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File:DJ50F3x2GF.png (1.18 MB,1366x768)


post your desktops
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File:1496807207899.jpg (71.88 KB,1280x720)



File:Screenshot (1).png (8.38 MB,3840x2160)

Perhaps you would prefer my htpc? I need to stop being lazy and remove the recycle bin


I never could beat this boss




Love your Alice background dude

File:84798704_p0.png (336.35 KB,1200x1200)



Standing leg splits has really taken off as a big fad for some reason. Does anyone know why? There were probably 5 images of it uploaded in the time it took me to write this post
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File:image.jpeg (267.83 KB,923x1600)

One for the homos.


File:84603898_p0.png (1.05 MB,1000x1150)

Kissu's small but ever present number of gays thank you.


File:image.jpeg (155.18 KB,700x1225)

No problem I have one more but it's sadly from a Chinese gacha at least he's cute.


this looks like a great place to put your /qa/ in
i bet there's a doujinshi like that


friggin chinese gachasluts making boysluts now

File:[FeelsBadSubs] Love Live! ….jpg (325.94 KB,1920x1080)


Someone needs to stop Yuu. She's already got Ayumu, yet she's trying to snatch up the rest of the girls as well!


i'm sad there was no "zenkai no rabu raibu"....


Ayumu doesn't look all too pleased about this developement...


File:[SubsPlease] Love Live! Ni….jpg (236.89 KB,1280x2160)



File:[SubsPlease] Love Live! Ni….jpg (156.38 KB,1280x720)

At this pace Yuu will have every aidoru in her harem by the end of the season

File:56865885_p0.jpg (249.55 KB,1010x1051)


The kissu autumn seasonal stream starts today!
It's every Saturday at 11PM UST/7PM EST at https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri

Here are the shows we're trying this week, but not necessarily in this order:
Majo no Tabitabi
Tonikaku Kawaii
Assault Lily
Rail Romanesque (short)
Sport Climbing Girls
Love Live
Maoujou de Oyasumi (if it's ready)

Shows we want to try but haven't started yet
Kamisama ni Natta hi
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File:wtv7n9.png (1.04 MB,1920x1440)

temp wallpaper solution




Ooops I forgot to bump this earlier.
It's starting in 15 minutes!


Ill join next week!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (406.92 KB,1920x1080)

Okay this will be the last time I bump this thread. The shows Ochikobore Fruit Tart and Maesetsu will be added today to see if we like them. After this, you need to join IRC or the nearly-dead steam chat (where the hell are the OJ games...) if you want to see announcements of the stream starting.
Every Saturday at 7PM EST/11 UST!

File:0011.jpg (2.05 MB,1532x1200)


I want to watch anime but I also want to wait till it gets dark to watch it. Does anyone else only watch anime during night time? I feel like is more enjoyable that way. Maybe to do other things like watch,read or play horror stuff? I dunno, I'm gonna read manga for now...


I sorta get what you mean, I have a lot of fond memories of watching new stuff airing on TV later in the evening, which might be part of what you're describing. Spooky stuff is definitely better experienced in the dark, but it's also nice to just watch stuff in a dark room to begin with.


anime time


I do that too, it feels more relaxing and like the time you should do it. Night is a relaxing time in general I feel.


only watch at night or before sunrise if wake up early


live in basement so can never tell if it's day or night

File:46_rxodymv881.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.72 KB,705x1000)


I got permabanned from 4chan. Now if only I could just get permabanned from this shitty imageboard too, that would be great.
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File:the black jan of ill omen.jpg (37.48 KB,607x572)

i have to give him some 'merit' for making the janny go crazy, nuke the entire board and be forced to quit the site as a result. i don't really care about him or his shitty site otherwise. gnfos was always garbage.

i'd rather not post them here because it's not really relevant anymore and it could be used to identify me.


Oh, that's a shame. I thought they were pretty funny.


File:1474382720962.jpg (1.27 MB,1536x3848)

I think I have one saved.


Yes! This is the one I was thinking of.


Why do retards try to get banned? Do they lack the self-control to close a tab and leave it closed?

File:[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawai….jpg (128.6 KB,1280x720)


This is really cute


Agreed. Normally, I shy away from romance and stuff, but I decided to watch this and thoroughly enjoyed both episodes so far. It's definitely a bit weaker on the plot thus far, but I like it. It's the same sort of way I tend to imagine such scenarios when I fantasize about stuff like this, so I imagine I'll probably like it a lot should it not do anything too crazy.


While it's lighthearted now, its allusions to Kaguya-hime worry me a bit


Man, I just hope it's just a newly-wed SOL with no drama.


I don't think that was integral to the plot, and instead more of story-telling aide. After all, the MC pretty clearly says after meeting her again, that "his princess" had returned from the moon and that they would live together happily ever after.


File:[Erai-raws] Tonikaku Kawai….png (1.01 MB,1920x1080)

File:dafa941b83152a7f08b6e010b7….jpg (37.21 KB,450x420)

 No.52022[Reply][Last50 Posts]

with the summer heat finally passing it may be possible to sleep without 3 fans running simultaneously
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think i want pancakes or waffle cant decide


decided on pancakes and they were pretty good too bad it was so filling


just nipah'd




File:IMG_20201023_132329.jpg (133.63 KB,846x600)

just spermrd and I'm shocked by how much my priorities and interests shift immediately after release
sexual energy is supporting my whole personality like atlas...
I don't like it

File:1602284478670.png (130.99 KB,326x282)


More like PISSU
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File:7848332710c02e7988f31e1b51….jpg (Spoiler Image,403.68 KB,685x1000)

Oh yeah? Well then get freakin PEED on, idiot.





