds are worse than before


was watching ange play mario kart i think its cute how she subconsciously turns her body in the same direction the character is moving


File:e8b9c39957b484082286eccdc9….gif (72.53 KB,225x300)

tried to clean my room today but it's still pretty dirty, gonna see if i can finish cleaning it tomorrow.

i'm really not used to doing it myself yet. i had a maid who did it for me before covid started; my dad was forced to fire her because of it.


sigh thirsty but nothing seems to quench my thirst need to find a good drink


Had a really nice dream this morning. Forgot to write it down, so it's pretty fuzzy now. What I do remember is that I was became friends with a cute girl and we had some fun together.


still not sure how am i supposed to play vn ive asked the same question and made some threads before but i still dont know i like playing them for the first time because im making the choices i want to make after that i dunno if im supposed to look up a guide or just go with paper and pen and do trial and error that sounds fun but stressful at the same time if the game has a lot of routes i dont like guides because they spoil some things id rather not know until i play and when can i say i finished a vn after i get the true ending after i get all the scenes and extras i just dont know maybe i should make a thread about it with proper punctuation


My brother called me a manchild because I asked mum for a vaporeon for Christmas...


I usually make my first run as my "personal" one, like how I'd respond if I was put in that kind of situation which can be kinda fun in itself sometimes. Then if the choices and routes seem to have a logical flow, I'll just try to do them myself and put in a bit more thought.
If they are all illogical or highly obtuse butterfly effect nonsense then I probably don't even really like the story enough to play it again.

I'm not often a completionist about VNs either, so usually I'm happy stopping after trying all the routes i want even if i don't really like the ending I got. The only times I bother with a guide is when I'm after something very specific and I can't figure it out.


my pinky and my ring finger feel all weird and numb. think i might have rsi


Well, you can't deny you're one.


File:1602792466988.png (1.01 MB,1113x1080)

almost forgot to post my rena dose today because i was finishing cleaning my room


eat me cereal
speaking of which the saturn jupiter conjunction is nearly here! its almost time!


I'm terrified of this myself, sometimes one or two of my fingers feel really sore, like deep inside it and I really don't know what causes it.


this happens to me occasionally, but it goes away in a couple days if I give my cummer a break


saved two very cute spiders
they had wide white jaws and were brown with black lines


Having a stalker is the worst


how else are you supposed to navigate the Zone


gonna catch a flight tomorrow. hopefully i don't get sick or anything.


my cats, the neighbor cats and the woodcats are fighting all the time
how can I make them sign a peace treaty?


made some OC for the 4


hate the cold showers meme


it's getting better but it was concerning for a few days. feels a bit like when you hit the funny bone. I assume it was because I spend too much time in my bed hitting awkward modifiers on my laptop; hopefully if I sit at the desk properly with a keyboard it'll go away
might be that too ngl


scottish showers are great


Please do not use teen terms.


wish kitten could get along with my other cats...


bored but also don't want to do anything to get me out of the boredom


eating pistachios


drawing loli porn


hehe the yakuza substories are epic


watching tsukino mito


just pathetically fell off my chair i broke it
wish it had held 5min more so that i could finish jo


have five aphtae


having a lot of fun playing banished


how the flip do i play the original sakura taisen


wish i would spend more time consuming media instead of mindlessly browsing the internet


it seems to take so much conscious effort to do even 'relaxing' recreational actiivities like watching anime or playing videogames


File:0f3bad75a418e8a7c3237b4490….jpg (99.69 KB,1503x1131)

browsing the internet also counts as consuming media.


no it doesn't shut up


File:1608332134701.png (233.46 KB,500x575)

seems almost like 90% of Anons on the internet have this problem
i recently got over it, though


I put my anime and a few retro games on an old laptop with a broken network chip. That way, once I sit down to make time for them, it takes conscious effort to walk back to my regular PC before I can waste time on the internet.


for me it's a bit hard to get into games or anime/manga i'm not already hooked to


then how do you get hooked in the first placed?
are you watching the same show over and over again or what?


