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File:[Erai-raws] Mahouka Koukou….jpg (124.69 KB,1308x1408)




Boys shouldn't kiss girls, only girls should kiss girls.


File:1459987758575.webm (1.78 MB,1280x720)

Maybe that's true, but what do you say about the special case when it's between imouto and onii-sama?


I guess...

File:[Erai-raws] Mahouka Kouko….webm (5.85 MB,1280x720)


Nice showing off, Tatsuya


Bald guy saved by the goatee. If he didn't have any hair at all he'd just be a featureless side character that dies


File:[Erai-raws] Mahouka Kouko….webm (6.67 MB,1280x720)

You're vastly underestimating goatee dude


File:1_7WV7enBbVLIP2yRQG4exhw.png (166.78 KB,529x276)



How'd it work out?


File:image.png (50.39 KB,200x272)

File:173dd4fc2445fee13be39ae41f….jpg (292.8 KB,1000x1422)


ITT: post a sentence from Wikipedia, out of context.

ERP has a strong evidence base, and it is considered the most effective treatment for OCD.[89]
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Some states and organizations in Mexico are creating work programs and scholarships to keep the NEET population away from drug cartels.


Increasing restrictions on oystering seasons and methods in the late 19th-century lead to the rise of oyster pirates, culminating in the Oyster Wars of the Chesapeake Bay that pitted poachers against armed law enforcement authorities of Virginia and Maryland (dubbed the "oyster navy").


The CIA reported that "Cuba's successful use of air power and the apparent weakness of Pretoria's air defences" highlighted the fact that Havana had achieved air superiority in southern Angola and northern Namibia. 


A former United States postal worker, Joseph M. Harris, killed his former supervisor, Carol Ott, and killed her boyfriend, Cornelius Kasten Jr., at their home with a katana.


On December 1, 2011, submission of potatoes was no longer allowed.


The vita truly is a blessed handheld.


There's really no good way to play these rubbing games for a decent amount of time. It starts to hurt your fingers, and if you do it fast, which the games encourage, it generates heat and hurts your fingers even more. I ended up using the bottom of my shirt as a finger cover to do it, but then you lose accuracy


Is she a lesbian? Does rubbing other girls turn her on?

File:1486272629530.jpg (1.82 MB,1880x1242)


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File:[SubsPlease] Hanyou no Yas….jpg (98.7 KB,1280x720)

oops I forgot about the GET
I was thinking of something earlier but couldn't come up with anything

pretty good


File:1495459339778.jpg (542.3 KB,1049x727)


File:1194010596186.jpg (194.6 KB,704x396)

repeating numbers please me


smug ass kuro


I want to /qa/ kuro..

File:[ANE] Bakemonogatari - Ep1….jpg (157.26 KB,1294x788)


So you know how in Manzai comedy theres the boke who is the one who drives the routine and sets up a personality for him/herself and the tsukkomi who is the one who engages with the audience, grounds the routine, and provides a foil to the boke to enhance the jokes?
I was thinking that the terms boke and tsukkomi or to shorten it the ぼ and the つ could be used to described shows like Monogatari where Araragi is the tsukkomi to the boke of Hachikuji or Senjougahara, his role in Monogatari is to provide a link between the audience and the boke while also reacting to what the boke says or does in a way the pushes the joke or plot further. This isnt a perfect example but its a character setup i notice alot, i guess self insert shows where the main character actually has a personality
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uhhhhh yeah i agree haha


Yeah this is real common in comedy and anime in general. The funny haha person who is wacky and the serious "what is wrong with you >:(" person who keeps the other in check seem to be eternal constants within human humor


my point is that because I think theres a really strong similarity you could call those types of shows Manzi. In anime there isnt really a specific word for it because its a broad concept so I thought of this one


File:[Femme] Kitakubu Katsudou ….jpg (145.13 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, but Monogatari can hardly be called a comedy series... If you want manzai in anime form, watch Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku or something.


File:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sen….jpg (85.85 KB,1024x576)


File:9b7e0a0ecefe23e87878743e07….jpg (885.3 KB,1000x1412)


Does /qa/ have any pets?
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File:cad.jpg (1.57 MB,4160x3120)

ok drumroll please!

