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Feedback #4: Bugs,..
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      Feedback #4: Bugs, Ideas and Feedback
      Verniy ## Admin
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      B: /b/R: 737

      Last issue established problems with Kissu's software and the need to expand into custom written user interfaces, moderation tools and customization of existing aspects.

      As of this point kissu's experimental UI is in a beta state(all functionality planned out for the current revision, usable, but buggy and unstable).
      The experimental UI's purpose is to bring a 4chanX like environment into kissu providing it with dynamic content that reacts to the user's needs and offers a more responsiveness to the board changes(notifications on site content and your own). A list of features will be set below in the next post.
      What we have now is a server with read only permissions on the vichan database to create it's own API pages for the React front-end+server.
      While it handles poorly on 800 post threads, this is likely due to poor optimization that I'll fix in the coming weeks. That being said, there is a huge improvement to viewing experience in music threads such as https://beta.kissu.moe/qa/thread/47339#qa-47339

      Kissu was also targeted for the first time by script spammers with preexisting knowledge on the workings of Vichan, even going so far as to script spam my banner program with account generation. Though we managed not to cause any interruptions to people's activities on Kissu it required a lot of energy from the staff and required me to get a moderator in addition to Cool. This giving us 22 hour surveillance over the actions happening on the site.
      I also felt that time was up for /megu/ which I was uncomfortable about. The new board /ec/ offers a more arguably cultured/artistic board devoted to cute and sexy image sharing.
      In the future we will need more moderation tools and I think that the following 3 will put kissu into a state where it's in full control of it's own agenda.

      The current three tools that I feel will help kissu and not be too hard to implement are:
      - Perceptual hashing: http://blockhash.io/
      This will target people's avatars and repetitive image spam. Cloudflare already provides this for child sexual abuse material(and even forwards offending IPs), but for our own purposes this is needed to put more stress on spammers obfuscating their images. In the very least, when combined with a captcha, their spam becomes less recognizable and more comedic when they have to put noise into it. Nonetheless, I think that it's worth pointing out that no captcha or spam gaurd is unsolvable and there needs to be other solutions.
      - Archive Backups
      The archive on kissu doesn't yet function as a backup because post information gets wiped when it gets knocked off of the pages. Though the archive isn't planned to be a feature of the experimental UI, it is still useful for moderation and restoration of the site after captcha breaking spam attacks.

      Still, what if the spammer is completely automated, breaking the captcha, flooding every second, spamming every single thread on the site… then what?

      A year ago I made the proxy scrapper program that searches pages for IPs and submits them into the ban table.
      This is a solution that catches 1 or 2 ips every so often. But what if it needs to be expanded to eliminate large swaths of IPs and thuroughly deny access from any webserver proxy? Well, it might be worth considering how 4chan handles rangebans. A new function should be added to vichan whenever the system or mod bans an IP address that potentially eliminates subnets when a certain threshold of bans are hit. If the IP scrapper sees that a number of IPs are banned between it will make the decision that the subnet is unusable due to spam and automaticly issue a ban. Naturally this will cascade upwards to when a certain threshold is hit. This combined with filter rules for autobanning will create a system where script spammers are getting consistently shut out and maintain the speed of vichan which starts slowing down when the ban table hits 1000 entries.
      In addition to this, it means that mods don't have to put in as much thought into combatting spam making it easier for these active users to contribute to the community and not police it.

      -Real backups
      Kissu needs an automated backup system. This is not complicated to do for the database, but images will take more effort. I could pay the server provider some money for this, but unless there is a crash, I'll find a manual system, or accept recommendations on this.

      These will be done using Vichan since there will be way too much unnecessary wheel reinventing otherwise

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      Thread 4244
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      For https://beta.kissu.moe/ I've forgotten to add the API information necessary to trigger inline expansion. It's in a really unstable state right now as well and my priority may be kissu's security for a bit, but I will list the set of features.

      - The experimental user interface allows for no javascript viewing of content such as polls, scores and posts. Posting is not currently in the plan, but could be in the future.
      - A sidebar now contains most of the important navigational tools and page information
      - Banners rotate when clicked, but banner ads work as normal.
      - News, boards and partners are included into one object that is dragable
      - Summary tab keeps track of all new posts on the site. It also can notify you whenever a post has been made on the site.
      - Global and board search allows you to easily find what you're looking for
      - Makes use of FireFox's right click menu and additional tabs in chrome
      - It's a single page environment, meaning it looks like you're navigating the site but are always on the same page. This is theoretically faster and means that unless you are doing an application layer DDoS I don't have to worry about you clogging things up.
      - XSS proof. There is only one instance where html may be inserted dangerously meaning user security is easier to handle.
      - Some information is generated based on cookies meaning there is a possibility for a very effective no-javascript experience if demand exists.

      - You can decide what boards you want to see
      - You can create your own custom quote characters
      - Mascots still exist
      - Custom CSS still exists(and you can create your own shareable custom comment tags)

      - Active threads shows you which threads have been last responded to
      - Featured threads are admin curated best picks going on in kissu
      - Hovering over will generate the full thread, and right clicking allows you to pin
      - Partners are given their own dedicated space in recognition of their efforts.

      - The overboard allows you to eliminate any board you want
      - Allows for paged or catalog viewing
      - Works fully with no javascript users.
      - The overboard is sortable
      - The index watcher will now behave like boards and ignore sage.

      Threads in general:
      - Threads and posts can be completely removed so you don't have to worry about even seeing the stub.
      - Threads are also sortable(creation date, bump order, last reply, reply count)
      - Threads (will) expand inline
      - Index watcher still exists to notify you of new posts

      - The fileboard continues to exist now with the new file expansion method

      - This is the more disapointing aspect. Currently there's no way for me to effectively render graphs without making the script huge and slow. The text is just colored, which leads to some strange situations.
      - However, it now works with no javascript, but you can't yet vote.

      - Posts can be expanded inline meaning text walls do not dominate threads
      - Custom insertion of style tags. Typing text will give your text a span with the class of test. This means you can use custom CSS to a greater degree. For security, no transparency is allowed and urls, if not already, will override.
      - Yen text and custom quote
      - Replies to your posts will notify you when you have a response

      - Clicking a cite will now open up a new window that creates a reply chain. This should make it possible to reply to large threads and at a glance tell what the discussion is like.
      - Citation hover brings up a preview like always

      Files, Embeds, and Flashes:
      - Images and gifs expand like always
      - Videos(mp4 and webm), audio and flashes open up in a new window that allows you to browse the thread and close them at any time.
      - Embeds are given their own window that allows for a larger view than previously.
      - Embedded videos are also given thumbnails making it much easier to load pages such as the music thread.
      - Hover over a filename to reveal it all

      Submitting Posts:
      - The reply or create box will follow you around unless you dismiss it(no longer have to worry about pressing back accidentally)
      - The comment is under the WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet principle, or rich text. If you type in a quote the line of text will turn green. If you type text then the text will be given your custom tag
      - Post Previews allow for previewing how a post will look before it is submitted
      - URL and Media submissions are combined into one element
      - You can modify the filenames of your images by editing them in the given box
      - Post submission on the overboard is multi-staged meaning you write up a post, then choose the board then if it's a poll you write up the poll.
      - Replies to threads allow for a post queue to be created

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      Thread 4245

      List of bugs to resolve
      - Fix API to create index expander
      - Home Decache
      - banned.php can be used to check bans
      - /ec/ missing and options
      - Circle for taba is wrong
      - Handle situations with a moved file
      - Hover preview for old style backlinks
      - Rules and FAQ need proper files
      - … sorting should be changed to bumps only
      - Stickies not being handled properly
      - Post Queue does not work(crash)
      - Mobile should make use of text-areas
      - Rich text has various bugs to resolve
      - Rich text should handle legacy style formats
      - Preview cancellation needs a better system
      - Custom style security
      - Home removes active threads on delete
      - Reply count not being set
      - golang sometimes does not write valid JSON(reason undetermined)
      - Captcha not bypassing filter
      - Capcodes not being set
      - Mod icons not in a row
      - Page list not in a row
      - Spoilers, deletes, generic thumbnails not being used
      - Reply notifications not being sent
      - QR should handle quotes and thread numbers
      - Handle HTML tags for summary and details
      - Improve dragging of windowed files
      - Article mode has width issues
      - Tripcodes missing
      - Cursor on ad hover
      - Top bar tab not consistent with user choice sometimes
      - Summary notifications don't lead to given post
      - Summary notifications annoying when multiple tabs open, perhaps refine to board if not on home.
      - 404 error not being created on 404 threads
      - Whitelist token input
      - Unexplained crashes
      - Titles are inconsistent

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      Thread 4246

      >- Custom insertion of style tags. Typing text will give your text a span with the class of test. This means you can use custom CSS to a greater degree. For security, no transparency is allowed and urls, if not already, will override.

      This sounds cool but you might want to add a prefix to the class names, or otherwise people could use class names for markup that clash with the class names used elsewhere, causing Kissu's scripts and/or userscripts to malfunction and maybe even causing malicious things to happen if they're clever enough.

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      Thread 4247

      Yeah, good point

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      Thread 4248


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      Thread 4249

      Das a lotta features. Great job dealing with the spam, too.
      >Clicking a cite will now open up a new window that creates a reply chain.
      Like in 4chanX?

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      Thread 4250

      oh, heres one ive been wanting to mention but always forget. My laptop screen is small so if i ever have to solve a captchouli, the textbox to paste the code in as well as the submit button are hidden and i cant scroll down to it so i cant submit the code. ill take a picture of it next time it happens so i can show you

      then, because that kept happening, i discovered that if the captchouli comes up i can just close the pop up window and hit the "New Reply" button and the post will submit anyway without me solving the captchouli

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      Thread 4251

      That's probably because the flood timer ran out, if it locked you into completing a captcha that would've been bad

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      Thread 4253

      I'd like to know what's going wrong. You can flick down to scroll the captcha, but it might not be very clear to do this.

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      Thread 4258

      let me see if i can recreate it real quick, im going to spam /trans/ until i get the flood message

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      Thread 4259

      /test/ will do as well

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      Thread 4260

      sure, let me see if i can recreate it. going to spam until i get the flood message, ill delete it all after

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      Thread 4261
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      browser is acting weird. i did it here since /trans/ wouldnt let me post, i didnt even think of /test/ ill use that next time

      basically this pops up and the bottom part is hidden, if i scroll down it moves with the window as the rest of the page scrolls. changing browser size doesnt fix it either

      im not sure how i was able to post my last post either, i solved the captchouli and then mashed kind of near the one pixel you can see of the button near the bottom so maybe thats the fix

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      Thread 4262

      i see, it's not triggering the condensed version

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      Thread 4263

      I fixed a CSS rule so it should trigger a smaller version now when you don't have enough height.

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      Thread 4274
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      >Like in 4chanX?
      A bit different and more along the idea of trying to create microthreads. Instead of making the user manually open every link what I've been working on is the ability to create a chain that automatically does it for you.

      This UI is an interpretation of 4chanX's customization and automation features.

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      Thread 4275

      First new anti-spam tool is last one I'd ever want to use.

      Effectively blocks poster's IP ranges from posting until they submit a ban appeal.
      This would probably be used if captcha got broken and someone was using a residential botnet,
      or if I died and cool needed to keep the site running.

      My preffered system will probably be an ISP check on post submit that locks someone using a webserver ISP, or whatever regex term is needed.

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      Thread 4276

      seems like you have to pay money to get this information in a timely manner(ie. not querying someone's website).

      ISP detection would have to be done after the post. In this case it seems like a better thing to do after bans on top of an automatic subnet lockout to get better information about weather the IP is from a commercial service or residential area…

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      Thread 4277

      decided to make a filter using PHP's gethostbyaddr. It's a hit or miss solution to detecting if an IP is a proxy or not, but it seems to work in certain cases.

      I believe it functions on a lookup table, so there might be ways to improve this

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      Thread 4278

      I also added a whitelist table which will allow given users to get through filters and rangebans on approval.

      My final system of auto-bans is going to be the bans table condenser which will estimate if a range should be locked down or not.
      This will be an extension on top of the GoLang API server(Hazuki) to handle scheduled tasks of automatically adding via proxy lists and optimizing the bans table.

      algorithm as follows

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      Thread 4279

      Algorithm as follows

      Need to program in the helper functions and figure out how to work with IP addresses in golang.(I did the factorial loop incorrect)

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      Thread 4280
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      Die proxies, die

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      Thread 4288

      2 last topics of anti-spam are archive recovery and perceptual hashing

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      Thread 4295

      Hey, Vern, can you add in the ability to edit banners after you've posted them? There's been a few times where I've either wanted to update a banner or change the URL but been unable to do so without taking down the previous banner and uploading what's essentially a "new" one.

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      Thread 4296

      Archive restore is done, but it's half programmed on hazuki-golang and half on vichan(DB on api server, thread files on vichan) so I'll finish that off then move on to the perceptual hashing question.

