Frequently Asked Questions

This page outlines some questions and answers to simple questions on Kissu's purpose and support.

What is Kissu

Kissu is an imageboard created by Verniy and Cool-Guy in 2018 with help from users who left 4chan and it's /qa/ board. It uses a variant of Vichan with many additions built on top of it and a work in progress alternative UI inspired by CCD0's 4chanX extension. It hosts a variety of Japanese themed content and strives to keep it easy.

How Do I Post

Observe the mannerisms of others and feel free to take part in whatever conversations sparks your interest. If you have something interesting to say you could even make a thread.

Support the Site

Community Behaviour

Respect fellow users. Just because you are anonymous doesn't mean you are an ass. It's expected that you are over the age of 18 in the way you act towards others. Treat people with respect, be polite and settle things with disagreements not fights. Kissu does not actively recruit new mods from the community, but through connections with the admin. This is to garuntee that no one who is outside of the trust of the admins is in charge of what is and is not allowed.

Financial Support

You can set me funds through patreon:

BITCOIN: 14K6kHgpRvgKPnktf4e2UVfEaarYEe64n4
ETHEREUM: 0xf590a2cdd900eae8a680ed199e97f59d3718457a
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