*badadadadadada* and here he is!!! (he has a short tail)

i would never put id tags on him like some cattle....


why did you bite off his tail?


File:1548592201823.jpg (147.54 KB,1133x2015)

tailets..... when will they learn?


File:IMG_1775.JPG (240.71 KB,1824x1218)

my apartment does not allow pet so I had to give my cat to my mom and now that it became an outdoor killer I'm not sure if I'll ever get him back


I don't have any but there is a cat that lives near me that visits sometimes. I'll go outside now and see if he's around.

File:[SubsPlease] Hanyou no Yas….jpg (128.27 KB,1280x720)


It's good! Really good. I like it a lot.
I was preparing myself to be disappointed by a nostalgic cash grab, but this really feels like an authentic Inuyasha spin-off. The fighting scenes are good and the SoL moments feel the same. It doesn't seem like shallow cameos for the old characters, either. I can't stop smiling. What an amazing season this is turning out to be.
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File:[SubsPlease] Hanyou no Yas….jpg (153.15 KB,1280x720)

OB: Original Bishie


Guess it's time to finally finish Inuyasha...


So how reliant is this on you having seen the original series?


File:[SubsPlease] Hanyou no Yas….jpg (131.63 KB,1280x720)

About 80% of the first episode is centered on something that happened in the past, setting up the story for the new characters. While I don't think it's an outright requirement, you'd be missing a lot by not watching at least half of the original's episodes. (which is about 70 or so episodes).
I never watched the second series that actually finished the story, but never really felt inclined to either. I probably should...


I recently finished the original. The best girl died so I'm inclined not to watch any spinoffs.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (234.45 KB,1920x1080)


Do you ever think we're at the end of a seemingly endless line of virtual realities?
Civilization 1 in Universe 1 advanced to the point where they could create something like the holodeck or some other fully immersive virtual reality thing and a person or people never left it. This would be the birth of Universe 2. Somewhere in Universe 2 rises a civilization and creates its own virtual reality thing, birthing Universe 3...
What if there's an endless amount of virtual realities because everyone started hating their own reality and made something to escape it?

ps: if you make one please invite me
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she says something really inspiring here and is one of the most enthusiastic scientist I have ever heard and also very interesting

anyway she confidently strides head first into simulation 'theory' and says we'll just find all the laws of physics anyway...
and that's why I love her!


point 1)
I never said it invalidates, only the fact that our universe is not compressed in any way we know of the way games are
Point 2)
The point of this discussion is if its a possibility. In order to simulate our world you will need to have a world FAR more massive than our own or one that has a special feature like smaller particles. Assuming that would be convenient, but jumps the akham's razor in order to validate a cool idea, instead of based on a real observation.
>tl;dr That rout disbays reason
Just because quantum theory is old, doesn't mean its valid. Einstein said, god does not play dice with the universe, and Schrodinger's cat was a thought experiment to ridicule that idea. It can make some predictions, but not to even a fraction of the extent of what would make it valid. I think it's a misguided rout that has to be scrapped and rethought.
Point 4)
Pardon, but I'm not familiar with that paradox. Why would the information be lost? It was first sucked in, than broken off of, where would missing info be?


>lets stride into a wild theory because it FEELS right and well just figure out the rest later
You are joking, right? It feels right because we figured out that we can simulate worlds ourselves, that's the same "feeling" people had thousands of years ago, thiking:" I can make stuff, maybe somebody made me" and found god.


fuahahaha! i see right through you here!!! bwahahahahaha!!!! invisible!


The idea of simulation theory is not that interesting. If the universe is simulated, there are few facts you can concretely know about the nature of the host universe. You can not assume that the host universe would be bound by our physics, only that it must be consistent whatever computational logic is necessary for the simulation. Furthermore, The Turing Completeness theorem suggests that there are basically unlimited ways to perform or represent a computation. This host universe could just be a giant pile NAND gates, or a giant pile of NOR gates. We'd be none the wiser, and it would be completely irrelevant to our lives in this world. Perhaps our world really is driven by discrete computational steps, but to suggest this gives insight into a world outside our own is just fancy.


