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Welcome to the new When They /cry/ board! You can post Higurashi content without worrying about spoiling things. This board won't be showing up on /all/ or the front page. You can post about Umineko and Ciconia, too, but you should use spoiler options on those for the time being. This is something we can figure out together.
A custom CSS is in the works, so you might see changes to the visuals now and again.
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Temporary to the extent that it'll last as long as people are posting on it. I don't see any reason for it to disappear before the Answer arc completes at the end of the Spring season.
Yeah, names can come back and we can add some more since we don't need to worry about spoiler stuff


tmp tmp


names modified a bit

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If this arc doesn't heavily deviate from the original I'm personally going to go to Japan and beat the shit out of R07.
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File:x13.png (1.06 MB,1951x1400)

Rika better rip his face off or something...


File:x31.png (410.7 KB,940x1400)

Now that I think about it was Takano ever this suspicious in the anime or VN? I don't think there were as many warnings as to her true nature as the manga gives away. Also I wonder if when it comes to the Hinamizawa disaster if they'll show the behind the scenes of it instead of just the normal way of it happening while K1 descends into madness.


Seems that they amped up her suspiciousness in the manga. From the anime it seems like she kept herself calm and collected as she normally does.



In the VN at least, she is incredibly suspicious and Keiichi is convinced that she killed Tomitake. Not sure about the anime, it's been too long.


I think it's only after Meakashi that she starts being kind towards Satoko. I'm thinking things will head more in the direction of Tsukiotoshi rather than Tatarigoroshi due to the fact that Shion is referring to herself as Satako's nee-nee.

File:119388b925409c355cf56cb145….jpg (101.29 KB,761x1100)


Battler takes it up the ass lol

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (148.67 KB,1280x720)


thinking about broccoli


When the nii-niiless cry.


File:mpv-shot0031.jpg (397.98 KB,1920x1080)

Broccoli you say hmm?

File:[Doki]_Higurashi_no_Naku_K….jpg (226.33 KB,1920x1080)



she tiny


File:rika window.webm (2.65 MB,480x270)

File:ff157560e9174ad5f7f1f49096….jpg (444.71 KB,688x1000)


Rena on the front page!

File:1603989974184.jpg (147.7 KB,1280x720)


do you love rena?
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I love her so much that I'll take care of the child!


File:hauauau.gif (941.92 KB,500x500)



She wouldn't give birth to a child, she'd just give birth to maggots.


File:1460397574096.jpg (16.27 KB,295x295)


Gonna write that down on the to-draw list.

File:1605814874411.jpg (73.84 KB,729x898)


Who is cuter: Mion or Shion?
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Shion is prettier and has an adult charm, Mion is cuter because she's a dork


File:ss (2017-04-25 at 07.57.58….jpg (66.98 KB,458x553)

I agree with >>182, Shion's all grown up already and lost whatever childlike innocence she may have had. Mion still retains it though.




Shion. She's the type that makes you want to hug her and tell her everything will be alright. That's moe, isn't it?


Mion's not that pure...she already lost her handholding virginity

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (142.18 KB,1280x720)


So uhh... how did you guys think/know this is Shion again? I thought it was Mion this time
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I also think it was Mion.

One thing I wonder about is how they identify the bodies. They said Shion's body was found at the bottom of the well, but how did they tell who it belonged to? Did they perform an autopsy, or are they judging from the clothes? Does the police know about the tattoo and how they switched places permanently when they were kids?


Maybe Shion freaked out and killed Rika and then in turn Mion killed Shion and dropped her in the well where Shion dropped Rika


I doubt it was Mion simply because it has previously been stated (in universe by Rika and out of universe by Ryukishi) that in all of the worlds Rika experienced, Mion had never been the one to go crazy because of her ability to communicate with people and her stalwart personality.


If you go on >>169 they're not supposed to be able to tell the difference between the two sisters supposedly.


