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      Verniy ## Mod
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      If there needs to be discussion on locked content please do so either here or elsewhere on this board

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      Thread 4266

      I think that yuri should be exempt from the term "sex" to preserve the more pure nature of the board. As yuri is a pure form of love that does not involve any gross insertions or ugly males. So the "no sex" rules still hold, and girls playing with each other is A-OK under that

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      Thread 4267

      I won't delete yuri for now. It's a heartwarming and cute aspect of human affection.

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      Thread 4268

      modified the wordings

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      Thread 4269
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      Yuri is so lame it's not considered sex in the rules

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      Thread 4270
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      That's cool and all I assume you won't be del-ing my boys? They never violated the law I know that I'm checking if any kinds of unjust bias is going to happen.

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      Thread 4271

      naturally, but there's much less gay stuff that gets sent around and it's not my sexual preference.

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      Thread 4272

      judging from Q4 2019 reports what you posted with nudity would be fine as long as it's not sex. Likely my standards will be the same as 4chan/cm with more openness to nudity.

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      Thread 4273
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      >/cm/ with openness to nudity
      Nice that was always an issue with that board. Good to know and thanks for the speedy reply.

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      Thread 4333

      welcome to the rape zone

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      Thread 4334
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      this looks like rape so im posting it here

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      Thread 4335


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      Thread 4336

      What a blunder.

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      Thread 4337

      what's the deal with rape?
      dunnnn biribiripewnpewn biribiripewnpewn
      dun dooroonroonroon dun dundooroon

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      Thread 4338

      think sending threads like that to /jp/ would be better than locking them

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      Thread 4343

      It wasn't off topic as much as it was a disagreeable topic that divided people into two camps. If someone were to make the thread on jp it would be fine, but that was a /qa/ styled thread and on-topic.

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      Thread 4345

      I don't really understand why people flipped out like that. Then again, I didn't see 51131.

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      Thread 4347

      There were two posts. It was something oddly written. I guess he was drunk.

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      Thread 4348

      Was it RL stuff? I don't see a point to the moralfagging otherwise.

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      Thread 4349

      I can't quite recall the exact wording, but >>>/qa/51131 was written something like, "rapists exert all your pent up lust so you don't have to," the other post was a reply to >>>/qa/51133 saying something like "don't disrespect labor for putting in the work."

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      Thread 4350

      Ultimately the final choice was made by a majority opinion against promoting rape making me feel confident in moderating it. Having empathy is an important trait a person can have. I'd rather /qa/ be a board of people who look out for one another rather than demean others with an indifference towards suffering.

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      Thread 4351

      Not sure I feel the same way. Although I guess since it was on /qa/ and not /jp/ that decision was fine. Otherwise I'd be against moderating based on majority opinion (which looked to be more funposting than anything nearing the end)

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      Thread 4352

      I mean by this that often times I want to delete something but won't act unless I read a signal from someone agreeing with me. This keeps out some bias.
      It's not moderating from polling, but affirming that I'm not acting solely in self interest even when I have my own opinions.

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      Thread 4353

      Those do sound odd.
      I can't say it was a bad call, but the second reply was good. The last rape thread, too, was okay until the /pol/tard stepped in and then everyone jumped on him. I suppose moving to /jp/ would have been passable, I don't want kissu to start accumulating taboos.

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      Thread 4354

      If the thread itself was reported I've got no issues. If people wanted to have a bit of fun with self-moderation and that led to actual moderation then I'd probably prefer people be allowed some fun with it as long as nothing really becomes all that serious. (Although maybe that's not particularly the best on /qa/, so this probably would only apply to a /jp/ thread)

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      Thread 4361

      One thing is taking measures against /tv/ style shitposting, which does tend to come in excess, but another is getting frustrated over generic /a/jp/ shitposting which has been present since time immemorial. Taking a stand against it not through legitimate criticism but with [s4s] "cutie" posting also leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth. Such behavior doesn't shed a positive light on kissu compared to other spinoff alternatives.

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      Thread 4362

      >Taking a stand against it not through legitimate criticism but with [s4s] "cutie" posting

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      Thread 4363

      After that downtime and that short 4/qa/ thread, it reminded me that kissu doesn't need to have moderation to save it from shitposts. At most now I think that it should've just been moved to /jp/ where more teenbro-like posts are allowed and left to the posters to decide what to do with it.

