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nipah~ //(⁀ᗢ⁀) \\

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File: character-selection.png (822.97 KB,2000x2000)


lets play a game
what character would you like to play???


i'm using the cyperpunk2020 rules if you would like to know what the stats mean
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your clothes will be ruined!


chemical showers are designed to clean chemicals off of you silly, I for one won't stand to see such pretty clothes stinked or slimed


roll 1d10 for noticing please


Dice rollRolled 8



File: my imoutos! 525.jpg (429.34 KB,1276x1465)

You feel kind of at home here after the slime has drained away and you've gotten used to the cold. Something about it reminds you of your onii-chan. You've always been at home in labrotories and workshops since that's where you spent most of your time with him since you were created.

The water in the chemical shower is cold and harsh, but it's not too troubling. You notice that some of the little marks and scuffs you've gotten used to looking at on your hands and knees are gone. Onii-chan was going to take care of them eventually, but you don't remember him doing so….

You get the slime off you in the shower, and raise the surface temperature on your skin to evaporate the water away. The steam makes it much nicer in here and more comfy. You put on your dress and its very cute

File: Di Gi Charat - Hanami Spec….jpg (23.34 KB,320x235)


Seasonal stream starting up in an hour!

This thread will implode soon after


File: [HorribleSubs] Mairimashit….jpg (644.3 KB,1280x720)


really hope that iruma ditches the dumb traitorous loser boy kiriwo and joins the student council with ameri after the school is saved. she's cool and cute and a girl and i love her


Short skirts…


Very nice physics. I wonder if they have to clean it up manually, it never seems to work that well in more amateur MMD stuff


Skirt that short might as well a type of bikini


shimakaze has the shortest skirt


For a second there i thought she was flipping the bird.

File: 1504237606913.jpg (33.97 KB,276x277)


Have games reached their peak, graphics-wise? I don't think that visuals can get any better now


i think call of duty modern warfare is the best looking game ever made

the PBR graphics look amazing on my friends xbox one from 2013. It legitimately looks like the best game ever and its running on seven year old hardware. the player models look amazing. The game even gets 60fps in splitscreen mode. The variable rate shaders work awesomemly

everything about that engine looks incredible to me. I''ve seen the other games people would say are great looking and modern.

Control with full ray tracing
metro last light????

MW beats all of them. and on shitty hardware too!


I remember people said PS3 graphics "basically real"


True, I remember how realistic I thought PS2 graphics were, and now they've been completely dwarfed by current tech

File: 1498925161869.png (108.12 KB,235x231)


What is your stance on moralfaggotry?
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in general, or to be more specific on what irritates me most, people taking forcing their moral issues onto fictional premises


Well, I can say I don't like it then.
Uhh… yeah.


I think you gotta go with the flow and that getting outraged about things is generally boring.


File: b493362312cc230add28fdfd6f….jpg (627.72 KB,1000x1387)

I hate that so much, fictional is fictional for a reason


I'm not so much outraged by them as I am baffled by their mindset

File: 1493051464440.png (207 KB,450x416)


how do we cure the gay
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File: 78751953_p0.png (825.16 KB,800x1000)

She meant we need to eliminate the boids


File: [Doki] Yuru Yuri - 08 (128….jpg (142.34 KB,1280x720)

eliminate all 3d girls and 2d boys


File: [a-s]_mobile_suit_zeta_gun….jpg (142.45 KB,1440x1080)

You can't just kill off all 2d boys


intense shab therapy


File: [HorribleSubs] Midara na A….jpg (559.37 KB,1280x720)

to think that there might by b*ys in this very thread…

File: [HorribleSubs] Rikei ga Ko….jpg (477.65 KB,1280x720)


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Living the dream!


really want to piss on her too


what the h*ck kind of name is torasuke


File: Th12Shou.png (61.93 KB,307x512)

I believe it means "tiger boy"


yea thats why it sounds DUMB

File: 1477167745031.jpg (84.86 KB,620x792)

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Have you had any interesting dreams lately you'd like to share or log down /qa/?

