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File:1516069712116.jpg (64.75 KB,600x640)


Anyone knows a gurochan replacement ?


This OP gets me thinking, are there any images of seppuku being committed with chainsaws?




apology for poor english

when were you when gurochan dies

i was sat at home fapping violent anime porn when chrome ring

'gurochan is 404'


and you?????????????


Hadn't even realized it was dead (again). Shame.


Guro yourself, creep.


gurochan is dead, fancy some irony


I wish someone would make an imageboard that's just dedicated to weird hentai overall, with boards for things like loli, expansion, furry, and of course, guro. It's something I'd love to see, and lots of others would probably like it too.


Probably would have a tough time competing with /trash/ and /d/


Honestly I'm fine if they never come back.


be the gurochan you want to see


I could make one. But I don't know where I would advertise it.



I don't know why they didn't just host it in Quebec they love gore the province even hosts Liveleak and refused to remove Lukas video.


/trash/ and /d/ both suffer from the same problem lots of other 4chan boards do, which is that the mods actively go out of their way to sabotage them.

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