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File:db9edf9aa3d7df6c15169ca0fb….jpg (3.97 MB,2627x3500)


I spilled your fucking food, gaylord


That's "sir Gaylorde" to you miss.


clean it up

File:1591249432115.jpg (697.45 KB,1280x720)


why did girls stop wearing bells around their neck to signal when they were nearby


are bells some japanese thing?

File:82036256_p0.png (4.34 MB,2854x2894)


keep kokkoro kokoro


produce feeling so complicated in my kokkoro


best language?


I like the original and Italian versions the best.




what's it with english audio for anime having such crappy audio quality

File:jaypee group.jpg (7.25 KB,318x158)


Wow, had no clue jaypee was this powerful the whole time.

>The Jaypee Group is an Indian conglomerate based in Noida, India. It was founded by Jaiprakash Gaur which is involved in well diversified infrastructure conglomerate with business interests in Engineering & Construction, Power, Cement, Real Estate, Hospitality, Expressways, IT, Sports & Education (not-for-profit).

dat' jaypee dream!
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There actually used to be another version of that song that sounded more traditional Jewish folk song, like it had a few men singing in chorus and a wind instrument solo or something, but I can't find it on youtube anymore :(


post that jewish song that sounds like a mecha anime op


The GN army


Found it by myself


Holy shit it really does. Shit belongs in Macross.

File:waterfox_SQAtLULrLW.png (616.19 KB,651x725)


Xenogears. nice

File:cock.jpg (270.35 KB,800x600)


Would you suck it? Yes or no please respond


"Not right now honey I need to balance our budget and do the taxes."


SEX i want SEX

File:1682087c2a6e2e934802cec83c….jpg (738.67 KB,800x977)



File:むせる.png (339.86 KB,1250x976)




File:[Arch-Raws] Armored Troope….png (129.63 KB,640x480)



File:chirico.png (208.05 KB,400x300)



is that chiriku cuvie?


That's a red shoulder!


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File:1558926300722.mp4 (1.15 MB,640x360)




bored and can't stop watching vtubers


gonna watch them when i learn japanese... which is never


Stop sleeping right now
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File:1597497486654.jpg (99.77 KB,800x680)

Korone isn't streaming...





File:__original_drawn_by_rerrer….jpg (1.96 MB,1555x2174)




why do girls do this


girls have to pee too, you know


too afraid to do it in the pool


her piss is coming out the wrong hole


drowning in her kneebones

File:4dc84e8bb823c90c3b61034bbf….png (707.57 KB,754x1056)


You won't leave me behind, will you?


i can't plug my usb3 into her

File:shizuku.mp4 (723.65 KB,1280x720)


love to click on shizuku and hear her cute theme while checking my drives


only valid reason to use windows

File:3a710062147e9ae9fb87a90bf….jpeg (103.91 KB,500x845)


I demand a big tiddy strong brown (tan) gf who could kill me with her thighs at any chance she wants but is too cute not too.

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