      I have to agree that moderating such harmless shitposting so heavily does reflect a bit poorly on kissu in comparison to ota or gn, which show their ability to deal with shitposts without moderator interference and sometimes even make something fun out of it. I'm not implying that kissu should be covered in the complete trash that gn/ota have to deal with as well, but a bit of kuso here and there that isn't too far out of the ordinary is healthy, and should be one of the things /jp/ encompasses. Not to mention that it shows trust in the people posting to not go off the deep end and turn a thread into /pol/-lite

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      Thread 4563
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      The sooner Verniy realizes he's just a newfag who needs to learn a lot more about imageboard culture the better.

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      Thread 4607
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      No, vermin is perfect how he is

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      Thread 4619

      No he isn't.

      I don't care if he's the admin, he still needs to lurk moar. Most of his users have been using imageboards for much longer than him and he clearly doesn't grasp their culture completely yet. He could also learn a thing or two with his co-admin.

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      Thread 4620
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      But you said the reason he doesn't need to change in your own post, he's got a good advisor that can provide helpful input on his ideas from the perspective of someone that grasps imageboard culture well. No reason for verm himself to change.

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      Thread 4621

      What do you mean by "change"? I want him to learn more about it. He's going to be forced to if he consults his co-admin about it.

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      Thread 4807

      People who use the phrase "lurk moar" are almost always newfags.

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      Thread 4846

      Why would they be? Literally no one uses it anymore. The concept of lurking before posting is dead.

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      Thread 4863

      veriny is fine, if he was a newfag this site would probably be bad

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      Thread 4912

      >Literally no one uses it anymore
      You're literally delusional, and that's not a joke

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      Thread 5395

      I dispute this perma on the grounds that it's too rude.

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      Thread 5396
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      No. The guy is a negative to any form of self moderation.

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      Thread 5397

      How the fuck does that warrant a permaban?

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      Thread 5398

      telling people to leave and/or kill themselves is protected /jp/ heritage teenmin

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      Thread 5399

      I'll leave the ban up on /qa/ then

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      Thread 5400

      Still don't understand how it's banworthy. Plus you're proving he was right when he called you overzealous.

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      Thread 5401

      I've known this guy for about 2 years. He can say whatever he wants about me. His positive contributions are constantly weighing against outright maliciousness and attempts to leverage people's emotions and situations for control.

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      Thread 5402

      Also very disappointing to see that a problem we discussed at length months ago (>>>/poll/170) hasn't been improved in the slightest.

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      Thread 5403

      uh >>/poll/170

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      Thread 5404

      the cites table is a bit dead so crosslinking seems to have some issues.

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      Thread 5405

      actually... why is it not crosslinking

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      Thread 5406

      regex patterns not matching I guess

      In anycase, what's the point you're trying to prove? The mod in the other thread admitted I was right and /jp/ is a good alternative to /qa/

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      Thread 5407
      Anonymous ## Mod
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      Retardmin coming in with the worst decisions at the worst times possible as always. Expect more developement on this tonight.

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      Thread 5408

      In the last 30 or so posts of that thread, people were talking about the loss of anonymity, and here we are 7 months later and you just permabanned a poster not for a specific post or rule violation, but for his accumulated posting history, while referencing one of his posts in the ban message.

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      Thread 5409

      yes, but he's actively let himself be known to me and used his identity to push favour. If you see this as an erosion of potential trust then fair enough, however this is a resentment that I've stored up and my emotions have kind of exploded.

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      Thread 5410
      [MiG_MuX] ...png
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      So immediately undo this decision of pure emotion and let yourself cool down and see reason from others before you keep up a rash, spur of the moment, decision. That would be the mature admin thing to do.

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      Thread 5411

      If you talk to him off-site, is there any reason why this couldn't have been sorted out between only the two of you? Sorry but this is just really unsightly.

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      Thread 5413
      [MiG_MuX] ...png
      - 2.40 MB

      Please don't bring off-site drama to imageboards it's unsightly. It's bad enough that vermin has decided to indulge in it out of autism and butthurt, I don't need this to become a regular thing. I will personally delete anything telling of any off-site crap that concerns nobody here starting with this. Take that shit to /trans/ where it belongs.

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      Thread 5414

      Tell pissmin to delete his bullshit as well then, because I have a right to defend myself from untrue slander.

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      Thread 5415

      I'd love to, but I can't now that it will be a point of contention that people will want to bring up.

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      Thread 5416

      There's nothing more to say, and nothing more that other people will want to hear. It's personally motivated and behind the scenes meta. I shouldn't have made it a pub ban

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      Thread 5417
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      You also shouldn't have samefagged while pretending it wasn't you because a little bird pretty much just confirmed to me that you did. How the fuck was I supposed to know who was I replying to? I told you to kill yourself for browsing /pol/ because it's a shithole full of awful people. It's your fault for being an autist and taking it personally.

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      Thread 5418

      For shame! Anonymous still believes they were telling the vermin to kill themself and not /qa/'s favorite flying fish! I can't believe people could forget her so easily...

