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File: 1571383062057.jpeg (441.87 KB, 801x893, 717db394f66c495efd23ccb22….jpeg)


What are /qa/'s thoughts on chatrooms, or their impact on imageboards? Are they really the boogeymen terrorizing poor Anonymous on his board like the IRC crew or discord raiders, or are they more a convenient excuse to lay blame for a board's problems on.


It's just another format. Discord I don't like because it contributes to the centralization of the Internet. Raids definitely exist but are blown out of proportion by people looking for that outside nefarious force to blame problems on.


don't like group chat with names because then people form circles and it's extremely off putting. anon group chat with names is fine. one on one chat with names is good. also group chats take activity away from imageboards.


As they relate to imageboards, they draw posters away from imageboards. The sort of posters they tend to attract, though, are the ones who post in generals. As for raiding groups, those can/will form out of any messaging service, discord is no different in this regard. Discord just has an air of infamy to it, which acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy keeping out people who are put off by that reputation. I don't like them because I can't type nearly as fast as others, so by the time I finish trying to say something, someone else will have already said something and moved the conversation in another direction. I also really dislike the sort of clique formation that happens, since it really discourages "out-group" people not part of that clique from posting.

>anon group chat with names is fine.
I don't know about that. I feel like regardless of what sort of chatroom it is, chatrooms by their very nature attract people who will form an identity for themselves and will create cliques or sub-groups all the same.

File: 1571362220690.png (333.57 KB, 594x409, 1442419979875.png)


What's the ratio of real males to fucking faggots on this site?
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The moment they showed Killua in the anime I instant wanted to fuck him.


only faceless fat and/or old males here


what is it about killua that causes upstanding members of society to feel an urge to fuck him…


I'd say his feminine(young) body and that fair smooth looking complexion along with those baggy clothes.


Good fashion.

File: 1571268398153.jpg (1.02 MB, 2000x2725, 1569688840052.jpg)


Was it the greatest series of the modern age? I don't think we'll see the likes of this quality again.
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why is this so popular? i tried to watch it years ago and dropped it. it just feels so cheesy and uninteresting. i get raildex vibes from it which i never liked either outside of the accelerator arc.


Cute girls, /m/ hotbloodedness and hype, yuri, fun villains, stellar voice cast, very much a passion project. Pick your reason(s). It is cheesy as fuck but that's kind of the point, it's very brazen about its power of friendship drivel and its last second protagonist powerups.


I heard people hated it after the first season.


File: 1571381465826.jpg (189.74 KB, 1920x1080, [Deetruck] Senki Zesshou S….jpg)

If people didn't like the first season then they wouldn't like the rest of the series in any case. It follows a very rigid formula but still manages to be fun and exciting with some absolute top notch visuals and vocals.

It's also one of those shows that is really fun to watch along with anons. Watching the finale season live with /a/nons was a really great time.


That does sound really nice, wish I'd kept uo to have taken part.

File: 1571381811648.jpg (39.43 KB, 375x500, img_1.jpg)




me on the right, being embraced by Anonymous

File: 1571354731492.png (58.19 KB, 1082x483, anime_is_dead.png)


how can people like anime if it's been dead for decades


File: 1571377185056.jpg (31.84 KB, 854x480, slowstart.jpg)

wonder what he thinks of modern day moe


My guess is if they haven't committed suicide over the current state of anime, they've given it up. Or they moved to Japan to get away from the norms


i think its more likely that theyre still typing away angrily on some obscure forum


Never even considered that, but you're probably right…

File: 1570747075156.png (594.27 KB, 1440x810, plsfapnt4.png)


pls share tips and trecks to help eachother out! pls dont do da f*p and if u end up f*pping dond feel asham. shar ur experience so we can help u out in da future.

i will make le thread when this one archives
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was looking forward to catching up on my seasonals tonight
guess what I did instead


four hours this time, there was no pleasure when i finally finished
the pain.. i still feel it..


recovered from buttfrustration after a quick jo


my pledge:
to cum to magical girls after i work out and before i have a shower


broke my promise and sperm to love live femdom instead

File: 1571344099554.png (210.53 KB, 500x500, 1570634974689.png)


Oh, really?


File: 1571350834468.jpg (365.63 KB, 1920x1080, [Asenshi] Sarazanmai - 01 ….jpg)

I didn't say anything


File: 1571378231751.png (538.67 KB, 621x707, [Asenshi] Yagate Kimi ni N….png)

Yeah, really.


Do you ever watch informational videos to kill time?


Mostly about natural history, yes.


Yes, I'm subscribed to both of those channels and many others.


yeah, all the time, i especially like ancient history, physics and astronomy stuff


This video spoils Vinland Saga but then again it's been out for 1000 years.


I guess I could spoil myself on all of Vinland if I read up on history…

File: 1571354607199.jpg (118.09 KB, 685x715, 1571302408922.jpg)


are you happy today friends?
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fill me in anon, whats got you down


File: 1571376587472.jpg (268.46 KB, 1131x1930, 1569662724253.jpg)

update now i'm just lonely


File: 1571377278706.jpg (39.05 KB, 590x440, 1515374587673.jpg)

For the most part, schoolwork. Calculus II makes me want to blow my brains out (not literally). My professor writes way too fast and solves problems before we do, so there isn't much learning going on unless there's formulas. His explanations don't really make much sense either and typically boil down to "well that's just the way it is" or he'll not understand due to the language barrier so there's a strong disincentivize against asking questions. And I've got a midterm in that subject next week. The only upshot is that it's getting colder outside and the heating unit in that room rattles in a nice drum-like non-repeating rhythm.


