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File:[danganronpa][group][artis….jpg (371.88 KB,1282x1100)


/qa/ should have a drawthread
Or an art thread.
Or you know, just do something thread.
Be creative.
What are you people doing?
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Went to /ic/ yesterday but most of the anime books were untranslated, it also made me sad seeing the mentality a lot of people there have about drawing...


It's not like you need a translation for most of them. Those books tend to be full of inane comments like the cheek should be round. The drawings themselves are self explanatory enough.
Yeah, /ic/'s state is pretty sad, but that's current 4chan as a whole. There's not much you can get out of that board aside from the links in the resource thread.


File:20201029_002105.jpg (1.59 MB,3264x2448)



nice attempt

File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

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Last Archived: September 20 2020

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
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Don't have any right now since I haven't watched it wholly myself.


File:ce5c06ce4b89731be413eb6fc2….png (318.49 KB,800x712)

this is an amendment of 47 U.S.C. 230, which i think is a response of Ex. Ord. No. 13925

basically, if any mod/janny applies moderation to anything that is not one of the following
>obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, promoting self-harm, promoting terrorism, or unlawful
then the website can be sued for civil liabilities
noticeably, "off-topic" is not an acceptable excuse
if this bill is passed as is, expect a wide purge of mods and jannies for all us-based websites
(and wouldn't that mean loads of FUN?)


File:Cocks.jpg (52.52 KB,334x281)

Good thing Kissu doesn't have to abide by US laws. At any rate, for various reasons I'm fairly skeptical this will make it through Congress in this form.


From what I understand, Republicans and Democrats would both support this legislation if it only strengthened copyright holders, but in it's current form, it's much more partisan. Namely, Republicans would likely support it under the pretense that it's to, "prevent the censoring of conservative viewpoints online," and/or they may frame it as a first amendment issue. In the first case, Democrats are likely to oppose it purely because they tend to support the actions of the social media companies. If they do mount an actual rebuttal, however, it'll probably be something along the lines of, "this bill empowers foreign actors to spread misinformation, compromising the security and integrity of our elections." Among the politicians who are less likely to vote along partisan lines, they'll probably vote nay or abstain in light of the dismal failure of FOSTA/SESTA to actually work as intended, and instead oppose the bill along those principled lines. I don't think there's anyone in the Senate with enough technical knowledge to oppose it on qualitative grounds because of the impact it will have on the internet as a whole. That's more likely to be the case in the House. It's hard to say whether it'll pass, though. Any number of things could happen. It could die in committee, or get completely rewritten and gutted if it makes it the House. If what I predicted happens, though, I think it's probable that it dies in the Senate by a slim margin from a few Senators. Something like 48 yea, 47 nay, 5 abstained.


Sometimes the decisions of politicians baffle me. They acknowledged the usefulness to smaller sites and then went on to say that their problems are with sites that a vast majority of people regularly use. So instead of maybe making a statement that this amendment should apply to sites that encompass a majority of the population, they want to apply it to every site and strip protections away from places they've even acknowledged this is vital to.

I can't wait for all the senile old fools to catch covid and free up their seats.


File:[Erai-raws] Kuma Kuma Kuma….jpg (144.18 KB,1280x720)


That's a nice attitude towards being put in a new world
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There's one thing about this that's been bugging me. If she's trapped in the new world, then how come in the first episode she logged out and was able to be in the regular world again? It seems like once she got the bear outfit she was then transported to the isekai world, but then how was she using it while playing the game regularly???


First episode happens after everything we see in the rest of the season, most likely. Maybe after she learns to believe in god and have important things and people in her life, she starts missing her family but doesn't want to lose the precious bonds she formed in the isekai so god lets her move between worlds.

Yes Yuna is an onee-san.


File:tricked.jpg (104.81 KB,1280x720)

goblin men owned hard


File:[SubsPlease] Kuma Kuma Kum….jpg (185.87 KB,1280x720)

weekly antidepressant's here

File:[SubsPlease] Kuma Kuma Kum….jpg (169.94 KB,1280x720)


These drills are the drills that will pierce the heavens!

File:__ump45_keanu_reeves_and_j….jpg (212.79 KB,2048x1032)


the delay girl
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File:1537559157543.png (504.87 KB,640x482)

the city is apparently very small so i assume it won't look much different from what we've seen in the trailers.

also, gibby is one of the most famous and influential cyberpunk authors so he knows what he's talking about.


>there is going to be a cyberpunk game where you can play as a cat
What? I need to know more RIGHT NOW


i never paid attention to this game before but i think it was doomed from the moment they named it "cyberpunk 2077"
anyone making a cyberpunk game wouldn't put "cyberpunk" in the title


well it is named after the game cyberpunk


File:0479ec7b624f9c38afa2000714….jpg (676.65 KB,1000x755)


How does /qa/ go out and get food? Do you tend to buy a lot of ingredients far in advanced for meals or do you just buy some food and drinks for however long they'll last you
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File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (141.12 KB,1280x720)

Does anyone here have experience ordering groceries online with any of those places that have cropped up? I think I'm going to start doing it, but if anyone here has advice or suggestions on which places are best I'd love to hear it. Price is pretty important, I want to spend as little as possible. Oh yeah, and I prefer healthy-style food. Frozen is probably the best for vegetables and stuff...


