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 File:1fc7651f2053dff9147621841f….png (16.06 MB,4954x6969)


Consider using this board to post ecchi/cute things.
- 2D characters only
- Non Sexual, but nudity is allowed
- Kissu with nudity is sex, sex is not ecchi
- No violence, keep it cute
- Other rules apply
Amendment: Yuri is cute too


 File:14.png (3.27 MB,1415x2000)

In Canada the definition of lolicon is regulated.

The Canadian Border Services Agency regularly publishes a list of items intercepted crossing the border which it inspects for obscenity, hate crimes and child pornography.

As a Canadian run website with servers hosted out of it, these judgment decisions weigh on the decision process of what is and is not lolicon on kissu, and the degree of explicitness allowed with similar characters.
If a character seen in this list is performing intimate acts with another character, it is safe to assume that tasteful content with characters of similar age-depiction are permitted.

Currently we are at Defcon Konata X Kagami yuri

Note: This is a guide to ecchi and ero. It does not effect artworks with nudity that are deemed cute.
Amendment: Another tool used is amazon.ca. If it can be sold, it can be used.

 File:d42b95cb7145433c3f07145e46….png (6.19 MB,2480x3508)


Genshin impact characters are boring. It's all just low quality Barbara works


 File:EnbtXMCXMAEFAH0.jpg (2.98 MB,2480x3508)

It's a given when you mindlessly look for fanart.
Every artist and their dog jump at the chance of getting extra likes since it's a popular franchise.


argh can almost see her pussy argh argh

 File:79386943_p0.png (379.88 KB,705x1000)


Big bags of fun!
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 File:b404fcd951b625e813fc49649c….jpg (429.37 KB,1000x1498)


 File:5c74acd3246f70fd062b57aa62….jpg (448.91 KB,960x1360)



 File:87013892_p0.png (2.35 MB,2894x4089)



I'd trust this cell with my life


 File:__white_blood_cell_and_u_1….png (422.14 KB,744x1052)

 File:da2619d6a8150cda567ff52949….png (9.27 MB,2694x3596)


jo clothing...


 File:13a107ecb59a90dbb23e555c92….jpg (678.48 KB,947x1374)


 File:81107065_p0.jpg (521.35 KB,827x1169)

Someone should inform them their nipples are showing...


 File:969cf70d15e635415ddfd9cc3d….jpg (516.89 KB,1376x1943)


 File:5bf95dec8881efe2288d6b23eb….png (1.65 MB,1433x2024)

 File:86772598_p0.png (458.13 KB,933x1000)


This year of the cow is amazing so far. Big boobers everywhere!
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 File:61AEF727_966A_409C_892D_7B….jpg (1.14 MB,1782x946)

going to use this as wallpaper for at least a couple weeks
tem10 is a god


Might end up using that as a wallpaper too, those boobers are just so nice


 File:86965915_p0.png (2.22 MB,1411x2000)

Finally some Roki new years


 File:86825011_p0.png (1.32 MB,1920x1080)


shes like 12 you sick fuck

 File:85677890_p0.jpg (3.56 MB,2475x3932)




 File:f8652ad3c91a7552a38bde70a1….jpg (3.09 MB,2894x4093)



 File:9179b4d3af0ca6af87ee2275b7….jpg (2.23 MB,1608x2142)


 File:a765780ec5dfcfb46a90895474….jpg (882.17 KB,2303x1598)


cuties who are open with one another
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 File:fe31d0cd98bfc001732b76c671….jpg (133.21 KB,768x1024)


 File:96fd35037a10981b722beeb437….jpg (1.45 MB,1513x1200)


 File:466910627eaa364e7792ebaa4e….jpg (3.45 MB,3541x2508)


 File:fb12b1dd287b6f40a7372f3a3a….png (10.97 MB,4350x3200)


Why are they so wet and what is that dog doing under -that fox?