File:1473817894322.jpg (304.87 KB,932x650)


I CANNOT masturbate to characters I build an emotional connection with. Are you like this too? Why does it happen?
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File:08.png (188.32 KB,385x440)

>faping to him
Oh, my.


only fap to those characters looking at ecchi images of them with vanilla thoughts or yuri of them.


I find it hard to fap to Trevor characters, because whenever I do I think of a dude and that's gay.


I don't understand this feeling.


I don't fap. is that weird?

File:65112250_p7.png (416.19 KB,700x708)




File:armed loli.jpg (55.9 KB,358x429)

You will pay for making me lose THE GAME. I was literally winning it for years before you posted this.


I just beat my game thank you. With 2 credits.


Sure this newfangled Higurashi is great and all, but nothing really beats the original, don't you think?


File:f9ce63b6a3db008b3e5bf92e79….mp4 (6.89 MB,636x360)



>don't you think?
No. I think it doesn't hold a candle to the games.


File:kagami sip.png (38.33 KB,192x192)

It's still not a remake...

File:1492401715952.gif (191.63 KB,500x270)


Why do the Japanese use English loanwords like "kissu" when they've got their own version of those words? Why don't they use "seppun" more often? Is it because it's too old-fashioned?
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File:Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - 11 ….jpg (46.18 KB,720x480)

I guess it never hurts to have synonyms? I mean, why the hell is this a relatively common word used in America? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sm%C3%B6rg%C3%A5sbord
I think people just want to sound cool and use unfamiliar words, and then others use it too and it stops being fresh and just becomes another regular word.
I'm sure you can track down an origin to 'kissu' somewhere...


Because the alternatives sound antiquated, and because for historical reasons the general tendency in Japan is to view loanwords in a positive light, though I think this has been changing. Btw, the word 接吻 itself was created by the Dutch.


Yeah, English has a ton of loanwords that could be replaced with Germanic equivalents as well. Sounds pretty dumb in this video because everything is literal though.

Also, I couldn't really find the history behind the word "seppun". I read that the Japanese didn't really have a custom of kissing before contact with Europeans, and that would be the reason for them to use "kissu", but where does "seppun" come into picture?


is anglish just replacing non germanic words? is there an anglish converter that will auto replace words into their anglish counter parts?


It's just made up shit. The examples in that video sound like something a caveman would say. Could've been done better like making it sound more 'Nordic' or something.

File:shinobu_donuts.jpg (90.54 KB,1280x720)


Is it normal for people to eat primarily sweet things during breakfast in your country? It makes sense because sugar gives you energy to start off the day.
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sugar is bad, very bad!!
At least 99% of the kind you would come across is.

>Refined sugar also affects the brain. It impairs the brain’s ability to heal after trauma, inhibits memory formation and retention, and induces structural changes in the brain similar to those caused by amphetamine, cocaine, and nicotine – powerful stimulant drugs.

>Perhaps one of the most disturbing – and long-term – effects of refined sugar on the body is observed at the DNA level. Sugar causes the shortening of the telomeres, accelerating the aging process.

>Reducing sugar intake can have profound, immediate effects

>Studies in which refined sugar is removed from the diet have demonstrated the remarkable resiliency of the human body. Within days of eliminating refined sugar, biomarkers of inflammation decrease markedly, and blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels improve. Risk of type 2 diabetes drops by nearly 25 percent.


Maybe I should try this...


File:103b3446c7ae89c45cfa1d35ba….gif (1022.89 KB,500x281)

you wont make me quit donuts


File:3e1b9babdc87302b1c377ab97f….jpg (588.28 KB,924x1281)

Sorry, I like chocolate too much to care about this. My region makes some of the best chocolate in the world. I have a preference for dark chocolate anyway, it's not that unhealthy.


I dont like eating until I've been awake for at least a few hours

File:Pollution.png (2.45 MB,2048x940)


Does /qa/ have to content with air pollution or pollen very often? I got worried earlier today because I noticed my breathing had slowed and felt a bit light-headed. In a moment of clarity, I decided to check waqi.info. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with me, it was just that the air quality had worsened today.


no, i live in a small city with lots of trees and vegetation and don't have this problem fortunately, but the big cities here are very polluted. my friends and relatives who live in them always complain about it.


Pollen's a bit bad in the spring, but no air pollution. Don't live near any factories and there's a good amount of forest/trees around me.


File:[rune factory][toona][arti….jpg (517.14 KB,1024x768)

It's pretty green around here, thankfully. I've done research (can't remember where) and there weren't any dump sites nearby or anything producing anything dangerous to the environment. But, if there was, I doubt I'd do anything about it since I'm not exactly loaded with money to move away


I think that in general people living outside the city in America get pretty clean air, since there's so much land.


You'd be surprised how much litter there can be in rural towns.
The people there are similiar in spirit to ghetto residents, in aways.

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