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blender is really cool

File: 1555154642179.jpg (40.92 KB, 1024x1024, q16.jpg)


I want to see what it looks like here.
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File: 1555464572762.jpg (162.05 KB, 1400x1400, table-crop1400.jpg)


File: 1555464796380.jpg (1.86 MB, 1392x1392, ucm-crop1392.jpg)

Let's see what happens if we crop this one.


File: 1555573203001.jpg (773.43 KB, 1504x1488, ulcm.jpg)


File: 1555618657869.png (199.01 KB, 320x297, e6c648188d.png)

I can tell who u, c, and m are, but not l. Does it stand for Comic Lo or something?


File: 1555622154558.jpg (803.59 KB, 1200x1190, 58809736_p0.jpg)


Apparently you don't even need to know how to code to use unity


How successful are any of these graphical interfaces at getting non-programmers programming? It seems like it would be just as confusing for beginners as normal programming but more tedious.


For people who don't like to read it's another way to approach programming.

I think written is more powerful, but I found this out from a Unity thing for writing shaders where they do it through a graph/node system since debugging shaders is a pain so a graphical notation is easier even if less powerful. It's easier to conceptualize as well because it gives you a visualization of the data you're passing through the nodes.

File: 1554869814131.jpg (103.01 KB, 600x550, photo_wasabi_paste.jpg)


wasabi theme doesn't work for me on here anymore.

File: 1546746003527.png (359.9 KB, 800x800, 4e5d2fe98dd0aa53bd3a458f1d….png)


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File: m1554306888564.png (193.38 KB, 656x600, 12048_new-nintendo-3ds-pre….png)


Hello respectable individuals. I just finished making this new imageboard on TOR. I haven't named it yet, but it would be nice if you guys could tell me what you think. http://vs5eqpjze3yvnw22ry53iflaoyvdm5dvjbubfolfoud4geygfhopzoid.onion/


Actually seems pretty active for just a few people posting. I was worried whether it'd be random or serious /pol/ based on the board title, but I'm glad it turned out to be the former. You should probably try figuring out what kind of community you want to try and promote on the site and then advertising on more popular 4chan boards where you think you can find the kind of people you're looking for. After that just figure out the associated spinoffs with those and maybe advertise on those if the initial strategy doesn't work out.

File: m1553340999173.jpg (286.32 KB, 666x720, confused maho.jpg)


I plan on upgrading my PC soon. Should I buy an RX 580, GTX 1060 or wait for the GTX 1660?
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How long until the 1660 comes out?


stop supporting nvidia


What's so bad about them? I see hate for them all the time, but can never figure out for what reason


check if you have a good enough PSU


File: 1554235800872.jpg (132.43 KB, 846x1200, f31f7f05955273d3afc5aeeeed….jpg)

So I think I've decided what to do; I'll buy an RX 580 because I read that a game I really wanna play runs really well on AMD hardware. The GTX 1660 doesn't have a very good price in Europe anyway.

Thanks for the help everyone.

File: 1553898083781.png (54.95 KB, 793x425, ccab98213e.png)


Think I found it…


he does it server side…



File: 1552548407239.jpg (169.59 KB, 868x1068, [Erai-raws] New Game!! - 0….jpg)


You should really get that handy post counter for when there's a new post on the board that GNFOS has. It's super useful.


already has it I thought. Though the auto update might be breaking some pages


it has it when in a thread, but GNFOS has an even better version where it'll update to show you how many new posts have occurred while you have the index opened in a tab


Something people wanted was a dynamic index




or not, kind of buggy behavior


Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit


File: 1553545345627.mp4 (8.71 MB, 640x520, 4 Sculpt_jp.mp4)

File: 1553114541945.jpg (372.43 KB, 1890x933, 97a8c4d3d7.jpg)


I gotta add yellow to the site somewhere…


How about to the name field? A brightish yellow would work pretty well, and it might give the theme a more noir look


Hmm, maybe not exactly traditional noir, but the bright green definitely doens't mesh as well as a nice yellow would.


I'll give that a try tomorrow

File: 1552971094622.png (511.65 KB, 817x1161, a4e0fd7e4720d4be035e9ed5f2….png)


Can you make a bot that logs into exhentai, so that it can read the links…


ex uses a cookie to check if you're allowed to view right?


i'll have to outfit the bot to have a cookie store or something


you could check out https://github.com/twiddli/happypanda maybe. i know that it can parse through exhentai to match metadata if you provide it a member hash and password

File: 1552028332346.png (873.95 KB, 2218x2218, a66c7d80ffaf4f7f9461ad4eb2….png)


What's a good Python IDE?


VSCode if you can tolerate electronshit


Pycharm is the best

File: 1551808804954.png (1.59 MB, 1280x720, [Asakura] Isekai Maou to S….png)


Is there a way to include /megu/ on the front page without displaying the images from it?
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It'd be nice I think, with /megu/ having a decent amount of activity on it.


File: 1551940254497.jpg (94.85 KB, 386x454, 1474698447662.jpg)


I'll add overboard as well that's just SFW, but a bug is preventing me from just adding it from the dev panel


sigh… admin stuff is bugged now


Adding the overboard without first changing the templates to .php seems to have resulted in crashing the admin tools and producing some strange behaviour on the user side

File: 1551185201553.jpg (311.74 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190226-074550.jpg)




no we should hide from jewgle


File: 1551252758177.png (25.05 KB, 788x501, 422459412a.png)

but bing doesn't give us a neat listing….


boards and fourms live and die by their userbase and a more active is one is definitely more fun, but how can you attract only non-retard high quality poster material

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