      After this, i'll leave mod tools until there's another need to improve them, but I think we have just about as much features as 4chan with the exception of better dashboards and management monitoring tools…

      I'll see what it take when working on it comes up again, but it shouldn't be anything more than another option in the user dashboard

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      Thread 4305

      there's a function which checks if bans have expired and it seems to be doing that very inefficiently.

      If I comment it out kissu can handle 160,000 bans easily, but with it on it struggles to post in under 10 seconds

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      Thread 4306

      oh man… it's Twig isn't it… the thing I'm trying to replace is attempting to build the entire bans table https://kissu.moe/bans-all.html
      so it freezes posting because it tries to create a json representation of the data. I can't put it onto another thread because php is single threaded… that's messed up

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      Thread 4307

      Archive functionality is developed on hazuki-go to serve as a temporary backup. What's remaining on vichan is the index construction and the archive.json generation.
      Archive pages are depreciated, but information about them will stay around(json files, html pages and archive as a temporary image storage). They're not worth the continued investment in for functions other than moderation.

      The proxy-logger is still making rangeban guesses on the 160,000 bans, but I realized by formula for /17 subnets was too large meaning none will be done as yet… when it's finished and I've moved over the archive stuff I'll run it again to do further compression if any may exist.
      The logger can do /9 subnets but this may be overkill, I've yet to see.
      This experiment is mostly about seeing if there's a way to confirm posting from risky locations rather than locking out. Kissu's whitelist-anti-ban feature will help here.

      When this is moved over all that's left for the anti-spam purposes will be a perceptual hashing solution. Likely this too will be done on Hazuki-Go which will communicate with http://blockhash.io/ or a similar functioning package within golang.
      What will follow is more work on the revised UI, see about some banner program alterations(editting banners, perceptual hashing duplicate checks might be good), could even do it as a warmup, make Hazuki-Go less hardcoded and I need to start thinking about money so I'll probably be making a bigger deal of that again.

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      Thread 4308

      >Archive pages are depreciated
      Does this mean you're thinking about getting rid of them? I hope not; I like to go back and read the threads I didn't have time to look at before archiving.

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      Thread 4309
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      I've been wondering for a bit, but is beta supposed to be giving 404 errors on every page?

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      Thread 4310

      zzz there's a problem where if it sometimes writes the json files incorrectly and it means I need to manually fix them. So naturally the property pages for home, all and so on have broken.

      {"banner":{"small":{"url":"https://banners.kissu.moe/req?s=https%3A%2F%2Fbanners.kissu.moe\u0026f=dKoWVekfJv0lMI4KOWQxptRUfMjYydNuiPzeuWQF.png","uri":"storage/image/dKoWVekfJv0lMI4KOWQxptRUfMjYydNuiPzeuWQF.png","name":"jacno","clicks":0},"wide":{"url":"https://banners.kissu.moe/req?s=https%3A%2F%2Fkissu.moe%2Fsum\u0026f=wNrMTVQVkXiPfvXuSUsI7umk4ENPcBk4ICrsoRL7.gif","uri":"storage/image/wNrMTVQVkXiPfvXuSUsI7umk4ENPcBk4ICrsoRL7.gif","name":"Ciuie","clicks":17}},"board":"all","title":"Overboard","title_descriptor":"All Threads","presentation":"overboard","new_post_counter":""}overboard","new_post_counter":""}

      you can put that into a json linter to see what I mean. It might probably be a race condition where it writes chunks without locking first.

      I mean by this that they'll exist so long as vichan is still generating HTML pages but I don't intend to put a lot of time into fixing issues around them.

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      Thread 4311
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      one more tiny issue…. this is the latest on /all/…

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      Thread 4312

      there being a seperation between what happens on the two servers means that occasionally when there's an issue with the API server this sort of thing will happen.

      It's easy enough for me to fix… i'll do it in a bit, but things are going to break again anyways so take your time on this feature

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      Thread 4313

      on the archive issue, there's very little percieved support for doing anything other than basic upkeep on it. Creating a light version of it would be done(along with better no-javascript support) if vichan's HTML generation were to be fully discarded.

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      Thread 4314

      Range optimizer and estimator took ~160,000 down to 139,220 bans. Currently /17 isn't in the list, but that wouldn't knock out too many more. There are currently 1163 /25 bans

      This operation likely took a total of 20 hours where the ban insertion is a combination of string comparison and golang's CIDR creation from string and associated net.Contains method with an IP and range,

      The ban insertion methods are n * m time complexity comparing all bans against inserted bans whereas the optimization method is n * 6n time complexity where it takes a given ban, creates /9 /17 and /25(6 times) variations on it and checks it against all bans for whichever is contained within it. The comparison method also is built to take a string parameter and convert it into an IP every time, this can be improved.

      This process of 160,000 * 160,000 causes it to take the time it did(~20hr) and likely there need to be an adjustment to the search method and the comparison algorithm. A binary search would make the complexity roughly n log n, by comparison 160,000 * 5.2, however visualizing this for a []byte is a bit more complicated and I want to get back to fixing the UI.

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      Thread 4315

      Just the act of sorting might be the fix and tell it to stop when items are no longer contained within the optimization range… In which case the O(n*n) complexity is inevitable, but a bit better. A binary search seems like the best choice here but I'd rather not go there for now unless necessary

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      Thread 4316

      These adjustments made it so that the entire process of adding 160k items and compressing them took an hour so with that done, kissu now has archive restore and a good system of removing IPs that are regularly reported to spam/public listings. If there are any mistakes then you can appeal them.

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      Thread 4317

      speaking of appeals and stuff I ought to program a moderator input bayesian spam filter because the current weakest link of the system where ips are whitelisted is the appeals form….
      It's an old method, but I know how to do it easily… There may be more accurate modern alternatives that don't rely on neural networks.

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      Thread 4318
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      Thread 4321
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      seems like some boards such as /jp/ have a index rebuild issue on delete that isn't throwing any errors.
      This isn't the case on /test/ though… I'm waiting for kissu to be backed up to my test machine so I stop spamming /jp/ with "test 234" messages.

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      Thread 4323

      in vichan there's an option in the deletePost function to not rebuild after a delete, this was turned on accidentally.

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      Thread 4326
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      Do you think it's possible to add webp support? It's increasingly common when I google an image to post in a thread that I end up getting webp results and it's a quite an annoyance to be unable to post them.
      I know nothing about the format other than newer wikis seem to use them almost exclusively and I have nothing on my computer that can open them

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      Thread 4327

      > $config['allowed_ext'][] = 'webp';

      this is strange, I have it enabled but for some reason I'm getting the invalid image error. Was working not long ago

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      Thread 4328
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      Thread 4329

      I see, found the problem.

      should work as it has in the previous months

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      Thread 4330
      - 47.58 KB

      might as well test the image I wanted to post

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      Thread 4339

      not sure if people would consider this to be too reddit or not but i was trying to think of a way that you could make it easier for people to dump images on /ec/ and came up with an idea that maybe there could be a way to that's tied to the board's unique feature. my idea was that maybe for every 5 likes or whatever they're called that somebody gets they can skip a captcha on /ec/ only. 5 because it's small enough to be easily attainable and large enough to not be that abusable. maybe it's a dumb idea, but it might be nice

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      Thread 4340

      Why not just allow multi-file posting?

    50. Post Info
      Thread 4341

      The UI for multiupload is poor and gives threads with image spam an unfair advantage. Also gives way to dilution of individual post focus and drives interest away from text towards images

    51. Post Info
      Thread 4342

      There are other more technical issues, but hard to explain

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      Thread 4344

      captcha skips are an interesting idea.

      Something I could consider is IP hierarchy. If an IP is deemed safe (a temporary entry in the whitelist?) it gets exempt from captchas. This means there would be another page for requesting captcha exemptions.

      Concerns with this idea are mostly adminstration

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      Thread 4356

      I considered this as well, but it's probably not the best idea. For one not everyone has a static IP so you'd have to keep whitelisting IPs and this may run into issues for people that use VPNs or IPs without captcha that are no longer in use by the people who you meant to whitelist. If somebody with malicious intent were to stumble on one of them it could be very bad. Also, thinking in long term it may become a bit unsustainable with people maybe wondering why others are deemed worthy of this "kissu pass" of sorts and they aren't, and the more the userbase grows the more headaches such a system would cause. For my idea I think it'd probably incentivize using the features on /ec/ a bit more and maybe encourage people to post more if they don't need to solve a bunch of captchas each time they esnt to dump.

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      Thread 4358

      hm, I guess it could be that this is a form of IP verification. However, all I need is a phone and I have a free pass anyways. It's much more flimsy because I don't have mod tools built around fixing scores or polls, they exist solely for the sake of entertainment rather than accuracy.

      I can't really trust anonymous peer reviews to give out exemptions. I think it has to go through a bureaucracy just as a ban would, with clear cut rules that a paper-pusher could follow…

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      Thread 4359

      You could make the exemptions reply-specific, so people can't use them to avoid thread-making captchas

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      Thread 4360

      limits to what can be done is a good idea regardless of what system gets used.

      Captcha and rangebans are both exemptions that the 4chan pass gives and so far that's the ultimate system of security and freedom. But when you apply this into a 100% free model that I'm going for with kissu that idea falls apart and is too easy to abuse. It's tricky

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      Thread 4364

      Noticed that just clicking on the boards up top doesn't show the new posts anymore, seems that you need to refresh to get an updated page

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      Thread 4366

      Altered a bunch of mod features, whitelisting, ban appeals can be given deny reasons to allow more flexibility, and also added in embed deleting which wasn't possible before.

      annoying… I turned off some server config settings a while ago so might have caused it, but it could be a variety of things. Turned these settings back on, but I might need to find something else.

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      Thread 4374

      Beginning to make changes to logins and passwords

    60. Post Info
      Thread 4379

      Added a counter to bruteforce on /mod.php? and increased complexity of SQL password in the rare case where the server IP gets exposed and someone begins bruteforcing the sql port.

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      Thread 4381

      Speaking of the mod login page, I've noticed that when you delete one of your own posts, you're redirected to that page, and not to the board. Dunno if this has been brought up yet.

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      Thread 4383

      uhhh, that's not the case for me.. I winder back on the bord.

      can you explain what exactly you do to get this?

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      Thread 4385

      Never mind, I just tested it and it redirected me to the board. As recently as a couple of weeks ago, it would redirect you to the mod login page - more specifically, iirc it would take you to a "post deleted successfully" page, and the "return" link on that page led to the mod login page.

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      Thread 4389
    65. Post Info
      Thread 4390

      seems like that kind of thing only works reliably on UDP sockets

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      Thread 4391
      - 15.04 KB

      phashing looks good.

      The video version is broken(library outdated) so it can only be applied to images and gifs, but still, looks like a good tool

      tests from https://kissu.moe/test/res/1078

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      Thread 4395

      If you get a VPN banappeal it and I'll add it to the whitelist.

      If you appeal it, it doesn't get cleared, and don't get a denial reason then appeal it again because I probably messed up the code

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      Thread 4396

      also something's making kissu posting slow again

    69. Post Info
      Thread 4398

      attempting to get information from rbl.efnet.org was slowing the site down to a terrible pace.

      Posting is back to normal speed

    70. Post Info
      Thread 4400

      getHostByAddr is probably too strong

      my whitelist was also having an issue that I'll have to test out

    71. Post Info
      Thread 4401

      So anon that was submitting appeals should be able to post again

    72. Post Info
      Thread 4402
    73. Post Info
      Thread 4403

      I'm undecided if I'll turn it back on or not, but in any case I'll enter this IP in to the whitelist manually after this is sorted out.

    74. Post Info
      Thread 4404

      yeah, it was a silly mistake. My bad

    75. Post Info
      Thread 4412

      Seems to still be happening on /qa/. There's a deleted wojak stuck on the front page for me, because nobody's posted anything to update the board.

    76. Post Info
      Thread 4413

      whitelisted 169.46.*.*

      anyone can try to delete it at that point and it will go away.

      It seems like multi-board pages with an archive have it happen. I'll look into it deeper

    77. Post Info
      Thread 4414

      2600:1700::/32 phone range is associated with Heyuri bs(wojack and stuff). The log of this subnet is both mostly unused and dubious in usage so ranging it for a bit

    78. Post Info
      Thread 4417

      I'll be uploading some code,
      If things start looking funny that's why

    79. Post Info
      Thread 4418

      Added perceptual hashing but currently no filter rules are set up. Blockhash works well, spammers will have to put in a lot of effort.

      Banners is also having perceptual hashing set up. To stay consistent I need to finish off making test cases for this and do the documentation work for it.
      Banners also has a similar anti-bruteforce setup for it.

      Also made it easier for mods to see ban appeals so we'll have a faster response time to these kinds of issues and requests for whitelisting.