I'm not sure that's really the case, it depends on what you mean by "the difference between the two sisters". When Ooishi visits Keiichi at the hospital at the end of Watanagashi and explains what happened, he reports that Shion was found dead in the well, and Mion fell from an apartment window. This is actually not wrong, it's consistent with their birth names. The problem is that no one knows Mion and Shion switched places when they were kids, and that the person who had been living as "Mion" is Shion and vice-versa.

File:[Erai-raws] Higurashi no N….jpg (115.3 KB,1280x720)


Now the first arc is over, I think it's time for a Higurashi discussion and theorycrafting thread. Obviously contains spoilers for the entire series, I will be using spoiler tags but some things might slip by, so hide the thread if you care about that.

First, the struggle with Rena - I am inclined to believe that Keiichi hallucinated the whole thing. Needless to say, the scene itself is pretty ridiculous, what with Keiichi being repeatedly stabbed in the chest but still somehow managing to muster up the strength to bludgeon Rena with the clock several times. Later when we see him in the hospital, it's confirmed that he is a late stage HS patient, and his wounds don't match the state he was in when he lost consciousness - only his left cheek was grazed, and he had no neck injuries. Except for Ooishi confirming that something went down at his house on that night, none of the other characters allude to what really happened (understandable since Keiichi has just woken up from a coma.) Also, what happened to the neck collar? He's not wearing it anymore when Mion visits.

What the actual fuck happened to Tomitake, Takano and Irie? Takano shows up for only a few seconds, Tomitake shows up briefly but behaves the same as in Onikakushi, and since Keiichi doesn't go talk to them during the festival we don't see any more of them, and Irie doesn't show up at all and his clinic is being "remodeled". I think the most likely scenario is that Takano died for real (since the fake body wasn't found in the mountains and she is considered "missing") and the project was canceled, hence the "remodeling", but then I have no idea how she died. Since Tomitake's body wasn't found either, it's also possible that he wasn't injected with the HS pathogen.

Speaking of Takano, from the circumstances surrounding Rika's death we know it wasn't her who did it this time. I believe Satoko had a HS episode and Rika was forced to kill her, and then committed suicide by stabbing her own neck as seen in Meakashi.
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What happened to her nipples? Also, that's good news. That was kind of something I already knew, yeah


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (91.44 KB,1280x720)

Since I had the chance to watch it a second time in the stream, I noticed that Hanyuu didn't do anything while they were in the storage building. No scratching and certainly no apologizing. She definitely seems to be out of the picture now.


So was it Mion this time?


it is weird to have mion talk about the conspiracy but it'd be even weirder for shion to have been the one at the game event
say shmion did nothing, why would the dogs prematurely kill everyone? takano seemed to still be present


I'm pretty sure they realized Shion killed Rika or maybe they thought she had her captured, and moved to secure her. K1's still alive at the end of the arc so the Great Hinamizawa disaster never occurred.

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (150.18 KB,1280x720)


Let's play a guessing game /cry/!

The theme is, Shion or Mion?
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File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (102.36 KB,1280x720)

Nevermind, it's Shion for sure


Ok, I think I've got it.


File:mpv-shot0217.jpg (253.37 KB,1920x1080)

Now about this episode, was that Shion the whole episode? She couldnt be so obssessed with Kei-chan it makes me think it might be Mion but why would Mion kill her frens


Mion's never crazy so it was most certainly Shion


Also if that's not enough she was spouting conspiracies about her family that only Shion would hold since Mion knows the truth.

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (131.64 KB,1280x720)


Mion.... no...


File:mpv-shot0210.jpg (305.17 KB,1920x1080)

Kimono shion is so great

File:85656982_p0.jpg (396.97 KB,900x1200)


when pissu /cry/s


the pee is crying...


File:3.png (477.25 KB,736x736)

Rika's cute piss!

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (131.89 KB,1280x720)


...And everyone died. The end.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (93.91 KB,1280x720)

Looking at the gun... did they have a shootout with each other? Or were they killed by the Yamainu?


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (138.21 KB,1280x720)

They were having a shootout with each other and then they were killed by the Yamainu.

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