It’s been at least 3 years since I cleaned my room. I don’t keep trash on the floor and the like, however.


I'm at 5 years, I have piles of clothes and stuff that make it hard to move around the room, but they're all in bags/boxes. i live in filth, there's a lot of dust on everything that i don't use frequently, including the floor (which is disgusting), there's only a thin path from my desk to to door that i use.


File:yay.PNG (251.82 KB,1283x553)

the slideshow gadget is epic


what slideshow gadget?


a bit hard, not impossible
just have to put in some effort to see if i actually like it



sigh mahsoul server maintenance


the conjunction is here
today is the day...


oh and the christmas star is in the sky
today is a very special day


the ritual


oh I thought it was some kind of kissu beta feature


really hungry but parents have company over so i cant go upstairs to get food


why is your kitchen upstairs what the hell


my room is in the basement


love me basement


is having your room in the basement an american thing is that where the basement dweller meme comes from


wish i had a basement


saw a rental listing of the basement of someone's house for about $1,400/month near my area before
only rich neets can afford living in basements


sigh listening to snow halation gonna cry


1621 songs in my library and foobar just played three in a row from the same album
pretty spooky


theyre still here.... guess ill just go to bed and eat tomorrow


just live in mom's basement its easier


so tired


dont want to be a kid again just want the mindset back


i wonder what keeps us from having that mindset
you cant be that naive anymore obviously, but the fun aspect could still be there


File:1608015732097.png (817.73 KB,1084x600)



File:[Rom & Rem] Mahouka Koukou….jpg (225.64 KB,1920x1080)

someone forgot how italics work...


the rats came back. theyre in the chimney


File:Untitled.png (8.76 MB,5774x2177)

got a new monitor now i've got more space than ever on my computer to put things


File:0c21a33807.png (5.33 KB,277x32)

finally finished catching up on seasonals phew


have an annoying headache


dayumn can i make that much as a freelance artist


got a nice little nap


got a flu shot yesterday. my head hurts a little bit, and I feel a little warm. hopefully it's just the vaccine and I'm not coming down with anything.

anyways, my family wants to eat out at a restaurant tomorrow... my family can't so much as be bothered to wear a mask from the door of our apartment to the car, or when walking the dog, and now they want to go to a poorly ventilated place to eat? thanks for thinking of the asthmatic in the family... I hate this stupid country so much.


you're getting autism from the vaccine, should've listened to the tinfoilers


Isn't poor ventilation better? You don't want contaminated air circling around. Although obviously it's a bad situation either way...


That's good, he can get Autism bux and never have to work again.


eat something light, don't touch things other people touched


or if you don't want to go just stay at home instead.
why do people subject themselves to things (their own family) they don't like? to go along with it coz of what is essentially just peer pressure, it's so dumb; just don't go.

if you need an excuse, say that your head hurts a little and you feel a little warm and that you think it's safest for everyone if you stay at home.


File:76272999_p0.jpg (611.57 KB,826x841)

I have decided to make a neocities webpage to document essays meaningful to saving the internet. It shall represent my last Exorcism.

Whether or not it succeeds... Only the future Knows.


That sounds interesting, I eagerly await it.


The webpage is already up as surenaga in neocities.com. The format is already set but outside the about page there are currently no articles.


merry christmas to all kind people on imageboards i couldnt care less about edgy and bitter anons


Don't want to sit but don't want to lie either, I'm undecided. The rocking chair has been disappointing as well.


merry christmas too anon


gotta sleep early for christmas or i'll get no sleep but im so tired it hurts


there is too much blogging in the world


the kissumas lights are really nice but the js is absolutely murdering my laptop


it's caa


oh thanks, I forgot that c(ss?) could do that
laptop is much happier now


gonno turn into a cool dragon like spyro and fly away


post on the 4 got 11 (you) yesterday


but why would you care
gonna sleep, but been having issues converting this di gi charat christmas special with this vobsub thing. I downloaded the codec and the subs show up in mpc but handbrake still throws up an error



ate the rest of the christmas dinner leftovers


Vroom vroom merry Christmas


love my comfy new slippers that i got for xmas what did you guys get


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (135.53 KB,1280x720)