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ゐ is a nice character. Shame it's so uncommon.


I like ゑ


ゑ is good too, but it's a little too much like る. I guess that could be said for a few characters, though.



File:1603420894767.gif (1.79 MB,1000x1000)



File:1520138912963.gif (675.05 KB,500x451)


oh no!!! a cute girl is smoking in my presence!!!!

i will end this madness at once...go!!


cute and cool


thikign about crushing konoha...

File:'.jpg (427.77 KB,1894x1024)


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i would compare this to fate/stay night


File:__prinny_and_pleinair_orig….jpg (53.01 KB,322x480)

Well, I love the first one a lot because of its rather unique faded colors and wonderful story and characters. It was quite novel at the time and I'm always nostalgic for it.
Is Pleinair in it?




pleinair is in disgaea 2 as a news announcer. i can not speake for her as an anime character...she tells you congratulations when you beat the big boss baalel...

every disgaea game has a different feeling 2 it. so if u like the faded color feeling of the 1st game u might like the hero theming of disgaea 2 or the school adademy theme of disgaea 3 (or nod)


File:41212_p0.jpg (35.66 KB,470x640)

Oh, no no, I mean you (or someone else) said "real true fan" and I was saying how much I loved the first game. Maybe I should watch the anime since I would consider myself a true fan of the first one.
I still enjoyed the other games, but they're less special in regards to characters, style and story. The gameplay sure improved a lot, though, although the grinding truly became really crazy with the character world and stuff.




File:Trollface_non-free.png (80.64 KB,347x288)


Please take it to kiwifarms or whatever.



File:ac07c8ee0c7fcfc086fac66adc….jpg (78.09 KB,1000x789)


/jp/ left /qa/ right
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File:sleep-illya.jpg (165.76 KB,1920x1080)



File:yet another smug asuka.png (290.03 KB,400x400)



File:disgust-002.png (68.88 KB,542x542)


File:Lest.webp (32.18 KB,249x517)

Lest (but I always rename him)


lest lest lest is the best!


File:[Erai-raws] Adachi to Shim….jpg (121.1 KB,1280x720)


In a world in which imageboards are supposedly falling out of favor and 4chan sucks up all the activity, how is it that there is still a good proportion of younger users on alternative imageboards? Obviously for foreign language ones they have their language niches, but for the English speaking world most would assume that the youth are first exposed to 4chan, and then its much less active alternatives (if they even learn of their existence). For those turned off of 4chan, I'd assume most probably wouldn't look towards similar forms of communication, would they? The appeal of an Anonymous way to share ones thoughts seems like it would be fleeting to youth grown on social media, used to being the center of attention or within a group of identifiable persons. Is it a passing interest in that which they find unique, or a genuine desire for this style of online interaction?

If a genuine desire exists, that isn't just for endorphin surges like 4chan offers, then how do more niche imageboards go about capitalizing on this group?
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I dunno. We still had myspace and facebook back then. Was it really all that different?
Though it's true that a lot of dedicated hobby websites died out.


File:Today.jpg (80.34 KB,540x403)

I hope with all of my heart a younger generation arises that rejects the decadent and brain impairing form of internet memes we have found ourselves swallowed up in.



GameFAQs may still be going strong but it's total shit. I literally got a ban for making fun of the way a character in a game dresses because I wasn't being tolerant and inclusive enough. That site is for SJW faggots only.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (231.92 KB,1920x1080)

Huh? Yeah, it's not a place for the online culture wars the kids are all about these days. There's people there really passionate about video games and theorycrafting about math formulas for combat skills and whatnot.


The problems of rotten users and skitzos makes imageboard much worse, constantly more and more, eventually making them unusable
Whenever a skitzo goes berserk he mass reports people with multiple IPs, eventually someone takes the report up and bans everybody in the thread and the skitzo keeps changing IPs so he doesn't get effected. On top of that 10 assholes that go to the start of every thread and call every OP a faggot and call every thread shit right off the bat eventually get more and more actual users to quit it, believing that they are in bad company, eventually racking up genuine bad company.

That kind of stuff makes me want to cut my internet altogether and throw my router in the ocean.

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