 File:86124248_p0.jpg (194.23 KB,1200x1697)



what's she asking for?


she seems to be hungry, poor girl :(
she can't even afford clothes


a meal


 File:b5a40a7bd294bda626ba2e3472….jpg (377.45 KB,1774x2493)

a drink?

 File:a.jpg (772.95 KB,1200x1697)


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shark butt……


 File:84837657_p0.png (346.43 KB,708x1000)



 File:EltQDX1U8AI8lx_.jpg (124.81 KB,1120x1520)



 File:1608781471843.png (1.62 MB,898x1662)



 File:e79b91c7f47c9b4c4108cf0539….png (19.44 MB,4200x4300)

 File:8f10b8e11fd41b8902a96ccba9….jpg (1.68 MB,1200x1800)


Beware the day succubi! They are known to appear during heat waves at the hottest part of the day. They fuck their defenseless victims over and over again until they die of heat stroke, then carry their souls off to hell! The best prevention is to keep indoors with the air conditioner running and drink plenty of water. Stay safe!
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 File:07_9D9AF159_9AE5_432C_9707….jpg (1.12 MB,1052x1950)

A coward rules through fear and violence. A true leader rules by seizing the minds and hearts of her subjects. Let not yourself be swayed by a coward, accept she who is fit to command.


 File:68605482_p0.jpg (279.27 KB,630x980)


 File:85743626_p0.jpg (862.21 KB,1200x900)


 File:217_8.jpg (1.04 MB,2088x1500)

An innocent /jp/ boy upon entrance into /ec/


 File:a38d8de7072c913915c5b2ed40….png (2.45 MB,1920x1080)

 File:1593912346074.png (254.24 KB,615x1000)


Are they ecchi or are the cute?
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 File:b44519c0f14bdd8d126067d5d5….png (2.72 MB,1698x2400)


 File:89f690bfe7d68b231ef70b554….jpeg (337.21 KB,1920x1080)


 File:a735c4e97e62fc8e80141c3e4a….png (2.41 MB,1454x2041)


 File:66485964_p0.jpg (215.27 KB,700x1055)


they are so cute!
sometimes i see schools from japan visiting and they are also extremely cute in 3d

 File:86100116_p1.jpg (1.09 MB,1063x1505)


What is the purpose of megane?
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ended up fapping 3 times today to this h-manga


all the chapters or just that one?


I got up to the cosplay one, but the tab is still up


 File:e5108c113073124cb9e8709f8d….jpg (4.01 MB,3354x4933)



 File:a7309f961e2ccca1bc9fcbe258….png (2.61 MB,1500x2200)

 File:cac9d61e19f449a769726b36ed….png (1.03 MB,1600x1280)


Legs are glorious.
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 File:bc9e5d70304e0d092c6c46de8b….jpg (327.13 KB,2839x2247)


 File:53595f7bdf548cd3abff875a12….jpg (343.43 KB,707x1000)


 File:76839255_p0.png (1.6 MB,1181x1600)


 File:71c15f5b09afa0ad11ff837f2a….jpg (258.33 KB,900x1273)


 File:81730978_p0.png (2.1 MB,1670x2000)

 File:White_Christmas_001.jpg (295.83 KB,1280x1817)


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Does this mean there is no 5 and 6?



Anyone got more stuff like this?
Not necessarily futatod, because I've looked into it and didn't like the rest much, but more the angle of vigorous caretaker baby rape.


 File:0001huousi.jpg (272.79 KB,1111x1554)


After a certain thread I sought after teacher eromanga


 File:34afa9a91a413fa789b60c50b7….jpg (809.82 KB,2808x4096)


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 File:86807160_p0.jpg (816.67 KB,1500x847)


 File:86742013_p0.png (744.4 KB,800x1200)


 File:86783685_p0.jpg (2.85 MB,5103x3470)


 File:86824151_p0.jpg (9.35 MB,2508x3541)


 File:86762065_p0.png (1.99 MB,1447x2047)

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