...clothes that i'm not going to use since i don't go out


it's 10 degrees in burger units outside right now; i'm not going anywhere


blanket im gonna use all the time great christmas


nothing, my family doesn't do presents
merry christmas!


i fucking hate motorcycles, they make so much noise


time to chug some nog (non-alcoholic)


there’s an art to gift-giving. you don’t just pick out anything that you think the person will want to learn how to use. you pick out something you know they will definitely use. anything that the person isn’t interested in will be neglected.


My mother got me a Vaporeon and my sister got me a Piplup.


must be boomer motorcycles with high noise and low top end speeds


agree so much
hope they stop so you and i can have a beautiful nights sleep


I’m reading a comic and they keep referencing that the MC has a big pee-pee. Do they expect anyone to believe this? Everyone knows that Asians have the smallest penises in the world. I remember a time when I was at work and these two girls were talking. One was telling the other that she had seen Chinese condoms and couldn’t hold her laughter in because they were so absurdly small. Imagine having such a tiny peener that a girl would burst out into laughter if she saw it. This is the reality of things yet Asian authors like to pretend otherwise.


sounds like a copypasta worknorm


i hate any kind of loud car sounds


blanket staticy everywhere need to find a way for it not to shock me every second


let the electricity flow through you
fuse with the blanket


hate noisenorms


is there anything the internet archive doesn't have
despite using it a lot i never really browse it consciously but no matter if it's music or websites or old software it seems you could spend days digging for stuff


downloading j-asmr


File:1609035217846.jpg (142.66 KB,1155x1733)

hey kissu, check out this christmas cutie i found!


File:Screenshot_2020-12-26 time….png (179.73 KB,325x375)

weird douki shoulder


looks sexy


File:イリヤ02b(近).png (157.34 KB,396x473)

bit too old to believe in christmas isnt she


Then I guess you could call her a christmas cake...


passed out during stream sigh


finally got blanket to stop shocking me and cat decided to come and sleep on it now she's fast asleep on my lap


had a nightmare full of needles last night. knew it was a dream but i couldn't wake up it was horrible


i'm a dream interpreter it means that youre afraid of needles


so full from the past few days i nearly barfed when trying to eat today


maybe i overlooked something fatal for me


reinstalling windows took so long if it were linux i would have had the time to break it already


thought i rated anime too highly but looking at it only rated 28/64 series i watched this year above average
guess that's fine


not fair big bro bought a wacom tablet for my imouto gonna start a drawing rivalry with her ill show you the true power of pen and paper


never too old for santy claus


File:1500397812641.gif (1007.03 KB,549x308)

found a coin someone dropped in the elevator today


got an onahole and they added an onahole warmer for free


allergies or a cold or something is bothering me. hope ten thousand years from now humans will have figured out how to solve this junk, cause this sucks.


made a grilled cheese


ran with dog and now I don't feel so good.


no... don't die on me anonymous...


wiped my monitor down with alcohol for the first time since i bought it 5 years ago


drinking cheap wine


always wanted to get an onahole but too scared of mom finding it


i'm uncut but i still sperm using lotion, feels way better


imouto watching dr stone dub on netflix


hate the taste of toothpaste in my mouth when i wake up


mom finds all


File:1525850783151.png (63.92 KB,180x188)

my city won't have fireworks this time, worst new years ever


in love with servals seiyuu


Be careful!


the years changed the fireworks are through and I can finally go to sleep now
happy new years to all anons and good night


seriously though im an asshole, i think its time to embrace it


received my onahole tday

it's pgood. the thing sounds like a tentacle vn sound effect though


somebody took me out and picked me out all new clothes. its kind of embarrassing but i feel super cool now. just need an excuse to go outside and wear them..


give us a thorough report in about a month please; i'm in the market for one


so far i'd say it's good, but once the novelty aspect is gone i don't know; shits pretty involved compared to my average fapping routine
usually i'd just start jo randomly when something turns me on, but there ideally you gotta warm it beforehand, prepare some fap material because typing with lubed up hands is a pain, etc. on the plus side though cleaning it wasn't near as annoying as i thought.


