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What imageboards or forums do you guys use? I promise I'm a good poster
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4/jp/ and /a/ for particular news
sometimes /nen/ and mero

No, I knew the webring from kissu. I didn't come from there.


File:back to 4ota.png (209.36 KB,519x386)

4/jp/, /ota/, kissu, gnfos, /bun/, /nen/, /what/. Sometimes hima, /tea/, and tohno.


mostly stuff on the webring


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (636.97 KB,2480x3507)

whatever monster girl board is on the webring


AnimeBytes forums

File:[Erai-raws] Higurashi no N….jpg (115.3 KB,1280x720)


Now the first arc is over, I think it's time for a Higurashi discussion and theorycrafting thread. Obviously contains spoilers for the entire series, I will be using spoiler tags but some things might slip by, so hide the thread if you care about that.

First, the struggle with Rena - I am inclined to believe that Keiichi hallucinated the whole thing. Needless to say, the scene itself is pretty ridiculous, what with Keiichi being repeatedly stabbed in the chest but still somehow managing to muster up the strength to bludgeon Rena with the clock several times. Later when we see him in the hospital, it's confirmed that he is a late stage HS patient, and his wounds don't match the state he was in when he lost consciousness - only his left cheek was grazed, and he had no neck injuries. Except for Ooishi confirming that something went down at his house on that night, none of the other characters allude to what really happened (understandable since Keiichi has just woken up from a coma.) Also, what happened to the neck collar? He's not wearing it anymore when Mion visits.

What the actual fuck happened to Tomitake, Takano and Irie? Takano shows up for only a few seconds, Tomitake shows up briefly but behaves the same as in Onikakushi, and since Keiichi doesn't go talk to them during the festival we don't see any more of them, and Irie doesn't show up at all and his clinic is being "remodeled". I think the most likely scenario is that Takano died for real (since the fake body wasn't found in the mountains and she is considered "missing") and the project was canceled, hence the "remodeling", but then I have no idea how she died. Since Tomitake's body wasn't found either, it's also possible that he wasn't injected with the HS pathogen.

Speaking of Takano, from the circumstances surrounding Rika's death we know it wasn't her who did it this time. I believe Satoko had a HS episode and Rika was forced to kill her, and then committed suicide by stabbing her own neck as seen in Meakashi.


>I am inclined to believe that Keichii hallucinated the whole thing.
I was thinking that at first as well, but then once he was actually stabbed and in the hospital I realized that it couldn't be true. Also Rena was displaying clear symptoms of Hinamizawa syndrome so that's something he wouldn't necessarily hallucinate since it wouldn't be a present thought in his head. There was nothing about how Rena acted that would make me think it was just a hallucination, as it was just too, well, Reina. There may be a bit of inconsistencies with how he ended up, but I don't think that it's meant to imply anything and could just be more things that the studio/R07 didn't really think too much of. Especially since with that ending scene and Rika being dead it's heavily implying that this Kakera is lost and it's time to move onto the next.

I don't think that Takano died for real, but there may have been some mischief going on with Rika and Tomitake which may be elaborated on later. From what I remember the clinic also underwent "remodeling" or similar periods of no functionality in other arcs, though I could be misremembering. It'd be too odd if Takano were to actually die, but I guess with what else has been shown it's not impossible. Maybe Lambda's introduced a new piece since Takano has failed her once?

I was actually really curious as to why she'd kill Satoko since it's pretty obvious Rika was the culprit this time, but I guess if she was suffering from a HS episode it'd make sense.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (165.57 KB,1280x720)

Hello! A new board has been made and you may want to move your thread there for more freedom >>>/cry/
I can move your thread there as well if you wish.


I find it highly unlikely anything was hallucinated since the tools were laid out and shown before K1 was any worried about her.


Please do.


Moved to >>>/cry/15.

File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (217.39 KB,1920x1080)


Nipah~s save lives.


File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (Spoiler Image,349.61 KB,1920x1080)

Or not...


File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (Spoiler Image,206.87 KB,1920x1080)

Did Rika kill both Satoko and herself after realizing this loop was failed? This seems like a really familiar way of dying


Now THAT'S a twist


Yeah, I didn't see that one coming at all. Knowing that Rena brings ohagi with one spiked with mustard in the regular arc I expected that maybe Rika's attempt would save her and Keichii from the interaction. When it went well I can definitely say it lulled me into a false state of ease where I did NOT expect Rena to try and take K1's life.

I guess this mean's R07's still got it. Can't wait for the next episode.

File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (325.51 KB,1920x1080)


Rika showing off her amazing ability to shift between dimesnions


super paper higu

File:maxresdefault.jpg (36.34 KB,824x720)


How do I get into MT games?


Play them?


Oh, but uhh... I guess I should clarify. Just pick one and play it, they're not related to each other.


Nocturne, IV and Strange Journey. MT on Famicom if you are a completionist and masochist and want to draw 24x24 maps by hand.


elona ripoff!


File:1462233491406.jpg (306.62 KB,689x2381)

All of them

File:Capture10.PNG (141.95 KB,484x294)


robot wife vs microwave


Mina is way better than the microwave


Why would you need to store food if you had a robot wife?