      I figure if I'm going to be causing problems for VPNs I might as well commit to it.

      I manually added you into the VPN whitelist. Seems in order, but this is still an experimental idea.

    80. Post Info
      Thread 4419

      so currently I need to:
      Prep a banners security update,
      Create hashes for existing banners
      Begin building up an imagehash blacklist
      Create a basic spam filter for appeals

      then security issues are resolved.

    81. Post Info
      Thread 4420

      mp4 and webm posting will be broken for today until I get the experimental video hashing working

    82. Post Info
      Thread 4421

      looks like mp3 and flac will follow in being busted for now. I'll make it my primary fix

    83. Post Info
      Thread 4422

      [4/6] Linking build/libstblockhash.a
      ../videohash.c: In function ‘process_video’:
      ../videohash.c:129:5: error: unknown type name ‘CvCapture’; did you mean ‘CvCmpFunc’?
      CvCapture* capture;
      ../videohash.c:140:15: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘cvCreateFileCapture’; did you mean ‘cvCreateKalman’? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
      capture = cvCreateFileCapture(filename);
      ../videohash.c:140:13: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]
      capture = cvCreateFileCapture(filename);
      ../videohash.c:152:5: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘cvSetCaptureProperty’; did you mean ‘cvSetWindowProperty’? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
      cvSetCaptureProperty(capture, CV_CAP_PROP_POS_FRAMES, 0);
      ../videohash.c:152:35: error: ‘CV_CAP_PROP_POS_FRAMES’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘CV_WND_PROP_VISIBLE’?
      cvSetCaptureProperty(capture, CV_CAP_PROP_POS_FRAMES, 0);
      ../videohash.c:152:35: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
      ../videohash.c:154:12: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘cvQueryFrame’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
      while (cvQueryFrame(capture)) frame_count++;
      ../videohash.c:168:33: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]
      IplImage* frame_image = cvQueryFrame(capture);
      ../videohash.c:181:17: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘cvEncodeImage’; did you mean ‘LZWEncodeImage’? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
      mat = cvEncodeImage(".bmp", frame_image, NULL);
      ../videohash.c:181:15: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]
      mat = cvEncodeImage(".bmp", frame_image, NULL);
      ../videohash.c:233:5: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘cvReleaseCapture’; did you mean ‘cvReleaseData’? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]

    84. Post Info
      Thread 4423

      not looking worthwhile

    85. Post Info
      Thread 4424

      i see, it's the API
      in fact, all the images and videos were going through from the looks of it
      it's just that vichan's "4chan api" breaks if the hash is wrong

    86. Post Info
      Thread 4425
      - 11.37 KB

      the MD5 part of the API has been changed, but should still function as intended.

      videos and files maintain the same MD5 hashing algorithm, but images use the perceptual hashing system.

    87. Post Info
      Thread 4426

      finally, I'm retrialing the idea of duplicate checks. We'll see if it gets in the way of things or not.

    88. Post Info
      Thread 4427

      There's a big bug in vichan filters where if someone posts at the exact second as someone who violates a filter rule, they'll be effected by it.

      This might be some sort of condition where the $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] field gets mixed up… it's really odd

    89. Post Info
      Thread 4428

      it might be caused by something else.. it was a really strange situation.

      Banners have a security update(account limits per IP, max login attempts per time cycle, blockhashing without hash distance). No new features to that as yet. Registration was previously closed but is open again.

      Kissu has distance evaluated blockhash.
      You can test out the no-distance blockhash by posting an image and trying to modify it slightly and posting it again. To test out distance evaluated you'd need to trip up a spam filter.

      Last item is a simplistic email spam filter for the ban appeals in case it becomes such that someone tries to deny mods from picking out real appeals.
      The value of proper appeals is because the proxy searcher and proxy range compressor are starting to catch legitimate VPN users. It might be of worth to also provide a key to donors that lets them auto-whitelisted from rangebans.

      After this it's about bugfixing what's been done, from the UI that I haven't touched in a while to the bugs created from new mod tools.
      It also goes without saying that since effort was put into vichan, kissu will likely always use vichan's post insertion and mod tools… items such as archive, deletion, polling, scoring and so on will likely eventually be moved over, but vichan's post filters and mod tools are great. I don't see a way around this.

    90. Post Info
      Thread 4429

      I don't think they are supposed to represent "likes"…

    91. Post Info
      Thread 4430

      if it looks like a like, and feels like a like, then it's probably a like.

    92. Post Info
      Thread 4431

      -Deletions restored from archive.
      -Seems like an image that was filtered got past hashing check

    93. Post Info
      Thread 4432

      Also was not proxy

    94. Post Info
      Thread 4444

      Resolved, it was setting the wrong board for rebuild

    95. Post Info
      Thread 4446
      Verniy ## Admin

      I have to start concerning myself with money.

      I stalled it out for a long time but I'm paying an affordable rent now and my savings are going to start getting chunked out every month. Is it possible to make a poverty level living on imageboards alone? It's time to put it to the test… I'm pretty certain getting a full-time job will mean quitting imageboards or making it a background project. I've got a commitment towards this site and community that goes beyond myself and want to continue as long as I can afford it. I want to focus on this site as long as possible and keep living a life of flexible hours and see Kissu gain in quality.

      I'd like to give some sort of reward to donors and am thinking that it might be ideal to privately give out a whitelist key that exempts you from any vpn/proxy/tor/phone/agent bans and captchas. There are some ways I could do it without a sort of cash down deposit, but this is by far the most practical and my current donors are very generous and I want to give them something special.
      This is the donation page should you be interested https://www.patreon.com/ECVerniy

      Money is an important priority in this stage of my work here, but it's more important for me to finish off the last security feature and create the whitelist keygen. At this point Kissu is in a state of management, maintenance and bug fixes, where beta features are ironed out(new UI) and fixes/adjustments are made to Kissu's software. However, ultimately I'd like to get away from the software and start focusing on the brand and I'm not too far from this point where I have a software and financial model I want to push. One that doesn't let me compromise my beliefs and stays true to the easy going atmosphere.

      You won't have to deal with this kind of stuff right away, but in the next few weeks I'll start making a push. Until then, there are still bugs to solve and features to test.

    96. Post Info
      Thread 4451

      added IP to whitelist. That ISP provides server hosting and residential IPs

    97. Post Info
      Thread 4452

      What do you think of using koremutake instead of base64 for displaying secure tripcodes?

      A major drawback of tripcodes is that nobody remembers them. So to impersonate someone, it's often sufficient to get the first few characters right. Koremutake encodes data as pronounceable strings which are easier to remember, so instead of someone's tripcode looking like !!PiTTj6CgcA, it would look like !!pikevafujojigru. It would only make sense to do this for secure tripcodes because with normal tripcodes it's desired that they look the same on every site.

    98. Post Info
      Thread 4453

      hmm, it's an interesting idea and it would have to be done before anyone starts using them.

      A system of base127 seems like it would be interesting, but could it just be done by appending a vowl to the end of each capital letter constantant

      PiTTj6CgcA would become PiiTaTaJu6CagcA. It's a similar system kind of like how in navigation when they read out the codes they say Alpha Beta Charlie Foxtrot isntead of ABCF

    99. Post Info
      Thread 4454

      >A system of base127
      correction: base128, so all it needs is bit shifts and lookups in the array.

      >seems like it would be interesting, but could it just be done by appending a vowl to the end of each capital letter constantant

      Wouldn't that still produce unpronounceable tripcodes when there are a lot of lowercase consonants in the tripcode? Looks harder to remember too.

    100. Post Info
      Thread 4455

      Another option to consider would be words instead of syllables like gfycat uses for its content IDs.

    101. Post Info
      Thread 4456

      For example, "doppler squalidly phoenician interfaced" using the Niceware wordlist. Might be a bit long, though.

    102. Post Info
      Thread 4457

      Not sure if people would find it hard to see patterns in that. By contrast something brand new might be overkill. I suppose bitshifting it wouldn't be too hard though and this is a decision that should be made early rather than late, meaning overkill might be a good thing and give growing space.

      too long. I'm also reminded of anonymous sign in on other websites.

    103. Post Info
      Thread 4458

      Made a calculation mistake there, to have about the name number of bits as current secure tripcodes (6 bits per character*10 characters displayed), it would have to be 9 syllables, e.g.:

    104. Post Info
      Thread 4459
      - 4.64 KB

      can u change thise plz it maeks me so sade why r the replies so smal

    105. Post Info
      Thread 4460

      Testing some different options for encoding tripcode data. So far the one I like best is Koremutake with capitalization added:

      If we do change the secure tripcode presentation, it might also be a good idea to consider whether we should update the hash function used.

    106. Post Info
      Thread 4461
    107. Post Info
      Thread 4462
      - 162.33 KB

      Are you doing these in PHP? The way that makes sense to me in PHP is a base64_decode which turns it into a 7 character binary string. Characters are converted into an array of 255bit numbers. Each one is shifted 1 bit. It's not accurate to your method so I'm wondering if you had a better way to do it.

      07ANLLIBMQ(60bit) into Ó°
      ,²1 as D3 B0 0D 2C BD 01 31(63bit) and each 8bits gets shifted 1bit resulting in "FROVUDA - GUVYBA - HA"


      I don't think it needs to be any more complicated than that, but the layout can be played around with

    108. Post Info
      Thread 4464

      Yea, that's small. I made it a bit bigger, but I don't want it to be jarring.

    109. Post Info
      Thread 4468
      Test98 !!JYSTEPRU - MIFIVE - STO

      Ah, I see, I think I misunderstood the point of the bit shift because I was working with arrays and not straight binary. I need to backshift and modulo by 128 to maintain depth

    110. Post Info
      Thread 4470
      Anonymous!!SOHEHO - RITOSE - DRO

      It feels to be like when a tripcode gets past this length it starts being way too long for people to care about it. I did a quick birthday paradox check and it seems feasibly impossible for someone to pick the same one in a set of 128^7 so I might just run with this unless there's a reason to think otherwise

    111. Post Info
      Thread 4471
      insecure trip !PEDROTA - GYTAVE - LE

      Is it worthwhile to have a disjarring difference between trip styles? I think it looks ugly to mix and match them…

    112. Post Info
      Thread 4472

      If you're worried about the length, you might want to consider the capitalization idea, where you use the 8th bit of each byte to decide whether the syllable is capitalized. You could also think about the last option in >>4461, which is a bit shorter than the Koremutake encoding with some loss to pronounceability due to long strings of vowels. That one is just (in Python) 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'[n//5] + 'aeiou'[n%5] for each byte n.

    113. Post Info
      Thread 4473

      After looking at some examples, I no longer think the capitalization idea is good:

      If you're going to do 7 syllables, maybe just for aesthetic purposes it would be a good idea to move the last hyphen between the 5th and 6th syllables so you have SOHEHO - RITO - SEDRO instead of SOHEHO - RITOSE - DRO.

      I can't think of a reason to have insecure trips at all if they're not consistent with other sites.

    114. Post Info
      Thread 4474

      Titlecase and lowercase seem like the best quick fix. It might be possible to maintain case consistency by adding 128 more pronunciations. I used the list on http://shorl.com/koremutake.php without any modifications.

      > Insecure trip

      I suppose so, there's no reason other than perhaps using a solver to get funny combinations. Keeping legacy makes two different styles in one application. I'm not sure if I want this sort of inconsistency.

    115. Post Info
      Thread 4475

      >It might be possible to maintain case consistency by adding 128 more pronunciations.

      ['b', 'd', 'f', 'g', 'h', 'j', 'k', 'l', 'm', 'n', 'p', 'r', 's', 't', 'v', 'w', 'z', 'bl', 'br', 'ch', 'cl', 'cr', 'dr', 'dw', 'fl', 'fr', 'gl', 'gr', 'gw', 'pl', 'pr', 'qu', 'sh', 'sk', 'sl', 'sm', 'sn', 'sp', 'st', 'sw', 'th', 'tr', 'tw']
      for the consonant parts and
      ['a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u', 'y']
      for the vowel parts would give 43*6 = 258 combinations while maintaining phonetic distinguishability. I'm a bit torn between "gw" and "sv"; neither are very common, with "sv" being the more common one, but I think "gw" rolls off the tongue a bit better.

    116. Post Info
      Thread 4476
      Test89 !!spufrocyky - clafysu

      The 256 set starts looking a lot more foreign

    117. Post Info
      Thread 4477
      Anonymous !!lostageshu - fliclora

      What I'm thinking here is trying to make them sound like names, that way people can remember them easily. Some of these sylables make it seem off, but I suppose this is an improvment over before and the total hashes is now in the quadrillion range like before so I think it's alright.

      Debugging my spam filter now

    118. Post Info
      Thread 4480
      Anonymous !!Mexodrythi-brushada

      In which case title case works well

    119. Post Info
      Thread 4482
      Anonymous !!Blekydwisme-Fiswife


    120. Post Info
      Thread 4483

      Inspired by the name concept, I used the SSA baby name dataset
      to construct a syllable list that may be a bit more natural. I tried to pick syllables that were commonly used both at the start of names and within names.