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      Thread 5423
      OVA - Kino...png
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      Trying to rationalize your actions as a form of "self-moderation" -- or some kind of preservation thereof -- is a complete and utter bastardization of the phrase. From what I recall, they were among the voices who chose to speak out against your banning of >>>/trans/1723, which -- need I remind you -- is literally a call for greater leeway in self-moderation. Moreover, that was another case in which >>5408 rang true. This action smells only of you airing out a personal vendetta against someone while they have no means to defend themselves. Not only is that cowardly and disgraceful, it's a blatant abuse of authority. Apply to team4chan™ if you plan on keeping this streak going.

      That's a rather surface-level reading. Re-read your own posts:

      >Yeah, I'm looking at people's IPs
      >There is no community to running the site. It's people ordering changes to be made and bitching when something isn't the way they want it.

      Better yet, re-read the critiques of >>>/poll/369, and while you're at it, you can add >>2972(OP) >>2974 >>3135 and >>3329 to that list as well. While partaking on your cross-board, meta cultural exchange, it's very important for you to notice the echoes of previous posts and threads in newer ones. For instance, >>5355(OP) echos the sentiment of >>2401 (and the now deleted thread which originated on /qa/ that was much longer), similarly the points brought up in >>2972(OP) echo throughout >>>/poll/975(OP) and the arguing discussion in >>4243(OP), in particular "Verm has an reprehensible tendency to dismiss entire walls of text based on a single sentence, or otherwise reply saying that he's not going to reply." For a more broad view of how moderation should be handled, you can also view the opinions >>>/poll/570(OP).

      My point in asking you to notice the echos of those threads prior is this: if the same points are being brought up continuously, or reinterpreted and rephrased, then the reasons for bringing them up hasn't gone away yet. And, evidently, they haven't.

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      Thread 5424

      Ah yes, the good old stggs tactic to shake off bots who ban trolls still seems to be working wonderfully even today by the looks of this thread.

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      Thread 5425
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      Why is it that only the mod and the co-admin are rational and easy to reason with? Why does the admin himself have to be such an obstinate, hard-headed butthurt cunt? He's really giving as much reason as possible for people to hate him again like they did on 4/qa/ back then. And now he started behaving like Kazisho or other mods there who held a personal grudge with coolmin and permab& him and his trip for retarded reasons.


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      Thread 5426
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      we are all Anonymous

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      Thread 5430

      I'll reread the second text-block where you quote the poll, this is just about the first line.

      Kissu has no place for mod-stalkers and baphomet posters or imageboard-staff who flip-flop between supporting 8gag, teenshit and kissu.
      If this is what 4chan is, then that's how it's going to be. I am not going to let everyone into kissu and the two people in question were both banned because they associate with me too much in non-imageboard channels such as IRC or Steam. They are (likely) making such a fuss because they think that personal association with me outweighs what emotions I ignore while talking with them in private channels.

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      Thread 5432

      >I'll reread the second text-block where you quote the poll
      Please read it thoroughly.

      >the two people in question were both banned because they associate with me too much in non-imageboard channels

      How does that make your actions any more justified? The whole reason people choose to use imageboards is because of the lack of a continued identity. You're moderating like a petulant forum moderator. Of course, that much is to be expected when, in a sick twist of irony, you've shown no regards for the anonymity of users.

      >Kissu has no place for mod-stalkers

      Said the IP-stalker, Admin.

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      Thread 5434
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      For starters, I think both parties in this case suffer from immeasurable egos, that will surely never allow one to get along with the other. That being said, I think from an admin's position the proper path to take would be to not pursue some personal grudge or entertain the belief that you should moderate the poster and not the post. Call it idealistic if you want, but moderation based on what the posters see is much more preferable than based on what you can see, and I'm fairly sure that most people here would rather moderation be more clear and related to the board than not.

      That's not exactly 4chan levels, retarded, it's a bit of a step further. 4chan mods don't even bring their off-site baggage to users on the site for the most part, they just hold vendettas against posters for what they've posted. You've deluded yourself into believe that you know what's best for everyone when you most certainly don't based on how contested most of your decisions are (even if some of them work out in the end). A good approach to being a competent administrator is to not approach moderation as something to do for yourself, but rather as a way to carry out the will of the community, and you most certainly are not doing that with these actions. It's rather childish and unbecoming of someone of your status. Really take a step back and try to look at this from a perspective other than your own to realize just how foolish this sounds to anyone who isn't yourself. You may think yourself so high and mighty for removing who you solely perceive as someone on the level of the worst imageboard schizos, but in reality you're being petulant and infuriated with someone whose personality directly clashes with your own.

