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File:888051.jpg (2.78 MB,2560x1600)


Welcome to Autumn,
The season of red, gold and brown.
The days get shorter and the night grows longer.
The seasonal cycle is nearing it's close.

This year, Autumn ends on December 21st
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File:__original_drawn_by_yugirl….jpg (382.88 KB,1157x1637)

i don't want it to end


File:667ad0ecf9.jpg (253.86 KB,1921x974)

me on the left


Red leaves of autumn.

File:Fennec_FoxAnime.png (1.01 MB,864x931)


So what's gonna happen on December 21?


/aut/ will freeze over and enter cryostasis for the better part of a year.


File:7dc42e5b3558baf49cbfc3eeb8….jpg (206.93 KB,781x842)

/aut/ism turns into /win/ning!


yeah but i remember people saying something about jupiter


That's supposed to happen on Monday, which I guess falls on the 21st...

Wish I kept track of the date better


File:[Erai-raws] Gochuumon wa U….jpg (209.11 KB,1280x720)


File:1593012600014.jpg (319.21 KB,1366x768)


Fall is always the best anime season, do you agree? I've noticed this in the 4 years I've been watching seasonal anime
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File:[Erai-raws] Tonari no Kyuu….jpg (112.63 KB,1280x720)

Ah whoops, forgot to include it in the screenshot


Do the nips have a break during this season or something? Maybe that'd explain why they save all the good stuff for this time


File:b3239b608f48e10cac64cbe5d2….jpg (54.28 KB,720x720)

I've seen so many seasons come and go that I can't really say which is generally better than another. Usually they all just mesh into a year or general time period. Only real year I remember fall especially was 2017 for being one of the best seasons in a while during what was a mostly uneventful year.


File:75188423_p0.jpg (3.06 MB,2894x4093)

Looking back at it now though, Summer and Fall each had a really good show in them as well, and Winter was chock full of good content. Guess it was just that SSR and HnK stood out so much from the rest.


File:1290Rimi-Ushigome-Cool-t7H….png (654.81 KB,1334x1002)

Fall wins again!!! For me at least.

File:The.Good.the.Bad.and.the.U….jpg (219.15 KB,1920x816)


Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?
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Be the bigger man. And cut it out with the ellipsis.


Cool OP pic. By mere coincidence the only western thing I keep watching are westerns. Lee Van Cleef is cool, the Sabata movies made me able to clear his sheet in my mind as someone who is only an antagonist.


File:f8ed6cwmdbqwnrqoihf6fhbmdy….jpg (308.68 KB,1000x1500)

Luc Besson is my favorite creator of three dimensional anime.


Gonna watch this


I watched Africa Addio.


Here's to learning English


Is he drawing /qa/-tan at the end?


Thank Mr.English for sharing us these insights.


No, he is drawing a face. He drew /qa/tan yesterday morning



Favorite streamer dropped out of University I graduated from to play AoE full time
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it was german


They still use punctuation in Germany, didn't you finish elementary school? This university must be worse than I first thought with standards like that.


if you like punctuation so much why dont you marry it




I actually don't see the Franks as a good civilization choice. They broke apart way too early, they really would not get past the Dark age in the game and certainly they should not be using throwing axemen in the imperial age or existing at all at that point.

File:1547603172095.jpg (795.28 KB,1024x1125)


Winter is just around the corner.


File:f021dbad8ea32569dc5224b508….jpg (187.59 KB,900x1440)

Can hardly wait, it's my favorite season.


thats not very appropriate winter attire

File:3b6225e1c7e29a3f116606c488….jpg (97.19 KB,500x500)



a console of rom hacks sounds more interesting to me than the real deal. some of them are really entertaining
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Personally, albeit not as creative, I'm a fan of Super Luigi Land: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthread&t=94187


It quite literally spoils the article


never been there, I only posted it because it was the game in the article (which you didn't read obviously)


>Howard says he paid $60 for the console.
hahaha ohwow


i already said that that isn't an introduction to retro video games in *any way*. if that was my first exposure i would think that these are cheap knock-off consoles with ugly graphics and move on ignoring retro games as a whole like most kids do, until i find a proper introduction
you sound like an overprotective parental figure

File:539fb414e27a4bb31cf1e0bb57….jpg (1015.35 KB,3236x2000)


Sunset is at 4:13...
when will this end...