File:1607214646101.jpg (6.16 KB,225x225)

want to reply with this to a lot of posts+threads


love shiba inu


wanted to blog about the last game i played but the thread is gone alan wake was bad dont know why people gas it up so much


made some bread but it tasted like yeasty muffin


what games are there to play nowadays




wish i had a good and warm from the oven bread right now


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (238.55 KB,1920x1080)

earlier in the night I went to put garbage outside and saw the brightest and best shooting star I've ever seen in my life!
and then the mewkledreamy episode was also about shooting stars!


drinking expensive wine now


eatin peanuts
love peanuts




I get mine from the local pastry shops, surely you have some where you live?


you could bake some yourself, it's pretty easy


>friend asks yesterday if I can hang out “tomorrow”
>doesn’t say anything all day today



thats very sad but who are you quoting?


there's a place that specializes in pies, one that specializes in hipster overpriced vegan donuts, and then there's big chains like panera which does taste good


hate computer nerds


I really hate beginners. Especially art beginners.


feeling the good ol teen angst and rage


anonymous hates me...


anonymous you bully I hate you


love the cherry merry cherry song


Insomnia is true suffering


twitter finally had enough of my constant calling out of cunts so they suspended me, then I had to set up a new account, verify with a 1 time number i payed $4 for, then set up a fresh browser with my ip reset just to make sure it would go without a hitch
really wish all the nip artists would relocate because the average westposter simply brings out the vitriol in me


shut up


How about you stop replying to westernoids. If you're replying to them twitter will think you enjoy that kind of content and it will give you more.
I don't see anything but art in my feed.


spent all day doing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


cooking a 4kg stew may have not been the brightest idea


finished the jigsaw puzzle and listened to the nhk op to celebrate


gave my first fap of the year to madoka <3


I really need to be less gullible...


could jo today too


I should finally cut my toenails but I'm too lazy.


eating a chicken omelet and i realized you need to add something to an omelet for it to be good since whenever i make an egg omelet it's always lacking even though eggs are good on their own its odd

also cat came to eat what was left


it really is
for me a good life is just being able to sleep and not having headaches or sinusitis


Updated my cool webpage.


love when anons reply with im trans btw not sure if that matters it never gets old


uploaded an image to danbooru


What img?


not telling you dont want to namedrop myself sorry


The images with the trendy cow-print tag aren't very entertaining.


I really like cowgirls but it has to be done well I think,as in actually being a monstergirl not just a girl in a cow pattern bikini.


File:00c27f003c1f3ebc0fc27600f6….gif (2.41 MB,600x330)

you mean this?


I've been slowly losing interest in this place because I feel that interesting threads/discussions die out relatively quickly. Being the last post in a thread is not a nice feeling. At least it's better than having some chronic idiot bumping a thread every time it reaches the last page.


File:2715944_p0.jpg (221.46 KB,750x1000)

Hmm can you tell me what you're interested in?


File:[Erai-raws] Munou na Nana ….jpg (124.03 KB,1280x720)

It's a problem stemming mostly from the fact that people use /all/ or the front page instead of the catalog since kissu isn't very fast, so anything that isn't on the front page doesn't get much attention. All the other slower similar sites have this issue as well.


watching the spider anime because aoi yuuki told me to


File:709e13ded54cee12452d144344….png (211.95 KB,1120x720)

Even with everyone saging 90% of every post this is still a concern...

What I'm going to implement on the new UI is a related threads feature that will have an impact on weather threads get seen or not. It's not a sure fix, but the question of catalog, index or whatever is inherently biased towards convenience/activity and not quality/similarity. It's something I want to add that I think will help prevent imageboard's reliance on thread ordering layouts.