Mina-chan vs refrigerator

File:1498493864425.jpg (75.04 KB,690x889)


Making a thread to break the monotony.
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pretty sure their placement is symbolic of something
can't really remember exactly what on the neck would mean


File:27efea0de2cf277b8161933f0b….jpg (834.45 KB,1062x1500)




and funny

File:1380426243972.png (317.23 KB,489x549)


Remember when moot sent a bunch of norms to /jp/ when he was doing a livestream and then renamed the board "MISUNDERSTOOD GENIUSES" because he was mad about people shitposting there and using it like was 2D/Random? Good times.
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File:expert prog rammer.jpg (119.98 KB,473x496)



There was a /prog/ board before?


One of the textboards that moot incinerated following his triumphant return to imageboard management.


This and /jp/ are the greatest proofs of how moot completely forgot how to have fun


Would kind of make sense if the mod team hated us because we were one of the boards that was in a constant state of insurgency. Not to mention that /jp/ was a major GET power at somepoint and users went onto other boards to achieve digits.

File:1602800538497.jpg (151.02 KB,1750x1069)


Go to 2chan and bring something back: https://www.2chan.net/
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File:1603226987329.jpg (119.2 KB,539x719)

It's still there https://ipv6.2chan.net/54/futaba.htm
I was never able to post on it personally.


Did the byogens perform fusion?


File:2020-06-09 15_30_47-Window.jpg (61.19 KB,605x592)



a Tsukuyomi roleplay thread, but it isn't on the roleplay board.


File:1603283339186.png (174.91 KB,500x400)

File:68471121_p0.jpg (728.59 KB,800x946)



W-would you p-please tell me what's your current place of r-r-residence...?
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-125 38 177


Nice try FBI-kun




1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500
I challenge anyone to come and fight me.


I live in the above posters closet

File:[Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Aby….jpg (264.09 KB,1920x1080)


the best papa
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File:fluff.jpg (213.11 KB,1920x1080)

/qa/ boys have their priorities straight


me feeling her chest


File:1600578940311.webm (850.95 KB,1280x720)

/qa/boys on their way to blogpost


Wish I could be this cool


Me and my samefag alliance.

File:A-Kon 22 22.JPG (160.82 KB,1200x1600)


This is what anime does to men.


Geez, next thing you know he'll be dancing like this


File:1434464627634.jpg (46.29 KB,420x630)

This is what idols do to a game developer


I hear it's a lot worse with mangakas.


File:thicc muscle.jpg (2.79 MB,2000x3008)

This is what anime does to men.



File:gigachad.png (327.09 KB,859x960)


This is what anime does to men.


overdosed on GAR


File:1571594235659.jpg (86.18 KB,1280x720)

Can confirm
Skipped prom to watch end of eva
now I have a six pack


I don't like memes.


you still have a 6-pack of beer from prom night?
t. giga chad

File:[Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Aby….png (8.61 MB,1920x1080)


CG is getting better, they said. You'll hardly notice it, they said.

I wonder...
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Please explain.


There in nothing in this cut that look inherintly 3dcg, visually.
But since you can't tell by seeing here is the rundown of technical reasons
1)they don't have a 3d model of her. Not only did it never appear, no organic thing in this show had a 3d model.
2)there are unique objects and clothing on her, which again no way anyone would spend time modeling for one cut.
3)This cut has less than 20 frames, maybe even less than 10. Sure, you can use a basic 3d character to figure out the morion, but that's too much effort for a cut this short.
4) There is boiling and fairy obvious frames where objects shift in size and shape
This shot 100% had no CG in its creation.


I don't mean to press the issue further, but I'd really like to know what the people credited as working on 3DCG were doing each episode, then? Are they really only being credited for the windmill in the OP?...


I find it a little suspicious that for every episode there's a 3DCG credit with the exception of episode 6, so I suppose it's possible that might've been a transcription error?


I wasn't talking about the OP, the windmills I mentioned were the ones when they were overlooking the abyss. I have watched it quite a while ago. I don't remember every instance of 3dcg, I probably didn't even identify most instance. They take a backseat role, they are easy to miss if not in the foreground.
In the kill la kill documentary (part two about 10 minutes in), They are talking about the CGI cuts in kill la kill. Hiroyuki Imaishi says that he treats the CG animators like every other animators.
From the looks of it, and I could be wrong, for most anime productions the question of should we use CG is answered by "do we have CG staff". The next question in line seems to be "is the director interested". After that the question seems to be "do we have a specific role we want 3dcg to fill", the things in this category would be anime like macross, yuru camp, or ssssgridman, which decided to do most of the mechanical work in 3dcg.
Only then the question goes to "we need X by X how do we do it" or " this will take unrealistically too much time that we cannot afford".
The one example of an anime with the final question would be violet evergarden
After taking a month and a half to make a 45 second preview for Violet evergarden, Somebody in charge stepped their foot down and asked that the typewriters will be done in 3DCG.

Bottom line, these guys are probably credited for minor elements here and there and probably they weren't approached for anything in episode 6.


Yeah, I'm aware you were talking about the windmills in the first episode, but what I meant was that the only clearly visible piece of 3DCG throughout the show was the windmills in the OP. That in turn made me wonder what the people credited as working on 3DCG actually did, especially given their apparent lack of being credited for episode 6.

File:61vYWG5YH0L._AC_SL1100_.jpg (55.55 KB,1072x940)


ITT: Important kissu implements and accessories
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You mean it isn't?!?


was just thinking this


girls like stuffed animals more than other girls


but the target audience is adult men isn't it?


so market to the other girls instead

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