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I'm planning to make updates to the site again.

Firstly if there's any feature people want added here then I'll add it in after a bit of thought. This thread talks about wanting an archive. Using that I could lower the page count to make a reoccurring blog easier. It's a bit of work, but if it's something useful to the software I guess I'll add it in.

Secondly I'd like to focus on making changes to the sync side of the site, theatre.kissu.moe, such as making google drive work without the userscript(this will have to be done in such a way that I could revert it to requiring the userscript again if for whatever reason the devs decided to take the userscript approach begin to resurface).More important to me personally is adding on to the ability to use theatre as an anonymous chatroom with features such as disabled video, a more hexchat styled CSS and maybe some other ideas.

Lastly some things are glitching out on the backend and mod side of things such as the proxy blocker and being able to post things from the mod side conveniently.

I'd also like to create a distributed version of the software to give out to people who want to set up this version of vichan somewhere else. I dunno if anyone wants it though so it's low priority.
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Thinking about going into dev mode again sometime. I have projects to work on though…

Figure I'll make some fixes to existing things and add another feature from the bottom list


added unlisted channels in a fake way,
just disabled them from shutting down by ending a function early

File: 1545089419745.png (415.97 KB, 1577x1024, firefox_2018-12-17_17-27-3….png)


It still needs work, like for example I can't figure out how to get the red text in links to change to a better color. Please give feedback (this is obviously a dark theme, but I plan to make light ones too!)
1. Click Options in upper-right and set your CSS to Yotsuba B (it's the default starting point for tinyboard CSSs apparently)
2. Click the User CSS tab and paste in https://pastebin.com/raw/08mvFmYN

I particularly want to know what people think of the text glow for the board title and thread subject text. I like it, but I can see how others wouldn't. Colors definitely aren't finalized at all…
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File: 1549825461322.png (935.44 KB, 3815x1901, Screenshot_2019-02-10 It s….png)

this is the full model


yeah, have to keep page at 80% zoomed to see her entirely
I like the colors though


For me I can't see her past the ears until 65%
oh well, wasabi is nice anyways

File: 1553114541945.jpg (372.43 KB, 1890x933, 97a8c4d3d7.jpg)


I gotta add yellow to the site somewhere…


How about to the name field? A brightish yellow would work pretty well, and it might give the theme a more noir look


Hmm, maybe not exactly traditional noir, but the bright green definitely doens't mesh as well as a nice yellow would.


I'll give that a try tomorrow

File: 1552971094622.png (511.65 KB, 817x1161, a4e0fd7e4720d4be035e9ed5f2….png)


Can you make a bot that logs into exhentai, so that it can read the links…


ex uses a cookie to check if you're allowed to view right?


i'll have to outfit the bot to have a cookie store or something


you could check out https://github.com/twiddli/happypanda maybe. i know that it can parse through exhentai to match metadata if you provide it a member hash and password


Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

File: 1552028332346.png (873.95 KB, 2218x2218, a66c7d80ffaf4f7f9461ad4eb2….png)


What's a good Python IDE?


VSCode if you can tolerate electronshit


Pycharm is the best

File: 1552548407239.jpg (169.59 KB, 868x1068, [Erai-raws] New Game!! - 0….jpg)


You should really get that handy post counter for when there's a new post on the board that GNFOS has. It's super useful.


already has it I thought. Though the auto update might be breaking some pages


it has it when in a thread, but GNFOS has an even better version where it'll update to show you how many new posts have occurred while you have the index opened in a tab


Something people wanted was a dynamic index

File: 1551808804954.png (1.59 MB, 1280x720, [Asakura] Isekai Maou to S….png)


Is there a way to include /megu/ on the front page without displaying the images from it?
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It'd be nice I think, with /megu/ having a decent amount of activity on it.


File: 1551940254497.jpg (94.85 KB, 386x454, 1474698447662.jpg)


I'll add overboard as well that's just SFW, but a bug is preventing me from just adding it from the dev panel


sigh… admin stuff is bugged now


Adding the overboard without first changing the templates to .php seems to have resulted in crashing the admin tools and producing some strange behaviour on the user side

File: 1551185201553.jpg (311.74 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190226-074550.jpg)




no we should hide from jewgle


File: 1551252758177.png (25.05 KB, 788x501, 422459412a.png)

but bing doesn't give us a neat listing….


boards and fourms live and die by their userbase and a more active is one is definitely more fun, but how can you attract only non-retard high quality poster material

File: 1551741331777.webm (444.83 KB, 510x540, 1549150747011.webm)


Hey there anon,want to have a good time?


File: 1551741805881.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 1551269540135.png)

You gonna carry that weight…


who are these sexy girls

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