      ['ro', 'be', 'ma', 'li', 'ri', 'sa', 'na', 'la', 'de', 'me', 'vi', 'ra', 'mi', 'cha', 'ni', 'ca', 'le', 're', 'ta', 'da', 'mo', 'co', 'lo', 'so', 'che', 'za', 've', 'ke', 'va', 'ly', 'ge', 'ga', 'te', 'sha', 'se', 'the', 'ce', 'ne', 'sta', 'ste', 'bi', 'no', 'fe', 'bo', 'tri', 'my', 'cy', 'dy', 'lee', 'ci', 'do', 'bra', 'ja', 'lia', 'to', 'ka', 'di', 'ry', 'gla', 'go', 'wa', 'pe', 'xa', 'lea', 'ha', 'dia', 'gai', 'mia', 'we', 'si', 'ze', 'ba', 'gi', 'ree', 'phi', 'ti', 'ko', 'die', 'lei', 'ty', 'su', 'by', 'sie', 'lai', 'dwi', 'sca', 'pri', 'tha', 'rey', 'roy', 'tu', 'brie', 'sy', 'ny', 'kay', 'que', 'cia', 'cie', 'wi', 'bri', 'rya', 'sco', 'lio', 'xi', 'ki', 'lu', 'sto', 'nia', 'tie', 'vo', 'gu', 'fa', 'she', 'dua', 'hi', 'ria', 'tho', 'tia', 'nya', 'spe', 'pa', 'ley', 'vio', 'qua', 'loi', 'qui', 'bia', 'sey', 'chi', 'lay', 'nee', 'ru', 'dra', 'via', 'mu', 'teo', 'fre', 'miya', 'shia', 'kie', 'kia', 'saa', 'sea', 'sia', 'cly', 'he', 'maya', 'rai', 'sue', 'jo', 'mee', 'riya', 'mya', 'nie', 'shi', 'wre', 'niya', 'bree', 'sho', 'xo', 'rio', 'fu', 'dee', 'vie', 'dwa', 'cla', 'thea', 'tra', 'ble', 'shau', 'kai', 'lie', 'lya', 'naya', 'laya', 'ney', 'sla', 'blo', 'nai', 'po', 'way', 'smi', 'nu', 'xe', 'fi', 'kae', 'kee', 'phe', 'rae', 'jua', 'nea', 'mai', 'zia', 'kiya', 'liya', 'fo', 'zi', 'rye', 'kei', 'lle', 'nei', 'mie', 'cho', 'bria', 'tya', 'nay', 'nye', 'rea', 'toya', 'pha', 'ky', 'deo', 'hu', 'cle', 'tzi', 'lou', 'brey', 'dre', 'thia', 'khi', 'leya', 'llu', 'raya', 'cu', 'fae', 'mou', 'ho', 'cre', 'loy', 'sai', 'mae', 'rie', 'tre', 'cae', 'nyo', 'zu', 'leo', 'ceo', 'shee', 'pi', 'ray', 'thie', 'maa', 'shu', 'veo', 'bu', 'naa', 'xy', 'loui', 'lau', 'gra', 'sti', 'vy', 'xia', 'je', 'dio']

      The code I used is at
      if you want to tweak it.

      Also, the code STI wrote years ago to generate "secure" tripcodes is pretty bad. There's very little point in using a semi-modern hashing algorithm if you're just going to use it to generate a salt for ancient DES crypt(). Wouldn't surprise me if someone could crack the "secure" tripcodes just by enumerating over all possible 12-bit salts. You should rip that garbage out and replace it with a proper key derivation function.

    121. Post Info
      Thread 4484

      Another thing that might make it look nicer is adding consonants to the ends of the words. If you're doing two words, you could end one word with consonants[n>>4] and another with consonants[n&15] where n is one of the bytes in the binary string being encoded. consonants could be something like
      ['', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'f', 'g', 'h', 'k', 'l', 'm', 'n', 'r', 's', 't', 'x', 'z']
      where I've excluded q, j, v, p, and w for being less common than other consonants at the end of words in the SSA baby names list, and the first item in the array is an empty string so that sometimes it ends in a vowel.

    122. Post Info
      Thread 4485

      Came up with some more syllable list candidates:

      syl1 is the same as >>4483

      syl2 also requires that the syllables be common in words in Moby Dick. This removes a lot of foreign-sounding syllables.
      Moby Dick from: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/15/15-0.txt

      syl3 first enumerates over all consonant-vowel combinations except those starting with Q (Y considered a vowel). Then three-letter syllables are taken from the SSA baby names list. The result is slightly shorter syllables. I think it might look a bit better.

      syl4 is like syl3 but with the Moby Dick filter applied, and with syllables starting with X also excluded from the two-letter combinations.

      Here's some sample names generated from each syllable list. I've also applied the final consonant idea from >>4484.

    123. Post Info
      Thread 4486

      From what I'm getting, the strength of crypt is based on installation settings, but I'll double check this

      >PHP sets a constant named CRYPT_SALT_LENGTH which indicates the longest valid salt allowed by the available hashes.

      >CRYPT_SHA512 - SHA-512 hash with a sixteen character salt prefixed with $6$.

    124. Post Info
      Thread 4487

      But it could be interpreted that the salt has to be prefixed with $6$ to force it to pick sha512 as default

    125. Post Info
      Thread 4488

      I see, so the autogenerated salts for vichan are in of sha length, but none of the salts for the crypto functions are prefixed with $6$rounds=1000$ to make it not default to a DES hash

    126. Post Info
      Thread 4489

      well, they didn't make that mistake for the passwords so I guess trips was just a decade long oversight

    127. Post Info
      Thread 4490
    128. Post Info
      Thread 4491

      I see, GPU cracking

    129. Post Info
      Thread 4492

      I suppose moving data from RAM/Cache to CPU to GPU is going to take more time for more data so that the bottleneck becomes the transfer speeds rather than the GPU speed.

      >Bcrypt isn't known to be much gpu friendly, the primary reason being the ridiculous amount of memory being used by each bcrypt hash. To make the matter worse the memory access is pseudo-random which makes it very difficult to cache the data into faster memory. With this we are left with two choices:

      >1.Use the slow and large global memory and spend more time fetching the operands than processing them.
      >2.Use the fast but small LDS(64KB) memory and severly limit the number of concurrent threads.

      seems like the logins should be redone more than tripcodes

    130. Post Info
      Thread 4493

      vichan has an easy system for changing hashes so they're using blowfish now.

    131. Post Info
      Thread 4494

      some comments from IRC:

      <me> https://pastebin.com/WwsRWuX0 < sorry, didn't make myself clear, it's divided into four sections; which section looks like it has the more natural and memorable names?
      <Anonymous> <syl1:Crenyaxiam SyrobohSuexothok BumiyatisLeebraneer NaisemaacKaesiadr - Pastebin.com> @ kissu.moe
      <Anonymous> sy14 for me, but it's hard to see a difference
      <Anonymous> way too much data…
      <Anonymous> syl1:
      <Anonymous> Crenyaxiam Syroboh
      <Anonymous> Suexothok Bumiyatis
      <Anonymous> Leebraneer Naisemaac
      <Anonymous> Kaesiadreg Thaxagair
      <Anonymous> Jedybil Tredeemeer
      <Anonymous> syl2:
      <Anonymous> Tribouwot Queshescoc
      <Anonymous> Guquiesiez Theojouslyg
      <Anonymous> Ledeaphah Reescotryc
      <Anonymous> Neasaispe Roofutiam
      <Anonymous> Scheleebral Traclesheen
      <Anonymous> syl3:
      <Anonymous> Chireechal Woseymon
      <Anonymous> Raeglalex Bratenyz
      <Anonymous> Thinieseex Lyawrevun
      <Anonymous> Pyletiec Frehacek
      <Anonymous> Radrezer Nyoleystim
      <Anonymous> syl4:
      <Anonymous> Taizyzun Jeepydeak
      <Anonymous> Smakizus Fonemaut
      <Anonymous> Bijeescoh Getyneg
      <Anonymous> Niwoophox Philaytes
      <Anonymous> Gaysituh Midraquir
      <Anonymous> How could you miss the new line before "syl4"? If you're going to do it, at least be consistent.
      <Anonymous> the one after 4 isn't a \r\n
      <Anonymous> just a \n
      <Anonymous> 4 seems arabic, 3 seems latin
      <Anonymous> 2 doesn't really make sesne
      <Anonymous> 1 kind of reminds me of biblical names
      <Anonymous> i think 3

    132. Post Info
      Thread 4495

      accepted an appeal

    133. Post Info
      Thread 4496
      Anonymous !!Biathaneyku-Xiareykay

      New tripcode system made to immitate names(set3 in https://pastebin.com/GTJ0NL5z)
      Ban list won't display the automatic vpn/proxy/tor bans.
      Ban appeals can be detected for spam. Currently only detecting and not filtering
      Update hashing of logins and secure hashes

      Future tasks:
      Whitelist tokens
      Insecure tripcode solver(no point to having insecure hashes at all if there's nothing to do with them, why not have people break them to create names)

    134. Post Info
      Thread 4497

      If you don't want to do the final consonant thing in >>4484 it might be good to add some syllables with consonants at the end. I generated a new list where I'm allowing some consonants at the end of syllables. Consonants allowed at the end of syllables are not allowed to precede another consonant at the beginning of a syllable to prevent two inputs from mapping to the same string. I've also dropped some of the frequent consonants from the two-letter syllables; it seems to improve the fraction of names that can be generated. Currently 34.3% of the female baby names on the SSA list (weighted by frequency) can be generated from combinations of these syllables and a smaller fraction of the male names. I'm probably going to fiddle with this more to see if I can improve coverage.

      ['ba', 'be', 'bi', 'bo', 'bu', 'by', 'ca', 'ce', 'ci', 'co', 'cu', 'cy', 'da', 'de', 'di', 'do', 'du', 'dy', 'fa', 'fe', 'fi', 'fo', 'fu', 'fy', 'ga', 'ge', 'gi', 'go', 'gu', 'gy', 'ha', 'he', 'hi', 'ho', 'hu', 'hy', 'ja', 'je', 'ji', 'jo', 'ju', 'jy', 'ka', 'ke', 'ki', 'ko', 'ku', 'ky', 'la', 'le', 'li', 'lo', 'lu', 'ly', 'ma', 'me', 'mi', 'mo', 'mu', 'my', 'na', 'ne', 'ni', 'no', 'nu', 'ny', 'pa', 'pe', 'pi', 'po', 'pu', 'py', 'ra', 're', 'ri', 'ro', 'ru', 'ry', 'sa', 'se', 'si', 'so', 'su', 'sy', 'ta', 'te', 'ti', 'to', 'tu', 'ty', 'va', 've', 'vi', 'vo', 'vu', 'vy', 'har', 'ter', 'tho', 'ber', 'don', 'san', 'sha', 'den', 'lin', 'dan', 'lyn', 'the', 'bra', 'tri', 'ral', 'ric', 'nor', 'vin', 'lan', 'ver', 'lee', 'dia', 'ron', 'fre', 'lea', 'nel', 'lor', 'lia', 'gla', 'ger', 'phi', 'sta', 'ran', 'mer', 'min', 'han', 'war', 'mia', 'lon', 'lau', 'lei', 'fer', 'der', 'lar', 'mar', 'dal', 'ker', 'ken', 'per', 'nan', 'del', 'lay', 'wen', 'nic', 'bec', 'roy', 'mon', 'ree', 'die', 'kay', 'jan', 'bel', 'car', 'mil', 'ben', 'dre', 'bri', 'sco', 'tia', 'son', 'col', 'ste', 'man', 'lai', 'van', 'wan', 'tha', 'vel', 'rey', 'len', 'gio', 'tru', 'win', 'mai', 'mel', 'for', 'loi', 'bur', 'kie', 'gil', 'zel', 'dra', 'sue', 'rai', 'dol', 'woo', 'dee', 'gia', 'leo', 'cia', 'kia', 'lio', 'dor', 'sel', 'loy', 'cin', 'shi', 'xan', 'her', 'tra', 'key', 'nia', 'tor', 'mya', 'zan', 'mal', 'rol', 'von', 'wel', 'til', 'ray', 'kai', 'kel', 'ten', 'gen', 'way', 'nai', 'nya', 'she', 'pal', 'kee', 'gri', 'fan', 'ley', 'cie', 'rae', 'ton', 'kei', 'hai', 'tan', 'ren', 'sey', 'hel', 'qua', 'lil', 'sto', 'sie', 'kae', 'kin', 'tae', 'lou', 'can', 'sea', 'sol', 'bil', 'hen', 'hea', 'nee', 'vio', 'dwi']

      generator: https://pastebin.com/GCgbhdiE

      some sample names:
      Riccocejo Leiquajo
      Dydeefini Suenuwar
      Handociesco Rodiaco
      Nugiovingio Pywentu
      Laudrekerte Kayvalo
      Keywanlanju Seagevu
      Bellortaeste Laukeldu
      Muronlape Keitonbu
      Vonhermucar Mondoru
      Derbelilko Loysufor
      Bilsuedendie Tanreehi
      Wayleosuedan Cancito
      Gutenkyvu Herleolyn
      Nyawoovovel Fedonsol
      Kiakastovan Verhenru
      Lidolloigia Haivilia
      Gialeeselnu Butiaco
      Donleykiage Falefan
      Rolpalcinsan Beltandon
      Linlarlorno Volaihel

    135. Post Info
      Thread 4498

      it's beggining to become more than anyone could ask for in a tripcode on an anonymous website, but I can simply modulo the number by vowels+1 and it won't take me any extra time.

