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 File:1fc7651f2053dff9147621841f….png (16.06 MB,4954x6969)


Consider using this board to post ecchi/cute things.
- 2D characters only
- Non Sexual, but nudity is allowed
- Kissu with nudity is sex, sex is not ecchi
- No violence, keep it cute
- Other rules apply
Amendment: Yuri is cute too


 File:14.png (3.27 MB,1415x2000)

In Canada the definition of lolicon is regulated.

The Canadian Border Services Agency regularly publishes a list of items intercepted crossing the border which it inspects for obscenity, hate crimes and child pornography.

As a Canadian run website with servers hosted out of it, these judgment decisions weigh on the decision process of what is and is not lolicon on kissu, and the degree of explicitness allowed with similar characters.
If a character seen in this list is performing intimate acts with another character, it is safe to assume that tasteful content with characters of similar age-depiction are permitted.

Currently we are at Defcon Konata X Kagami yuri

Note: This is a guide to ecchi and ero. It does not effect artworks with nudity that are deemed cute.
Amendment: Another tool used is amazon.ca. If it can be sold, it can be used.

 File:cac9d61e19f449a769726b36ed….png (1.03 MB,1600x1280)


Legs are glorious.


 File:755da7212c28ad4052cd456bd0….jpg (384.72 KB,1040x800)


 File:74721741_p0.jpg (427.45 KB,1600x1280)

 File:White_Christmas_001.jpg (295.83 KB,1280x1817)



Reminder to copy-paste exhentai links rather than directly double-clicking them as exhentai has a history of hoarding user data.


no one is going to do that


I know. If people really cared, then exhentai would have stopped existing years ago. I felt the moral imperative to point out the obvious and acted on it.

 File:84355022_p0.png (1.01 MB,1500x2118)


Hey, hey.

I heard you liked twintails, is that true?


 File:1525165232569.png (353.09 KB,566x800)

Flat twintails.

 File:d889ac302b4c05a020fbea4fc9….png (751.08 KB,1104x1500)


Be careful with the power of sukumizu
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 File:9fb47abc6518d6e463044b8846….jpg (87.88 KB,850x587)


 File:293a30a15ea56ec32363139530….jpg (1.32 MB,2150x3035)


 File:__akashi_azur_lane_drawn_b….jpg (449.42 KB,901x1200)


 File:__arisaka_mashiro_ao_no_ka….jpg (550.22 KB,845x1200)

 File:1600297520007.jpg (3.79 MB,2523x2583)


would you like a vtuber if she looked like this?


Flat? Yes.




>would you like a vtuber

 File:8c71fecb959536dc573b3350ad….png (3.59 MB,1800x2400)


swimsuits become illegal in a week you know


 File:[ANE] Denpa Onna to Seishu….png (2.4 MB,1920x1080)

Break the law!


What? Is this real?


its already becoming to cold for them.

 File:ecf5f7f678c0c39e98870e83a4….jpg (1.18 MB,1900x1100)


Things like this make my heart go doki doki
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 File:91da58a042fbaccfe34046cd09….jpg (271.71 KB,1934x2048)


 File:IMG_20200913_145526.jpg (501.29 KB,1200x908)


 File:yande.re 437787 aihara_mei….jpg (2.1 MB,4086x5925)


 File:EanjjRUUYAA_k-a.jpg (292.3 KB,2048x1448)


 File:75148427_p0.jpg (10.64 MB,8819x4961)

 File:84410964_p0.png (1.67 MB,1200x1500)


love this artist

 File:1598589004799.jpg (1011.24 KB,919x1100)


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 File:0.jpg (57.89 KB,1280x699)



 File:1547248142495.jpg (1.79 MB,2834x2000)



 File:3729863ea0fdc0a3f65b496a9a….jpg (277.37 KB,2000x2640)


lewd cat pissu


 File:78531894_p0.jpg (1.17 MB,1504x1153)

 File:f032609322560732317d9ccc08….jpg (994.48 KB,2400x3394)


Tied up girl thread?
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 File:84139040_p1.jpg (1.73 MB,1200x1920)

Nice touch with the glove


 File:24e944b82f210b8e47186742ae….png (3.79 MB,1754x2481)


 File:7297618e140bbf72f8d82f0400….png (10.03 MB,2490x3500)


 File:7f1d9e7580b061f8d28f3f144b….png (10.08 MB,2490x3500)


 File:8914eaa9b138020026e16794e6….jpg (3.27 MB,2866x2872)

 File:34afa9a91a413fa789b60c50b7….jpg (809.82 KB,2808x4096)




 File:4832d97fb0ea3ef6e7ca41aeb7….jpg (317.49 KB,888x1243)


 File:2f98cb3dc5ee32aca0f20cd7cb….jpg (396.44 KB,848x1200)

 File:01 Shiina to Amazuppai Nat….ogg (17.96 MB)


Does /ec/ listen to any ero ASMR?

This doujin (>>>/jp/5853) actually comes with an audio track that follows along with the text. And, what better way to experience a doujin than to have a cute girl read it out to you while making lewd noises? As novel as this is – no pun intended – I really hope that this sort of thing becomes more popular, since the quality of the art and narrative in a typical doujin far outstrips the average hentai. I'd imagine this sort of thing would be a lot cheaper to produce as well, albeit it's not as easily consumable as hentai is so…


Dunno why the quote didn't work >>>/jp/5853


Not usually, but what would exactly count as ero ASMR? Like say, would this count?


It's by a vtuber that does ero ASMR, and it's pretty ero


 File:shiina2019summer_P01.jpg (317.01 KB,1280x1808)

Thank you for the track OP, it was very pleasing, and I'll probably enjoy the rest I wasn't able to finish later


 File:1-01 Shiina to Ippai Natsu….ogg (9.87 MB)

>what would exactly count as ero ASMR?
I'd say a good definition would be anything which aurally conveys erotic situations and intends to arouse the listener.

>Like say, would this count?

I'd say so. In general, most ero ASMR stuff tends to be a lot more structured, though.

Shiina is very cute~. There's another doujin of her which hasn't been translated yet, as well as two other ero ASMR works too, not counting the one that comes with that doujin itself.

 File:P_001.jpg (345.92 KB,1280x1791)


Don't look at me like that…
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 File:639c0f1ddb109c1c6394a65a18….png (1.14 MB,1158x1637)

abbi cutie


 File:d70d07a8f07c46222984726985….jpg (590.09 KB,728x1028)


 File:1598674612229-2.png (229.35 KB,700x875)

Abbi's big debut


 File:49355e6af59e2a8bf66c46b58c….jpg (3.75 MB,2894x4093)


 File:5e6b9518e8a5a8eca7ae7ffba1….jpg (367.53 KB,1433x2000)

 File:965786c5cea3ac1d147dee2ed6….jpg (2 MB,2176x3000)


Milky bunnies have delicious c****
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 File:3ba773d670bfac6ddf24c09533….jpg (482.9 KB,1654x2339)


 File:99c5653351f6c91eea8bfe605e….jpg (995.56 KB,1034x1462)


 File:5bc4dbf00467ca0da588b59a14….jpg (596.8 KB,2407x4096)


 File:ff9d643a64db49b1e909e2ad66….jpg (158.69 KB,1500x2121)


 File:d69aef2073e58696a2080355f5….jpg (764.72 KB,1200x1702)

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