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File:tenor.gif (256.22 KB,220x158)


I wish it snowed here in California, nothing happens for winter here except it's 60 degrees instead of 70-80…


Well, on the bright side, you're not missing much this year. Where I am on the east coast, it's snowed less than 5 or so times this year.


File:1158003002816.jpg (174.45 KB,780x800)

It's been rain and stormy wind for 2 weeks now and forecast for another week of the same. I get to sit here wrapped up in a cozy blanket watching the animes and browsing the tubes.
It's not so bad.


I forgot it was still winter.


I knoq that feel, brother. Winter is harsh in the southwest, just cold and no snow.


In my experience everyone loves snow until the day comes that you have to drive in it.

File:d05cedd4b0082166435d0f0dda….png (610.96 KB,850x1057)


when is fall again?


Like 6 months or something.

File:1571606472851.jpg (440.84 KB,1280x1600)


It's Winter so LALA wears winter clothes to stay warm. also when she visits ice planets

File:84ec0d2e0e1b67437148f255c7….jpg (459.14 KB,1684x1191)


Winter is cold. I'd rather stay indoors
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File:B5FEB897-2914-4ADB-BCDF-73….png (241.29 KB,500x353)

Indeed, my hands feel stiff from the chiling wind.


File:1496061296021.jpg (245.5 KB,1280x780)

i don't like winter
i don't like cold


File:8ba215f7ff9b62799053340410….png (2.58 MB,960x1280)

this winter was too warm, didn't even snow once here and doesn't look like it will, first time I remember not snowing at all in winter… it sucks, I like snow




File:48236e8e6af0e26c4908557476….jpg (475.08 KB,600x650)

well it's over half over and temperatures are still above 0°C…

File:1367881241884.jpg (91.58 KB,700x700)


this board is full of win

File:157279104186.jpg (62.78 KB,600x424)


Cold weather is returning here and I'm getting comfy on kissu with some coffee.

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