    136. Post Info
      Thread 4499
      Anonymous !!Wevadreba-Stunadu

      did what you suggested in 4484

    137. Post Info
      Thread 4502
      Anonymous !!Swetrachuprac-Thykecruf


    138. Post Info
      Thread 4503

      Do you mean by the number of consonants? The idea of >>4484 was to take one of the bytes and instead of looking it up in the syllable table, compute n/16 and n%16 and use that to look up consonants to end the names with (with one option to let it end on a vowel). Wouldn't be much extra work. Switching to a syllable table with final consonants like >>4497 would work too, albeit producing slightly longer output (about 1 character longer).

      A noteworthy consideration is that male names tend to end in consonants while female names tend to end in vowels. Thus >>4484 would be heavily biased toward male-like names whereas >>4497 would be biased toward female-like names. At least in theory.

      Running some numbers:
      probability of randomly generating real names from the SSA lists
      where the numbers are probability (first word) * probability (second word) = probability (both words)

      syl3 without >>4484
      2.29804e-07 * 5.81503e-04 = 1.33631e-10 (female)
      4.16767e-08 * 1.055e-04 = 4.396e-12 (male)

      syl3 with >>4484 modification
      4.15631e-05 * 4.15631e-05 = 1.72749e-09 (female)
      1.03712e-05 * 1.03712e-05 = 1.07562e-10 (male)

      final consonants included in the syllables >>4497
      2.21422e-07 * 5.669e-04 = 1.255e-10 (female)
      4.21423e-08 * 1.31249e-04 = 5.53113e-12 (male)

      Hmm… by these numbers, they're all female biased in a way, and the main thing affecting the numbers is the word length.

      Another interesting measure is what percentage of names can be generated if you're using a tripcode cracker.

      If we want a whole word match, syl3 without >>4484 can get to fewer names because it requires the name end with a vowel.
      Below, the percent of names reachable by syl3 for various numbers of syllables (out of all names of the given gender, weighted by name frequency):
      1 syllable: 0.7% of female names, 0.7% of male names
      2 syllables: 14.9% of female names, 4.8% of male names
      3 syllables: 9.2% of female names, 1.2% of male names
      4 syllables: 1.9% of female names, 0.0% of male names
      5+ syllables: 0.0% of female names, 0.0% of male names
      total (any number of syllables): 26.6% of female names, 6.8% of male names

      If we want a partial match, syl3 without >>4484 should perform better than above because a lot of names ending in a consonant will be found as substrings even though the whole words end in a vowel. I haven't calculated those numbers yet, though.

      Here are the same numbers for the alternatives:

      syl3 with >>4484 modification
      1 syllable: 1.4% of female names, 3.5% of male names
      2 syllables: 22.4% of female names, 22.7% of male names
      3 syllables: 11.3% of female names, 3.2% of male names
      4 syllables: 1.9% of female names, 0.1% of male names
      5+ syllables: 0.0% of female names, 0.0% of male names
      total (any number of syllables): 37.0% of female names, 29.5% of male names

      final consonants included in the syllables >>4497
      1 syllable: 0.6% of female names, 1.0% of male names
      2 syllables: 21.7% of female names, 12.2% of male names
      3 syllables: 10.0% of female names, 2.3% of male names
      4 syllables: 1.9% of female names, 0.1% of male names
      5+ syllables: 0.0% of female names, 0.0% of male names
      total (any number of syllables): 34.3% of female names, 15.6% of male names

    139. Post Info
      Thread 4504

      Why is it still 7 syllables?

    140. Post Info
      Thread 4505
      Anonymous !!Kismikebrot-Hugwexas

      a mistake. >>4502 is 9

      This is too much tripcode… these modifications make it much better than what anyone else uses. The combinations don't have to be masculine or feminine, they just have to look somewhat appealing and recognizable without the use of a solver

    141. Post Info
      Thread 4506

      Is this still the list from >>4475? I thought you changed it to syl3.

    142. Post Info
      Thread 4507

      If you implemented >>4484 it should be 6 syllables not counting the final consonants. >>4484 is supposed to make the tripcodes shorter.

    143. Post Info
      Thread 4508

      good catch, I mixed up the backup and upload

    144. Post Info
      Thread 4509
      Anonymous !!Zescoryhi-Xiaquedrec


    145. Post Info
      Thread 4510
      Anonymous !!Shukimunet-Nyofugus

      I'm happy with how they look now. It's achieved the goal of making tripcodes less like random characters and into sylables that are pronounceable and somewhat pleasing to the eye. There are other tasks to build on that getting stuck on a feature no one uses as yet would be kind of wasted time.

      It's also had the sideeffect of increasing hash security for both tripcodes and mod logins

    146. Post Info
      Thread 4511

      As it is now the final consonants are just making the tripcode longer but not carrying any additional information. What I was suggesting with the consonant idea is that you can drop one of the syllables and instead use that byte n to make the two consonants with n/16 and n%16.

    147. Post Info
      Thread 4512

      Are you pushing these changes to Github? I know you don't want to waste any more time (and I probably shouldn't either), but if I could see what you've implemented I could just send you a patch or pull request with the fix.

    148. Post Info
      Thread 4513

      I see. Yeah that could be good.

      I'll make another push into a seperate repo because this version of kissu is practically pointless without the golang server. I just have to check there's nothing important in any of the files

    149. Post Info
      Thread 4514
      Anonymous !!Xalluhad-Jyprin

      yeah it looks a bit nicer

      uploading the single file is faster
      function makeKoremutakeString($str)

    150. Post Info
      Thread 4515

      It's still not quite what I was suggesting because now it's discarding some of the data.
      I updated the code so it doesn't discard or duplicate data here:

      On another note, not addressed in this commit:
      Since we're not using the Koremutake encoding anymore but our own list of syllables, to avoid confusion, I would remove the comment linking to the Koremutake encoding and rename the function to something like encodePronounceable.

    151. Post Info
      Thread 4516

      That's like a hybrid of what I did at first with the enders and afterwards. But anyways I tested it out and renamed to phoneticEncoding. I'll add it in soon

    152. Post Info
      Thread 4518
      Anonymous !!Keephiviaz-Lyaseyvieg

      Alright, it's up

    153. Post Info
      Thread 4519

      Oh, one other thing regarding the tripcodes and mod logins. You should probably measure the time it takes to compute the hashes on your server and verify it's not so long that it makes denial of service attacks possible. On my machine it takes about 0.3 seconds; your server is probably a bit faster than that, though. I imagine if it's small compared to, say, the time it takes to thumbnail images, it might not be worth worrying about, although posting a bunch of large images to try to shut down the server might be constrained by the attacker's bandwidth, whereas this wouldn't be.

    154. Post Info
      Thread 4520

      Another small thing. I assume the purpose of
      >sha1($trip . $config['secure_trip_salt'], true)
      is to make it so we can use arbitrary length salt which would be very difficult to crack by testing all possible salts against a few known secure tripcode password + output combinations. It's probably not critical, but since SHA-1 has been broken in a few ways (probably not relevant to this particular code yet), while we're changing these things, we might as well update SHA-1 to a more modern hash function. And we might want to look at other ways SHA-1 (and the even older, more thoroughly broken MD5) are used in vichan.

    155. Post Info
      Thread 4521

      Kissu has it so that login attempts for accounts are locked for unknown IPs after x attempts per minute, so no one is going to lock the site out with that.

      yes, it's a bit odd that vichan gives you a 100+character salt yet is forcing it down into an md5 or sha1 hash.
      The function mkhash($username, $password, $salt = false) in inc/mod/auth.php is bizarre if there's somethig to look at. This is only for the mod cookie generation I believe

    156. Post Info
      Thread 4522

      the bigger issue with denial is that we don't actually have enough CPU cycles to run blockhash, thumbnailing and etc as well as scan for bans at the same time. The server that handles ban appeals, archive and auto-bans will have to be placed onto the other server and make DB actions over the net.

    157. Post Info
      Thread 4523

      When playing with insecure tripcodes https://kissu.moe/test/res/1241 I realized it's kind of annoying we can't generate any words starting with a vowel. So I thought of a simple small change that would enable it.

      If you just add
      $phone_str = preg_replace('/\bx/', '', $phone_str);
      before the last line of phoneticEncoding, then when it generates e.g. "quality xanime", it would be converted to "quality anime."

    158. Post Info
      Thread 4524

      blockhash appears to have worked because there was nothing filtered that showed up.

      I'm adding an easy filter to the mod UI so I don't have to do SQL queries to add them

    159. Post Info
      Thread 4525
      Anonymous !!Faloneyz-Sosmikuk

      Vowel starters added

    160. Post Info
      Thread 4526
      Anonymous !!Stotyatoz-Fukaegrol

      Assuming I can find one

    161. Post Info
      Thread 4528
      Anonymous !Udorar-Yzianayh


    162. Post Info
      Thread 4529
      Anonymous !Mythifeg-Anime

      cool, thanks

    163. Post Info
      Thread 4530

      Neat. I'm guessing the insecure salt is the same, but what's the actual equation for generating this style of trip?

    164. Post Info
      Thread 4534

      I'm just running the encoding backwards and generating a tripcode search pattern that I can feed into an existing tripcode engine like MTY or Merikens. For example, these patterns search for "anime" as the first and second word:


    165. Post Info
      Thread 4535

      Oh, and if you want to know what's implemented on Kissu, the tripcode generating code is at
      with the piece that converts the trips into pronounceable style at
      The code there doesn't seem to be updated for >>4523 >>4525 yet though.

    166. Post Info
      Thread 4536

      After I download a site backup I'm going to upload some files.

    167. Post Info
      Thread 4537

      Database will be broken for a bit so posting will go down

    168. Post Info
      Thread 4538

      test test

    169. Post Info
      Thread 4539
      Anonymous !!Riesuhih-Tethelag

      Names are back to being stored in memory.

      Also added whitelist-tokens which I'm going to send to donors. This personally assigned code allows you to bypass filters such as captchas and rangebans allowing for an easier time dumping images or posting with captchas.

    170. Post Info
      Thread 4540

      Also some other small fixes such as passwords are back to being ***'d without the annoying effects of autofill in common browsers

    171. Post Info
      Thread 4542

      >I'm just running the encoding backwards and generating a tripcode search pattern that I can feed into an existing tripcode engine like MTY or Merikens.

      Wrote a Python script so that anybody can do this:

    172. Post Info
      Thread 4543

      if it's not clear, that program turns normal tripcodes into phonetic equivalent

    173. Post Info
      Thread 4545
      Anonymous !Viperan-Animal

      It's mostly about going in the reverse direction: you have a word you want to search for in a phonetic tripcode, and it prints a bunch of regular expressions that can be used to search for the regular tripcodes that give rise to phonetic tripcodes containing the word.

    174. Post Info
      Thread 4547
      Anonymous !Gelatin-Myterial

      For example, if you run the program and enter "watashi", it will print:
      If you put these into a tripcode searcher, it will find regular tripcodes that convert to tripcodes containing "watashi" on Kissu. Note that some of them convert to things like "dwatashin" so if you don't want that, you can use ^ $, and \b in the search string. Entering "\bwatashi\b" will print:
      Once you have a list of ordinary tripcodes that contain the string you want, you can see what they look like by piping the list to `./reverser.py forward`, which will convert them to the phonetic form you'd see here.

    175. Post Info
      Thread 4559
      - 2.17 KB

      Bug: Clicking "New Reply" with empty text fields posts a blank reply.

    176. Post Info
      Thread 4560

      from what I see there's not actually an option for no body and with image

    177. Post Info
      Thread 4561

      I c

    178. Post Info
      Thread 4562

      Seems like I've done everything I wanted to on the mod side of things. I've just got to fix up the javascript UI now…

    179. Post Info
      Thread 4585
      - 1.42 MB

      There's some issue with trying to post pic in >>>/jp/6301(OP), I think it started when I tried to post a different file with the same filename. Site says it either already exists in >>>/jp/6321.