File:4bd4869667def513329e19991c….jpg (343.49 KB,1700x1224)

weather threads?


Been feeling this too. Some people's attitudes have also been putting me off. Negative people and teen-isms make me sad. I haven't really been posting or even browsing since Christmas.


File:curious makima.png (70.62 KB,358x269)

>Some people's attitudes have also been putting me off. Negative people and teen-isms make me sad

Any examples of this? This is a non-issue in my opinion because I feel like kissu is definitely better in this aspect than 4chan or any /jp/ spinoff besides nen.


all me


I'm not quite sure I could do that. I don't have the energy or the will. It's more that the entire atmosphere has changed. Kissu has gradually shifted towards being more and more /a/-like, and the interest it had in discussing other things -- just take video games for example -- seems much more muted. That's also meant that people are more critical and stuff. On the other hand, Kissu has also moved towards the /r9k/-adjacent side of /jp/ with regular complaints of "the norms", occasional feels stuff, and and an always hostile posturing to moderation.

I dunno. I guess Kissu has moved on without me to some extent, which is an especially draining feeling that makes me want to browse even less. Sorry this has been so negative itself.


the norms.........


good bye kissu


never seen an actual serious comment on the norms think it's just sarcasm passing you by
and more anime is probably just because a new season started, and i was trying to get some games going but nobody seemed to want to play...
i mean, your claims are kinda more unfounded with just a why aren't people posting what i want to see more of than saying that your attempts at generating discussion have failed. the criticalness has just been in the eva discussion as i've seen and those people have always been here judging by what i've seen in the past
it's not that kissu has moved on or anything, but rather that content recently has appealed more to a certain sect of kissu than the other. it's up to people to make other kinds of threads if that's what they want to see rather than giving up because the current threadmakers aren't making what they want


>your claims are kinda more unfounded with just a why aren't people posting what i want to see more of than saying that your attempts at generating discussion have failed
Just because I didn't add that detail does not mean it hasn't been the case either. It's pretty rude of you to assume that...


well i apologize that was kinda rude i'm just angry that there's like a couple people that post in /a/-like ways that are pretty easy to spot and everyone acts as if those few people somehow mean that the entirety of kissu has been corrupted its stupid and dumb and i hate it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


and like it feels like people are saying i cant just watch anime for a long while because that's not varied enough to post with so i should do what they want


File:1608901896937.gif (53.29 KB,360x360)

The guy who makes the most shitposty and negative threads (Andy) when he's having a mental breakdown is from /v/ and not /a/ if you are also referring to that. The only thing that changed on kissu recently is that people started posting about anime more often, the actual userbase hasn't changed.


and the norm comment annoys me because it's more a rarity on kissu and there's not even a single thread up mentioning norms right now


File:dd78ac7a6197850dbbab2e3ea9….jpg (2.93 MB,3508x2480)

It's hard to understand what you mean without any examples. I hate norm comments more than anyone in existence and the threads made are up to whoever is making them. Mind you I haven't been moderating in the past few weeks and I tend to curate content more than the others around me who think quality will just fall into their laps. For example I would have moved your unclear meta comment to a new thread on /b/ so others don't have to read your rotting corpse of a complaint without the slightest of help to me to make things better.


You are wrong.

Recent mentions of "norms":



Older mentions:

Based on this limited observation, relative to it's use on seasonal boards, the usage of the word norm has greatly increased within the last month or so.

So impatient... It takes time to find things once you ask...


I would talk about videogames but I haven't bought a console since the gamecube nor a videogame since the orange box. There's an entire generation of consoles I skipped that's now considered retro so I'm so behind the curve it's as if I'm not part of it anymore.

"The norms" thing is a stray gnfostard and the source of most antagonism against the moderation is myself, focusing on the atrocious design choices of the new layout. I'd like if screenshots and even software between versions was preserved somehow because I'm sure those terrible things will grow into fond memories once kissu reaches 10 thousand unique posters a day and has 5 /qa/-ura boards.


