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File:57cc547356f95949caeeb82fd8….jpg (2.52 MB,1352x2000)


Welcome to Winter,
The season of white, brown and grey.
The Solstice of death, and beginnings.
Sheep fear not the cold.

This year, Winter ends on March 20th.
Sister board: >>>/xmas/
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File:eb13888143f1eeb194143061ce….gif (1.95 MB,478x473)

season of win


File:wjrRss5KAnmqI33CnZPgf3Lctf….gif (1.47 MB,500x90)



File:8eb764475d4ce29c691df495dc….png (1.04 MB,750x1280)

the seasonal banners are all really nice

File:sasaki nozomi.jpg (382.45 KB,1070x1280)


Winter version
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File:IMG_20210105_044834.jpg (379.2 KB,1538x2048)


File:DWxdHXfWkAAbLoY.jpeg (368.18 KB,2000x1333)

she's looking right at me!


File:EooW99kUYAAWWHn (1).jpeg (410.61 KB,1536x2048)

im impressed with this level of makeup
i think it looks good




File:ozapuree.jpg (204.69 KB,1080x1350)

in love with serval

File:1610448742706.png (19.82 KB,938x482)


someone on ota just found $300,000 in t's old BTC wallet
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File:1497313584932.png (313.57 KB,760x780)

It was already something that wasn't particularly good in the thread, but people kept referencing it instead of moving on. I figured it was better to move 8 posts instead of 50 like the last time something ota-related popped up in the happenings thread


File:video0_13.mp4 (3.21 MB,640x640)

Don't you avoid me, give me my well-earned (You) goddammit.


cute otter


This is not kissu-related. This is gossip concerning a tripfag with no relation with this website and I motion for this thread's deletion and the banning of its posters for spam/advertising/flooding.


posting so i get banned if that happens

File:index.jpg (6.88 KB,295x171)



Here's to the finest crew in Starfleet


I really need to get back into watching this but the 1st season is so slow.

File:IMG_20210104_230016.jpg (1.92 MB,3968x2976)


finally succeeded in making fish broth from trout bone and head.

pic unrelated


we should have a norm test
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norman osborne
secret alias joker frog



all these norms in this thread
only i can be considered human



That's what one of them would say.


Wonder when the steam release will come out


File:1498500816226.png (5.89 KB,714x114)

he's rocking just like i do
i imagine it would take at least half a year more and up to a year


never understood how to play this game


you use your imagination

File:[FFF] Assassination Classr….jpg (262.37 KB,1920x1080)



File:image.jpeg (68.49 KB,600x504)

Impressive we just might live to see the day when a missile carrying massive payloads could be launched from anywhere to anywher- whoa wait a minute...

File:8ye11XP.jpg (170.88 KB,800x1200)


How was kissu's Christmas? Over here it was a nice white Christmas with a blanket of snow covering as far as you could see. Quite a nice sight when in the past couple years there'd been no snow in sight. Looking forwards to the rest of winter now.


no fucking snow in sight


There were a few tiny flurries on Christmas Eve. It was supposed to snow properly, but the forecast changed day-of. I'm a bit disappointed in that, but I wasn't expecting snow to begin with. Otherwise, Christmas itself went well. My family had a big breakfast, and then a big dinner together at home. Presents and all that went over well too, so that's good.

File:bnt162b2.png (40.07 KB,602x310)


Here's a cool article about the workings of the COVID-19 vaccine:

>Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine



i just was reading that anon, the computer science analogies are so perfect
i love this article!


its absolutely how information technology works inside the cell
also how fast everything works


one of those little protein engines can read a string of RNA at ~80 bits a second which is faster than human information transfer with speech which is about 40 bits a second, or typing which is like 60 bits a second at maximum speed of 110 wpm.

I think people can type faster than they can think

File:84ec0d2e0e1b67437148f255c7….jpg (459.14 KB,1684x1191)


Winter is cold. I'd rather stay indoors
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File:8ba215f7ff9b62799053340410….png (2.58 MB,960x1280)

this winter was too warm, didn't even snow once here and doesn't look like it will, first time I remember not snowing at all in winter… it sucks, I like snow




File:48236e8e6af0e26c4908557476….jpg (475.08 KB,600x650)

well it's over half over and temperatures are still above 0°C…


it's raining
stop please its christmas


It was raining in the morning for me, but it's snowing again now that the temperature dropped

File:video0-4.mp4 (6.57 MB,1920x1080)


You fricks ever watched Rudolph the Red-nose reindeer? It's one of my favorites.
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It's teenbro speak, but I do want a big-titty girl to hold me tight and tell me I have some worth.


the term "pog" makes me irrationally angry. I dont know why.


File:gootecks.jpg (10.79 KB,276x360)

it's an emote of this guy's face which shows up if you type "PogChamp". it has been there forever but it only started getting used outside of twitch recently.


don't like the little pogchamp meme but i'm fine with pogchamp


dont understand either so i can't have a preferance

File:26-5d5963b576c594cf20a4e7e….png (221.99 KB,1115x1600)




Wearing sundresses and eating ice cream bars in winter? What a dummy!


strangely a lot of people buy icecream during snow storms

File:__hibiki_kantai_collection….jpg (143.6 KB,642x900)


Saw this on frontpage of Danbooru. I still don't understand how there's 14k images of her. God damn.


File:9f72a0e10efbfbf1c191e11916….jpg (314.69 KB,1451x2048)

young=cute ✅
bright hair color ✅
zettai ryoiki ✅
simple design ✅
Chuuni traits ✅

Yep thinking this hibiki is based


based on what?


Based on solid principles.

File:1571606472851.jpg (440.84 KB,1280x1600)


It's Winter so LALA wears winter clothes to stay warm. also when she visits ice planets


What if she goes to visit a planet but lands on the southern hemisphere?

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