    180. Post Info
      Thread 4586

      must've switched over to perceptual hashing for everything instead of keeping md5 for that rule

    181. Post Info
      Thread 4587

      That must be why the one-pixel changes weren't working. Strong stuff.

    182. Post Info
      Thread 4588

      well, the spamming guy got past it with some phone changes.

      I'll disable duplicate checks

    183. Post Info
      Thread 4589


    184. Post Info
      Thread 4590

      Wrote down 10 categories of issues and I might try to knock one of them down a day. The API server is currently not getting post information from kissu so it's not live.
      Likely I will ask what some of the technical problems are starting with home page issues then resolve them.

      An improved spam hasher would probably have to manipulate the images slightly to get rid of common methods of generating variance or maybe I just need to rework my block distance calculation to weight exact matches higher.

      IMO when a spammer has to start squiggling all over his image or replace it all with noise to get past the filter it's fine, but simple actions such as rotations and borders should be dealt with to an extent.

    185. Post Info
      Thread 4591

      in these antispam cases it's probably the problem that kissu doesn't have a good enough CPU for this not to impact posting badly.

    186. Post Info
      Thread 4592

      >An improved spam hasher would probably have to manipulate the images slightly to get rid of common methods of generating variance or maybe I just need to rework my block distance calculation to weight exact matches higher.
      You could also try a different algorithm; for example some of the ones on https://github.com/KilianB/JImageHash say they are rotationally invariant, although I haven't tested them out myself. Of course you'd have to evaluate whether the CPU cost is within Kissu's budget.

      I would think the main cost would be computing the hash for the image. Once you have the hash, there ought to be a way to compare it to a large number of known hashes very quickly.

    187. Post Info
      Thread 4593

      >I would think the main cost would be computing the hash for the image. Once you have the hash, there ought to be a way to compare it to a large number of known hashes very quickly.

    188. Post Info
      Thread 4594

      I was implying that something stronger than blockhash will take longer. There's a slowdown of 0.5s to 2s, probably longer with something else

    189. Post Info
      Thread 4595

      I've been considering moving the hasher to Tabas server to get more cycles, but turning the image into a thumbnail at that step in the posting procedure requires some effort/planning.

      good article

    190. Post Info
      Thread 4596

      Are you hashing the full images or the thumbnails?

    191. Post Info
      Thread 4597

      blockhashes act as a replacement to md5 which is done on the tmp file, before it's turned into a thumbnail. This allows it to be used in the do_filters function of vichan. The thumbnailing function could be moved back closer to the start in which case it could be used instead of tmp, but I'm not sure if it's placed after the filters because someone found an easy way to ddos vichan by flooding with post files

    192. Post Info
      Thread 4598

      well, I guess it would be tinyboard in anycase

    193. Post Info
      Thread 4599

      I suppose that it's not actually a huge issue to move blockhash back towards the end because I isolated it into it's own function and MD5 is more nicer to users with duplicate checks

    194. Post Info
      Thread 4600
      - 4.00 MB

      duplicate checks for users and database storage is done with MD5 and blockhash is computed whenever needed.

    195. Post Info
      Thread 4601


    196. Post Info
      Thread 4604
      - 475.65 KB

      Why is the catalog on some boards broken for me?

    197. Post Info
      Thread 4605

      been out all of today.
      about to fix it

    198. Post Info
      Thread 4606

      back to the way it should be

    199. Post Info
      Thread 4613

      rule suggestione: prohibitte political postse

    200. Post Info
      Thread 4614
      - 394.83 KB

      That's already the most fundamental rule of kissu, dummy

    201. Post Info
      Thread 4615

      hmm, maybe I should have said "one of"

    202. Post Info
      Thread 4616

      for the most part yes, but blanket banning a topic doesn't get done a lot. It's better to target specific concepts and commonalities.

    203. Post Info
      Thread 4617

      There was some discussion about this a while ago. >>3768(OP) and >>>/poll/570(OP) from back then are still up.

    204. Post Info
      Thread 4628

      when I've finished styling(dark, yotsuB, kissu css files) and weeding out the last few bugs the homepage will be swapped with a new version. The original will be left available as an optional version. The new version will offer more things to do and better information on what's happening on kissu. This is the first page that will be made default of the Kissu UI remake and serve as testing for things that go wrong and presentation unappreciated.

      Links from homepage will 302 to vichan pages since the variant isn't yet ready for true usage. The homepage will hopefully help evaluate which design choices aren't appreciated before styling and fixes are done to thread and board pages.

    205. Post Info
      Thread 4633

      two new anti-spam measures to take into account when spam becomes a question again are an issue with the checkBans function that was brought up to me and perceptual hashing with image modifications.

    206. Post Info
      Thread 4634

      rsolved an issue with slow file uploads

    207. Post Info
      Thread 4644

      Added whitelist item. Reappeal if it didn't go through

    208. Post Info
      Thread 4648
      - 305.58 KB

      Homepage variant almost complete.

      Another item is to make the trip decoder easier to use with this system… easy .exe file and some readme doc stuff.

    209. Post Info
      Thread 4649
      Hojo Satoko

      Cool's idea for temporary name change

    210. Post Info
      Thread 4650
      Akasaka Mamoru

      but I wanna be anomalous

    211. Post Info
      Thread 4651
      Maebara Keiichi
      It might b...jpg
      - 22.89 KB

      we've got anonymous at home

    212. Post Info
      Thread 4652
      Maebara Keiichi
      - 401.80 KB

      updated the site, but running into some small things that need to be fixed with the server config.

      For example, it shouldn't be possible to reach this page and I need to turn on api updates.

    213. Post Info
      Thread 4653
      Maebara Keiichi
      - 642.62 KB

      From the looks of it the new homepage is functioning as intended with some missing images for spoilers and youtube videos.
      I'll keep the changes to that until issues around this page are fully resolved.

    214. Post Info
      Thread 4654
      Maebara Keiichi

      Why is everybody now Maebara Keiichi?

    215. Post Info
      Thread 4655
      Maebara Keiichi
      - 838.29 KB

      Looks like video thumbnails on /all/ are being overriden by the music thread's thumbnails. Was this happening before?
      We all have a little Keiichi on the inside.

    216. Post Info
      Thread 4656
      Maebara Keiichi

      Actually, it's not the thumbnails, it's the linked videos being overridden.

    217. Post Info
      Thread 4657
      Maebara Keiichi

      It's a long-standing issue related to youtube embeds in general.

    218. Post Info
      Thread 4658
      Maebara Keiichi

      ack, I must have changed the config file without thinking about it

    219. Post Info
      Thread 4659
      Maebara Keiichi

      When you use vichan's easy config editor it will overwrite some of the config you do manually to the instance config file.

      I suppose I might as well try a JavaScript extension vichan provides to replace videos with thumbs

    220. Post Info
      Thread 4661
      Hojo Satoshi

      I set up alternative system that vichan has to do youtube embeds.

      Names are cycling again, but probably will be removed when cool wakes up.

    221. Post Info
      Thread 4662
      Chie Rumiko

      Nice, that was fast.

    222. Post Info
      Thread 4663
      Ryugu Rena
      - 682.97 KB

      Homepage has… a few bugs. Namely it seems to give a 404 error page whenever I enter it now in which every link is broken aside the /all/ one. Clicking "Home" leads to an actual 404 page, and trying to select the boards tab doesn't work.

    223. Post Info
      Thread 4664
      Ooishi Kuraudo

      Or maybe not? I just clicked into it again and now it's working fine.

    224. Post Info
      Thread 4665
      Furude Rika

      Problems to fix:
      - file io race condition
      - non file and static thumbails
      - Recent post times
      - Recent post CSS
      - Mobile button CSS
      - mobile data usage
      Race condition causing API pages to be suffixed with garbage data. I had to fix it from my phone

    225. Post Info
      Thread 4666
      Hojo Satoshi
      - 609.08 KB

      Another small issue I have is with the expanded thread that shows up when you hover over one on the homepage. You can see a scroll bar on the expanded thread that pops up, but when you try to scroll through it, it disappears. A minor annoyance, but I'm not sure if that's intentional or not.

    226. Post Info
      Thread 4667
      Takano Miyo

      - error page full body color

    227. Post Info
      Thread 4668
      Akasaka Mamoru

      Right click and enable preview pinning

    228. Post Info
      Thread 4669
      Hojo Satoshi
      - 5.59 KB


      Also with youtube videos having a thumbnail of sorts now will you be able to add those to the front page?

    229. Post Info
      Thread 4670
      Hojo Satoko

      Summary of things

    230. Post Info
      Thread 4671
      Hojo Satoko

      Need to handle it for spoilers, moved files and such as well

    231. Post Info
      Thread 4672
      Tomitake Jirou
      nonfree ja...png
      - 596.79 KB

      The new homepage refuses to load properly on certain browsers.

      Not Working:
      Firefox (Mobile; not quantum)
      Internet Explorer


    232. Post Info
      Thread 4673
      Hojo Satoko

      load it without JavaScript and it should work

      if not I'll work on that amoung with testing it on these browsers

    233. Post Info
      Thread 4674
      Tomitake Jirou

      react is mit open source, and this UI is designed to be readable with no JavaScript users

    234. Post Info
      Thread 4675
      Furude Rika
      - 113.90 KB

      Still doesn't work.

    235. Post Info
      Thread 4676
      Hojo Satoshi

      I see,
      I wonder why I made this client js only. I'll change that.

      I also intend to make the default page still available but i haven't set it up yet.

      I'll have that around in a few hours

    236. Post Info
      Thread 4677
      Hojo Satoko
      - 1.60 MB

      Ah, beta.kissu navigation doesn't work either because I disabled the SSR functionality so I'll have to do some work there along with setting up original.kissu.moe to handle standard style with navigation

    237. Post Info
      Thread 4678
      Tomitake Jirou

      original.kissu.moe exists as a vichan fallback on all pages currently and in the future
      beta.kissu has SSR navigation with new css sheets and same homepage
      waterfox working,
      assumed similar reason for fail on other browsers, still need to test on windows.

    238. Post Info
      Thread 4679
      Chie Rumiko
      - 845.24 KB

      >waterfox working
      cool, thanks!

    239. Post Info
      Thread 4680
      Tomitake Jirou

      wokring on that 404 bug

    240. Post Info
      Thread 4683
      Maebara Keiichi
      - 271.76 KB

      this is really bright, and on the dark theme

    241. Post Info
      Thread 4684
      Maebara Keiichi

      yeah, you shouldn't use dark or hazuki on threads as yet, assuming you're browsing through beta and not a bug that you're vaguely alluding to.

    242. Post Info
      Thread 4685
      Maebara Keiichi

      Is kissu.moe/all not using the beta site as default for you? I can't get the original /all/ to load

    243. Post Info
      Thread 4686
      Sonozaki Mion

      I set it to the way I want it, you shouldn't be able to reach that page unless you're in beta.kissu
      original.kissu.moe/all should have worked too

    244. Post Info
      Thread 4687
      Ooishi Kuraudo
      - 9.77 KB

      Already talked to vern about it, but if you use ublock origin one of its filter lists breaks the RSS button on the main page.
      "Fanboy Annoyance' filter list has a line to block ##.fa-rss. So if you're using it you might have that problem. I have a bunch of other filter lists active so I don't think I need that one, it seems centered around social media

    245. Post Info
      Thread 4688
      Hojo Satoshi
      - 190.95 KB

      wtf is wrong with https://kissu.moe/qa/2
      and why do the first six page numbers link to /ec/ ?

    246. Post Info
      Thread 4689
      Ooishi Kuraudo

      ugh, forgot to setup nginx rules for the pages. It's expected there to be some issues because I only wanted the homepage to be available at this point in time

    247. Post Info
      Thread 4690
      Tomitake Jirou

      you shouldn't be able to reach those pages now. I still need to debug and finalize the thread pages and the homepage is to work out the most basic of issues beforehand.

      currently working on nojavascript, thumbnails, recent post issues and putting a mutex on the filewritting.

    248. Post Info
      Thread 4691
      Chie Rumiko

      going to be uploading a set of fixes so try to tell me if something's broke

    249. Post Info
      Thread 4692
      Maebara Keiichi

      uploaded a new set of fixes to the homepage. I think this is everything listed

    250. Post Info
      Thread 4693
      Chie Rumiko

      decaching doesn't always work that well. I'll have to improve vichan's communication with the side server

    251. Post Info
      Thread 4694
      Ryugu Rena

      -Home page not decaching for rebuild properly
      -Mobile buttons and other mobile CSS

    252. Post Info
      Thread 4695
      Hojo Satoshi

      not sure why decaching wasn't working. Rebuilding the server file fixed, maybe mixed something up.

