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File: 1568174777014.jpg (95.21 KB, 1050x510, supreme-commander-forged-a….jpg)


How do you feel about RTS games? Would you be up for playing them with other people here?
I'm not very competitive, though.


Oh, Supreme Commander's nice.

I like them a lot, especially more historical-ish ones like AoE and RoN


Pick a game and start playing it, one of the big problems with trying to start things like this is always that everybody throws out suggestions and then mills about waiting for others to agree, then everybody forgets it and moves on and nothing happens. If a couple people pick a game and start on it more will follow, i know i will. Its less about the game itself and more about having fun with /qa/ anyways, anything will be fun if we play it together

So decide!


Okay. Supreme Commander, then. Does anyone object to this?


With the Forged Alliance expansion pack I assume? I would be up for playing.


nope lets do it. which one am i buying theres like 4 on steam


Yeah, I can't see a reason not to use an expansion pack.

Well, you don't have to buy it. I should probably see if pirated copies can play with legit ones first


not sure my noggin works good enough to play one of these…


Mine doesn't, but I still want to play with people. I think there's spectator mode too, or someone could stream it maybe?


i'd join too Supreme Commander games, or other RTS, but my free hours are kinda wonky so i'll probably miss everything…


was just gonna post this. i'd play but depending on how much of a commitment it is i wouldn't be able to for this reason outside of weekends.


I'm tired and about to sleep, but it seems multiplayer works through this community-maintained client: https://www.faforever.com/

We only need two people to play. The game supports 16 players at once, but I'm not sure that'll ever happen


Never played an RTS except Starcraft once but this looks like a lot of fun


I'm up for playing too, though do you have any ideas about what time you want to host a game?


File: 1568218148174.jpg (51.09 KB, 500x500, 1419105705863.jpg)


I would play battle for middle earth two; it's the only rts i have any reasonable experience with, also it's the only one i would choose to play.


File: 1568233869385.jpg (143.7 KB, 900x1158, 1482322624300.jpg)

Damn, I played many RTS's back in the day, not so many anymore. Some of my favorite "hidden gems" are Battle Realms, the Warlords Battlecry series and Kohan series. Fantasy RTS's were my favorites.


File: 1568238729200.jpg (157.19 KB, 1280x720, 1543234360.jpg)

everytime I formatted my HDD and reinstalled C&C Generals


No idea. We need people to start installing and learning it first I would think


Looks like the faforever client supports co-op play for the campaign so we could do that until everyone figures out how to play.


We're going to give it a try soon, as in in a matter of minutes. Is anyone here that's interested not in the steam chat?


Me because I don't have steam installed right now. I'll get to it tomorrow.


decided to torrent to see if i like it and to learn. i'll play in the next couple days if i do.


We played a couple games of 3 v 1 CPU and got destroyed each time.


Unfortunately the multiplayer client requires a linked Steam account with the game purchased… but there might be a way to do it without, it just won't be as reliable


meant just as a single player test run since i've never really played this style of game in my life and i don't want to buy it and not be able to refund.


That was a lot of fun, I'm definitely interested in learning the game and playing more.


fugg can I still join, I love supcom


Redownloaded steam and reinstalled the game so I'm ready for the next time. I also have Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion on there and old discs of a few other games mentioned in this thread, AoE, Starcraft 1, Battle for Middle Earth (1 and 2).


stellaris is good for friend games, can support more than a dozen people
games do take long, however


We should play AoE2


Do you have a physical copy and a cd-drive? I have a physical copy of the anthology collection but unfortunately no disk drive so I had to get a cracked version it. I've read that some of the disks are braking for the more dedicated players.


Going to play in a bit if anyone wants to join.


File: 1568345118288.jpg (61.51 KB, 750x550, 1478422323095.jpg)

We're going to try to play right now!
Custom game lobby name: /qa/
password: friends
At least for now you need FAF https://www.faforever.com/ which requires linking to your Steam account with the game installed


ill play tomorrow, too tired tonight… gotta sleep….


gonna play a whole bunch tonight


File: 1568420582888.jpg (293.88 KB, 600x400, flans of war.jpg)


you think i wanna conduct fucking CALCULUS to play a video game…..?


all those numbers aren't much to worry about, it's just basic arithmetic, you have Energy which you get via generators, and those generators power your Mass production


Gonna play soon.


It's basically just energy in vs energy out and mass in vs mass out. Resources are collected and spent over time instead of as a lump sum like in other RTS.


going to buy it and play it tomorrow. how is it so far?


it's pretty fun, a bit fast paced, but not really moreso than other rts games. just make sure to build anti-air early on


File: 1568437364061.jpg (99.17 KB, 600x493, 1452669653497.jpg)

I like Company of Heroes. Haven't played any other RTS in years.


I had a lot of fun with CoH just playing against the computer. I was never great online.


Same, the computer is a challenge enough for me anyway. Recently discovered the Blitzkrieg mod so I've been having fun just messing around in skirmishes trying out all the extra units it adds.


Are we playing supcom tonight?


There's SIX people about to play in Steam right now!


Wish I were any good at RTSs, but I always tend to focus on building up my base alone and die while I get swarmed by lower level units.


Infinity build (z key by default) works very nicely. If you want to change production you just select a factory and hit esc, then queue something else. And you always want to spam something out anyway since otherwise you'll be capping you mass and basically wasting it.
Still need to expand and/or harass though if you want to keep up.


I'm struggling to get over my turtle nature and it's really, really difficult

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