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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
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The reason they threads like this and the shilling every time someone asks how to buy a pass.


>Hi, that's me. Yep that's the company name and it's the same site. People had already paid $30. I refunded them all $5 to lower the service cost and be fair to everyone.

How stupid, why not try to squeeze every last penny out of the dumb /pol/shitters that still buy passes.


can't believe people pay for a board they can get on any other small imageboard.


Was looking at this site >>>/b/3473 and noticed that the pph is insanely high on /v/. Wonder if it's one of the places that julay/v/ migrated to


File:e8457dadf7.png (92.35 KB,992x774)

Oh, actually looking at the webring now it seems that it's made a place for itself as the new /v/ site.


File:IMG_20200530_104718.jpg (327.65 KB,1250x1000)




File:1590850123088.jpg (24.76 KB,202x243)

best kissu


File:__hagoromo_lala_hoshina_hi….jpg (116.06 KB,611x900)


Every night before I go to sleep I enter a meditative state and very powerfully vosulize Lala hugging and cuddling me, relaxing with Lala and being overawed by her beauty and magical cuteness, and talking to lala about my day and what I'm grateful for and did right or wrong; and my intentionality for the world

it's the most relaxing and comforting experiences of my life!!!! and a powerful technique (anime girl cuddling meditation)

sometimes the settings is her spaceship, or maybe her pantheon in the clouds. if I'm really stressed she might place my tired face on her cute tummy
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File:1572913835928.png (91.86 KB,205x255)

there are some people who can't visulization things, do you smoke weed because it often suppresses dreams
but if you can ever imagine something I believe you can build on that kernel and become a master

it does help in real life, anime girl cuddling meditation allows me to disassociate almost completely from stressful situations, like nothing's real at all
and if I have to get shots or blood-drawn something painful I just imagine that lala is doing it to me and it's not painful

when I'm bored i can talk at Lala/my aborted tulpa or when I want to muse about something
overall I recommend it to everyone

many people walk around talking to God right now, and praying
it provides comfort and intentionality to their life
you can adjust these practices to yourself



can you imagine tastes and touches and smells?


File:BGUN3Nw.png (9.16 KB,802x211)

Nope, no weed or other drugs. Odd, I expected weed to actually enhance imagination.
How often did you have to train for this? Is it like just laying in bed or sitting up with eyes closed, detached from all surroundings until concepts form?
I can't because it won't let me agree to the privacy policy.


I'm just googling aphantasia stuff
you may be screwed

when I was trying to make a tulpa I would lie down and clear my mind and try and vosulize anime girls and the feelings and setting for 45 minutes at a time daily
some of it came naturally
it's still not like real life at all though, it's like flashes of clarity combined with a more vague overall picture that updated more slowly; and reminding myself to imagine the physical sensations every few seconds
but there were times where it became super clear for a few minutes

I clear my mind so I don't get distracted by random thoughts flying around my head, like mindfulness meditation.

I think you can start completely from scratch and it would be good even the first time you tried it though



>the /qa/ belt


Not Cute, Didn't Watch.


Wow, how'd he know about social distancing ahead of time? Holy crap that's dangerous!


File:1590294109846.jpg (310.53 KB,567x800)




File:[Moozzi2] Kimagure Orange ….jpg (988.92 KB,1440x1080)



wtf, they put a shelled crustacean on it!


real men don't shell their lobster


File:puzzled necromancer.jpg (53.09 KB,375x413)


In traditional games is there like a really shitty version of the necromancer power "summon undead" where they just fail it and only end up summoning regular dead bodies?


>traditional games
Tradition is not games, it's work.


You could at least sell the bodies as cadavers.


I don't quite follow what you mean by that.


Is it ethical to have sex with a corpse?


In nearly all cultures, even the ones that interact directly with the dead like those Mexicans or with the Incorruptable bodies in Italy, sex with the dead is unspeakably vial.

From a more pragmatic standpoint, the dead are unclean and filled with germs and decay.
So yes I would say it's unethical in any case.