Anyways. Just delete my posts. You'll disregard everything I have to say anyways.


blessed by homu's graceful presence


What I get from this is that there's some /a/ topics that are on the same tier of /pol/ bait that are being overlooked. Evangelion for example. I don't think all of those are bad, most of them are fine or just hidden in someone's casual talk. Context behind the word matters more than the word itself imo.

I'll delete them all and ignore it when I'm done reading it.




>focusing on the atrocious design choices of the new layout.
That's not what I mean. I mean the people or person who keeps falling back on the "fuck jannies" mentality and constsantly brings up events from over a decade ago on 4/jp/. It's tiresome and pointless.

>Context behind the word matters more than the word itself
Agreed. Which is why I went through every mention on the search page instead of just saying, "there's not even a single thread up mentioning norms right now."



That's... not really that much. Quite a reserved usage of the term when you take into account how many posts on the board there have been since, let's say january 3rd for which there have been around 1300 posts. A couple dozen of those mentioning the term norm (and that's being extremely generous since most of those posts are from even further back)isn't really anything, and could easily be one or just a couple people. Even then some of those posts don't strike me as serious or worth caring about, nothing remotely like the ota threads on them.

I think that's probably one of the reasons not much is being talked about videogames too, there hasn't been that much to grab my interest in recent times. I played maybe like 2-4 singleplayer games throughout the entirety of 2020, and unless this year has Elden Ring, I don't think I'll be playing much either.


File:1442933893222.png (353.67 KB,725x684)

Some of those are me and I don't use and never used /r9k/ before. People always used "norm" on 4/qa/ before. I'm not sure why you're complaining about it just now. It's not the same thing as saying "normie" which is the actual word /r9k/ uses.


I'd say it's more "person" than people, and they're probably in this very thread if you mean who I think you mean...


hate appeals to convention like this


sounds like coping


>I'm not sure why you're complaining about it just now.
I have and do mention it, but it was barely used compared to now, which is why I'm bringing it up.


You are using a typical 4teen term and complaining about people who use a /jp/ one. Very ironic.

You're still wrong to assume that everyone who uses it is from /r9k/ or gnfos.


this isn't going to resolve anything


Wrong person.

It never does, and yet you still ask for examples which always leads to infighting.


dunno what people are saying kissu has changed metabros are still here doing the same thing as always


How do I get back into games I just haven't felt the motivation to play them in a while


File:Image001.jpg (263.51 KB,1280x1807)

gonna jo


it should be on /b/, but moving reply chains isn't possible.
I cleared up >>64211 that's the best I can do.

Ultimately you're responsible for any arguments in this thread because you didn't voice them on the correct platform


File:too difficult.jpg (90.66 KB,1280x720)

Overmoderation is what really would make kissu "/a/-like" in a very bad way, just saying.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (385.52 KB,1920x1080)

People ignoring everything but the top of page 1 has unfortunately been an issue from the very beginning. Vern said he's trying to find a way to fix this with UI changes, but ultimately it's still up to people to expend a little effort to see older threads. "Be the change you want to see" and blah blah blah...

>Kissu... more /a/-like, and the interest it had in discussing other things -- just take video games for example -- seems much more muted. That's also meant that people are more critical and stuff.

This is true. I don't know why anime threads are so god damn hostile sometimes, but overall I don't see them any differently lately. People have been doing a good job at nullifying the negativity and hostility with good posts, too. Are you asking us to start deleting the aggressive posts? Unfortunately, this is the normal growing pains of a place growing and receiving new users that haven't yet assimilated. But, it also means the place is growing!
As for threads... make the threads you want to see! There is indeed a crapload of anime threads lately, but that's because the people who make threads are making anime threads. This can easily and rapidly change if people make their own threads of stuff they're interested in.


File:bb8bd83e2b7d3ba0ae88770392….png (1.33 MB,1000x1412)

I really hate this stupid meta and bickering and everyone talking past one another.

I'm just gonna leave for someplace else... Bye bye Kissu frens.