      1) mp4 thumbnails not showing(will have to go through all the types) [Finished?]
      2) News Items times and updates [Finished]
      3) Mobile theme starts slightly zoomed out [Finished]
      4) Notifications on new posts not triggering[Finished]
      5) Optimizing side server ban ops
      6) Optimizing of server communication

      That's all I currently see for technical issues. I think a combination of them leads to decache issues where the homepage is showing "corrupted" data.

      Some other issues:
      Refactoring side server
      Optimizing scripts for better performance

    253. Post Info
      Thread 4696
      Maebara Keiichi

      when the homepage has the above issues resolved, I'll address some other site software issues(better hashing and trip decoder) giving time for more obscure issues with the homepage to show up.

      This way when approaching the thread pages it can be in a more ready state from the getgo.

    254. Post Info
      Thread 4697

      uploaded a set of fixes. The odd issue of homepage not updating makes me wonder if it was a change I made to post requests. Waiting to see if that fixed it.

      In a stage of optimizations and refactors now.

    255. Post Info
      Thread 4698

      - notifications crash mobile[Patched]
      - notification permissions not set properly on click[Finished]
      - preview Read More treats [random] as if it were a tag of that name and tries to close it[Finished]

    256. Post Info
      Thread 4699

      notifications on mobile(chrome specifically) have to be done using the webworker notification system. https://notifications.spec.whatwg.org/#dictdef-notificationoptions it's based around persistence meaning even when an application is in the background you can still be notified for it. I believe this also allows for people to be notified of kissu even when it's not in a tab on moba and desktop.

      This isn't in my design philosophy currently and was always just an extra on the roadmap. I'd like to keep it simple and focus on making everything work before adding and tuning something intrusive.

    257. Post Info
      Thread 4700

      I really like the randomly generated names. Because its inconsistent, it keeps anons anonymous, but it feels a bit warmer, and it allows to namefren without standing out.

    258. Post Info
      Thread 4702

      reasonable and interesting idea to at least consider hypothetically, but what would be a good set of random names that don't age?

    259. Post Info
      Thread 4703

      don't think there are any more issues with the home page in terms of features. Just problems with updating now

    260. Post Info
      Thread 4704
      - 639.30 KB

      What the heck is this, Vermin?

    261. Post Info
      Thread 4705

      Going with names of evergreen shows is the safe path, but in my opinion it doesn't matter.
      If you stumble upon a name you don't know, you either ignore it or it's a recommendation.

    262. Post Info
      Thread 4706
      home page.png
      - 742.29 KB

      I do have an issue, the home page is not refreshing and looks the same way it did about eight hours ago. Even the banners aren't rotating.

    263. Post Info
      Thread 4707

      problem with updating yeah. I have to address those today

    264. Post Info
      Thread 4708

      Could you please remove or change the "dancing on a thin line" flashing banner?
      I don't have photosensitive epilepsy, it's just kind of annoying.

    265. Post Info
      Thread 4709

      Site stuff on >>4243(OP) or >>>/b/
      It was considered yesterday, so I modified it down to one frame.

    266. Post Info
      Thread 4711

      Much appreciated. pardon, thanks for letting me know, I'll use that next time!

    267. Post Info
      Thread 4712

      I'd rather it be removed altogether then, frankly.
      t. banner maker

    268. Post Info
      Thread 4713
      - 336.32 KB

      i dont think this is the right image for the happenings thread on the homepage

    269. Post Info
      Thread 4714

      Post it as a url. That will help me

    270. Post Info
      Thread 4715
    271. Post Info
      Thread 4716
    272. Post Info
      Thread 4717

      I see, odd that it's getting flagged

    273. Post Info
      Thread 4718

      f81ff407f007ec03ff83fc03fc01f801fc01fc01fc01fc03f801fc03fc03fe07 collides with fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01fe01 with value of 259

      I had originally thought that blockhashes were similar based on image similarity but that might not be the case

      I lowered the similarity threshold for the time being

    274. Post Info
      Thread 4719

      or more likely my initial tuning was too strong

    275. Post Info
      Thread 4720

      Believe the problem with no homepage updates was a mutex not getting unlocked on error.

      issue with the thread thumbnails being incorrect on homepage might be that the server cache isn't indexing properly because I can do a cache purge and it fixes but deletes don't.

    276. Post Info
      Thread 4721

      >whitelist token is invalid
      unban me please kudasai

    277. Post Info
      Thread 4722

      why do you have something in the whitelist token field

    278. Post Info
      Thread 4723

      oh there is junk in there, it's the same junk as password field
      i didn't do that

    279. Post Info
      Thread 4724

      epic, suppose that's a bug then.

    280. Post Info
      Thread 4725

      i forgot what i wanted to post
      this is really your fault

    281. Post Info
      Thread 4726

      Modified so that it won't block from posting when garbage is in the wl token field.

      More of a temp fix, though my ideal might be impossible if browser autofil gets in the way.

    282. Post Info
      Thread 4727

      Why not a button or something that you can press to input in a whitelist token, so that it can't autofill.

    283. Post Info
      Thread 4728

      possible. I still have to program something for the react UI to handle token input so it will probably be similar in design.

    284. Post Info
      Thread 4729

      put up a fix.. will know pretty quickly if it's working or not.

    285. Post Info
      Thread 4730

      It looks like it's operating within my expectations as an acceptable replacement.

      There are just some performance issues to work out now on the three axis of post server, API server and SSR server.

    286. Post Info
      Thread 4731

      bleh, global search on mobile mode is broken.

      Actually a few mobile issues I'll have to get to

    287. Post Info
      Thread 4732
      - 490.32 KB

      Speaking of mobile, could you fix the banners? They extend past the boundary of the page sort of, meaning that a portion gets cut off unless you zoom out.

    288. Post Info
      Thread 4733

      something on the server went flat and had to reboot it. No .php files could be used. Tried nginx restart but that wasn't it, so it could have been any variety of possibilities around PHP

    289. Post Info
      Thread 4734

      restarting php7.4-fpm fixes it... time to read logs...

    290. Post Info
      Thread 4737

      requests to API server are causing PHP to die.

      I had planned to deal with this today. I guess there are too many requests being sent and never terminate?

    291. Post Info
      Thread 4738
      No.4738 - - [07/Oct/2020:02:30:18 +0000] "GET /api/properties/error.json HTTP/1.1" 200 531 "-" "-" - - [07/Oct/2020:02:30:18 +0000] "GET /api/properties/site.json HTTP/1.1" 200 1414 "-" "-"
      access.log being flooded with this

      I see a problem with the NGINX config. I dunno if that's what's causing it to crash out, but it's a problem either way

    292. Post Info
      Thread 4739

      started the page again after some server configuration changes.

    293. Post Info
      Thread 4740

      yeah, probably won't be too hard to do this.

    294. Post Info
      Thread 4743
      - 6.86 KB

      I like how the homepage notifies you of new posts in the corner of the screen, but are you potentially thinking of ways that people can get these notifications (if they want them) without needing that page open?

    295. Post Info
      Thread 4744

      summary system is designed to be on every page and integrated into the way that people get notified of responses to their posts.

      These notifications will be on a slider value of "notify of everything", "notify of owned", "notify of nothing".

    296. Post Info
      Thread 4745

      probably should add a board filter for it too, noticed that i was getting notifications for /test/ posts, and i'm assuming that /trans/ posts may show up on it too.

    297. Post Info
      Thread 4746

      Or not /trans/. Although I know there's some people that probably would just want to be notified of all /qa/, or /jp/ posts.

    298. Post Info
      Thread 4747

      likely will be based on the options of which boards you have hidden or not, but I'm not there yet.

    299. Post Info
      Thread 4748
      - 6.66 KB

      https://imgur.com/qPt82YR time(min) of optimization operation by ban count
      https://imgur.com/E7zrOit average time(sec) to process a ban by ban count

      The mix of ipv4 and ipv6 is causing some problems with sorting for quicker ban optimization operations. Getting it down to a O(n*m) or O(n log m) is going to mean copy some niche MySQL queries.

    300. Post Info
      Thread 4749

      <pre class='code lang-'>select hex(ipstart) from bans order by length(ipstart) desc, ipstart desc;</pre>

    301. Post Info
      Thread 4750

      k, change made the optimization operation last 4 seconds as apposed to 40 minutes. Nothing to write home about.

    302. Post Info
      Thread 4751

      all should be stable now, if something's not working then it should be wokring.

    303. Post Info
      Thread 4753

      added more fixes

    304. Post Info
      Thread 4754

      could you maybe fix this thing of posts taking forever to show up/not showing properly?

    305. Post Info
      Thread 4755

      Why isn't there an option to add an image to polls on /poll/ anymore?

    306. Post Info
      Thread 4756

      pretty sure i know what causes it, unless you mean something I recently fixed

      the hell...

    307. Post Info
      Thread 4757

      I set vichan to message the api-server after certain functions are called, but from the looks of it this causes a lot of redundancy wasting the CPU and slowing down the api-server considerably.
      When I call the rebuild function or perform mod actions this issue is much more problematic.

      This issue is to be addressed ~today leaving UI optimization and mobile fixes for later sessions

    308. Post Info
      Thread 4758

      For example, stopping the API server right now causes posts to go through instantly and I imagine page rebuild as well

    309. Post Info
      Thread 4759

      did lazy fix for post speed. Still need a real fix

    310. Post Info
      Thread 4761

      when did replies lose the subject field
      I miss it

    311. Post Info
      Thread 4762

      like yesterday

    312. Post Info
      Thread 4763

      but why

    313. Post Info
      Thread 4764

      Unused and the last use was someone accidentally posting their tripcode in it.

    314. Post Info
      Thread 4765


      I can do a quick check, but I don't think it was used before that.

      (check shows subject is used for replies 11 times out of 4500 replies on the main boards jp and qa)

    315. Post Info
      Thread 4766

      May have resolved the post speed issues, but communication is still pretty ugly

    316. Post Info
      Thread 4767

      also made it so you no longer get notifications on hidden boards.

    317. Post Info
      Thread 4774
      - 301.65 KB

      Cloudflare error page in /ec/ counter (on /all/), fixed by refresh but annoying as every reply takes half a page

    318. Post Info
      Thread 4775

      Going to be uploading another post speed fix, this time resolving issues with mod tools through batching requests

      520 error... Odd. Doesn't trigger for me. I ought to make the error not fill up the entire page though.

    319. Post Info
      Thread 4776

      multiple fixes uploaded.

      Also added an error check on the score counters.
      Seems like Post-server => API-server communication is at a stable state.

    320. Post Info
      Thread 4777

      Being able to use the old home again makes me very happy.

    321. Post Info
      Thread 4778

      original pages will be on the original subdomain indefinitely.I haven't put a lot of thought into legacy pages.

    322. Post Info
      Thread 4779

      Not a particularly big issue, but the notifications for new posts from the homepage -- not the recent posts section, the actual browser notifications themselves -- improperly link to the aforementioned new posts. Instead of formatting the link as it should (e.g. https://kissu.moe/jp/res/7139#7153), it instead extraneously adds the board name and a dash, like this: https://kissu.moe/jp/res/7139#jp-7153

    323. Post Info
      Thread 4783

      that's to make it easier to highlight and refocus on posts from the overboard in the future version of the thread pages and make it easier to work with scenarios that involve posts from multiple boards on one page, but it causes issues with vichan pages.

      I suppose for the timebeing it can omit the boardname+dash

    324. Post Info
      Thread 4785

      I'll probably have to bite the bullet and begin writing automated tests for the high risk aspects of the various software used. Anything that deletes a post or file requires a test case to be safe. 99% coverage is completely overkill.

    325. Post Info
      Thread 4791

      Invalid token error came back, but should be fixed now.
      Made mobile fixes and etc to home.

      Working on fixing mp4s after making a change to strip exif data from them. Hover not working as intended in home as well.

    326. Post Info
      Thread 4792
      - 6.23 KB

      Seems you can't post without attaching an image.

    327. Post Info
      Thread 4793

      things are messed because apparently removing exif data from an mp4 file so people don't accidentally post their GPS coordinates is a tough task

    328. Post Info
      Thread 4794

      k, that's done now.

    329. Post Info
      Thread 4795

      remaining to fix before more new stuff:
      - posthover on homepage
      - wltoken input

    330. Post Info
      Thread 4796

      More new stuff as in updating /b/ or other things that need to be implemented? Really looking forwards to the release for boards after how nice the homepage turned out

    331. Post Info
      Thread 4798

      Probably moving to board pages. Refactors and non high risk security are secondary.

    332. Post Info
      Thread 4799

      modified homepage preview behaviour.

      Unless there are any big issues with that then work on the home-page and error-page are done. This puts work thread pages in a good position with the majority of work already done through similar components with the previews.

    333. Post Info
      Thread 4802
    334. Post Info
      Thread 4803

      modified whitelist token behaviour so it won't get acted on by browser autofil

    335. Post Info
      Thread 4808
      - 56.03 KB

      >time was up for /megu/

    336. Post Info
      Thread 4809

      Please don't alter the files people upload.