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where's the music thread?
5/4 edition?
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Thinking back, Shakugan no Shana and Eureka7 have a lot in common as commentary on human nature, love and identity(race).

I wish another culture could want to relive those hippy days so I could look at some of their media.


car jack, gat pack, hard head, wig split



File:d4401df11a29a959869d9e5d9b….jpg (48.99 KB,807x560)


got a headache
want things but cant have them
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Just say you needed some time to yourself or some isolation from the internet to do real things.
Most norms would relate to that I think.


it's super autistic, isn't it
even if you train days the roi is minimal and if you train wrong you might not even recognize it in context


stop drinking coffee
stop taking medication

stop taking drugs
stop drinking alcohol


What's wrong with coffee?


File:1580203993311.png (1.74 MB,1200x1672)

yeah that sounds like a plausable excuse.
can't get myself any alcohol since the beginning of quarantine anyway. I'm not a heavy drinker, just need to sip some beer once in a while. I don't like the taste much but it still makes me feel better.
never done drugs or medication though.


File:Eikoku.Koi.Monogatari.Emma….jpg (1.36 MB,2092x1445)


what's Kissu's favorite year of anime?

I liked 2005 for it's top tier romance adaptations
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File:2007eh.jpg (591.83 KB,1023x1600)

don't know if golden age but 2006 to 2008 are immense fun


I doubt it, but it's easy to remember a general time period in which something aired, so for myself I'd say the best time period was the early 2000's with the beginning of Precure, ending of Doremi, GiTS SAC, Galaxy Angel, a bunch of other great anime too.


It's hard to say, I only just started watching seasonal anime (in their respective seasons) half way through 2019. Till then I would watch what ever from when ever. So for me this year is probably the best (or at least was supposed to be the best if it weren't for corona) mainly because many of the s2+ I was waiting for are slated to come out this year.
I'm sure if I went through all the many years of anime one by one checking what aired when, I'd find one with most of the anime I've watched but that wouldn't count as a favorite year because I didn't live through it whilst enjoying those anime.

I enjoyed watching it until the Chihiro x Renji (?) part started, wish it had ended with Miyako and Hiro getting together. I can't say why but I didn't like the last part one bit.


I've analyzed the question before and concluded that 2006 was like a clockwork turning, after that "good anime" meant something completely different. Digital animation finally revolutionaized the industry, and one of its landmarks was that experimental indies started flowing fast into mainstream space. OVAs became kinda redundant and were replaced with the growing mainstream 1-cour shows with no hope of getting second seasons, while mainstream shows started bidding on extra funding through OVA sales which justified more experimentation yet. KyoAni kept on with its new renaissance and shows like NHK Ni youkoso became something very normal on the radars of average anime watchers and not just Eva acolytes.

Also there's a lot to say about the Fullmetal Panic audience, but I would say that's the year it finally won over the anime industry. Asuka and Rei emerged from the LCL having been completely subverted into the optimistic sci-fi schoolgirls of Haruhi Suzumiya No Yuu'utsu, and anime started having its cake and eating it too with all its metaphors that dealt with heavy subjects with a callous smirk on its face despite everything.


>OVAs became kinda redundant and were replaced with the growing mainstream 1-cour shows with no hope of getting second seasons

And one of those actually was haruhi itself. That's exactly why at the time it was so amazing how they pushed through the recession and even made a second "season" for the kind of show it was, basically too-high-for-mainstream-concept fanfiction of that wish-fulfillment period where Shinji rejects reality. It's the perfect tabard for this new era of anti-ironism in anime and the rise of New Sincerity phenomenon, or I would prefer to call it movement because I dont agree you have to opt in to be in a movement.


File:78dc3664e85ad1fa16f514b34a….png (4.74 MB,2200x3300)

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The site's core features are still good, but the battle against bugs is never ending.
Joining the bugs now is poor design decisions and maintenance of Vichan over the decade that has left it in a poor state and even making some bugs impossible to fix. An example of this is the 0-NF database design (where all file information is put into an SQL column) makes it impossible to cleanly fix a bug where the home page runs out of images when people post lots of .mp4 files.