Frankly /qa/ wouldn't be /qa/ without meta.


hope you can come back when things calm down and get more peaceful
but at the same time don't get why say anything meta if you're just going to get upset when people start talking meta because of it.............


hey man... you're the one who started it... I hope you can find another platform where starting meta conversation isn't met by either you being temp banned or people discussing it...


found the /a/-like poster....


I think it's best to try and ignore the angry meta people, and just try to have fun. I think letting a few bad apples ruin a place for you only leads to never finding a good place as everywhere has them eventually


File:1484772730535.png (414.43 KB,800x720)

bet it was because i took a break and didn't make as many nice posts now the nice poster is leaving im sorry


think I might start posting random skyrim mod blogging in this thread.
not really worth its own thread that I need to keep from dying


you RUINED kissu anonymous. how are you going to fix this?


wow the blog thread is very active today


all me


accidnetally replied to a thread by quoting the op because i forgot to erase the link in the qr
i feel so dirty


its unironically mostly just me posting


wanted to start a show from my backlog today but instead ended up hoarding music again


try playing games that make you turn your brain off like beat em ups or old side scrolling shoot em ups. dealing with modern game menus with too many options made me drop games for a while and arcade games are fun, try sunset riders.


Fighting games and beat em ups are a different den of autism to really turn your brain off to. I feel like racing games are much better in this regard while still being fun.


i personally find racing games boring unless they are like mario kart or are stupid fast with crashes like burnout otherwise i feel like im just pressing forward and moving left and right.


I was just followed by a production assistant.


aaaaa ive been confusing voiced palatal approximant with voiced alveolo-palatal affricative tasuketeeeee
i dont even know what these mean aaaaaaaa


bury me with my money


hate ¨people¨ that watch anime at 2x speed, just drop the show.


was talking to a friend a few weeks ago and he was telling me about the new motorcycle he was going to buy, how he couldnt wait to go out on some open roads with no speed limit and go fast as possible. he was really looking forward to it, it was the happiest he had been in a while. just found out that he died in a motorcyle crash a few days ago




kissu normlogger
build it


hate adding question marks when i have a question it makes my post sound gay so i dont do it


I'll take a sip for them tonight then,as a rider myself. Had a few close calls myself even at low speeds.


a bit late to the party, and not to sound like a jerk or anything but i dont get why people chose the least serious thread on kissu to bring up serious issues they have its kinda odd.


damn reading further i feel like a big jerk for saying that meant more serious meta issues than serious issues sorry for your loss anonymous




Updated my webpage.


started playing code vein my character is a qt


hate people that add "eh" to their posts


I was followed by another production assistant.
My work is worthy. I feel a rush of adrenaline and exitment thinking about every single moment I pushed hard to ger to this.
I am struggling to contain my excitment. When I saw it I ran to the roof and shouted out to the distance.
I will make anime!


File:dlhGaBM.png (418.61 KB,1100x1600)

aaaah yes. the "cool manga but the author died" episode


eh they're not that bad


ええ、まじ?イジもド?! きもい!


love ehs



Oh. I guess I can't get myself to draw after all.


dreamed i gave a 100$ superchat to pikamee


sounds like a nightmare


she said arigato dayo


hate usps


dindu nuttin 2day


File:Shion and the flowersdarkl….png (6.25 MB,6955x4932)

I am really proud of this one. I will color it later


I'm trying to talk to people, but I don't feel like interacting with anyone, I tried playing a bit on /ic/ by the offchance I get to talk about art but I just feel worse


File:gamu.png (2.22 MB,1366x768)

taking notes


File:etspeed.PNG (92.35 KB,1564x647)

might as well utilizing some otherwise unused hardware


Updated my webpage.


Today I found my way again.
After that, my pc blue screened on me.
The time my way was clear again, it was back when my pc was in a suitcase and I had nothing but a phone.
Being back on the path, and being again in a room with no computer rang a feeling of nostalgia through me.