Had a dream in which I was on a monorail of sorts and it was attacked with explosives by someone, then derailed over my old high school where for some reason my car happened to be. A giant airship appeared and started raining down arrows on any possible survivors, but I was able to escape shielded by my car. After that my memory of it's muddled, but it became more like a western in which I tried to track down the people responsible for the incident.
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I'm awake and it feels like its 40C, everything is turning into monsters. my clothes rack morphs into the screaming holwing levitating monster girl from the Ring or The Grudge or something like that
the visions are toying with me, I try and think of something that *wouldn't* be scary but I can't think of anything


I dreamed about a woman who pretended to be ransomed by aliens but was just getting people to fall in love with her and then scamming them. Then I dreamed about climbing up a flight of stairs and choosing the number of doors and other objects at each level while keeping track of some mathematical formula. And at some point I dreamed of a game where the objective was to set fire to as many buildings as possible using a single source flame.


the shadows in the corner are too dark, the lighting doesn't make sense. What is causing the impenetrable maw of darkness? is something hiding in there? There is light shining over it and around it, nothing else is that dark.

Is it a doorway? is something standing in it? it's watching me


stabbing some guys who were molesting me to death in their necks

visiting london

playing halo and i leave the arbiter afk too long and he starts narrating about the level im on


going on a hike with my highschool crush and one friend.
we stop at my house and there's too much trash

later im trying to force myself to look at my reflection and its horrifyingly morphing to be hilalriously ugly like a cartoon character. I'm sobbing and sneaking around my house. I stare into a mirror and can't even see myself, my reflection slowly builds itself like a texture loading in a video game and it litteraly looks like a piece of paper that someone scribbled in a ball all over combined with a face made of clay that someone grabbed with their hand and mashed up and twisted until it was just a ball of unrecogizable clay

and then my mother walks in and starts laughing at me

File: NHK Documentary - Never-En….jpg (995.95 KB,1920x1080)


Is there anything that /qa/ feels so passionately about that they'd want to spend their final days doing?


File: 1476313889404.png (100.63 KB,400x610)

I really enjoy modding and playing around with video games, but I don't know if I'd qualify it as the last thing I'd want to do.
Posting on kissu with my friends would be nice


File: when she give you the slee….gif (364.48 KB,576x454)

Sleeping. Dying while asleep on a full stomach from a good desert is the best way to die I can think of. Maybe overlooking a nice scenery too.

File: top asuka.jpg (786.77 KB,1920x800)


You lost that /qa/ feelin~
Whoa, that /qa/ feelin~
You lost that /qa/ feelin~
Now it's gone, gone, gone, woahohoh~


I've still never watched this. I wonder what I'm missing, but not enough to watch it


it's a pretty great aerial action movie with a nice soundtrack
wouldn't say it's a life changer


File: top gun.png (88.73 KB,390x450)

bring back that /qa/ feeling
whoa that /qa/ feeling
bring back that /qa/ feeling
cause its gone gone gone


File: 1363807420876.jpg (515.78 KB,1600x1200)

how'd you get the reference if you've never watched it?


The lyrics sound like a corny 80s song, there are jets in the image and it's named top asuka.jpg

File: SmartSelect_20200123-20372….jpg (161.97 KB,1053x1004)


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Well, it is China


The quarantine makes a lot of sense. The incubation period for SARS was 2-10 days, so they're likely hedging their bets; the fever screening they're doing is probably going to be completely ineffectual because infected people could slip past if they're still in the incubation period and not showing signs of illness.

Best Korea is gonna be fine though. They banned all Chinese tourists from entering the country lmao


year of the rat starts out with epidemic
checks out


File: 1355448644770.png (261.41 KB,500x500)

I hope nobody is actually worried about this


File: 4f2d55ac0f.png (14.41 KB,217x161)

File: ss_73298c0635259470a7eafeb….jpg (448.88 KB,1920x1080)


Japanese devs are really getting a handle on shaders lately. It's amazing to think this isn't a touched-up image


Bullet Girls Phantasia is the game, on steam, and I think I'll try it eventually


That's really shiny. I like it


Are they performing sexual acts with that sword hilt?

File: fridey night.jpg (84.26 KB,700x629)


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File: EL20cfTUUAAx279-orig.png (334.67 KB,800x850)

Friday night goes until morning brotha


its never tommorow until you sleep


File: 1514948247794.png (197.49 KB,733x600)

OJ wiki:

/qa/ steam chat for OJ games, though we usually make threads on kissu too


said it send the invite to my steam client but it didn't


Well, it should work, not sure what else to tell you. Check the friends window thing?

File: 1483945436343.gif (161.34 KB,288x210)


What have you been watching lately? Any media is fine, including youtube and such
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File: NHK Documentary - Never-E….webm (6.57 MB,1920x1080)

It's actually pretty interesting to watch him try to tackle making a CG film in his retirement. Especially when he's so used to hand drawn


he smokes some long cigarettes


What is "good" anime supposed to be according to him? Something like old Disney?


he doesn't actually hate all anime


I think I remember an interview where he said King of the Hill was the peak of animated television.

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