In no particular order:
- Database needs to be put into a more normalized format for easier bug fixes and maintenance
- After PHP7.4 related issues the Twig1.x template engine should be ripped out and replaced with a Twig3.x version
- API page generation will be less strenuous on servers and allow for clearer code. Exceptions might be on the installer and mod pages which will continue to use legacy page generation… but maybe they won't
- Dumping YouTube IFRAME elements into the page is slow for users and forces a lot of unescicary JavaScript on them. YouTube videos need to be thumbnailed.
- API page generation will simplify this issue.
- There's a lot of "kind of but not really OOP design" all dumped into a functions file or spread out hap-haphazardly. The design is already pretty close to being OOP, so might as well just take it all the way.
- Making modifications such that the kissu-board is usable for others
After these changes the software can't really be called Vichan anymore because even if some functions still exist, the core has been completely altered.

Old Thread:
Some posts from there will be moved over.
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Resolving navigation issues was actually really easy. React Router has built in history API to store states, just had to make a minor modification to use object redirects

So I'm going to fix up the layout and make it usable, then work on the post generator.


I lied, there was actually an annoying bug(or missing functionality) that was tripping it up so had to work directly with it's history API.

Last things before I do another update are post generator, post/preview styling, some window positioning to cursor and a race condition on that can get the preview stuck open.


Regarding navigation, please make sure holding shift, control, alt, or meta or pressing any mouse button other than the left one bypasses your event handler and performs the normal action. Otherwise people won't be able to open stuff in new tabs/windows/etc. when they want to.

Also, this may be the case already, but navigation links should have a sufficient URL such that if you open them in a new tab, you'd get the same result as if you clicked them.


File:1588099533849.gif (2.39 MB,600x338)



blessed schoolgirls and all their cute dances


which anime was this?


Jungle de ikou.


File:1578532140512.jpg (93.34 KB,1280x720)




best latina


File:pout-92.webm (1.69 MB,1920x1080)


File:lelteena.mp4 (722.18 KB,426x240)


File:69c609aadb2235ce856d4501ea….jpg (105.04 KB,600x678)


Is it best to watch Bubblegum Crisis before or after AD Police?


It's best to watch Bubblegum Crisis, period.


File:5906779dc4c011bdd78a471d1b….jpg (58.75 KB,736x552)

The bike and car scenes in this were a treat.


File:e8063b0968d574235c456cb3af….png (256.63 KB,516x638)


I couldn't put it down.
Now I've reached the end of the translations.
What did you do to me, Rumiko?!
I'm now going to have to come back every couple of months for the next decade like a druggie until this story ends.


Rumiko's stuff is pretty amazing, but I've never read the source manga instead of watching the anime


This is the first time I pick up her manga as well.
It is incredible. You will thank yourself for reading it.
As for the anime, I really hope this goes the rout of ranma or inuyasha, where they wait several years, and then make a proper adaptation, but she had her long running titles mistreated before or completely glossed over, and I feel as if this feels so fresh as is that waiting for the anime isn't the right course of action.


Bumping from the fabled second page
I really want more frens to read this masterpiece


File:77587.jpg (15.29 KB,360x360)


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On any board, the word most worthy of filtering is the local term for someone who doesn't belong.


Here, that'd be "frogposter," but you'd be hard-pressed to actually find support for such a filter precisely because most people here find them unwelcome.


I believe he meant something like calling random people from reddit. The site doesn't have a term like this as yet because no one has taken the initiative to promote the site and messed it up.


I've seen various terms that fit the bill, but I don't think we've converged on any particular term.


File:definetely.jpg (502.46 KB,1280x720)

>just because vulgarities jar zealots binding kissu visitors arbitrarily nullifies burgeoning natural growth without baseline gains yielding keyphrase no filters
I'm glad you got my point Anonymous

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