File:2021-01-17-142404_1218x494….png (60 KB,1218x494)

Wow, a math textbook using a concept from category theory to make something clearer rather than to drown the reader in category theory jargon.


house is teeming with spiders, it makes me so happy


want to play the karaoke yakuza minigame but don't wanna start up the game and go to the karaoke


File:[SubsPlease] Kemono Jihen ….jpg (83.7 KB,1280x720)

is this your house


no there's only about thirty spiders


there's one above the heater, small but visible, with knobby legs
one that likes to skittle around the table, it's like 3mm long and its legs are invisible but you can make out the eyes
one behind the water heater with thin legs like five times longer than its torso
hiding in a hole at a corner above the shower there's a big one that's several shades of black and brown and a big body
two or three stupid ones, light brown and grey, with woolly jaws that keep falling in places they can't escape
many small ones that hide behind dusty webs and lint
love em


File:internet.png (3.08 KB,241x247)

joed too much


umaku naritai umaku naritai umaku naritai umaku naritai umaku naritai umaku naritai... umaku naritaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


File:038.jpeg (643.66 KB,1357x1920)


solving a puzzle, want to help?


trying to read bakuman but the characters are all so unlikable im really surprised it's rated so highly


I watched the anime and thought the same thing. Wanted to kill myself by the end of it. The rating is propped up by the wannabe artist types/fujos


wanted to play touhou for the first time remembered there was a post here with download links but i cant find it



what the hell? I love bakuman! How can you hate the character? they are such sweethearts!


You want to be delicious!?


im so tired sheep are counting me


Sometimes they're just made to act obtuse for the sake of creating drama, it's really inconsistent. In a story with a realistic setting like this one it's really unbelievable to have people go out of their way to avoid communicating, I really wanted to punch my screen at times. Well I still read the whole thing so it's not that bad, but it's really surprising to see so many rave reviews. Like most reviews rate it above 8 and a few give it a 3 but I had thought it would be more spread than that.


tried playing connect 4 online and it was full of tryhards im going back to tough love arena


i can't believe south park is still running


almost the end of the month and i've done nothing


i started playing a new game if that counts otherwise same


Updated my webpage


think i might go super saiyan


mistook microspider for dirt
blew it away
feel awful


I want to be very mean to people




Every hour of the day, every day of the week, none stop. Everywhere in 100 mile radius smells like cheap cigarettes and it is killing me. I hate smokers so much.


Because they need someone to be mean to them, or they'll keep being stupid.


smoking is bad but is also cool (like guns) might start smoking casually i think i only hate stoners


binge-read dungeon meshi after procrastinating for three years just to end up on a cliffhanger i hate this


Smoking as fashion is trashy 20th century advertising. Tabaco companies with way too much money would pay shows and movies millions to have the main characters smoking. Smoking looks stupid, you are gonna smell like garbage, food will taste worse, you will feel ash in your eyes all the time, your cardio will be worse, your hair will smell, always, heard kissing someone who smokes is like licking ashtrays... Not only that, it is an addiction, it is progressively more expensive, and it is progressively more restricted where you are allowed to hang out with a cigarette. I will not be surprised if places will one day start outlawing it.
There is literally no good reason to smoke, and every reason not to. put a damn pen in your mouth at least that will make you look smart.
If you are really dying to have smoking in your life have a cigar every birthday.


don't care it still looks cool and i'm only going to be a casual smoker


it sucks. if you have to smoke, then pick up the hobby properly at least. no one like casuals


don't care and considering smoking as a hobby is dumb


took a nap


rerolled ganyu after 3 hours and 42 minutes
time for rest


wasnt particularly interested until the horn girl
now i too bow to china


Updated my webpage.


thinking of leaving pissu


hate biased weebs that gas up media just because is not translated


it's snowing outside
just got a bucket of snow so i can hug it


its thirty degrees and there are mosquitoes with dengue aaaaaa


File:Ichiban ippai.mp4 (7.55 MB,960x540)

yeah fuck pissu. i'm outta here, hope you guys learn to have fun instead of being bitter, elitists and confrontational all the time. not reading replies.


Such as?

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