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File:[SubsPlease] Kaifuku Jutsu….jpg (72.2 KB,1280x720)


how the FUCK do people watch anime with the boobies taken out

File:TOSHINO KYOUKO.jpg (177.77 KB,1280x720)




File:[HorribleSubs] Princess Co….jpg (415.13 KB,1280x720)


File:[Erai-raws] Higurashi no N….jpg (182.67 KB,1920x1080)


the rena retransmission

File:1500685751407.jpg (42.93 KB,891x750)


go to bed and wake up early


go early and wake up to bed


File:1519960983110.jpg (282.18 KB,1024x768)

Went to bed at 10 PM and woke up at 4 AM, guess you could call that early


File:EsQ6Op4VoAAAkb1.jpg (658.4 KB,2046x1534)

I'm glad people remember.

File:2b1efa76fe1f968dc54ed6a9ff….jpg (379.58 KB,1260x1300)


shh Ran is sleeping


File:1529014655374.jpg (498.24 KB,700x700)

baby ran
babier chen!


File:73055650_p0_.jpg (110.68 KB,614x869)

baby ran
mommy chen!


Are you sure Ran isn't still the mommy? She's holding Chen close with a watchful look towards the camera trying to gauge threats and Chen has a happy relaxed look feeling safe.

File:fa35769977870ab7fb4fc475bd….jpg (358.59 KB,706x800)


to what extent have you tasted deep sea creatures
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File:Slippery-Dick-Fishing-Tips.jpg (27.68 KB,690x395)

I wrestle with this at least once a week


ate some trout with almond sauce last week


Trout are fresh water fish ya idjit.


proof? We only know about 5% of all deep sea creatures. maybe there's some trouts out there too.


File:[HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….jpg (360.03 KB,1920x1080)

That's ludicrous. They would get eaten by all the Megaladons.

File:1357834203846.jpg (510.25 KB,1127x879)


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don't care


if you become mio can you let me poke your boobies


wow. i feel sad and horrible now


File:DjIxT9ZUUAAgL8v.jpg orig.jpg (57.61 KB,622x445)

cared enough to reply


back to twitter




holy heck a million views in 5 days


nyaa nya nya nya nya nyanya nyanya nyanyanya


This is a mobile game huh, never would've expected that


a bit less cool now that I know it's attached to phone shovelware

File:87229445_p0.jpg (1.08 MB,1577x1134)


how do you extend the time spent in a euphoric state


By extending the amount of time I stare at the cute girl's cute face.

File:02.jpg (446.13 KB,856x1557)




lure her inside


what are we going to do with those twintails...


Grab hold, tightly


File:1608051008215.png (129.12 KB,640x480)

I need them for my report on social studies.

File:i am an intellectual.jpg (32.34 KB,361x426)



Am I allowed to say that here?
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it's bad and it's popular. it's not bad because it's popular


Mexico and Japan are quite different environments...


Character development is boring. Also, Yuru camp does explore a concept, the concept of Yuru camping.


I followed your advice and gave it a read. There are too many vulgar words in it and the main character is too arrogant(disagreeable characters and subjects are a neccessary evil but their task of being convincing is the most difficult one). Maybe it just lacks dark humor, humor about the irrationality of every little thing, even of ending one's life, humor proving the author and characters to be interesting when all they do is complaining.


hating on popular things cool

File:SBovwBw.png (185.22 KB,1918x1048)


ah yes, Mussolini's famous Pantaloni Rossi (Red Pants). Who could forget them


File:ZZC 0344.jpg (1.09 MB,952x1360)

Le pantalon rouge c'est la France.


File:Federica_cover.jpg (77.82 KB,400x631)

funny, it's canonically a Rome/Italy unit


I can't see their red panties...


Redshirts were the volunteers who fought for Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Italian Unification...

File:87201080_p1.png (8.02 MB,4319x4319)


I keep trying to find good text to go with this but I can't.
Look, it's Mermaid Takane!
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Can someone explain the boiled pizza one?


File:takaneyaki.jpg (143.72 KB,600x500)


File:download.jpg (7.87 KB,207x139)

it's a fish pizza boiled in boiling fish takane juice
any other question?


File:decisive idol battle.png (86.55 KB,509x340)


File:Untitled.png (1.37 MB,1880x1117)


File:Game_82QJKsT2Fv.png (953.77 KB,1280x960)


Why is the hardest part of a game at the beginning?
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File:Game_ohW8zH3EYR.png (920.53 KB,1364x1023)

I noticed the Elona 'little girl' sprite is being used in this game. This game makes use of a ton of free sprite assets of course, otherwise it would have taken a decade.

Yes and yes, but the sprites aren't detailed. Making them walk around naked is an evil act, however, so I didn't do it.


File:Game_cckdr2XCAg.png (280.85 KB,1227x872)

The plot of the game has become a lot more serious as I approach the end, and I have to say it's pretty good. I really forget that it's an eroge if not for a scene or two.
The story battles aren't very difficult, but it's a result of side stuff existing so I'm a lot more powerful than I "should" be. So many JRPGs have this issue, I wonder if anyone has bothered to address it anywhere. However, those side battles had some decent challenge to them if you do them before or sometimes at the suggested level.
And this game has gathering and synthesis (basic crafting), too, which I love a lot.

In this image I covered a couple outfits and the abilities I have as to not spoil it


File:Game_cckdr2XCAg.png (Spoiler Image,396.43 KB,1227x872)

but if you have no desire to try this great game here it is unspoilered


File:kagami.png (244.16 KB,800x781)

I'm not sure I'd consider getting powerful off of side missions to be a flaw of JRPGs. It's more one of their strengths for me. You can choose to just try and blow through the main story and face an uphill battle with the ever-increasing difficulty of enemies to come, or you could spend more time to prepare and gain strength from side quests to make the experience easier. It's the perfect balance of exchanging time for power.


File:Game_i4nOoWwmmz.png (240.01 KB,1280x960)

This game was awesome! There's a NG+ and multiple endings, so I think I might go ahead and do that now. You can choose to have the same weak enemies or stronger ones with new items and NPCs showing up, so I'm going to go with the latter one.
The story gets very serious, but I'm only posting silly screenshots so as not to spoil anything.

File:1513713988391.jpg (100.06 KB,741x673)


2hu sux


File:1522236784180.jpg (43.86 KB,472x472)

u sux


File:sanae pops.jpg (31.76 KB,277x499)

Well, it's not like we're on 2hu board


File:1515167917547.png (376.41 KB,600x598)



File:79161481_p0.png (1.85 MB,1200x1600)

If you're looking for a reaction -- congratulations. You got it. At the cost of your dignity.

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