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File: 54E5602C-F12A-4C66-A5A1-B….jpeg (53.99 KB,512x335)


Does /qa/ like biiru?
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File: Prost.jpg (519.2 KB,707x1000)

It's up there in my top five favourite things.


If drinking one doesn't have an effect, you drink too much or are too fat.


File: ea607e9b42d55d809e91748d63….png (1.68 MB,1400x1400)

I love it



File: 42864958_p0.jpg (43.88 KB,500x643)

I didn't think it was possible…

File: yesterday-wo-utatte.jpg (615.98 KB,2000x1646)


I am very eager to see how this turned out. This looks really pretty, and I was a big fan of asteroid in love, I'm interested to see how this will pan out. THis looks like a must watch. I think it's an interesting contrast to what they have done in the last decade, and the staff is very highly competent. I look at doga kobo very highly, they are a very high quality studio. They make things with a lot of heart and passion.


Yeah, this should be pretty interesting. Doga Kobo certainly is one of the top animation studios, and to see them outside of their comfort zone should be pretty interesting.


File: 1567686535847.png (140.65 KB,500x281)

I really respect how they always keept trying new stuff and making interesting new things. The fact they took a tangent at the end of the 2010s to make some muscle anime still drives me wild. It's also crazy impressive how much anime they make. Most of the other anime studio at that level of quality almost exclusively do 1-2 projects a year, sometimes less.


Not that I don't like them branching out into new things, but I wish they'd get back to some of their really good stuff that never got s2…


Usually keeping everything in 1 season and doing it right is a great way to keep the passion and quality very high on the project. Even though they do occasionally make second seasons I'm still happy with the things that got only one. I'd rather enjoy something short and sweet rather than lengthy but lacking their special touch.

File: __kisaragi_azur_lane_drawn….jpg (1.35 MB,4096x2896)


What do you do when you're nervous?


File: 2608701_p0.jpg (145.67 KB,840x769)

remind myself just how insignificant i am


File: 1531885327994.jpg (216.48 KB,1920x1080)

just stop thinking about the bad things!


Try to avoid the situation.


But what if you can't avoid it because you're lying in bed?



File: __original_drawn_by_hideou….jpg (438.8 KB,700x700)


Sometimes even standing up after sleep is difficult.


It feels strange being unable to move yourself.


uh oh she's got a bald spot on top of her noggin'


File: 1565051603126.jpg (357.66 KB,1700x2000)

I really hurt my neck while sleeping and I feel like a turtle today


Hurt my neck a bit too, felt like that novel character who monologized about losing his head.

File: 1560665361571.jpg (202.62 KB,1409x1094)


how do i convince the precures to stop beating the shit out of me
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Did they think she was with Lala since she's also a blue cure?


they still haven't found the vice-presidents body


File: 1580920718969.png (1.12 MB,1200x1920)

Nodoka had the bright idea to set up a booth downtown where she uses her healin` scanner to cure people of the corrolavirus. At first it was ignored as just a kid messing around, but after the first few people recovered to tell the tale the line quickly stretched around the block.

After queing for 12 hours, you enter a tent where Hinata shakes you down for whatever you've got. It's not cheap, people are bringing their whole savings accounts, and trading in the titles of their homes. Hinata even got some jewish kid in the back with a calculator and one of those tinted visors to work out the properety values in real time.

After they've squeezed you dry ,you wait in line again to see Nodoka.

Nodoka is sloched over an armchair on her phone. She doesn't even get up or look at you; just waves her stick in your general direction and goes 'pyon pyon~' a few times. She usually makes a few glowing hearts or magical sparks come out to make it seem better too. Then Chiyu comes and ushers you out.

The whole thing ran smoothly at first, but the crowds came ridiculous. Nodoka called Lala who has half of the city in a protection racket, and had half a dozen local PD officers there manning barricades the next day. Of course they didn't have a license or anything, but they had the cops in their pocket anyway so no one could do anything. Atleast they thought so.


File: [anon] Healin' Good♥Precur….jpg (203.14 KB,1280x720)

Eventually the mayor managed to dredge up some neighboring sheriff and the city fire department to come break up the now ridiculous crowd. They pulled up in a fire-truck and immediately got into a standoff with the police. The truck was stuck 50 feet away by the barriers, and someone was shouting a city riot ordinance over a loudspeaker.