      This really does help to clear up what I think that /jp/ should be. It should be a place free of your stalking and arrogance, where people can feel more free to say whatever without triggering the overbearing admin over the accumulation of their posts he's been stalking. I couldn't really define it in my thread because the examples didn't really exist, but you've allowed for everyone to see the thought process of yours I considered while writing it. It doesn't really need to be as free as I stated in the post, people have certainly made legitimate arguments against that, but it should be free for anyone to post and have their posts be considered independent of who they are.

      You really don't need to try and pit me or cool against vermin, it's unproductive for everyone and a general annoyance to me. Also your posts are more filled with insults than arguments, which I guess is normal for an /a/ poster, but unconvincing for others.

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      Thread 5435

      What's the point of trying to be argumentative when he's going to ignore everything due to being an obstinate arrogant piece of shit?

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      Thread 5436
      [naisho] P...jpg
      - 112.96 KB

      Because it's better to come off as a rational human being compared to an /a/ poster.

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      Thread 5437

      Well, you did a good job at it yourself, so it's not necessary for me to. I'm just expressing indignity because he never learns from his mistakes and continues to keep making them constantly.

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      Thread 5438

      >I am not going to let everyone into kissu
      If you mean there are certain *people* you don't want on Kissu, you don't really have a choice in this matter. No matter how many proxies, VPNs, and mobile IP ranges get banned, people who really want to post will find a way to post. What you can do is keep certain kinds of *posts* out of Kissu. But in order to have that leverage, you must desist from banning people for who they are rather than for what they have recently posted. Otherwise you will slowly build a community of ban evaders with no respect for your decisions, which is exactly what 4chan is like. The right way to moderate is to remove *posts* that harm the board, and issue *temporary* bans when someone persists in making them.

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      Thread 5439

      >How does that make your actions any more justified?
      In an ironic twist of irony, you're defending people who give up their anonymity to curry favour with staff members in order to defend self-moderation(and anonymity).

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      Thread 5440

      In a predictable development vermin asserts his twisted logic on others and believes himself to have won.

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      Thread 5441

      Get in a mod's good graces by posting enough good things that they'll give you a discount when you shitpost too hard. Should have used an ota analogy instead but those are getting old.

      >How does that make your actions any more justified?
      He justified his actions plenty. These posters are testing the limits of what they can and can't do as admin cock kissers and now that it backfired they're concern trolling. It's so transparent it's pitiful.

      It's understandable that the admin would take these people's history in account considering their off-site relationship and I'd personally be VERY paranoid of anyone I knew had connections to 8ch post-2015. Sociopaths flock to smaller communities like flies to shit. The problem is if this will become a slippery slope moment and he starts doing this with everybody. If you want to put him together with team4chan, consider the fact that, unlike kissumin, they do all of that shit and more but leave no trace for accountability. >>5434 thinks that's a good thing even though it's obvious it's one of the reasons that shit hole is how it is.

      The situation could have been managed much better, like have a private talk about it, or delete the post and issue a warning, but then again it's impossible to know if any private warnings were given and any claim to that effect will be countered by the other part, whether in good or bad faith.

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      Thread 5442

      You can cross fingerprint browsers on the same machine so there is actually a way to ban persistent ban eviders if you really want to[1]. And besides, I do think vermin is giving too much leeway to them when he could just swing the ban hammer be done with it. Some people just cannot be reasoned with and you're just better off blocking them off completely. I wish I could have that in imageboards.

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      Thread 5443

      I was posting here completely anonymously. It was you who identified me through my post history because you're a power abuser.

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      Thread 5444

      Also of note that just like the Chihaya spiral, the meta spiral some boards fall into is very hard to come out of. Between the heated talks about the site layout and this, there's been a lot of heated meta discussion recently.

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      Thread 5445
      - 194.87 KB

      It wouldn't be a /qa/ spinoff without copious amounts of meta faggotry, would it?

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      Thread 5446

      I don't see what you're seeing. All around me I see people bending over to support someone who on multiple occasions attempts to suck up to authority figures and throws away his anonymity with pseudo-avatars

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      Thread 5447

      I don't believe the lack of trace for accountability is a good thing. I don't like the idea, for the most part, of tracking users and only accumulating the bad they do while ignoring their fair or good posts that do exist. For the current poster in question I think they are capable of making good posts, but their /a/-like elitism hold them back from being good most of the time. Also their ego makes them post dumb stupid posts or try to put themselves over others by arbitrary means in typical /a/ fashion.