    337. Post Info
      Thread 4810

      Inadvertent doxxing shouldn't really be tolerated...

    338. Post Info
      Thread 4811

      Has inadvertent doxxing been a problem?
      Why break the site for everyone else just in case?

    339. Post Info
      Thread 4812

      The files people open should be the files I post, not the ones the administration thought I wanted to post. Metadata can contain useful information. Altering every file breaks all sorts of stuff like looking up a file in boorus by its hash. Most of the files being altered don't have personal info in them in any case. It's just pure damage to the file.

    340. Post Info
      Thread 4813

      What about things like APNG or 4chan Sounds or 3D Custom Girls models? Should that data be scraped away because it's metadata and metadata might be used for doxxing?

    341. Post Info
      Thread 4814

      GPS data shouldn't be included in someone's upload. That it's the norm for exif data to contain sensitive information is a problem with file formats. An anonymous site shouldn't be giving away information about who the poster is without their permission and exif data is often attached without the user having awareness of it.
      I haven't seen a situation where stripping exif has been a problem.

      I haven't confirmed, but I believe all that gets modified is jpg and mp4. These are the common formats for cameras. If it's that png gets modified too maybe can see about removing that.

    342. Post Info
      Thread 4815

      It would be one thing if you just modified files that had GPS data in them, but you're modifying the majority of files, almost all of which contain no GPS data in their metadata. There's no need to strip out all metadata, most of which is legitimate and intended, to deal with the few cases where a camera silently added GPS coordinates. Just detect when that happens. I would also argue that instead of silently stripping it, you should warn the user that the image has GPS coordinates in it so they don't dox themselves by uploading the same image somewhere else.

    343. Post Info
      Thread 4816

      It's not my job to make people smarter, it's to prevent conflicts and controversy before they happen.

      I can look into which tags I think should stay and go. Effort for not much gain, but it's not like you've been wrong in the past on these things.

    344. Post Info
      Thread 4817

      Good to hear. It's hard to predict how much gain we'll get out of something like this. My main concern about modifying files and removing metadata / extra data is that it might stifle creative uses of the board like the 4chan Sounds script was for 4chan before their mods decided on no fun allowed.

    345. Post Info
      Thread 4826

      new thread and board ui almost there. Fixing thread sorting, poll graphics, optimization and layouts, then beta.kissu ought to be back up for read-only purposes. Still have to get the submission UIs prepared.

    346. Post Info
      Thread 4827

      Vern... Why is the archive broken?...

    347. Post Info
      Thread 4829

      not sure. Splitting it's actions between two processes causes complicated scenarios. I'll check it tomorrow

    348. Post Info
      Thread 4830

      notice that sometimes i need to refresh to see new posts on a board, and just clicking on the board doesn't workl

    349. Post Info
      Thread 4832

      still not sure if that's a browser thing or a server thing. Attempts to fix it are mostly futile

    350. Post Info
      Thread 4834

      API server was trying to archive a thread that the post server deleted

      I think it's browser settings. Either this or Vichan isn't writting the pages fast enough

    351. Post Info
      Thread 4835

      I suppose it's possible that I removed the cache headers that it's acting worse than before, but even with them my ff browser caches basically everything it can.

    352. Post Info
      Thread 4837

      The free react charting libraries are hopelessly littered in watermarks or sluggish.

      At least nice tutorial on doing it yourself..

      seems mostly fixed now

    353. Post Info
      Thread 4838
      - 77.51 KB


    354. Post Info
      Thread 4843
      - 6.63 KB

      i tried to make my own kissu from the github to dab on otamin but whenever i make a post from the quick reply it says the thread doesn't exist
      what am i doing wrong
      i tried rebuilding using nothing but the js files listed in the quickreply js but it still doesn't work

    355. Post Info
      Thread 4844

      it's probably broken

    356. Post Info
      Thread 4845

      i don't plan on fixing it anytime but you probably need the "advanced_post_form" setting turned on

    357. Post Info
      Thread 4847
      - 369.61 KB

      few bugs I've realized while doing the CSS but looks nice and will upload when those are done. This will be everything prepared except posting.

    358. Post Info
      Thread 4849
      - 331.53 KB

      beta.kissu.moe running again with new UI
      Homepage updated to allow you to hide threads

      beta.kissu will continue to be tuned for a bit and then final dev work on the UI will being to allow users to post. Initially plan to put it onto /b/ and /poll/, but will be default with original.kissu holding the vichan layouts.

    359. Post Info
      Thread 4850
      post time ...png
      - 162.03 KB

      Interesting edge case: >>>/qa/56354(OP) was posted before >>>/qa/56353, but the post numbers are swapped. My only guess as to why this happened is because I had to fill out a captcha, which as far as I can tell just holds back the post until the captcha is submitted. Probably not too serious, but could potentially present problems in the future I suppose.

    360. Post Info
      Thread 4852

      Home notifications aren't set to work with previous localstore values. I'll patch this, but before then you can just set it to what you want in options.

      Yeah, it holds back the post until it's sent. I could alter the time it's stored. Could just leave it in as a funny quirk unless there's a bigger issue(though it could mess up certain sorting methods, I'll have to see).

    361. Post Info
      Thread 4853

      I think it may be better to have the post form expanded and board name at the top of pages. As it stands right now the header feels a bit empty.

    362. Post Info
      Thread 4854

      the idea is for the head of the page to be used for content. The first thing seen should be threads.
      A standard board list might be a bit nicer however.

      You mean the button or the post form? No work has been put into preparing the post form otherwise it would be on the site in some places. Button could be bigger as well.

      It might be good to put the header banner somewhere else.

    363. Post Info
      Thread 4855
      - 508.30 KB

      looking at vichan's layout it seems more like there's a lot more color on the top of pages. That might be a factor as well


    364. Post Info
      Thread 4856

      Vermin, you might really want to consider doing something about the whole rebuild on deletion thing. Although a CP ad was deleted, because there's no rebuild on delete, the post stayed on the homepage until someone makes a new post. Which, if you figure someone posts CP in the middle of the night when nobody's posting... Not a very good scenario to say the least.

    365. Post Info
      Thread 4858

      did i not fix that or maybe

    366. Post Info
      Thread 4859

      most likely overwrote a fix on upload

    367. Post Info
      Thread 4860

      Communication errors between api and mods seem to cause delete to not issue the rebuild command, so indeed I fixed it as I knew in the past, but the design choice I made seems to be error prone.

    368. Post Info
      Thread 4867

      I've made a list of 21 bugs on the thread layouts.
      In advanced 16 things to check over in the posting aspects.

      Redesigns and refactors are lower priority at this stage. When everything on that list is checked off it will either be on /b/ and /poll/ or beta if I'm not confident in it as yet due to bugs in posting or layout issues... but I'm hoping that the post form is the most straightforward to test and fix since it was verified to work before I started finishing sections.

    369. Post Info
      Thread 4868

      Lately captchas don't work. I'll fill them, get the code, and then get stuck there. I'll have to close it and wait until the requirement for a captcha goes away, only then will I be able to post.
      The token isn't working either. I tried to put it again in the new field but it says it's invalid.

    370. Post Info
      Thread 4869

      JavaScript may be crashing somewhere. I entered a token in and it's fine

    371. Post Info
      Thread 4870

      post me first line info on kissu.moe/agent.php

    372. Post Info
      Thread 4871

      The token does work now, must've been something on my end.

    373. Post Info
      Thread 4872

      the captcha's still my question though

    374. Post Info
      Thread 4873

      Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:82.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/82.0

    375. Post Info
      Thread 4874

      if that's still needed

    376. Post Info
      Thread 4875


      It might just be unclear that the captcha is sending, but I'll install that version

    377. Post Info
      Thread 4876

      I checked with the same useragent and don't get any issues with captcha on /test/ or /all/. If it happens again press:

      go to console
      copy paste everything in there into the reply box or a pastebin and send it

    378. Post Info
      Thread 4877
    379. Post Info
      Thread 4885

      might be of some interest that I managed to eat on donation money this month

    380. Post Info
      Thread 4892

      Will a Tommorow theme be added to kissu-vi? I noticed its missing from this site

    381. Post Info
      Thread 4893

      How does it vary from Dark-Kissu? I added too many themes just because it was easy to do it. In the future it's going to be cut back. Though an idea to create freshness might be to switch around the theme sets and temporarily remove the defaults for something new. Just a thought. I'm not thinking of styles as much as technical problems right now.

    382. Post Info
      Thread 4898

      I read a comment here about tomorow, but it looks deleted. I likely won't put dev effort into making a dark variant.

    383. Post Info
      Thread 4905

      made a tomorrow theme for kissu, although it feels incomplete and i lack motivation for learning more CSS

    384. Post Info
      Thread 4906
      - 18.80 KB

      caught the captcha issue on camera
      is this it?

    385. Post Info
      Thread 4913

      naruhodo. You're on original.kissu.moe
      That makes things clearer.

      Should be fixed now

    386. Post Info
      Thread 4914

      Looks pretty nice. Let me send it to cool as well since he doesn't check this thread.

    387. Post Info
      Thread 4915

      yeah sure

    388. Post Info
      Thread 4916

      the reply background shouldn't inherit from default he said.
      I think the option colors should be different from kissu dark or unified like other themes.
      there's some small issues that I think I'll point out tomorrow, but otherwise I think I'll add it as an option when I update the site again monday morning and work them out as they come.

    389. Post Info
      Thread 4932

      in response to concerns on spoilers, going to add in NSFW image spoilers and Spoiler image spoilers so there's no ambiguity between the functional purpose of features. If something has a spoiler then it should be assumed that it will be spoiling something. Kissu won't unspoil things, but it will spoil things the staff thinks will ruin a show.

    390. Post Info
      Thread 4933

      On a similar topic, perhaps it's worth discussing that there should be a casual markup-spoiler and a real-markup spoiler so people can use hidden text creatively.

    391. Post Info
      Thread 4939

      You could probably do this via the functionality of the spoilers themselves. "Surprise text" spoilers could remain hover over to unspoiler, whereas "real spoilers" could be made click to unspoiler. This might also have the added benefit of preventing users from inadvertently spoiling themselves. But, that assumes people differentiate and use them appropriately.

    392. Post Info
      Thread 4946

      im going to be uploading and replacing files shortly.

    393. Post Info
      Thread 4949

      captcha not working as intended. Just give me a bit to work that out

    394. Post Info
      Thread 4950

      -Kissu-Tommorow.css added as a new theme
      - Mods and users can make file uploads into NSFW spoiler and content spoiler
      - More updates to UI(noticed two other bugs to resolve by end of day) putting thread data into a pretty solid state. Layouts will likely be altered when the next part of the project is done, the post forms.
      Since the post form needs to handle the same data as vichan I shouldn't update any more data that can be sent by user to server.

    395. Post Info
      Thread 4957
      - 41.02 KB

      new design likely having a good effect on keyword rankings

    396. Post Info
      Thread 4958
      - 413.10 KB

      this bannre makes me sade, forlorn, angry, confused, n numerous other negative emotional states plz remove id.

    397. Post Info
      Thread 4963

      The pain will maek you stroonger

    398. Post Info
      Thread 4969

      I really can't get used to the board title being on the sidebar rather than above the threads. It just looks better the other way.

    399. Post Info
      Thread 4970
      - 189.48 KB

      The Last50 Posts view button is broken for Kissu-Vi. I would have to manually input https://kissu.moe/qa/res/4165+50 for the Last50 Posts view to work. Not much of a big deal since there aren't huge threads on kissu that lag machines.

    400. Post Info
      Thread 4978


    401. Post Info
      Thread 4980

      Made a mistake with cites for the beta UI so the post chain feature is going to be a bit unreliable until threads expire. Doesn't effect vichan because this table isn't even used in the software.

      Broken the stages of preparing the post form into 5 days of tasks, roughly 17 items to accomplish of which some might already be finalized in my initial development. Post form was already fully functional, just had a bunch of bugs so it might be that these 17 steps are the last before I'll place it onto /b/ and /poll/ for public tests.

      These kinds of things after the entire UI works

    402. Post Info
      Thread 4996

      WL'd autoban

    403. Post Info
      Thread 4998

      Can you reinstate the reverse image search links?

    404. Post Info
      Thread 5000

      Never mind, I'm a retard who didn't realize he had accidentally turned 4chan X off.

    405. Post Info
      Thread 5022

      all that's left is handling bans and captchas, removing bugs from the text field, misc missing features and CSS... then it is officially completely usable..
      after which I'll keep it in beta for a few days to find harder to see bugs, then put it on /b/ and /poll/ where more specific issues can be addressed such as useability and design

    406. Post Info
      Thread 5024

      The quick reply post preview system makes the work on richtext less valuable. I'll likely end up releasing a near finished version on beta without it and perhaps the final if it doesn't get done by then.

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