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File:888051.jpg (2.78 MB,2560x1600)


Welcome to Autumn,
The season of red, gold and brown.
The days get shorter and the night grows longer.
The seasonal cycle is nearing it's close.

This year, Autumn ends on December 21st


File:shiny ufo.jpg (198.87 KB,850x1202)

>The season of red, gold and brown.
Here it is, the miracle!


File:ElELFATU0AAmqLG.jpg (68.51 KB,481x680)

autumn image

File:1452534597042.jpg (1.8 MB,2000x3085)


Soon it will be All Hollow Weensperm's Eve. Are you ready?


File:[Chyuu] Kuma Miko - Girl M….jpg (398.84 KB,1280x720)

no im scared


I don't eat candy anymore, so I guess I just have to focus on the spookie stuff and the tricks.


i can see it...


File:85326130_p0.jpg (111.49 KB,690x1512)

My cock is ready



I think orangutans would've been a better pick than gibbons.


what makes you say that


File:Orangutan_Kalimantan.jpg (2.15 MB,2400x1590)

While gibbons are definitely more energetic, I think orangutans probably enjoy life more. Orangutans are just generally more laid back and curious about the world. I think that sort of built-in mentality of taking things in slowly probably allows them to better enjoy things.


im dyin


I see he still carries out his holy duties heh


I've heard that South Park is the most popular western show in Japan.


Primes are very important

File:1488653364570.jpg (926.92 KB,1920x1806)



I remember reading about this awhile ago I figured it would haven been forgotten about now. Hopefully they never show their greedy ugly faces in public again.


Imagine, if you will, laser weapons
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What difference would that make in it's power? Not too familiar with the optical physics behind it.


File:[Erai-raws] Higurashi no N….jpg (181.05 KB,1280x720)

I wonder if I could ever use this for anything. I guess it'd be good for making holes in computer cases if you wanted to convert something to watercooling


you could zap some nerd butts with it


It's pretty simple, really. Power = energy / time.

To go into a little more detail, when a laser is pulsed instead of being continuous, the desired result is to compress the amount of energy being released. So, although the amount of work being done is technically the same, the amount of energy can be orders of magnitude different. I suppose the best way to think about it is like with momentum; you might think the amount of mass the typical bullet has is pitiful -- typically only weighing a few grams -- but when shot at the speeds they are, they can do a lot of damage. By comparison, if a 1kg bowling ball were to exert the exact same amount of work that a typical bullet does, it would only end up moving at a jogging pace.


I remember reading some nerd on somewhere like atomic rockets that pulsed lasers of a theoretically possible power could blast through any and all possible armor conceivable, and how lasers at a certain level are stripping away electron bonds directly so it's like impossible to beat them with any trick like mirrors or ablation or something

File:IMG_20201021_003144.jpg (357.4 KB,2002x3000)



thigh girls...


File:EkbFoNbU0AAYmfJ.jpg (77.79 KB,852x1046)



socks in bath?


she must be embarrassed having forgotten such a basic step

File:hypnotised.jpg (989.91 KB,3024x4032)


Take note of the clock, then read these phrases to yourself aloud. If you experience missing time, you may be a Manchurian sleeper agent.


Wait a minute... Wouldn't these still be activating the manchurian candidate?...

This strikes me as one of those newscasts that say things like, "DO NOT mix these chemicals, it'll create chlorine gas," but inadvertently then teaches people how to make chlorine gas...

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (416.15 KB,1920x1080)



File:yande.re 443396 heidemarie….jpg (2.68 MB,3243x4635)


it snowed...


most leaves outside my window are green still




I miss snow....


File:cdc8a76dd4bcfbcbe17dc101c2….jpg (1.15 MB,835x1179)

Have a yourself a very merry white halloween~

File:The.Good.the.Bad.and.the.U….jpg (219.15 KB,1920x816)


Has kissu laid eyes upon media from the forbidden third dimension recently?
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To be fair, the fuck Nazis part wasn't really a product of the times and part of the original comic Stormfront was a Nazi himself. The "cuck shit" however felt pretty unnecessary, and I was glad once it left the show.


File:ss.jpg (189.95 KB,1920x1080)


Please don't use dumb made-up words like "cuck", thank you.


Hard not to when the show itself literally uses the word....


Be the bigger man. And cut it out with the ellipsis.


Time to get spooky.


File:85018441_p0.png (574.48 KB,1086x794)


It's that time of year again when high school students are taught algorithms for calculating matrix operations without any hint of the meaning behind the calculations or what they might realistically use it for.
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This is a pervasive mindset that follows most of the teaching profession. Imagine if for any other subject the teacher just threw their hands up and said, "that's just the way it is." How many civil engineers would be completely lost if they were only taught "the triangle is the strongest shape, it just is." The fact that the applications of things are hardly ever taught makes education itself a borderline sham.


Fair point, laying down and accepting the abhorrent state of modern public schooling doesn't solve anything. But how many high school teachers themselves would even understand the applications of some of the math concepts they teach? I feel like you'd need to rework what makes a teacher qualified to teach a subject, but then the question becomes if a prospective teacher is capable of understanding and teaching higher levels of math why would they then settle for teaching at public schools instead of advancing their own education to the point they are qualified to be a professor.


It's already the case that some teachers at the more highly ranked public schools are qualified and knowledgeable about their subject. At my own high school there were quite a few teachers who attended prestigious universities and some who held multiple degrees. It's more than possible to make the teaching profession genuinely professional and respected, but such change would likely have to come either through teachers unions raising the median salary enough to attract more educated teachers or be born out of some political movement towards improving education to match or exceed other first-world countries.


I think you're being unfair to teachers. I'm sure there's plenty of bad apples but I can't fault teachers for being unmotivated when their working conditions suck most of the time. Public schools are full of kids who don't give a shit, so why should they?

>It's already the case that some teachers at the more highly ranked public schools are qualified and knowledgeable about their subject. At my own high school there were quite a few teachers who attended prestigious universities and some who held multiple degrees.

I got into a similar high school in a period of transition where they were loosening their admission criteria to allow students from less privileged backgrounds a chance for a better standard of education (ironic, considering I was from a less privileged background and would have managed to get in regardless). Garbage bins were set on fire, the school got filled with graffiti, there were a couple of cases of violent robbery within school premises and on a couple of occasions crowds composed of people who had no affiliation with the school would gather outside waiting for a student to get out to settle scores. The student council ceased to exist and afterschool activities ceased to function one after the other as equipment was broken. Teaching standards took a nose dive but the teaching staff was virtually the same. For the record, Mr. racial realist lurker, the school's ethnic makeup didn't change.


Surely your own experience is a bit of an extreme example... I'm well aware that such delinquent schools exist, but I doubt they're anywhere near being the majority. Admittedly, I suppose my own experience was fairly different than most people's on account of being "gifted."

File:1479340553858.png (735.08 KB,851x937)



I can't imagine the number is very big. Last I checked, WoW was still hemorrhaging users. Since there really isn't any advertizing to speak of, I'd have to assume that the way most people are finding out about WoW is through word of mouth and then joining because they feel like they've missed out on playing or something. Wouldn't surprise me if the number of people still playing Overwatch is greater than the number still playing WoW, to be honest.

Also, I recognize that artwork, but I can't possibly remember what it's from (other than that it's a doujin, of course) and it's driving me a little crazy.



Knew it was 774

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