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File:Questionable.png (1.37 MB,3990x2509)


Across languages and cultures the word DREAM has two meanings
1) what you think of when you are asleep
2) ambitions
When you are asleep do you ever think about your ambitions?


Don't think so, but I would struggle to say what my ambitions even are anyway.


File:abstract1.png (498.77 KB,802x654)

What about small ambitions, such as cooking a delicious meal, or getting a legendary palindrome get on a small comfy imageboard?


File:AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXKAAAAJGQ0Mj….jpg (37.02 KB,698x400)

sort of. its never the good kind of dream.

i dont even really know what my dreams are, the end goal is more of an idea than anything i can make a reality. chasing after my dream is difficult and not fun but i cant imagine not doing it, just giving up and quitting is.. not something i want to do. its weird, youd think after progressing towards your dream, youd feel better as you get closer but it just leaves you feeling dissatisfied and emptier than ever. not quite the place or time to ramble on about them though

as for small dreams, i would like to be able to remember to reply to a thread instead of making a new one accidentally


No, I don't really have dreams like that. I spend most of my life at my computer but have almost never used a computer in my dreams. I have dreams about university or exams or whatever but it almost never has any relevance to what I am actually studying or doing IRL. In general my dreams (or at least the ones I remember, which are understandably going to be the more interesting ones) aren't particularly rooted in my everyday life, and while there are certainly a lot of inspirations from what I'm currently thinking on (like if I'm reading a book about a topic I might dream about that topic or if I am nervous about driving I might dream of a car crash), it doesn't at all follow reality.


File:14677836_p0.jpg (195.55 KB,800x666)

I have dreams.
I have ambitions.
I have dreams about my ambitions.
And I will make sure they are to become reality.


I've dreamt of being with a 2D girl once, I'd say that counts as dreaming of my ambitions? Other than that, nope.


You are the second guy already to answer yes. Until today I though everyone was like me.
Finding out somebody else can do something you can't is pretty strange. I wonder if that is how people who lack a sense feel


File:86893997_p0.jpg (2.48 MB,2893x2134)

My sleepy dreams contain the hopeful dreams that I've otherwise learned to suppress for two decades. It's not rare for my non-nightmare dreams to be focused on romance, or sometimes I have a fulfilling career helping people, or even just a bunch of friends like the way video game and anime characters do. It's strange because I don't feel those urges in real life.
I think these count as ambitions?


I think that is still different than me, my dreams are just a reflection of what happens to me during the day and my mind set.
Don't give up on your dreams, friend, no matter how hard things get.
I think small ambitions do count, because I can never quite dream of the cute fit tomboy I want and hold hands with her. I would only dream of girls if it has something to do with my mindset, even if they are part of my ambition.


That is strange for me. my waking mind is full of romance and ambitions but my sleeping mind is often nightmares. Good dreams do come, but they don't invite me towards my ambition, just a collection of good stuff that my mind was around in recent times and my current mindset.


I'm in a similar boat, maybe what's occuring is our brain is living out whatever primal fantasy it needs to in our dreams so there's no need to fulfill them outside of them. Although some dreams like where I dream about ways to help out my /qa/ friends I guess could classify as ambitions I also strive for in life.


Maybe it is about equilibrium.
People who daydream about their ambitions don't dream about them at night, and people who seem to forget about their ambitions by day dream about them at night.


My dreams are random and have nothing to do with my ambitions, though I often dream about my sister when she was young.


I wish I had an imouto.
Having a cute little girl to be a cool big bro for growing up sounds like an incredible experience.


I don't remember the last time I dreamed of ambitions... My dreams are usually rooted in my experiences, ones that happened or are yet to happen by using past experiences as a building block or reference. Certain events trigger forgotten feelings of dreams I used to have, for some time I thought I was clairvoyant. Apparently this is a somewhat common phenomenon. I've lacked ambition lately so even if I dreamed of something super cool I'm not in the position to remember it again.


Yes, I guess it depends. In a way it would have been better to never have had her as a sister, then I would not know what I had lost.


I dreamed that I would get the trips, but it was not to be...



Thanks for your heartfelt feelings but she didn't die...


(just like my japanese 4komas)


I'm sorry for assuming the worst.


Wait then how'd you lose her?


I assume anon means his sister's youngness...


remember dreaming about the 2m get on /qa/ before waking up just in time to get it


She just turned into a typical western woman and I lost any connection to her. These things happen when you grow up in lower socio-economic circumstances. Having said that she isn't actually the worst of my siblings, she isn't a single mother or dating a tattoo covered trollop that smokes and does who knows what else and probably cheats on him.


Ambition is such a strangely defined term in our current world. What constitutes ambition? Dreams of achieving what society deems success? Dreams of attaining personal happiness/satisfaction? Throughout my life I dreaded having to work because it meant to tie myself down to one lifestyle which would define the rest of my life. Is wanting to learn and do a variety of tasks ambition if it's infeasible in our current world, or in a similar fashion could living the perfect hermit life be considered an ambition?


It most commonly refers to attaining power, and sometimes to acquiring skills or possessions. Happiness not so much, I've only heard it in reference to the difficulty. But it'd be unusual to call a hermit ambitious.


An ambition (noun) is just something you want to do, it's not necessarily about "power" or skills or possessions - they just happen to be the most common ones.

But I would agree with you when you say that something ambitious (adjective) usually refers to difficulty. I think it's a bit broader than that and actually refers to scope.

I would say wanting to live a hermit life is an ambition. I would say depending on what stands in your way, it may or may not be ambitious too. In this specific example, I think you need to factor in such things as societal norms and expectations. These are big hurdles (along with potentially many other things too), and so I would think of it as an ambitious ambition!!

Note that ambition has no influence from what is virtuous or worthy. These are moral factors and it's possible to have moral and immoral ambitions. Just because someone might think it's "wrong" to be a hermit does not subtract from its scope.


I agree, I was just talking about its normal usage.


File:ZZC 1051.jpg (180.48 KB,800x1150)

Dreaming of unifying the three kingdoms.




Damn we share the same dream!


Dreams and ambitions are unequal spirits. Dreams are about moving away while ambitions force you into them.


starting to think dreams don't have any meaning


My dream was also a literal dream. I want to be a loligod artist.


we live inside a dream


blind bakayarou god...

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