Chiyu was arguing with the fire-marshal, when the overweight and overzealous sheriff waddled up behind her to (try) and cuff her. Chiyu immediately and casually broke both his arms, and left him screaming on the ground. She was about to deal with the axe-wielding fire-marshal when the mob surged over the barriers.

Families that hadn't eaten in days, mothers clutching sick children, and crazed businessmen with their entire life savings stuffed into briefcases slowly realized they were losing their place in line and went crazy. Chiyu and Hinata were immediately mobbed as the entire street descended into chaos. Policemen brawled with firefighters and the panicked crowd started indiscriminately tearing into everyone around them.

At first the girls tried to be gentle, pushing people out of their personal space and trying to get away without hurting anyone. They crowds of snarling, panicked civilians soon made it impossible to not get violent. A firefighter swung his axe at Chiyu, only for her to reverse it mid swing and embed it into his forehead. A punk rocker with a mohawk stumbled backwards into Hinata and her kick severed the lower third of his leg in response.

Hinata and Chiyu were just making it back into the tent went Nodoka intervened. Transforming, she flew straight up through the roof to look down on the people.The pandemonium was doused instantly as people realized what was happening. Seeing a fully transformed precure was something most of them had only seen on TV, and it was a beautiful and terrifying sight in person. Not only that but Nodoka was Angry….

It only took a wave of her wand to release a horrible stinking cloud of death upon the whole city block. People started choking and clawing at their own bloody throats, and stumbling blindly around. Some of the firefighters who still had their masks tried to put them on and soon found them useless, the magically enhanced toxins eating through their filter and protective suits in seconds like an acid. The black clowd quickly billowed out and filled all the nooks and crannies, pouring into side streets and adjacePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: [anon] Healin' Good♥Precur….jpg (123.86 KB,1280x720)

Lala gave Nodoka a talking to after, and the national guard was activated for a while but in the end it came to nothing.
Everyone knew the Precure were beyond the reach of the law, so it was all for show.

The families of the survivors tried to raise a monument in the place where the massacre happened, but it was quickly vandalized and destroyed by a mysterious someone. The official death count was never released.


Hey, mister…

File: [Kirion] Higurashi no Naku….png (472.68 KB,1280x720)


What? You haven't read Higurashi? What the hell is wrong with you?!
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Not sure how to read this google translation:

April TV anime first stage at TOKYO MX than 9 days rebroadcast decision !! (1 episodes to 13 episodes)

4月9日よりTOKYO MXにてTVアニメ第1期(1話~13話)の再放送決定!!


File: 1531874571435.jpg (348.24 KB,1365x1505)

the translation is completely wrong, it should be

It is decided to rebroadcast the 1st season of anime from April 4th on TOKYO MX!!


*April 9th


File: p_002.png (415.01 KB,1200x1000)

I'm going to keep this thread alive until the new anime airs


What's the point of this? I mean, I like the original, but if people are going to get into the new one for the first time won't this kinda spoil this for them

File: 7749877.jpg (225.27 KB,760x900)


I'm thinking I need to start learning anatomy and stuff so I can get better at 3D modeling, but I wonder if I learn more about the body if the magic of 2D will go away because I'd be looking at it as a system of parts instead of art.
I wouldn't want to become one of those annoying guys that looks at drawings and sees a bunch of anatomical mistakes instead of something pretty or sexy…


You wouldn't care unless it's a pretty awful mistakes. It'd just make you appreciate good art more, actually.
Good shapes are more important than correct anatomy anyway.


I second this, there's no reason that learning more would make you any more or less of a prick than you are currently, all it will do is increase the enjoyment you get out of it.


If anything, it might give you a better eye for art and you'll save better images and post better images.


I feel as if more people care about lighting and colors than perfect anatomy, but then again, it's easy for things to seem uncanny


File: 6b708c8b140d0d3c7e5679e7c6….jpg (48.62 KB,550x792)

Learning the rules will enhance you to break the rules better.

File: Season 2 PV.mp4 (7.05 MB,1280x720)




File: [HorribleSubs] Magia Recor….jpg (385.03 KB,1280x720)

I hope they bully Rena less next season…


If the first Madoka brought the eathquakes, and this brought coronavirus, what will season 3 bring…


File: madoka became god for noth….png (1.03 MB,1280x821)

wtf are they seriously doing this again?

