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File: bfd56bc13870dddb2569998529….png (6.04 MB,3000x4093)


Consider using this board as a place to post sexually explicit content without having to use spoiler.
While sexual things(and even sex) can be posted on /qa/ this is considered to be a place designed for people to share explicit content.


File: a968eaab5f472f0434c5680fc6….png (5.61 MB,3188x4287)

To Encourage more casual use of kissu's tv, and encourage more sperm output, the max filesize of uploads on /megu/ has been reduced to 30mb.

In turn a new channel is setup to allow anyone to add new videos on loop or as temporary for whoever is watching.
https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/ochinchin should be used for pornographic 2D content, other than that, anything goes.

File: a428fa55301e832d55f75b7f1e….png (342.63 KB,1033x1530)


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File: 710c62d90191d1852e9ce95818….jpg (321.85 KB,1327x1877)

megumin is overwhelmingly sexy by design.

File: 726a23d3f4ec0f7ea3c1c43fe7….jpg (729.21 KB,1280x1280)


found an artist i like by searching aaaa


File: 31e3c274c040e668938f2be65a….png (1.04 MB,1079x1080)

Here's my small aaaa collection.

File: 001.jpg (346.04 KB,1280x1808)


Elven sluts…
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got any more of this artist?


File: 2c58c5754a71b18de566133349….png (6.27 MB,3508x2480)


he draws some good sluts


File: 6832f4e587eaf7df7ccb1dbedb….png (6.86 MB,4093x2894)


File: fe020b4242038e760b4ac2d0cd….png (1.78 MB,1241x1312)

those derpy faces with a sexy body


File: 726321db0c77ab73961268d73b….png (6.6 MB,4093x2894)

File: 480eacae57968c477465dacb15….png (976.09 KB,1137x1600)


can't spell /megu/ without "dickgirls"

File: 0001.jpg (477.15 KB,1280x1810)


What are some of /megu/'s favorite reads?

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File: 03.jpg (797.84 KB,1280x1890)


Got too many favorites too count


wow she looks so soft


File: 20.png (2.83 MB,2803x4042)

I'm highly partial to stuff drawn by shimanto shisakugata/40010 prototype


File: image.png (634.33 KB,1257x1800)


me on the right

File: 3a404a67eb8e50277434c92503….png (719.48 KB,700x1000)


started to get the feeling I should be giving someone head
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File: 06.jpg (418.37 KB,1280x1822)


File: 10af3150be342654e3590dd00….webm (331.52 KB,750x619)

western h animation is smooth


File: 10.jpg (628.71 KB,1280x1834)


File: 007.jpg (757.89 KB,1280x1846)


File: 006.jpg (712.79 KB,1280x1849)

dog girls…

File: Ai_wo_torimodose.jpg (1.03 MB,1280x1832)


in the future all girls will only take semen from the best of the best breeding males


breeding eligibility will be determined based on number of posts made on anime imageboards


File: e67ed46f42a3d0a8ad294a7ee7….png (2.06 MB,1600x1900)

girls who post on anime imageboards are exempt and may chose their own wife

File: 2726397.png (5.15 MB,2502x3157)


How often do you coom daily?
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File: 1552395467247.jpg (918.12 KB,992x1800)

I'm sure I'll manage to fap at least once today.


File: f5bc77d3ca6cf53f64aafb76c7….png (10.14 MB,2507x3541)

i forgot to yesterday so im going to have to do it twice today…


File: 66.jpg (705.19 KB,1280x1814)

virile young men


A whole ship's crew of men plus one woman can still only have one pregnancy per 9 months. It would have been far better for the crew to be all woman and the captain remain male.


maximum spermming efficiency


test, test
test test test


              …..       .:_ -— ─- 、:.    ……
             ..::⌒>.、:: …::/::.::/::.:: ヽ::.::.\::….::x<⌒::.
       ::, イ::ノ⌒'Z _⌒ Y彡::./V  j/ヽ::ハ.::.V::Y⌒/;^)- 入 \:
      ::/ :/八  '(:::::':,\ トV::./⌒     ⌒ヽ.::∨/,.::'::/  /:::∧  '\::
    :/ `V::/ヽ\ \ :':, 八Ⅳ __     __ j,ハ:::l, :':::::, ′ /:::/   ̄ ノ\::
   ::〈   ,.:'::/   ヽ \ \:l:ハ| 〃⌒    ⌒ヾ ハ:|::::/  ,.イ:::/     ∠.::勹::
  ::/ ! :.'::::∧   |  ヽ  \ム .:::::  r ┐ ::::.,'ノ/  / /::/   |__:/::
::∠._jハ_ん:ヘ/}ノ /ヘ  ヽゝ_  ヽ ノ   イ/  /⌒ん'⌒)_>::
               ̄   ̄`ヽ   `=≧r ‐i彡´  /::     ̄
   ┏┓   ┏━━┓    :\ヽ   ` ´   / /:::      ┏┓┏┓
 ┏┛┗┓ ┃┏┓┃      :::          ,′       ┃┃┃┃
 ┗┓┏┛ ┃┗┛┃┏━━:::i  :;     :;  i:━━━━┓┃┃┃┃
 ┏┛┗┓ ┃┏┓┃┃    :::|          |::      ┃┃┃┃┃
 ┗┓┏┛ ┗┛┃┃┗━━:::l         l:━━━━┛┗┛┗┛
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File: あーん.jpg (782.54 KB,1280x900)


who are some girls that instantly activate your spermer


File: ebc04f5286fba53df45799e70d….png (2.28 MB,2400x3428)

the girls from pokemon look really soft and promiscuous


File: image.jpeg (126.22 KB,622x1000)

I really need to start playing this game.


File: 92233b3dd07cc6cbc9c824bf47….png (4.03 MB,2482x2212)

which game?

File: rosalina_page_10alt.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.32 KB,1200x675)



File: 1c387b09c4298f1e22eb434c7c….jpg (38.98 KB,595x841)

that's some disgusting shit man


the fuck? who faps to shitting non-dick nipples?

File: 001.jpg (513.34 KB,1045x1500)


the biggest of boobers
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File: 0a4dafd8e1b14b3a1a904ec3f4….png (220.49 KB,600x750)

people find see-through fabrics really sexy


File: pg_01.jpg (392.5 KB,1280x1806)

huge doll boobers


File: pg_02.jpg (344.37 KB,1280x1815)

boober maiden


File: 5d6c1139cbeeba0e3e5711a84a….png (27.98 MB,4868x3428)


( • )( • )ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

File: d94b0fa4dc237c39268eeb8fe8….png (2.48 MB,1000x1649)


Does shield protect against virginity loss?

File: 019.jpg (425.11 KB,1001x1400)


wish I could thoroughly train a sexy lady to be like this


those w's look really weird


File: 5dd9cd74053fa3cf069fc6060c….jpg (554.24 KB,1357x1920)

it's proven that women get more sexual the more you give them kissu


I wish someone wanted to kissu me.

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