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really hope that iruma ditches the dumb traitorous loser boy kiriwo and joins the student council with ameri after the school is saved. she's cool and cute and a girl and i love her


big fox hag


she is cute but why does she have to be so big….


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how do we cure the gay
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eliminate all 3d girls and 2d boys


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You can't just kill off all 2d boys


intense shab therapy


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to think that there might by b*ys in this very thread…


That's pretty freaking gross


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eat meat


I'm vegetarian….


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rude, an animal died to eat food


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lets play a game
what character would you like to play???


i'm using the cyperpunk2020 rules if you would like to know what the stats mean
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chemical showers are designed to clean chemicals off of you silly, I for one won't stand to see such pretty clothes stinked or slimed


roll 1d10 for noticing please


Dice rollRolled 8



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You feel kind of at home here after the slime has drained away and you've gotten used to the cold. Something about it reminds you of your onii-chan. You've always been at home in labrotories and workshops since that's where you spent most of your time with him since you were created.

The water in the chemical shower is cold and harsh, but it's not too troubling. You notice that some of the little marks and scuffs you've gotten used to looking at on your hands and knees are gone. Onii-chan was going to take care of them eventually, but you don't remember him doing so….

You get the slime off you in the shower, and raise the surface temperature on your skin to evaporate the water away. The steam makes it much nicer in here and more comfy. You put on your dress and its very cute


more like which one do you want to FUK


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Seasonal stream starting up in an hour!

This thread will implode soon after



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how do i stop being a worthless neet? what do?


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How did our girl marry this beta otaku loser


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Short skirts…


Very nice physics. I wonder if they have to clean it up manually, it never seems to work that well in more amateur MMD stuff


Skirt that short might as well a type of bikini


shimakaze has the shortest skirt


For a second there i thought she was flipping the bird.


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