File: 17-171632_23-best-another-….jpg (270.39 KB,840x1056)


Is there any anime or vn out there that everyone's watched yet you still haven't gotten to? For me I still have yet to see Another, even though it's been sitting in my backlog forever and I'm a fan of edgefests
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Had akira and ghost in the shell on the backburner for longer than I'm willing to admit. I actually never finished k-on, lucky star, or nichijou, which is tragic, I love all three of them and I keep properly trying to watch them start to finish.
The only good thing you mentioned on that list was death note. One piece has some impressive movies, but I don't have the patience to sit through the show.
David production JOJO is a sub sweatshop tiwr anime that is just a meme compilation of the manga. the jojo done by APPP in 93 and 99 is some god tier manime, no cute girls for the most part but it's made by the same guys who made cream lemon and goldenboy.


>cream lemon and goldenboy
what absolute fucking legends


They also made robot carnival and project A-ko. They are one of my favorite studios. They are actually still around but stopped doing originals. They worked on the recent symphogear, gridman, and uchii musume.
The OVA was my first introduction to jojo and not even araki's original work was able to come close to it for me. The way they depicted supernatural battles in a very gritty and realistic and raw way coupled with the insane animation and art the talent there pulled is unparalleled. Each one of the OVA series is about two and a half hours in total. It's like sitting through two long films. The dub is also benchmark tier, it's almost like goldenboy for me, where in some instances I prefer the dub over the original, and I'm usually pretty mean to dubs.


One Piece - I read a bit of the manga, it's cool. Someday I'll read the rest.
Naruto - I read the manga, it's actually pretty ok.
F/SN - I read the VN.
Mushishi - Have been putting it off for years for some reason, I really should get to it.
Jojo - I read the manga.
Kiseijuu - I read the manga.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Then there's stuff like Fairy Tail that I haven't watched because it simply doesn't interest me, and so I probably never will.


Also, Another is not good, but it's short and amusing enough that I'd say it's worth a watch if you have nothing better to do.

File: 03. Kino no Tabi - the Bea….jpg (200.41 KB,710x478)


/qa/! for you


File: mpc-hc64_2019-09-16_00-49-….png (189.41 KB,512x195)

I was supposed to turn this into a banner thing but I forgot


you know what to do…

File: Power_Bomberman_SF45SOg8R1.png (393.45 KB,1920x1080)


/qa/! /qa/!
There's a cool, simple online game some people made called that lets you play Bomberman online! It's a 300mb download and it's easy to host lobbies!
I don't remember the exact player limit, but it's at least 12! Even if your computer is a toaster it should be able to handle such a simple game and it has a chat interface, too. I think we should play it together sometime, so download it and set it up in advance!
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It's a portable executable. Should run fine no matter what so long as you're running Windows.


>so long as you're running Windows
That's the problem though, I'm not running Windows …


feel like im going to lose my mind if I don't do something so I'm going to sit in a lobby after I download the latest version




File: 4tabanotworking.png (43.75 KB,1337x110)

Looks like it will run through wine, I was able to play on the default server and everything.

when i try to enter this in it won't connect


done for today but we play on the main server. I put it up sometimes for an RU fiend.

File: [Erai-raws] Owarimonogatar….jpg (70.27 KB,1280x720)


slowly… slowly…


mayoi /qa/

File: 1575334534566.webm (493.22 KB,1280x720)


Won't forget Mile!!!!!!


File: Warera wa Akaki Chikai!.mp4 (17.89 MB,1280x720)

Won't forget Akaki Chikai!!!!!!


So long gay Reina!!!


File: 02.Crimson Vow.mp3 (9.22 MB)

I miss them so much…


File: [HorribleSubs] Watashi, No….jpg (382.19 KB,1280x720)

Who? I don't remember anyone named Mile. the girl you posted looks like a perfectly normal girl to me.

File: sandcat stare.jpg (301.95 KB,800x1200)


This april fools' day kinda sucked. I've seen only one or two jokes that felt like actual fun and that were funny and the rest were boring and lame or just annoying.
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I meant like something on a grander scale.
Laughing emoji didn’t even make sense, and we already had that from last year April fools. The part were you get anons infected was fun, but it became lame when we started recovering


The things that make a day special are not the events, but what you do in it. I think if you force it or worry about making the most of it, you will likely not enjoy it much. I find that I enjoy holidays the most when I have nothing planned, end up stumbling upon good people to be with, and have a good time with.


I think that they're too afraid to actually do anything really fun like banning people for the event if they were to "die" of the virus


I wanted to check a bunch of different websites as I usually do each year, but my internet connection died for a day


your isp sure pranked you good…

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