File:index.jpg (1.45 MB,2560x1080)

aaaaa sunrise is at 7:28
I'm living in the dark


File:920690.jpg (1.12 MB,1076x1520)

I wish the eternal night could continue forever, it's nice...


Let's trade. There's still light at 9 pm here


hella love eggs and coffee


they are hella boring to be honest


eat it yourself and post results


sugar is evil




File:82024973_p0.png (962.25 KB,1056x876)

America wins again

File:Screenshot 2020-12-08 0747….png (209.03 KB,898x778)


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Heh, yeah. Was thinking it sounded like a Star Trek ripoff the second it mentioned a Federation. Even before, even, since it's reminiscent of the episode in which there was a civilization like earth's where the population was also "not ready" to join the federation yet.


sage combo breaker


I think the outgoing US administration has shown that there really isn't any great secret to be spilled unfortunately


And all one needs to do is buy his book to find out more.


can I sex the ayys?

File:__kisaragi_chihaya_idolmas….png (3.13 MB,2480x3507)


Everything seems so messed up. The world keeps getting worse and worse. People are forced into more and more debt in order to get by. Giant companies cut costs, pass them off to consumers, and price gouge all to appease shareholders. People are forced to rent everything they have because it's not financially feasible to own anything anymore. Governments which are supposed to protect its citizens ignore it as they only seek to gain more power for themselves. The only way I see this getting fixed is an economic collapse to restart the system. But that will hurt a lot of people and take generations to recover. I like to think it's not as bad as it seems and my perception is just warped from secluding myself to imageboards most of my life, but every time I look at the real world, it just doesn't seem okay. I hope I'm wrong and everything isn't actually as messed up as I see it, but I'm not too confident in that....

I'm drunk and depressed right now and I don't know why I wrote this but I did. Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry.
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File:Screenshot_2020-12-10 Lowy….png (191.63 KB,1396x728)

UH oh, things don't look good for animeland either.


File:Screenshot 2020-12-10 0828….png (133.63 KB,984x746)


It's from the same report your one says October this was from a video dated to October 21.


Stalin's Great Purge happened before USA recognition of USSR, not to mention back then UK was the superpower and it had already recognized USSR in 1924, 12 years before the Great Purge. USA didn't become a superpower until WWII. After the Great Purge, USSR and Nazi Germany had good relationship and signed an non-aggression pact and it was the Nazi that later started war first against USSR.
The USA supported the Nationalists in Chinese because KMT-controlled China was a pro-western dictatorship, which was always the case until the late 80s.
Nixon administration normalized relationship with China not because "to split the Communist world" because it was already split. China and USSR already had a bad relationship over nuclear bomb development, so it made sense that USA would cooperate with China to go against the anti-elite USSR.
Deng Xiaoping was the most pro-west ruler of China ever and his economic policy gave the elites a hope of China replacing USA as the world superpower, given the huge population of China. This is when the elite-controlled USA started to greenlight a series of economy policies that would help China become a superpower. China cooperated by keeping the labor cost down through dictatorship, therefore convincing the investors to transfer manufacturing to China.


ukraine is much more corrupt and shittier country than russia but they are allowed in EU and even maybe NATO because of power politics
and at some point in history that could have been russia

File:kanda midori.jpg (490.84 KB,900x599)


Wasn't there a cute girl thread here
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File:New-Web-Games-Kantai-Colle….jpg (80.84 KB,750x518)

/aut/ and etc. are the only places where >2d is allowed


File:zell ching.jpg (303.63 KB,1366x2048)

removed a watermark


I deleted it because it annoyed me having to see it all the time.





Not to be that guy but... why didn't you just hide it?

File:Slippery_Dick_Wrasse_-_Hal….jpg (3.12 MB,2817x1755)



>It is a protogynous hermaphrodite

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