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      I have a discord account and am in 14 different servers, yet I have no friends and no one to talk to. Do people even make friends over discord or any other group messaging services? The people who made that server and the starting members are really the only ones who can and do talk in such places. Unless you're an extremely social person, anyone trying to butt in becomes the third, fourth or whatever-th wheel, especially if they have a lot of inside jokes/references. I like anonymous imageboards because anyone can talk to anyone and (usually) no one knows the other person. You could be having conversations in every thread and you wouldn't even know it. You could be having an argument in one thread and getting along in another thread at the same time.
      You could argue that imageboards also have inside jokes and unique culture that "newfags" will not know about, but because they're anonymous, they can trial and error as much as they want without anyone knowing how many times they failed. You can post a shit post, and if it doesn't get any traction or if you get shit on for it, you can simply disassociate yourself from it.
      Anonymity is beautiful but alas, you can't make friends from anonymity.

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      I disagree that friends cannot be made on anonymous places. Maybe not intimate kind of friends that you know on a name-basis, but people that you feel comfortable speaking your mind around. Who you'd want to talk about stuff with. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's somewhat of a friend, no?

      In that case, I consider all the anonymous posters that I recognize and /qa/ itself to be my friend.

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      friends grow from anonymity

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      maybe you're too old unironically

      i have zero discord and zero friends despite being 21

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      >people that you feel comfortable speaking your mind around. Who you'd want to talk about stuff with. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's somewhat of a friend, no?
      I never looked at it that way. I always assumed you'd have to at least know each other's (pseodu)names to be friends but honestly, now that I think about it, I feel more at ease posting on /qa/ than talking with what little IRL people that know my name.
      >/qa/ itself to be my friend.
      I'd seen this thrown around here from time to time, didn't think much of it. But /qa/ is truly a group of friends.

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      >zero friends despite being 21
      Yeah, me too.

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      Yea that's why I hate group chats. Anyone who shows up later will always be an outsider. I used to use discord to talk 1 on 1 to a few friends but I stopped using it in favor of steam when the nig shit happened and I started getting more privacy minded. I only have 2 friends now and they both use steam anyway so it works out.

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      >14 different servers
      I think you're too spread out, but I don't know what kind of servers these are or how many people are in them but I don't think you'll get closer to anyone if there's so many people involved. I hate discord personally, but when I have to enter one to get information or a download I see way too many rooms that segregate people in such a way that there will never be a camaraderie or anything I'd call a community.

      Wow, 21. One foot in the grave already…

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      This is going to sound autistic but you wanna be my fren on discord?

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      Literal discord kiddies…

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      >Do people even make friends over discord
      I have them in one server, but grew on them during times when a part was using Mumble+IRC and another part Skype, so I was pretty much a founding member there. In a very technical sense all of them are from a former thread on an 8chan board, but the only relic from that era is that some are still calling themselves anonNumber because Mumble forces you to come up with a unique username before joining.
      Another one is for organizing raids in Pokémon GO. While I obviously know some people in person there, it's not really for making contacts to begin with. The rest are some topic guilds (about musicians, tech stuff etc.) that I only lurk out of curiosity.

      My second social circle on WhatsApp and Telegram (and the occasional meet-up on congresses) originated from a web forum that I already posted on when I was 17.

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      thank heavens i'm an antisocial autismo

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      The discord servers I’m active in either are run by people I know/knew in person or are related to vermintide. Since vermintide is a coop game it’s easy enough to talk to people on those servers as everyone has a common interest. You still get that cliche-ish behavior you mentioned but generally if you can talk about the game it’s easy enough to enter the cliche just by talking about the game.

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      It's clique anon, chliche is an oldhat kind of thing

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      this guy knows what I mean

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      Discord norms out

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      Use an avatar if you want to make friends on kissu otherwise blend in as anonymous.

      I only got to know people on 4chan/qa through an avatar and nickname and an anonymous IRC

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      meta-like discussion about the functions of discord and internet communities is fine, but swapping server info and usernames is something kissu doesn't want to encourage. This is our community right here

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      It might be acceptable to resist the nasty tendency of big sites like Discord to suck up the traffic of smaller sites, but I would hope this sort of policy doesn't get applied to things like IRC servers and usernames, or small forums. There's nothing wrong with talking to people off site, and people should be able to do so if they want to.

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      are you ignoring the steamteen chat

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      Kissu's inception was tied to sageru and /qa/ militantism was on rizon.
      But ultimately the use of avatars allowed for a group of friends and acquaintances to form from an anonymous community.

      Steam was pretty late into the cycle after I kicked ate out of his moderator position on Sageru for banning me while I was pretending to be girl and didn't want to deal with having to ask everyone every 5 seconds about what posts I missed 10 seconds ago because I DC'd from the Internet.

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      hi kaipedo

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      When are you going to ddos the site with your totally not fake vichan exploits

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      Why should I bother?
      >totally not fake vichan exploits
      >weeb captcha
      yeah, fuck off, kai samefagger

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      waiting for that epic vector 7 ddos behind 9 proxies

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      Discord is for making friends like Tinder is for serious relationships. Just share e-mails if you want to share correspondence with someone you feel a connection with. I've had that happen to me and I've done it a couple of times myself. Unfortunately, a part of those fizzled out as interests began to diverge too much from what got us sharing e-mails and the other chunk degenerated into them wanting to fuck me.

      100% of them also often insisted on switching from e-mail correspondence to instant messengers without ever understanding the superiority of e-mail communication. An interesting case was a guy who was all for cutting off all avenues of instant gratification from his life to improve impulse control and learn not to fall for easy pleasure but failed to see the irony in wanting my skype.

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