What kind of places have popped up online? I was until now only still aware of Amazon and the other big companies?


my local grocery stores do online, i like how I can get all my food without leaving my house or interacting with anyone


File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (274.12 KB,1920x1080)

Dang that's pretty nice. Maybe I should check if any of the local stores near me are doing online.

File:a26fb86702aca744c210a3b043….jpg (660.71 KB,2901x4096)


How do you remedy a lack of motivation to do anything?
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>How do you remedy
I don't. I just embrace it.


Don't you feel sad or anything?


Not the person you replied to, but I don't feel anything. No anxiety, or worry. Just nothing.


Take some time to enjoy your art gallery.


I feel nothing


Does /qa/ travel?
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File:image.jpeg (78.2 KB,450x450)

No I wish I did. This thread though has me spooked because I was going to make the same one tomorrow and I shit you not but also with the same video. I did debate on using the forbidden island video instead. This in top of finding out I share a birthday with someone here...


I've only left my state like 3 times in my life, someday I'd like to fly to another country but I'm to poor for that.


File:maps-of-the-world-wikimedi….png (38.09 KB,1400x625)

I did a bit, spoilers Japan is best


Not for the time being.


File:85011206_p0.jpg (687.46 KB,1000x1434)

Sorry for the pre-Halloween frights, Anonymous... If you do still want to make a thread, that video might be good for an urbex thread in the future. Although, The Proper People might be a better choice for that sort of thing.


File:120a8ec9788425bf1633baf1aa….png (338.3 KB,1162x862)


How do I get to work in Japan?
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you're a fool if you want to work in japan


Working and staying in Japan is the only way to get access to everything I want without spending money on travel or delivery cost.


how do I get to not work in my room


That's a strange question.


find a vaccine

File:a friendly reminder that K….jpg (93.83 KB,778x916)


What's kyuuei's favorite demographic? Shonen? Seinen? Shoujo? Josei?
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An adaptation of a seinen is still a seinen. And to add onto that, isn't it usually shonen that's packed to the brim with ecchi fanservice?


Seinen, josei when it's yuri. I really like the art in shoujo manga but most of the time I can't stand the tropes. Shonen is alright I guess.


I heard that the anime has a lot of female fans though, so it's a bit more complicated. The ecchi stuff in the manga would probably turn them off. K-ON is in the same territory as Love-Live.


File:image.png (1.25 MB,2894x4093)

Anything with cute boys, thrillers, classical Japanese horror, sci-fi and Shonen that's in the same vain as Trigun in tone.


I forgot to add: Any seinen that's like Initial D even if it's bad because I'm simple and get exited when I see cars go vroom and go fast with cool music.

File:__akigumo_kawakaze_i_26_an….png (976.05 KB,1600x1000)


quay crossing
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Animal Crossing?...


not enough milk to fill the pool, sadly


Link's Awakening
I guess it's a generic Nintendo asset now.


How do these games compare to something like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory? It seems like it's more sandbox-y, which is a good thing and bad thing in regards to story and stuff. I tried one of them on DS (I think it was DS) and I just couldn't get into it..


Haven't played Harvest Moon very extensively, but I played a lot of Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) back when it came out, and a bit of New Leaf (3DS) too. AC is a lot more open and, well, "boring". You can go fishing, plant trees and flowers, collect clothing and furniture, expand your house, but you can also not do any of those. There is no real goal to speak of and the game doesn't ever end. The biggest issue is that those games are designed to be played every day (they progress in real time), so they end up being huge timesinks, and if you take a month-long break you will probably have a very hard time getting back into it. I had some great times with ACWW but I can't see myself ever playing this series again.

File:angryburg.jpg (41.98 KB,542x675)


what the fuck this is actually epic i thought 4/qa/ was supposed to be dead


Teens gonna teen.


get in here /b/ros


its just a bunch of teen schizos bumping the thread
go back there, teen

File:d41a15f00f46750fff50300f81….jpg (59.04 KB,636x900)


how do you make better posts?


File:brocolli.mp4 (1.01 MB,1280x720)

post this




File:Machi staring menacingly.jpg (156.37 KB,1281x1062)



Have you watched anything neat on youtube or similar sites lately? Don't just link it, mention why you like it!
This is a re-enactment of the American Psycho dubs man scene with Weird Al and Huey Lewis. There's some very nice attention to detail and the humor is great. Somehow it's 7 years old and I never saw it.
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Very cool video showing off Nvidia's GauGAN.


this video seems pretty boson, but i'm not sure


Comfy deep sea SoL.


This channel is interesting, but their art style kind of disturbs me.


Linguistics is neat. Kinda funny how people in England tend to claim ownership of the language when the speech patterns of the Southern US and Appalachia is closest to the English of yore.

File:flicon (1).png (350 B,36x9)


free leeches! queueayy
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Never understood why people complain about 1080p so much saying that it's just an upscale or whatever. Sure that may be true but if you have a good TV and the eye sight to go with it there is a very clear difference between the two.


Because in many cases BDs are poorly upscaled, and upscaling on your end would produce a better image. But in my case, it's because I watch on an old laptop that's too weak to downscale 1080p video without melting, so I mostly only watch 720p encodes at native resolution. And by "non-1080p" I was also referring to things that never came out on BD at all.


Waste of space for TV anime and on top of that it fucks over people without the hardware to run 1080p properly. 1080p is just another neon sign in the brothel of graphics whores.


Not to sound rude but what kind of hardware is still incapable of running 1080p video nowadays?


For years now most broadcast anime are at a resolution a bit higher than 720p.


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