      If he were just to only post garbage I'd be on board with removing his presence, but because he has the capacity for nice posts I don't think a complete block is necessary like I would think it to be for the social media posting gnfos schizo or other drama obsessed schizos that have no capacity for quality in any form. If you are the poster I believe you may be, I think at one point you even identified them as a positive presence on /jp/ in the past. Unless that was a case of mistaken identity of course.

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      Thread 5448

      >if you really want to
      I'm guessing you're implicitly referring to the uproar over privacy this approach would create, and I agree. But I have doubts as to its effectiveness even if we went that far. All you need to do to fool that system is find a way to tamper with your browser's fingerprint. Non-technical users would have trouble, but once you end up with a large number of banned people, the techies will create solutions to help the non-techies.

      >Some people just cannot be reasoned with and you're just better off blocking them off completely.

      This is true, but there's no need for the moderation to guess whether it's the case when they ban someone. Instead, they can start with a short ban, and if that doesn't deter misbehavior, they can escalate to longer bans. Mods shouldn't start out with permabans for anything other than CP posters and known proxies.

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      Thread 5449
      [Mori] Wak...jpg
      - 268.97 KB

      >Get in a mod's good graces by posting enough good things that they'll give you a discount when you shitpost too hard

      The exact opposite happened though? He banned me simply because I said "kill yourself immediately" as a response to someone who posted on /pol/. And it was completely out of a butthurt personal grudge because I insulted him privately a few times before. Go read /trans/.

      >These posters are testing the limits of what they can and can't do as admin cock kissers and now that it backfired they're concern trolling

      I was never an "admin cock-kisser", I just happened to be friends with the other two staff members before kissu even existed. I'm also not an 8gag poster. Using a single board there for a very specific purpose from time to time does not make me so.

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      Thread 5450

      Messed up the quote: >>5441

    84. Post Info
      Thread 5451

      If it doesn't work in gaining favors with authority figures what's the problem? His meta posts here in no way appeal to me, who views them as annoying /a/ trash, or to cool who most likely sees them as trying to stir the pot with drama. My opinions are based solely on the whole of his contributions, and vern doesn't want to look at any posts made by him and consider them possibly positive, he just wants to blanket everything associated with him as bad.

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      Thread 5452

      >He banned me simply because I said "kill yourself immediately" as a response to someone who posted on /pol/.
      While I don't want to see bans for personal grudges, assuming that's what happened, that was a bad post which deserved at the very least a deletion.

    86. Post Info
      Thread 5453
      - 124.03 KB

      It was a permaban that also gave away my post history in public. I said that only because I think /pol/ is a shithole filled with awful people. And saying "kill yourself" is common /a/ and /jp/ speak, no need to hotpocket it.

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      Thread 5454

      And while I find them annoying, I don't think that you can just accumulate a board with posters who are always good 100% of the time. Surely there will be more people that in the future will be similar in that they will have their good and bad moments. And if /qa/ is to be a place where those types will get banned for being too kuso at times, then I think /jp/ should be a better fit for them. Please do realize that the boards are not identical and what is allowed on /jp/ does not need to be tolerated on /qa/, and that would be what keeps /qa/ from degenerating into ota.

      Yeah, a deletion would've been for the best, maybe even a temp ban. Vermin had a million ways to go about it, and he chose the worst one in a fit of emotions.

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      Thread 5455

      Is vermin a girl?
      Is she single

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      Thread 5456
      - 770.09 KB

      I would expect anyone of integrity to do the same. I cannot imagine a single scenario in which I would ever want moderation to apply because of circumstances outside of what's posted on Kissu.

      In both cases thus far you've also completely failed to provide any justification for your claims other than your opinions alone. To you, the first was a, "community troublemaker," and, "I know he'll (post politics) again. (unclear)" In this case, it's that this person tried, "to curry favour with staff members," and made a single mean post. The response to both, a fucking permaban, make you come across -- and I don't use this word lightly -- unhinged.

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      Thread 5457

      but you shouldn't test your luck

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      Thread 5458

      epic, cites fucked...

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      Thread 5459

      working on original

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      Thread 5460

      Thanks genius

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      Thread 5461
      - 810.85 KB

      I promise I'll be the best boyfriend

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      Thread 5462
      [Mori] Wak...jpg
      - 188.66 KB

      Yeah, I definitely love /pol/ and politics even though the reason I told that poster to kill himself was because he posted on /pol/.

      This is the thread he's talking about by the way; >>/>trans/1652 I only stole that one from gnfos and posted it on /jp/ because I thought it was funny in a silly and absurd way, similar to old /b/ humor.

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      Thread 5463
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      Thread 5464

      just read his posts

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      Thread 5466

      Wow he had the audacity to disagree with you on multiple points. The horror! I can only imagine such trauma you must have endured! Beyond that, it seems they occasionally complain about "the norms." I have no idea what you're talking about. If that's the bar for a permaban, you ought to ban at least half of the site.

