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 File:1fc7651f2053dff9147621841f….png (16.06 MB,4954x6969)


Consider using this board to post ecchi/cute things.
- 2D characters only
- Non Sexual, but nudity is allowed
- Kissu with nudity is sex, sex is not ecchi
- No violence, keep it cute
- Other rules apply
Amendment: Yuri is cute too


 File:14.png (3.27 MB,1415x2000)

In Canada the definition of lolicon is regulated.

The Canadian Border Services Agency regularly publishes a list of items intercepted crossing the border which it inspects for obscenity, hate crimes and child pornography.

As a Canadian run website with servers hosted out of it, these judgment decisions weigh on the decision process of what is and is not lolicon on kissu, and the degree of explicitness allowed with similar characters.
If a character seen in this list is performing intimate acts with another character, it is safe to assume that tasteful content with characters of similar age-depiction are permitted.

Currently we are at Defcon Konata X Kagami yuri

Note: This is a guide to ecchi and ero. It does not effect artworks with nudity that are deemed cute.
Amendment: Another tool used is amazon.ca. If it can be sold, it can be used.

 File:85944679_p0.jpg (3.52 MB,2479x1756)




 File:unnamed.jpg (131.45 KB,858x1024)

pekora peko


I was wondering why the style seemed so familiar....



smelly peko feet right in my FACE

 File:EfXrqx8U4AA9Gxh.jpg (433.19 KB,1500x1359)


Ah yes, the French


sexy outfit+body combo. Should be on /ec/ so I can jo to it


 File:fdae1cd664634c0114e4b3feae….jpg (253.22 KB,1100x1716)

You may just have a point, you.


 File:85797086_p0.jpg (881.1 KB,849x1200)

french lala

 File:EnaKdobUcAEcwWg.png (1.11 MB,1694x1200)



Fingering isn't ecchi...


he's just holding her...



 File:fixed.png (Spoiler Image,776.66 KB,1216x451)



t'was a close one...

 File:f0747b661bc4f68dc9ae767e9e….png (1.24 MB,1136x1663)


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 File:38ce2026ea0aa408c8c6b53f87….jpg (94.52 KB,640x640)


 File:33a13b824387e3fb59962d4222….png (1.27 MB,1280x1280)


 File:14734f0c8bafaaea89812f185d….jpg (314.61 KB,1580x3658)


 File:e1838ab10e1f959fb5ba389fab….jpg (98.81 KB,640x640)


i might hide a thread for the first time

 File:79386943_p0.png (379.88 KB,705x1000)


Big bags of fun!
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 File:85848941_p0.jpg (609.1 KB,1500x847)


 File:85827490_p0.jpg (1.38 MB,907x1563)


 File:85858398_p0.png (477.44 KB,750x1000)


 File:85907023_p0.png (2.33 MB,3000x4000)

Don't stare...


 File:85911089_p0.png (610.41 KB,1300x921)

flan boobie

 File:965786c5cea3ac1d147dee2ed6….jpg (2 MB,2176x3000)


Milky bunnies have delicious c****
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 File:5bc4dbf00467ca0da588b59a14….jpg (596.8 KB,2407x4096)


 File:ff9d643a64db49b1e909e2ad66….jpg (158.69 KB,1500x2121)


 File:d69aef2073e58696a2080355f5….jpg (764.72 KB,1200x1702)


 File:02.jpg (359.19 KB,1280x1818)


 File:fab263218e6fe8f3756208f521….gif (1.2 MB,512x512)

Big bunny boobers

 File:85322865_p0.jpg (1.69 MB,1200x1679)


It's the spookiest time of the year!
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Why is that man dressed like a girl and why is he holding tight to a mushroom?!


 File:85876364_p0.jpg (362.91 KB,720x966)



 File:28be8688de50b84a3a6034f476….png (4.13 MB,2277x2108)

warming it up before it gets put in the oven


 File:782cf6a4f0e2a021b665705321….png (2.06 MB,1374x1804)

 File:85549988_p0.png (5.97 MB,3441x5090)




 File:85888959_p1.png (1.74 MB,1813x2515)

Or short?


exactly how it's presented: long for lewd, short for casual


 File:926df2267f9ff08739ea187b01….jpg (6.04 MB,4200x6400)


 File:85887929_p0.jpg (4.18 MB,2032x3250)


boing boing
no no

 File:d954aaac31ab6c213638b7b1ab….jpg (81.97 KB,670x1191)


Man, I love Marie
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that's a boy


 File:1606237506248.jpg (361.73 KB,1080x1920)


 File:1606237443035.jpg (166.5 KB,1920x1080)


 File:1606251029550.jpg (731.06 KB,1080x1920)


 File:1606254837564.png (2.26 MB,1080x1920)

hair technology!

 File:a765780ec5dfcfb46a90895474….jpg (882.17 KB,2303x1598)


cuties who are open with one another
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 File:e4f21b3385ea23e005fa0d38a6….jpg (4.15 MB,6246x4432)


 File:826187246ca4f0157c2a390322….png (3.48 MB,1530x2160)


 File:5ec5e267eec70def1648499855….jpg (149.54 KB,624x968)


 File:fe31d0cd98bfc001732b76c671….jpg (133.21 KB,768x1024)


 File:96fd35037a10981b722beeb437….jpg (1.45 MB,1513x1200)

 File:bc8789a46c512e874c1d22cbdc….jpg (3.49 MB,4263x2993)


It's another glorious day


 File:82016205_p0.png (1.49 MB,1158x1637)

It is. I'm waiting for the rain.


 File:f63751f5de74eb2a786fd294e0….jpg (601.12 KB,2591x2970)

stopped raining where I am. Just sun


 File:5e951ab0d938f03b7aad24283c….jpg (1.45 MB,2125x3008)

 File:3c9f7bade828af3a7db5097c98….jpg (4.61 MB,5600x4200)


the kissu bicycle

 File:White_Christmas_001.jpg (295.83 KB,1280x1817)


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 File:001.jpg (272.24 KB,1280x1813)


 File:088.jpg (566.02 KB,1280x1862)

Had no luck cumming for over an hour, but then I finally found this



 File:028.jpg (390.79 KB,1280x1810)



A new release for the year and it's amazingly ero


 File:_001.jpg (165.83 KB,1000x1399)

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