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New poll

Merry /xmas/!

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it's decisive


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huh, you guys need to speak up before this! I didn't know everyone wanted it gone!


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everyone is too shy

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reopening it for further discussion, this time with no limit

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As you should be


is this where I make my stand, fighting against former allies


I knew kissu had good taste. Flat chests are justice!




That story was pretty boring desu~…

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that poor girl’s back….


those are some huge /poll/s


shut up faggot



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Voted for D, but I'm mostly voting against B


I’m a bit surprised no one’s voted for A
glad we all agree on B


Well this was hard.

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What day do you prefer the Moon Phase stream to be on?

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What server for AA:U

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how are you not voting for the NEET?
what the hell kissu


they're better together

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megu cute

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Left to right, you can only choose one


always wanted to roughly use louise like she was just a sex doll who existed solely to receive my weensperm


louise looks like the kind of girl who hides how slutty she really is

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as it should be


nothing wrong here



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