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      Thread 5467

      What am I to say. If you're a sucker for this kind of person then there's nothing I can say because you like this type of behaviour, but taunting mods in #4chan using the sites name... I didn't know about this until a mod told me a few minutes ago... is over the line and puts a black star on my own evaluation of your own objectivity and ability to judge other's character.

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      Thread 5469

      >I have no idea what you're talking about.
      >you're a sucker for this kind of person
      Truly a way with words and never an opportunity met that was not squandered.

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      Thread 5470

      Fine then, if you want people to read his posts so bad, then let them. If you want to make this discussion about the poster, then the people should be able to evaluate the poster themselves. I think that this idea would be like what was theorized in the early days of kissu about how to handle bans, where we came up with the idea that people could evaluate and determine if the ban should stay or not. In this case you've made the ban about something only you can see, so it's only fair that others be let in on what their history looks like so they can determine themselves whether the perma is warranted or not.

    102. Post Info
      Thread 5472

      I'm not a fan of the person affected and I do think the place would be better off with him removed or restrained but doing a public ban over a personal matter was not the right choice of action, I think.
      Regards, 3rd party observer

    103. Post Info
      Thread 5473

      yeah, I shouldn't have. I fucked up making soup and hadn't eaten much.

      why do I have to explain things...

    104. Post Info
      Thread 5474
      shion shru...jpg
      - 110.66 KB

      >but taunting mods in #4chan using the sites name... I didn't know about this until a mod told me a few minutes ago...

      I mentioned kissu very casually there and didn't even get banned. It was just a normal a discussion as to which direction the staff was planning on taking /qa/.

    105. Post Info
      Thread 5476

      >why do I have to explain things...
      Why shouldn't you?

    106. Post Info
      Thread 5477

      For real? C'mon, V. It's like you want this place to burn down.

    107. Post Info
      Thread 5478
      - 519.34 KB

      I will not allow the demise of kissu. Not for as long as I have Interest.

    108. Post Info
      Thread 5479

      It's joke. Of course I have to explain things, but I thought I was clear.
      The site will burn down on itself into another shitty dramaboard if nothing is done about people abusing it's reputation and trying to pick fights with other imageboards.

    109. Post Info
      Thread 5480

      He wasn't trying to pick a fight with them, it was his warped way of trying to advertise on there. Just like you have a warped view of how to approach moderation and "getting rid of" drama

    110. Post Info
      Thread 5481
      - 74.72 KB

      Why did you have to say that to this autistic retard, berun? He's thinking it had more importance than what it actually did now when it was of no consequence at all.

    111. Post Info
      Thread 5482

      You deleted the pastebin so I can't look at it and have to make a guess on it's contents. The only reason you're even still posting here is because every other imageboard you touch rots away into drama.

      When kissu is a mess of fighting with other imageboards you will leave to some other place and repeat the cycle anew.

    112. Post Info
      Thread 5483

      kuso post

      Respond to this, vermin.

    113. Post Info
      Thread 5484

      I didn't delete it. It expired.

    114. Post Info
      Thread 5485

      >The only reason you're even still posting here is because every other imageboard you touch rots away into drama.

      Sounds legit specially when you consider >>5453 and the fact places like ota are overflowing with this important /jp/ heritage making it a very charming place.

    115. Post Info
      Thread 5486

      And yeah, it was pretty much this: >>5480 I dropped a casual mention of kissu in hopes of advertising there while also trying to hold a conversation with the mods as to which direction they were planning on taking 4/qa/ since they also purged off the soy spammers from there. Didn't even get banned.

      What are you even talking about? Also, it's pissmin who's causing all this drama. He's the one who created this entire clown circus, not me.

    116. Post Info
      Thread 5487

      The mod accumulated a list of his posts and wants me to post it, but my problems are what he does outside of the site combined with the occasional utter garbage post.


    117. Post Info
      Thread 5489


      For the sake of a fair judgement from everyone, here's also him at his worst back on 4/qa/.

    118. Post Info
      Thread 5490
      - 496.20 KB

      I'm pretty much 10-15% of threads on /qa/ and /jp/. Here are some more:





      If he wants to get rid of a quality contributor I'll gladly leave and take them elsewhere.

    119. Post Info
      Thread 5491

      Users shouldn't be banned unless they can reasonably anticipate that their conduct might lead to a ban. Why not have a 3 strikes system? It could be something like this:

      1. Warning: For any conduct detrimental to Kissu.
      2. Ban of 30 days or less: Only for specifically prohibited offenses, or for users who continue to misbehave within 30 days after a warning.
      3. Permabans or bans over 30 days: Only for illegal conduct, proxies/VPNs/Tor nodes, or users who continue to misbehave within 1 year after the lifting of a ban.