Here, this should help you.


Calc II isn't really difficult at all once you understand it, unless they're asking you extremely tough questions that I can't imagine they'd ask while your in the process of learning it.


File: 1571402216912.jpg (409.54 KB, 1200x900, bakarin.jpg)

Thank you, Anonymous.

File: 1571343477202.gif (881.25 KB, 500x524, 1571341189916.gif)



File: 1571373886321.gif (246.89 KB, 300x277, chun.gif)

what a coincidence i just downloaded this to rewatch


File: 1571374697219.gif (414.34 KB, 300x277, chun.gif)


acutally this one is better, it matches the beat


File: 1571375804396.gif (688.4 KB, 297x298, nibu.gif)

File: 1571329163975.jpg (104.56 KB, 780x483, Gensokyo-Night-Festival-78….jpg)


Feel like I'm seeing more and more touhou doujin games. Wonder if it's just because they're more prominent on steam now. Although I can't complain



File: 1571339330766.png (477.68 KB, 566x641, 1566252999099.png)

The movement is fun but it's not worth purchasing yet, there's only barely 30 minutes of content at best.


Ah, the common problem with "early access". Hopefully there's more to come and the game gets better. Judging by the publishers track record it probably will.


check out luna nights. it's made by the same people and sakuya is the main character. it starts off slow but the time stop feels really cool once you get used to it. i really need to get back into it.


Yeah, that one's pretty fun. That's why I was talking about their track record for having already made a good game. My hope's that since they already made 1 this will also be great

File: 1571163929683.png (912.1 KB, 1070x1500, 63482876_p0.png)


What causes people to feel sexual arousal from cute things?
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File: 1571286820491.png (1.82 MB, 1438x2000, tmp_2924214848361270881835….png)

Would you want to do those things with a regular girl who's like that? I'd like to think that I'd be their friend if they had a particular sort of personality that I enjoyed, but I don't think I would feel any sort of attraction to them.


File: 1571287402057.jpg (191.58 KB, 1440x2048, D9NI_uAUIAAcG6_.jpg)

i have specific fantasies but they aren't connected to loli's or little girls really
for anime girls like this it's just raw attraction i guess


w-where are her yoga pants?


why do girls do this


File: 1571351747469.jpg (411.06 KB, 800x600, 2011-01-08-360887.jpg)

i dont think theyre related, just coincidental that lots of things that are cute are also sexy

File: 1569204878915.jpg (207.19 KB, 600x800, be6b0b97a2b303dab6a22cc0a8….jpg)


Any fun games you've played recently?
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Have you considered homebrewing your PS3 slim, if you have one? Someone managed to find the in-house emulator that was used for the "PlayStation 2 Classics" that were sold on the PlayStation store. From my own testing with a couple of ISOs, it works pretty well. The PS3 also does anti-aliasing, so games won't look all jaggy.


I thought about it but I've been too nervous/lazy to try it out. I haven't hacked a console in a long time, so I never gave my PS3, Vita or 3DS the CFW treatment.


Apparently my slim is too new to use even the new CFW.


Aww. I completely forgot that the later revisions of the slim were unhackable. Sorry, Anonymous…


File: 1571350485603.gif (266.35 KB, 666x666, ae9ed5887b4bb8d10f60d85fbb….gif)

I gave Overwatch a try again. Mei is a lot of fun. I'm not very good but I like to think I'm getting a little better. She's pretty fun to troll people with. It's kind of tough to aim on console though.

File: 1571282744086.png (371.81 KB, 900x850, 55476361_p0.png)


I think I'm going to get a new graphics card soon since it's been 5 years. Have you bought or are planning to buy any new hardware, /qa/?
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got an intel nuc, windows 10, samsung m.2 SSD

cant say ive had any problems, works really well actually
just set up full disc encryption no issues


File: 1571328010763.jpg (48.28 KB, 396x439, 1568223352077.jpg)

I need more ram since my pc is bottlenecked but it doesnt make sense to buy ddr3 at this point I guess. It would make everything much smoother but I'm dumb and spend my money on other things.


If you're okay with piracy, Windows 10 LTSC/B/Whatever it's called is 10 without the cruft.
Also, there's nothing stopping you from running 7.


Mine is nearing 5 years too… damn that time went fast.
Code Vein looks fine on my 960 and my money is going to something better so think I'm gonna keep rocking it.


I would love to go back to Windows 7, but there's a lot of driver issues, apparently. According to some people who have installed it, they lose the hybrid GPU swapping between integrated and discrete, and have to specifically select the GPU in BIOS before start-up. That's not to mention that Windows 7 extended support finally ends in 2020.

I just wish WINE was good enough to allow me to move over to Linux full-time. Virtualization would be fine if I was just looking to run programs that don't run in WINE correctly that I need for school or work, but I really just want to play muh games. GPU passthrough apparently can get close to realtime performance, but that requires a KVM and an AMD GPU, neither of which I have nor would I want to bother with for just wanting to play some games on occasion. Dualbooting's another option, but I'd rather be able to do everything in one OS.

File: 1571122610206.jpg (71.71 KB, 1083x720, 491.jpg)


When I like an anime I find it hard to describe why I like it or what I like about it. Does this mean I didn't really like the anime?
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i've been getting those vibes too


>Cute things is the most destructive.
Any example of this being a common trait of cute things?


File: 1571294114477.png (583.46 KB, 828x1000, 1510217265600.png)

you can start by counting the number of hearts that have been broken


it's a distraction like boozes or eating or anything else,some people just don't want to think about anything for a little bit


File: 1571296041715.gif (2.04 MB, 448x252, 858.gif)

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