    120. Post Info
      Thread 5492

      ¥first reply
      >You're annoying.


    121. Post Info
      Thread 5493
      - 182.82 KB

      And I said "Die avatarfag" in response. He annoyed me and other people so much there that I once reported his posts on multiple IPs for avatarfagging and got him banned. That's why I made this thread there once: https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/1399367/

    122. Post Info
      Thread 5494

      Somewhat surprised that nothing happened earlier given all that history

    123. Post Info
      Thread 5495

      *history between the two of you

    124. Post Info
      Thread 5496
      - 187.00 KB

      We are destined to keep having these stupid arguments and disagreements over and over I guess. It's not the same with the other two staff members. I've also known them for roughly the same amount of time. They were always nice and comprehensive with me and they never annoyed anyone on the board itself by being an obnoxious att-whore like him.

    125. Post Info
      Thread 5497

      I like this, but I disagree with permabans, think that should be saved for the truly hopeless. Others can just be ban bans. Maybe even instating some kind of system where a /qa/ ban doesn't necessitate a site ban, like how before somebody got banned from the seasonal boards because they couldn't stop talking politics in it.

    126. Post Info
      Thread 5498
      - 48.88 KB

      Also, forgot about the very important /qa/ bug thread and this other one:

    127. Post Info
      Thread 5500

      Yeah, I was thinking more as a maximum ban that the administration could commit to not exceeding so that people don't end up with surprise permabans for their first offense if Vern makes a judgement about their post history they don't expect. But the specific numbers should be debated and adjusted.

    128. Post Info
      Thread 5501
      - 70.07 KB


    129. Post Info
      Thread 5502

      Just for clarity, the poster himself was onboard with his posts being shown so that others could evaluate whether vern was right in his decisions or not.

    130. Post Info
      Thread 5503


    131. Post Info
      Thread 5505

      It's not meaningless, posting a users history without their consent and encouragement is a whole hell of a lot worse than if you were to do so with it. That you don't realize this is baffling.

    132. Post Info
      Thread 5506
      - 724.07 KB

      Who are you calling a scum? Me or him? I gave permission for the mod to gather and post some of my post history since Hibikid had already revealed it in the butthurt public permaban anyway, but those are mostly just random posts instead of my individual threads. Please look at >>5490 >>5498 as well.

      Again, it's not a problem for me to just pack my stuff and leave. The only reason I post on kissu is because I'm friends with the mod and the co-admin. I would've left long ago if not for that since Hibikid has pissed me off more on multiple occasions with his antics.

    133. Post Info
      Thread 5507

      Man reading drama like this really takes me back to the olden days...I hated it then and I hate it now.

    134. Post Info
      Thread 5508

      if this is an attempt at engineering prime /qa/ drama then it's a damn good 1

    135. Post Info
      Thread 5509

      If only people were capable of taking it easy, all this could be avoided...

      Truly a timeless principle

    136. Post Info
      Thread 5510
      - 109.42 KB

      I really didn't mean to cause any of it. It's 100% his fault.

      Does it really look like I'm a bad poster who only seeks drama from my post history?

    137. Post Info
      Thread 5511

      It certainly is his fault for starting it, but you're not doing any good by continually picking at it trying to make things worse.

    138. Post Info
      Thread 5512

      >Who are you calling a scum?

      >I gave permission for the mod to gather and post some of my post history

      I still disagree with it happening to begin with. "Exposing" a user's post history is antithetical to the very concept of anonymity.

      >Does it really look like I'm a bad poster who only seeks drama from my post history?
      Not particularly. To be fair... I wouldn't consider you "the best" of posters, but hardly worthy of a ban.

      How? How? Giving a user the finger and excommunicating them is the most extreme option possible. For them not to defend themselves at all, even if they do so in a way that's not flattering to their own image, would be ridiculous.

    139. Post Info
      Thread 5513

      Don't get me wrong, he has the right to defend himself, I just don't think that all his taunting is that necessary. Or his trying to bring off-board stuff into it as well like in >>5481

      There was certainly no need to say something directly like that off of private chats.

    140. Post Info
      Thread 5514
      - 259.45 KB

      I think it's best to move on and pretend none of this happened. Shove your egos back in your butts. If 1 (one) person chooses to behave as an adult this whole thread can fall off the front page and kissu can stop being dragged down into the dirt.
      People should be celebrating kissu turning two years old....

    141. Post Info
      Thread 5515
      troll line.jpg
      - 28.94 KB

      The entire thing could have been solved privately, and I hope it will.

    142. Post Info
      Thread 5516

      I agree, there was no reason for all this to ever become a public issue.

    143. Post Info
      Thread 5517

      Yeah, sorry about that, but I only have so much patience with a person. He constantly tries to piss off his own users on purpose and doesn't listen to actual arguments when they are provided.

      >Or his trying to bring off-board stuff into it as well like in

      This really didn't have much impact or consequence at all. Berun brought it up with him in a weird unnecessary way. It just fed into his retardation even more unfortunately, which is why he had to make this post later: >>5480

    144. Post Info
      Thread 5518

      Is it over yet?

    145. Post Info
      Thread 5519

      i don't know
      can you repeat the question

    146. Post Info
      Thread 5520
    147. Post Info
      Thread 5521

      You're claiming to want descallation but this past conversation by has been anything but. There is no reasonable way this can be considered a resolution but rather attempts to strong arm everyone into a certain unshared perspective.

      But for the benefit of Cool's sanity I'll stop pressing it for now.

    148. Post Info
      Thread 5522
      - 83.27 KB

      I was kinda forced to get into details about past history since he posted that desuarchive thread as well (which I didn't ask him to).

      The bottom line is that you accused me of baseless bullshit I wasn't guilty of, I got angry at you and insulted you for it and then we started spiraling into even more stupid arguments and disagreements. Don't try to make it anything more than this because it isn't. I was trying to be polite and friendly with you before that happened.

    149. Post Info
      Thread 5523

      I don't give a shit about any of your interpersonal drama, but this isn't settled until the permaban is removed, or there is justification that he should have expected it.

    150. Post Info
      Thread 5524

      Cool says to stop so I'm stopping here.

    151. Post Info
      Thread 5525

      Alright. As I see it, the specifics of this case don't matter much. The issue is surprise permabans, and there should be a community consensus whether we have those or not. But maybe it would be for the best to have a new thread about that in a week or so when things have cooled down.

    152. Post Info
      Thread 5526
      - 341.69 KB

      I evaded the ban the moment it was issued if you didn't notice: >>>/qa/60308

      If he didn't ban me again when I did that then I guess it's because he was having second thoughts about it. He did it again in this thread but only because of berun making a mistake and saying something without a proper explanation that fed into his dumb shit even more.

    153. Post Info
      Thread 5603

      I don't care about vtubers, I have tried watching them a few times to see what they're all about but the appeal is lost on me. I never liked streamers and slapping an "anime"-style model onto them is not going to change that.

      I'm guessing a lot of the kneejerk hate for them is like when KanColle got huge and artists who used to draw Touhou moved to KanColle and conventions were flooded with KanColle stuff. When something new seeps into the spaces you frequent and becomes inescapable, you begin to feel like remaining indifferent is not an option and you need to have an opinion on it (you don't).

      Kuso thread. (the one I was going to post this in)

    154. Post Info
      Thread 5604

      Do people need an opinion on visual novels or manga adaptations? Even the question of sub vs dub doesn't require an opinion, but for some reason the way people enjoy media is more important than what's actually being discussed

    155. Post Info
      Thread 5605

      I don't think the comparison to KanColle is really an apt one. There simply wasn't a cult of personality behind the characters like vtubers have cultivated. Quite frankly, there wasn't one. More than anything, they resemble traditional idols, but the attention they draw is increased several fold by the fact that rather than needing to appear in media, or create and perform music, they themselves are the ones constantly putting out content, instead of occasionally appearing on some variety show, or radio show, or in acting roles. It's really no wonder then why the creative output of their fanbase is as high as it is: vtubers' constantly evolving nature means that artists and the like are encouraged to be more timely with their references to garner more recognition. This is in stark contrast with TV anime, for instance, where artists usually have a week to produce things if they want to make any specific references to what happened in the latest episode. Furthermore, the at least limited audience participation causes viewers to build a parasocial relationship with the streamer, making them more "possessive" and boisterous in their support for a given vtuber, since they feel more attached to them than they really are given the one-sided nature of the "relationship."

      So, no, it's not like people complaining about Shimakaze or whatnot. It's more like people complaining about idols or K-pop.

    156. Post Info
      Thread 5606

      The mod team here is really proving to be humourless over-zealous assholes.

    157. Post Info
      Thread 5607

      *farts on you*

    158. Post Info
      Thread 5608

      *bans you*

    159. Post Info
      Thread 5611


    160. Post Info
      Thread 5612

      based on what

    161. Post Info
      Thread 5613

      based on real japanese history

    162. Post Info
      Thread 5808
      based on g...jpg
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